The three of us finished watching the footage that Mizuki was bringing from Earth. If you noticed, everyone was gathered around you.

"If you look at it now, it's definitely Kite."

"This voice is probably Tina."

The two of us didn't yet have that much to do with Kate at the time. Even if you were just a classmate, if you had that different expression, you couldn't tell. Moreover, the impression of Kate at the time for both of us is calm and settled. There's no point in not knowing if you can smile like a prank.

But now, if you look at it, the stiff-faced man who remained a little young in the footage was Kite, and the voice calling for Kite was over Mike, but Tina's voice I was used to hearing.

"Senior, aren't you after me?

Rin glanced at Kite with his jitsu eyes. No matter what I saw, it was a development like cartoons and comics. Apparently, watching the video reminded me of it gradually. Kate was nodding.

"Oh, this was kinda cool, I thought to myself later. Yeah, I remember. Sure this happened."

"Brother...... isn't there too much foresight for anything?

Kuzha turns back to Kite, who is saving a woman everywhere.

"No, it's not just the woman I'm helping..."

"Heh, for example?

A slightly grumpy Yuri's voice echoes in Kate's ear. Likewise, I heard about cherry blossoms, tsubaki, and Mizuki.

"Hmm?... an archaeologist or something. Sometimes it's the professor who takes care of you...... that? That professor, I said his name..."

"Not Professor Van Helsing. I don't know how many generations."

That's how I answered Kite with my head was Tina, who came back from adjusting the leaves.

"Van Helsing is famous for that vampire exorcism?

"Oh, that... that was the first time we met an old German castle. Well, they're doing a lot of things... mainly interracial crusades that are evil against humans, well, especially vampire exorcisms. So we went from a misunderstanding to a fight. Since the misunderstandings were solved, information has sometimes been accommodated... because professors don't crusade interracials if it has to be another evil harm?

I said that Kate would facilitate the information along the way, so I took over the information because she looked suspicious. That's how they talked about Germany, so the moment just shrugged a little nostalgic.

"An old German castle... I went on an expedition once, but it was quite intimidating. That feeling of heaviness is still unforgettable.

"Well, those two are the ones that are easy to meet where they are still magically covered up in Europe. In Japan, I often meet a group of yin and yang artists, statues, and taihua families. Tachibana's next party leader is quite a lightning technique user. He is now attacking Tachibana Somo, but there are rumours that there may be road snow attacks. There are other Dr. Schuldsbury in the United States. That one's a pain in the ass in many ways.

"... Really? I can't believe it, I'm convinced. So, what's your relationship with Erina?

Sure, it seems to be helping other than women, so Kuzha will fit in once and for all.

"No, seriously, I don't.

I really don't know, Kite with the face. It is natural because she was a girl whose name she has never even known before.

"Alas, Elina seems to have known for quite some time now. Sometimes for about three years now, she told me that a strange man helped her out of some weird monster. I was always the same man, but he said it was called a monster, maybe a dream.

At that time, Mizuki didn't believe in the existence of monsters or demons, so she thought it was a dream, but she reviewed the footage and understood that it was true when she moved to another world.

"Uh, speaking of which, it seems like there was always some girl like your doll... was that girl all the same person"

Kate had completely forgotten because she only met enough to count in the year, and she was not a girl involved otherwise. But if you ask me, some of the girls I met did have the same shadow girl. Well, rather than forgetting, when we met, it was mostly in the middle of a disturbance, so it was a big impression.

"... this is how you get more girls"

Cherry blossoms groaned bossly. Cherry blossoms were also familiar with Elina's story.

"That girl won't give up if she decides to do this...... ha"

I didn't think I'd get caught up in the same guy when I was listening to him, Mizuki and Cherry Blossom. Something that tastes different from the edge.

"Hmm? Are we done? Okay, keep looking."

Apparently, it wasn't a topic of much interest, and Sora will continue her earlier martial arts tradition. But before that, kite's private room door was knocked.

"Oh, I... your husband. Here comes the Rain Palace Teaching."

Tsubaki, who took control of the kite he tried to get up and responded to the visitor, reports to kite.

"Hmm? That's unusual... have me come in"


Therefore, when Tsubaki had taken him, he came into the room where the rainbow palace sat with him.

"Oh, I'm sorry. At this hour... what the hell? Was it some kind of important rally?

Rain Palace enters the room and is surprised that they are all gathered together.

"Hmm? It's nothing like that."

Sora laughs bitterly at the rain palace looking surprised.

"Yeah, well. It's no big deal. Just talking back in the day."

"Old stories? In your years?... and oh. Was Kuzha there too...... hmm?

Rain Palace is surprised to see why Kuzha is here with her eyes round. If you came, you should be in a commotion, but I didn't know why.

"Hehe, Dr. Rainmonga. Terrace and convenient, isn't it?

Kuzha, who read the Rain Palace question, laughs often and asks. With that in mind, Rain Palace only thinks a little and responds.

"Huh? Huh... Well, it's easy to hit the wind..."

Besides, you can get in and out without finding out.

"Huh? In and out?

I heard an impossible word, to such a rain house, Kite laughs bitterly.

"Because it was originally a VIP room, we really need a place for people who need to go in and out in secret, such as secret detectives. Well, I can't believe the good house kids who use it, about this guy.

That's what Kate says. She strokes Kuzha's head. And I narrowed my eyes so that I could feel comfortable, and Kuzha laughed delicately.

"Well, brother. I don't think that's what you used to say when you got out of the window with your friends."

"The later great emperor was also doing it. There's nothing wrong with that."

I said that and spoke nostalgically, putting my mouth on the pee I had in my hand.

"... Phew. I guess I miss that again, too. Will the teacher be drinking, too?

That's what Kite says. He puts up a pee in his hand.

"Hmm?... oh, let's have it"

I stopped laughing a little bitterly, trying to pay attention to Kite. That's how he takes the pee, scratching his head. And when I received it and looked closely, I realized that Sora and Moment were also drinking, and I stopped trying to be careful. I didn't feel that way.

"You were older."

"This is still thirty years ago. … Tsubaki, give your teacher a drink."

"Yes, then, Master Rain Palace. This way."

Tsubaki offers a virtue to the Rain Palace by saying so. The rain palace took it and lowered its head small.

"No, let's just say I can pour the rest. I'll take care of her."

Tina hangs the wait before Tsubaki tries to pour alcohol from Derry. Tsubaki, who seemed a little dissatisfied at first, was convinced when asked why.

"Oh, thank you...... hey, kite. Who is she?

A rainbow palace poured from Tina, a luscious beauty who never thought of booze, asked Kite in a whisper.


"You know him, don't you?

"To? No, the..."

Kate tilts her neck and faces Tina in the rain palace where she doesn't know who it is.

"... ah. I'm sorry about this. Later, Justina.

Tina laughs lusciously when she dulls. Besides, the rain palace opened its eyes unexpectedly.


"Hehe, as Kate is tentatively the first of its kind, so is the first of its kind in the rest. Is it difficult for teachers to have classes with high school students like this?

"You're just a pain in the ass to change your appearance."

Seeing the two people discussing it like that, Rainmake gradually understood that Tina was Tina and put her mouth on the pee.

"Ha, it was a dream. Drinking alcohol at some point with my goddaughter.

Take a sip, Rain Palace said. That's how Kite poured the next cup into the empty pee.

"Guidance, when dreams come true, it's easy to come true... any difficult thing"

That being said, Kate looks at Lil with her eyes narrowed just a little nostalgic. Dreams, they say, remind me of a former companion.

"What have you done?

Lil, who noticed Kate's gaze, leaned her neck strangely.

"I just remembered my old man..."

Kite remembered a former fellow slave hero who wanted to free all slaves at some point, saying so and scratching his feet.

"Old man?"

I don't know who I'm referring to. I miss Kuzha and Yuri, who I can understand, and Tina, too.

"That was unusual."

"You were crying old man..."

"That muscle Dharma cried, only later and earlier. He's a man who can laugh and drink when his long-time companion dies."

If a man is dead, laugh and drop him off, and that was his motto. Actually, I don't know Kate and Tina, but even when they moved to Earth, they were crying out of remorse.

"I didn't think I was going to be a nobleman's squire, and I didn't think that nobility would be able to abolish slavery altogether."

On those three faces, Kite also smiles bitterly. Although it was quite a force move, I couldn't understand it as reality at first, and after I realized it, I was extremely impressed, and I raised my voice and cried. That was the only tear the kites knew about him showing.

"So, what did Dr. Rainmonga want?

"Hmm? Oh... or"

That's how Rain Palace meditated his eyes for the first time, as if he decided to do so.

"Hey, Heavenly Sound. What do you think about marriage?

The word marriage, which Rain House never let go of its will, was powerful enough to silence this place.

"... Yes?

"Sorry. I know I don't know why. So I want to hear it in turn."

"No, well... marriage, is it..."

"I want to ask you first, what's going on with the marriage over here?

It was Kuzha who answered the question of the Rain Palace.

"Uh, in the Empire of Entesia, polygamy, polygamy is permitted, if that means it. This is also why marriage in the Empire is called the law for heroes."

"I'm checking on that... why is that?

Apparently, the rainbow palace you were looking into asks why. In response, Kuzha began a detailed explanation.

"Well, in brief, to leave the blood of a hero. I say I prefer heroic colors, but this is what the people want, but it's also late. The blood muscles of heroes often possess considerable power as they are. In Enefia, where we have to rely on the power of the individual to reign and defend ourselves, the presence of the right Yingjie leads as it is to national power, to the security of a folk grass that has no power at all. Therefore, a hero is required to leave more blood alone. Therefore, if the hero is a man, he makes the harem and leaves the child behind. If the hero is a woman, behold the strong man, and be a child. However, polygamy is not permitted. When you're polygamous, you don't know whose child it is, so it's a problem."

That's what Kuzha talks about from his perspective as an exchanger, and then Yuri talks biologically.

"Other than that, there are species that can only love one heterosexual sex as heterosexual in their lifetime, even though some species live longer and are less likely to have children. Because if people of those races love someone else with whom they have a partner, it can be an affair. It can cause rubbing."

Yuri had a tone as a teacher because she taught others.

"If you don't acknowledge this, if the target is a short-lived species, the person will not be able to leave the species behind. This is deadly for a species that is less likely to have children. So, at the moment when some species are ready, even about the common folk grass, the royal and chieftaincy muscles come out and even name the species and support them."

That's what I said, Yuri, but I shall add that it can be misleading as it is.

"Well, in the case of those races, we usually master the art of suppressing emotions, and often we control romantic emotions by magic. Normally, it's impossible to fall in love, and if you can't scratch the unlikely odds like some idiot and fall in love, there's no problem...... so, some idiot. Haven't you bothered to come back from other continents every three months?

Some idiot and kite looked very disgusted when they heard about it. Kate seems to have figured out who it is. About a few people who saw it and grasped the situation wrote it down firmly in their mind notes so that they would not forget to pursue it later.

"This is how you will always be loved prolonged. Well, you're likely to love the same person along with a racially separate race, so it looks like you've got a mental structure that's not jealous.

"As far as it goes. Necessary and impending evolution."

"That's what I mean"

Yuri looks at the rainbow palace with an older appearance than herself, with her eyes on her goddaughter. In contrast, the Rain Palace was the face of a teacheable student.

"It's just that not everyone has many wives, many husbands."

Following Yuri, Kate tells the truth. I know it will be pursued later, but for now I have to answer the Rain Palace question.

"Naturally, if we were to treat many, that would be all the money. Naturally enough money and status to feed it, but it is required. As a result, many of those who become polygamous are large merchants and nobles. Well, other than that, some royal men and some high-ranking aristocrats may turn to many women just to keep their blood..."

"You did it, too?

Some high-ranking aristocrats, Kate laughed bitterly and admitted to the rainbow where she asked if Kate, who was in an overwhelmingly high position from the point of view of the title Duke, also applied.

"Well, for once..."

"Meh! Oh, my God, that enviable story!

Sho bit Kate's bitter face. The girls concerned, such as cherry blossoms and charm clothes, had only a slightly damaged face and, to the unrelated Rin, eyes to see the garbage. Al and Lil are broken up as aristocratic duties, so they didn't think anything of it, and they just laughed bitterly with it like that.

"You, Cui, you're here... and I'm telling you, it's not good at all, is it? I wouldn't have done it if Will hadn't asked me to."

Apparently, it was a rather unpleasant object for us, and he looked rather unpleasant far beyond what Yuri had said earlier. The girls who saw the sole will look relieved.

"I was worried about Aura and Kuzha, who were usually jealous."

"Because your brother couldn't watch then..."

"I can feel myself growing horses. Well, for some reason, I couldn't take it with me after that."

Afterwards, it turned out that some of the engagement stories sent to Kate were inevitable, but also good for the Empire, and that the numbers were quite high, and Will persuaded the nobles. Rather than poorly targeting a woman and scratching such a good edge, it was a decision that if left alone, it would be more on its own in Kate's case.

"Well, thanks...... so, I want to hear it again. Heavenly Sound, what do you think of marriage?

It was then that the rainbow house, which had been briefed by the three of them on the marriage, asked Kite again.