Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 247: The Second Tournament - Tag Match 3

Tag matches for the second tournament will also finally reach the semi-finals. That's how I climbed the stage into the valley, kite and a leaf. So once you get your breath ready, wait for the signal to start the war.

"Well! It was a long time. The Tag Match is finally semi-finals! There's two fights left!

"Win and cry, or lose and cry! You grab it. Which way tomorrow!


"Semifinals, start!

That's how the gong rang as the two hung up. Kite and a leaf react as soon as the gong rings.

Master, you look like a demon.

"Seems so. Is it a combination of charm and maple?"


"Oh, maple is the only one who can use the demon with remaining face. All I can think of is this combination, beyond being a charm to be working with maple... and the water sticks out more than I expected, nonetheless"

Kate's prediction was that the water wasn't meant to come right to the side of the flag. In practice, however, the columns were immersed about thirty centimetres, and the feet of the kite and one leaf were also filled with water.

"Now it's impossible for the opponent to freeze the water, too.

If you freeze the water, your wet shoes and clothes can become inactive as they are, even if you don't get caught in the metaphor ice freeze. Often, clothes and shoes freeze, and the fear arises of a time-out - if the situation cannot be restored in a certain amount of time, because the fear of frostbite just emerges - the referee declares himself incapable of fighting.

If I were to do that, I would be able to keep myself and my partner's clothes from freezing. Only those who are so confident in their power or fools without vision.

"No, it's possible for one person to sacrifice and bring two enemies together."

One leaf is convinced that the more it becomes. Seeing how it was, Kite waited a long time as she became interested in what a leaf would give instructions as she began to reflect on the strategy.

Maple, on the other hand, confirmed the opponent by the demon of use, but had a slight pull on its face.


That's right, the maple that throws up. Besides, Meizuke noticed about the opponent.

"Yes, it's Kite."

Worst of all, there was only one person who could be so assured.

"Yeah. The combination is probably the same long-distance demon as the mountain shore"

"Just like us, so... well, we can't fight each other."


The two smile bitterly, nodding at each other. This time, the two didn't tag each other with familiar opponents. It was because we both wanted to get a good idea of our strengths and the strengths of the people we trusted most. Yet as a result, the hope reached the semi-finals unfulfilled.

"I wanted to fight cherry blossoms, and Meizumi wanted to fight Yuri,"

It's a surprisingly annoying thing, you two laugh bitterly.

"Well... what do you want?"

"Plan D?

"That's all I have, I guess. Maybe you can't hit anything with the current kite. The question is whether the demon's daughter will notice, but... we'll have to bet on that."

Kate had made it clear that she would not give her all in this tournament either. Then, even if metaphorical considerations are taken into account, it should not be possible to use advanced means. I just hope they don't notice after that.

"So, do you want to go"


That's how they abandoned the flag guard and began marching into the battalion of kites.

"Master, the footage we've seen from the telescope suggests that we both begin to act together."

"As far as it goes. Did you throw away the guard? What about this one?

Looks like they both knew Kite and decided the defense was unfavourable. You won't win where you overwhelmingly defended your opponent. Then it's better to go on offense for a minute's chance, you have a winner. That was a sign of sufficient experience.

"I was wondering if you and I could intercept each other."

Kate has made it clear she won't go forward and fight, so she can't attack the flag with a gap between them. If Kate were to strike out, the advantage would be obvious and it would be time to decide that it was not necessary to look at the situation at the earliest opportunity.

Note that the flag of the target cannot be seen from the two positions, so it cannot be sniped either. Originally, even a single leaf could snipe a flag at such a distance, but since it would be just a one-sided game, it was strictly forbidden to use it this time.

"! Master!

"I'm aware!

The two jump at the same time and stay away from the water. Flying to where they were was was quite a big rock. Because of the size of the rock, it appears to be a maple sniper. The rock never hit the two of us, and raised the water column high. A high tsunami occurs in its water column, flooding the flag midway.


The two of them aim for a jumping gap, and the charm hits a leaf.

"Did you think I couldn't fight melee?

Charming, who decided it was a long-range attack type, launched an attack on a leaf, but a leaf plays the attack with a cane. But with the impact I played, I get flown back just a little bit and land straight on the flag.

"A single shot < >!"

Charm ejects a single shot of ice rapier toward a leaf that lands on the pillar. It's what Kate taught me before. It is by no means a move to freeze a wide range, so given this situation, using ice can be a good idea.


But a leaf flutters, and goes down from above the pillar, and dodges it.

"Not yet! < >!"

As you aim for it, Charming keeps ejecting ice rapiers.

"... just avoid it and the pillars will be damaged... < >"

Seeing a series of ice rapiers, one leaf hates the damage done to the pillars. He chooses to intercept them all, creating a flaming rapier. And then he hit the fascinating Rapier, offsetting everything. Thus, a leaf lands again in the water.

"Come on!

Pretending to be there, the charm shoots out the ice rapier by hanging on the water.


The leaf, which I just didn't expect to eject ice towards the surface of the water, left the scene in a great hurry and returned to the side of the kite. The off ice rapier crashes into the water, freezing the water around the flag for about three meters and letting the cold air drift.

"Uh, I knew it wouldn't work"

I said it with a mouthful that Meizi seemed to regret just a little bit. Besides, Kite gives a little praise.

"Hmm... well, it was good until I went for a long distance leaf to dazzle the blister... you should have taken into account that a leaf can also be proximate. At your speed, you could have gone straight for the flag."

"You won't let me do that"

Meizi replied with a slight obstinacy. Charming is always dealt with behind the kite, trying to target the gap. I also remember another way a little.

"Of course... should I adore the reward for giving the right answer?

"Meizu. Don't get on the provocation."

To dare provoke, Kite says it with a niggling grin on her face. Charming turns bright red on it and is about to accidentally go in and put in a penetration, but the maple stops at the soot.

"Ha... I wouldn't have a hard time on the battlefield if I was so provocative"

"Damn... I'm scared because in your case it won't go out of style. Even yesterday..."

Seeing Kate's niggered grin, the charm dyes her cheeks a little red, bumps and squeaks.

"And, well, if you're a commander this way, remember the means to provoke your opponent in words as well"

Kate glanced over her shoulder at the answer to the charm and turned to one leaf. It was for her that I dared provoke her. If you are to be a commander, you must learn the art of provoking your opponent, but if you do not involve emotions, the effect is reduced by half. So I did the way I dared to show my emotions.

"Jesus, Master...... and is provocation now your master's hobby?

"Well. So, what do we do? You want me to provoke you a little bit more?

Exactly I didn't anticipate this return, so Kite smiled bitterly and inquired.

"Yes, please"

Why is this line so provocative? I haven't noticed a single leaf. Well, that would be the most provocative thing.

"Hey! Don't make me study other people for stock!

"Charm, Taunt Taunt"

"Well... that's hard to do..."

Unlike usual, Kite, who provokes emotions, is made to respond differently than usual. When we train, we try to be calm, and we try to be handled with our emotions killed. Well, I shouldn't think about training and actual combat in the same way.

"You're not coming?

"Yeah, I'll let you go!

When Meizi says so, she unleashes the ice rapier again. When it collides with the surface of the water, it freezes the water and becomes ice cubes about 3 meters in diameter.


Further, there the maple manipulates the surrounding rock, crushing the ice mass and scattering around it. Apparently, he was going to attack them both with crushed fragments.


Kate smashed all the sole with a knife, and one leaf returned all the ice fragments to the water with flames.

"Not yet!"

Even more enchanting creates a massive amount of ice cubes with ice rapiers, and the maple crushes it with a rock, attacking it corrugated with ice debris from all around the kite and a leaf.

"It's troublesome inside!

"Master, may I also make you a flaming membrane?

"No, there's gonna be a worst water vapor explosion! Stop it!

Kite rejects the one-leaf proposal. I'm not anxious about the arm of a leaf, but a water vapor explosion occurred if I mishandled it at all, and the charm and maple bodies were not safe. That wasn't all Kate was allowed to do. It is also significant that we could not let a leaf that is still being adjusted hit such a beating.

"Oh, you had those hands too...... kushi"

I notice Kate's words that she hadn't thought of a water vapor explosion. The charm sneezes even smaller. The ice debris that they didn't deal with was causing the water temperature to drop considerably.

"Ugh... what if my stomach gets cold..."

"Hell for cold."

Charm and Maple offer light mouth rewards. I'm still going to be able to afford it.

"What do you want me to warm you up? with human skin."

Kekeke, Kate laughs so she can clearly tell it's a provocation. After deciding whether it was difficult to provoke a leaf that could still begin to develop emotions, Kite decided to take on the provocation.

"Hey -!

This battle is broadcast all over the school. It's not a charm to be provoked like this in such a place and get a decent answer. Even though I knew it was provocation, it turned bright red.

"Oh, my God, it's not your first time, is it?

"Hey......! Took it with Mizuki...... Amen! It's you! Uh-huh!

An enchantment that looks like you don't know what you're talking about at the earliest. He's shooting ice rapiers at Ciccia Camechaca in pursuit of a moving kite. From time to time there is screaming from the enchantment because Kate holds me from behind, sometimes breathing in my ears, sometimes humiliated that I can lick my neck muscles.

Little by little, Kite was also on track. It should be noted, naturally, that Charming's remarks will later bring tragedy to Kate, but I will leave that aside.


"Master, it's just too provocative. This is on the defensive side."

He complains about Kite by offsetting several stray bullets with flames. From time to time, all the columns and fireballs aimed at a leaf flying from the maple that had renounced forgiving the enchantment had been prevented by her by hydromagic.

Note that all fireballs aimed at kite are ignored because kite can avoid them. Occasionally because of this, the shoreline around him is decided by stray bullets, and the firepowder and fine rocks are flying, but both kite and leaves are ignored. To that extent, it can be dealt with adequately by the barriers that come together.

"... you've done a little too much"

One leaf is noticed and kite calms down. I enjoyed the fascinating reaction, so I provoked more than I had to. Well, you can do well in the sense of embarrassing your men who run wild as commanders. The cause is even better than the superior officer, Kite.

"Nevertheless... don't worry a bit"

That's what Kate says and observes the two opponents.

"Ha, ha..."

Pretty breathtaking charm. Its face was bright red, its clothes persisted with sweat and the lines of its body could be clearly seen. Since this one has almost unleashed his moves with all his might, the limits on magic will also be close.


In contrast, the maple remained still quiet. This one left more room overwhelmingly than the charm, and it was still going to be able to fight, but her face is a little red. So Kite notices that Maple has been using all the fireballs since earlier. What's more, what were we doing?

"... I see"

Kate shrugged really small. Now the water temperature is quite low, but the temperature itself was quite warm due to the magic of the fire attribute. That's enough for Meizu to scratch the sweat. The reason is that the firepowder produced by the fireballs emitted by the maple is scattered, and the fine rocks heated by the high temperatures are flying there.

"Well, I don't know what to do.

Kite thinks just a little fun. This is a fairly well thought out measure. If Kate points it out here, they'll take care of it right away. I was on my way, but this time I'm ordering you to leave the instructions to one leaf. Then this will be where she realizes or not.

"Okay, one leaf. What do we do?"

"Yes, then."

To put it that way, Ichiba activates the magic he's been secretly practicing in order to provoke Kate. She wasn't letting Kate like anything. Even the tiny maple cannot remain unresponsive to the whispers of its occasionally rising partner. Every time the charm whispered, my attention was turned to you.

"We'll blow it up, so in that gap, the master should destroy the opponent's flag. In the meantime, I'm enough on my own.

Thus, it was the giant fireball that made one leaf manifest. It was intended to lead to a deliberately miniscule water vapor explosion, rendering them incapable of combat or inaction in the shockwave. Since both power and water vapor explosion effects can be manipulated properly, kites need not be stopped, and kites can act sparingly under circumstances that considerably limit their power.

In this case, however, it was the worst decision. Thus, a fireball lands on the surface of the water, creating a shock wave caused by a water vapor explosion.


I heard Kate say that. Winning or losing was decided before a leaf questioned it. And the sound went up, and the pillar behind it broke from the middle, and fell. The shock is removing a leaf hood, but one leaf is apparently unaware of it as a pocan.

"Draw Games! No way, this is my first draw game in the Second Games! Besides, what could have been achieved was a match against Tianyin in the semifinals! You can say Big Venus! Oh, now she's beautiful! This is where I can't decide if I should praise Tina for her aesthetic taste or get used to Kate's femininity!

'By the way, not one of the later girls is beautiful. Hey, did kite provoke you too much?...... Envy. I want Kate to hold me. And Pepperoni. "

Some girls, such as cherry blossoms and kuzha, snort on this line, but as a kite, I just hope nobody notices.

"Hey, Yuri. I'm jealous."

"Oops. Well, I'll explain the battle now... but Kate is aware and feels left alone, or you left it alone. Well, technically, one of the kites won, I guess. '


Listen to the commentary with a face that says one leaf doesn't know what happened. It was Kite who answered that.

"Paul, take a look?

Kite, who is checking the situation of Charm and Maple and restoring consciousness with healing magic, tells one leaf with a bitter smile.


I gradually notice a leaf in Kite's inquiry. Nevertheless, it is not impossible not to notice a leaf. It's not like it could have happened. Still, there was a reason I woke up.

"I guess I worked on the magic and tried to stay focused and feverish if I approached the pillars. It was also disastrous that we were skilled warriors. Ignore yourself and your escort targets if you decide they don't strike. Neither of us is infinitely magical. I'm not wasting my time. So, it is normal to think that the columns fed with heat are cooled by ice water. If they kept heating me up, they would soften up eventually, and they could destroy it with their own weight, I guess that was the dimension..."

That's how Kate deepened her bitter smile. In response, a leaf lowered its head deeply.

"I shocked the pillars that were brittle with massive fireballs before that limit,... sorry!

"No, it was because of me for being too provocative that I progressed so rapidly so far. Never mind. Besides, I dared to keep my mouth shut. Even if it's me who gets mad, it's not you."

Apparently, one leaf was pretty wolfish, and he looked in a rush with a dick. You don't even seem to notice that the hair has changed to a deep water color. Kate strokes the head of a leaf as she looks forward to it. Then, waiting for the return of Charming and Maple, he returned to the holding room in an upbeat mood.