Just before the Exhibition Match begins. Kate and Tina kept their consciousness quiet by closing their eyes to each other. If we don't, we can't keep each other from fighting.

"Bye! First Day Exhibition Match! Together! Begin!

To that word of True Harp, they slowly open their eyes. The stage is meadow. Nothing blocks us from each other. In front of us, we only look at each other. The situation of existential matches in this setting shall become trivial. We lost interest in each other and how to get behind them.

"Naturally, we're not thinking about doing this for each other, are we?

Kite, wrapped in student clothing for the boys, takes out a pair of shields and wears them on both hips. Clothing is student clothing, but this ritual is for Kite to use as a duke.

"Of course not. If you don't get your moves together, it's entertaining.

In contrast, Tina, dressed in student clothing for female students, held a large treasured ritual in her right hand that she was carrying more than at the time of her appearance, tapping lightly on the ground with her tip to make sure she felt it. This person's clothes are student clothes, but the liturgy was an historic item she used when she took office as the Demon King.

"Nevertheless, not in line with the performance is also a break in name as an actor.

Kate takes the knife attached to her left hip forward and takes it in front of each sheath. That's how I slowly pull the knife out of my sheath in front of me.

Along with that, countless weapons appear on the left and right. All of this was an imitation of a well-known weapon used by a beautiful and magnificent hero. Some of them also appear to be modern weapons, such as guns, but all of them combined with a broken beauty as a weapon.

"At best, are you going to let the children fall in love with how flashy they are?

The opposing Tina gently waves the wand in her right hand. A magic formation of countless various attributes is then deployed to the left and right. One by one was an overwhelming knitted technique prepared by the Demon King. Both were weapons of fantasy, attracting exactly everything you see.

"Hey, you two. Haven't you? Everybody's waiting.

"Shut up and watch! It's still in the act!

True Harp and Yuri are saying something, but they both put Sole completely out of consciousness.

"Well, my men can't enjoy it when it's just de flashy.

That's what Kite says. He grins furiously. As if to echo it, the flock of weapons deployed left and right wrap around various attributes and boast their overwhelming beauty.

"It looks like there were some sudden visitors this time. This looks a little like a genius. If you have to deal with a sudden visitor, the king's name is broken.

The opposing Tina has a luscious grin that doesn't look good on the child. As if to respond to it, a small sphere of each attribute emerges from the unfolded magic formation, turning into various forms of weaponry and boasting its overwhelming skill.


Countless weapons pierce the ground like grave markers, as Kite says.


In response to Tina's words, more magic formations unfold behind weapons made of various attributes.

"Hey, get up.

Several rubbing sounds of metal echoed as if in response to Kite's words.

"I'll have you come.

It sounded tall but never uncomfortable, as if to respond to Tina's words.

"I'm here.

"Come under the rest.

In response to the two words, the last anomaly occurs. Countless armors emerge from behind the kite, unleashing numerous weapons pierced like grave markers on the ground. And the called armor never existed as one, neither was there a scratchless thing. The armor, some men's, some women's, existed.

From the magic formations created by Tina, witches of various appearances appeared and took the many weapons of fantasy that lagged in front of her. All the witches they called consisted of elements such as thunder and ice, and none of them were living things.

"Now, a slightly hobby performance.

"Are you going to have fun?

Thus, Kate pointed the cutting tip of the knife and Tina pointed the treasure ball on the wand at the target.

"Okay, let's go. King of Ten Thousand Demons.

"Coming but good. Brave man.

It was then that both of us waved down the war and the battle began.

It was the windy maidens with the thunderous rapiers created by Tina who cut ahead. When they turn into green bullets, they thrust their kites through us. Corresponding are the tiny armors with wind-wrapped spears created by Kate. That collides just halfway between the two of us.

"We're still seeing bills to this extent, right?

The glossy smile Tina says so, commanding the beauty of the flames with the earth's grand onlookers who waved her wand and were lagging beside her to take turns with the maiden of the wind to intercept the little armors without crushing them.

"That's sweet.

Kate groans with a fierce grin, pointing to a point on the right with a right hand knife. There were long skinny armors with magic guns wrapped around water and ice. Kate waves down the knife at once, responding to it, the armors squeeze the trigger, and countless bullets of water and ice are ejected from the demon gun. The numerous water and ice bullets fired in that way go straight to the beauty of fire and try to stop them from attacking.

"Hmm, then you can't melt it or turn it off.

Tina's right. It was possible to weaken the momentum of the flames and reduce their attack power, but the beauties of the flames never disappeared. Tina then waves her wand and commands the maidens of the earth with arrows of light. Tina's life-taking dirt maidens squeeze the bow of dirt and shoot arrows of light into the camp of Kite like countless rains.

"You're not the only ones who use magic.

If Tina makes an attack, now it's kite. Kite orders the armor wrapped around the robe he withheld on the left. With that in mind, the armors wield their own dark wands. That's how I was born, in a space of everlasting darkness. And it covered all the camp of Kate, and it took away all the light that was in it. Thus, the space of everlasting darkness began to fly, pouring down on all the battlefields as a book of darkness and night.

"Hmm, let's move on to Act Two.

To cut it off, Tina set up the wand she'd ever had with one hand with both hands.

"It's time to warm up.

Kite pulls out the knife she wore on her left hip and becomes a double knife. So, again, they started paying for the attack.

"What, that..."

Zhenqin shrugged forgetting about the reality of the sight in front of him. Witches collided with a number of armors more than twice as good as the earliest, and the various colors created by the impact of the collision were exactly like fireworks floating in a full night sky.

"... wow... you mean that..."


Since there was no seat for the upper management of the Adventure Department, Yuri, who had been watching an exhibition match with Sola for two years in a group A viewing seat, snorted at Sola's words.

There are cheers from students around them who don't understand the awesomeness of the current battle, but it was because they don't understand that awesomeness. At all, if you understand that awesomeness, overflowing is not cheering, but admiration. If they were unable to do so, they would be overwhelmed and pressured.

As you can see, in the distance, in the corner where the executives of the Duke's army sat, there was an exclamation.


"That is... the summons of the brave Kate, who was said to be the treasure of our warriors in this world..."

Brass gave an exclamation, but it was the earliest tears close to tearing up to the neighboring Ellord. No, almost everyone in the Duke's army was in tears just because Brass, who was not yet a warrior, was admired for the beauty of the procedure.

"Dad...... that. Next to that too, Mr. Brass.

Al realizes it and tells them both. Al pointed right at Kite. There was armor there that could not have been misseen for them.

"That's Master Lux's..."

"That's Ballantine's..."

Armor with swords and shields, with Hulbert, beside Kite, was a sight for them heard by their parents and also by their parents. It belonged to their most respectful ancestors. The sight represents an indenture that will last thousands of nights.

"Dear Initial Ancestor and Lux..."

"Dear Initial Ancestor and Ballantine..."

The two descendants hang their heads at another meeting that finally materialized after a long time. That's how they continued to watch the battle.

"Is your leg okay?

At the VIP table, Kuzha asks Claudia beside him. Claudia was currently seated as a punishment from Tina. Even if it is not seen, dear - or even faith - it is the life of the Lord who does. There could be no disobedience.

"Yes...... no, this paralysis feels a little good.

"Heh... duh.


Yuhara, who saw how Claudia was doing, stuck that beautiful leg. She couldn't just be flat with her paralyzed leg stuck, and Claudia raises her lustrous voice.

"Oh, that sounds like a little fun.

"Ah, me too!

That being said, Fine and Yuri - the true harp has abandoned the reality, so they're coming this way - also stick Claudia's foot in.


I'm not surprised, to this extent, to find out the true strength of Kate and Tina. So flat.

"Still, you seem a little shaky.

"Sa, just stop it... because you two are root fighting fanatics. You must be enjoying it.

Kate himself denies being a combat freak, but from around him, he was also a combat freak compared to or more than Tina.

"Uh, yada. Well, you'll work pretty hard on both of them acting together.

"Well, when it comes to acting and boasting of that prowess, it sounds like your husband.

"It's a little bad for Tsubaki who's leaving a message...... let's have some fun.

Exactly because it is a problem that no one will be there, Shiloe and Tsubaki were currently waiting at the Alliance Home.

"That's natural. What, your brother is a brave man. Because your sister is a demon king.

Kuzha says that as a matter of course, and the faces around him nod at it. But there was one person who didn't get that sentiment.

"Again...... can't you forget?

Claudia shrugged, not to sound like the scumbags back at the game. What she sees was herself holding back beside Tina. No, to be precise, they were themselves reproduced by various attributes. Only one part of it was not a witch, but a variety of people.

"Why... did you do something stupid like a coup? While all that is loved by the Demon King..."

Claudia has a sad face and sees Tina continue to fight with a grin. Next to Tina like that, there was a shadow that followed four people. One is undisputed. And even for the other two, he's the prime minister and minister who now assists himself. Those who support her now, even if they stay in the vicinity.

But one of them. There are those who don't support themselves now, while Tina keeps them by her very side. The previous demon king who had the coup d '├ętat, was.

"... Lord Kite has said nothing... it may be..."

Claudia whined one person, secretly. Claudia thinly figured out why Kate didn't mention it. However, I was hesitant to confirm. Because I think if Tina asks,

"If so, what a fool... no... poor thing..."

For three hundred years, there was no day Claudia would not think about why he had committed a conspiracy. Claudia deepens the colour of her mourning in response to the conclusions she thus draws. That's how she went back to watching Tina enjoy the fight without knowing such a successor's mourning.

"Again, fighting the Lord is the most fun!

Tina builds momentum and accelerates the attack even further. There was already no glossy smile on its face, and the grin of a fiercely fierce fighter.

"I don't want to get attacked for saying it's not enough later!

Kite accelerates the interception accordingly. Between the two, in the middle of that distance, countless swords, spears, axes crossed, and pieces of steel scattered with magic metal, fire, water, and all sorts of things.

In some places, the opponent takes control of his weapon, and the sorcery pierces the seized weapon, the sorcery, and the weapons of his own army.

In some places, weapons are secretly taken over by weapons and sorceries that seek to sneak in and protect the LORD. It was precisely the thumbnail of the war.

"Look! The back is empty!

That's what I say. Tina crawls over a dark maiden with a flaming whip and assaults her from behind Kate.

"Ha! That's not even an assassination!

The opposing kite wields his left sword vertically, commands armor with an ice rapier, and sews a flaming whip onto the ground.

"I don't know! Then I'll raise one more step of gear!

When Tina declares so, she now creates multiple magic formations inside Kite's defense formations, from which she creates white bullets. The generated bullet sticks straight into another magic formation, dividing and creating countless bullets of various attributes. Countless more bullets penetrate into another magic formation, turning into bullets with countless illusion bullets that do not enlighten the truth. Besides, if you plunge into another magic formation, you will transfer to the countless magic formations that have appeared around the kite, from which countless bullets will be released.

"Shit! You stink!

Notice the magic formation created inside your own defense, and Kite tongues.

"Both of you, please!

When Kate shouts so loud, his best friends, who refrain from doing so left and right, move out. One set up a shield on the front of the kite and one set up a Hulbert behind the kite. And at the same time, it goes into countless magic bullets.

"Won't you beat that one!

Tina threw up for fun and threw it away. It was a moment when everything was decided. No one knew what had happened to the students. In that moment, all the bullets had disappeared. When all bullets disappear that way, the two armors move to the side of the kite again.

"Well... it's time to attack from this side.

If you got hit, I'm sorry if I had to do it again. When Kate grins furiously, she sends instructions to the left and right armor. With that in mind, Kate's side-service armor, which has never moved before, begins to move.

"Old man...... I'll take command.

Besides, there were indications that the armor behind the kite had crept and moved. The armor storms at once as it lays down its flaming nails. Besides, the surrounding armor continues.

"As always, the commander will be ahead of the line... dead or not.

He smiles with no bitterness or fright, sending out the armor that Kite left. Besides, Tina also showed movement.

"Hmm... Is that flaming nail Rasheed... the chain hammer behind you is on Ikis... Hmm, you've cut the trump card, haven't you?

Tina thought, lurking a fierce grin for a moment, but when she saw the intention, Tina decided to cut a single trump card.


At Tina's command, the warriors, with the exception of the four beside her, begin the assault.

"Mm... Shit. I even recreated the habit of inadvertently storming Kite.

Aha, Tina sighed at a lightning swordsman with a golden sword storming into kite by herself with the face that He's the best swordsman in his own subordination, but he doesn't seem to be compatible with Kite a bit. After reproducing it, it wasn't the armor that had stormed it, it was a straight line for kite.

"... dude. Are you even in Nasim..."

Kite sighed at the swordsman as he stormed in a straight line.

"Shit... you want to do it?

That's what I thought, Kite, but where I laid the knife, my armor hand was stretching across. It pounds Kate's head, and when he slaps, he storms the Thunder Swordsman with his thunderous sword on his back. It was as if I told you to leave it to yourself.

"... I want to. You didn't call me... well, no. I still don't think I can win. Full, good luck.

Kate smiles invincibly when she sees the armor waving the great sword of thunder as it creates the auspicious wind. Thus, with their proximity, the battle went to the end.

For a while after the proximity, the battle continued. That's how countless pieces of armor and witch wreckage scattered around them, finally leaping out onto the battlefield themselves.

"That's fun!


Kite is inside the half-broken shield, Tina is exposed to flames, inside the tabernacle of water frozen and half-broken by ice, responding.


"We're not the star of this one!

That's what the two say and nod at each other, all at once increasing their magic all over their bodies.


When they can roar at the same time, the two bodies glow over the original color of magic that each possesses - a rainbow with kite pale, and tina golden. Thus, the same people watching the game unwittingly cover their eyes with its light intensity. And the next moment. The Dark Night Book went down again and the spotlight glowed.

"To the extreme of my martial arts.

"In the depths of my magic.

"Take your time, and we'll be delighted. Here, thank you.

At the same time, two voices sounded. The spotlight lit the spotlight with two figures gracefully giving a tribute to the surrounding audience. At some point the two figures replaced the tuxedo and the nightdress, and when did they move, they kept their backs together and leaned against each other.

When did the remnants of the armor and the witches disappear completely and no trace of the battle was seen at all. It was like everything was an illusion. The two words echo even more on the quiet stage, approaching the distracted audience.

"The more awkward we are yet, the more comforting it would have been for your temporary boredom. Have you enjoyed this performance? However, we know that the exchange of martial arts and magic over the next few days can be enjoyed even more if our fellow artists cut themselves and braided them thoughtfully. Now we hope you enjoy the fruits of our workouts over the course of a few days.

That being said, they simultaneously stuck their hands forward, pattin at the same time, and rang their fingers. Then several fireworks rise in the blue sky.

Thus, if the audience distracted by the fireworks saw the two, two birds, pale and red, were flying from where they were, and the two appearances had disappeared. That was the opening wolf smoke announcing the opening of the second tournament.