Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 250: The Second Tournament - Team Play

It will be the third day of the tournament, with live seating after the departure of all of them led by Kate. Zhenqin and Yuri take their seats again and resume the reality.

'Excuse me. The shooting party has started suddenly'


There was resentment and a curse, except for the fact that the women and the men were satisfied with this statement and thought that some of it was fine. But the two of them, who couldn't have cared less about that, decided to put the tension back together again and go back to reality and commentary.

'Bye! Refresh your mind and introduce the featured team and I'd like to come... sorry!

Since the hang-up in the first place is a painful mistake on the hands of the true harp, the true harp bows its head in the live narrative seat.

"I just ate my time, so I stopped introducing the featured team..."

'No, really - I'm sorry!

That being said, True Harp lowers his head deeply again.

"Good! Raise your face. Eh!

Yuri somehow looks mighty prestigious on her desk against Maharu, who bowed her head. Note that only at this moment was Yuri forcefully changing the BGM with witchcraft to make it time-style. Probably in the mood.

'Ha ha! And if you're such an idiot, you'll be angrier than the broadcaster again, because that's what the players are waiting for!

"Last day, team fight -!


That's what they both said at the same time, and the gong rang.

"Sakura Hua, I'm sorry, but I asked for support. Never attack."

"Yes, Master"

The battlefield for the first battle of the kites was the forest. As soon as the battle begins, Kate links the sight sent by Sakura Hua to the moon. Then, from the perspective of Sakura Hua, who rose high in the sky, Moon confirms the position of the flag of the other team. So far, I haven't seen any enemy shadows.

"I checked. The flag is about four kilometers north of here. Please march.

Kite and Moon are supposed to wait under the flag as direct support for the flag. As per the meeting, Moon plans to assume overall command as the commanding officer.

"Copy that. Then, Calendar, Yu-hikun, avant-garde, please. Mutsuki, let's go."

That said, the elderly Yayoi will begin the march as a marching group gatherer.

"Moon, you didn't come out too long ago.

"Yeah. From behind, grasp the whole thing. Never forgive me for being ahead. Sunset! Too far ahead!

"Ever! Excuse me!

The sunset, which was slightly in a solitary mood, returns to the back after noticing the words of the moon sent through the comms machine.

"I'll take care of the support.

Kite tells him about the moon that made sure the sun returned to the line properly and nodded. Flip the larger robe wrapped around it so that it covers your entire body and check how the wand is holding in your left hand. It's been a long time since I've used this, but I still have a good feeling of being familiar with it.

"You really like to go in from shape.

The moon laughs bitterly at the outfit of Kate, who is a magician. As originally planned, Kate acted as a magician, providing support.

"... that's not what this is about.

Kite, speaking somewhat nostalgic, adjusts the position of the baggage she carries. The luggage was covered with a bright red cloth, the whole of which I can't grasp, but it was a huge luggage, as long as Kite's height.

"And you must really be able to use it, right?

Pointing to the large luggage on his back, the moon frowns. I have been shown the contents, but it was a substitute that I didn't think I could use. Even with the cane, it was something that Kate suddenly brought with her today. The reason was overshadowed, but when he saw the slightest emotion there, Moon showed his acceptance of it.

"Don't worry. Just remember how to use it no matter what."

"Neither do you... it's a secret"

Due to Kite's impression as a melee warrior and the impression that if it was magic, Tina, the moon, who has the image that Kite is not very good at magic, asked with a suspicious face. Note that this image of Kite and Tina is brought together by the entire school student.

"You made me practice that many times, didn't you? Who do you think I am?

"Right...... Mutsuki! I'm a little behind my sister! Don't be too late because you're a healer!

"Oh, yeah!

As such, the time passes without any fighting for a while, taking command of the whole in a timely manner.

"... Kite, what do you think of this?

Sakurazuki says so and asks Kite to confirm the sight that can be seen over Sakura Hua.

"Something not distorted?

That's how Kite borrowed Sakura Hua's sight and saw only four of his own teams. In the operation, Sakura Hua's point of view was used to confirm where he thought there was a flag, and he planned to march the planned route, but only slightly deviated.

"Well... the junction, is that the type of thing that confuses orientation, too? It is simple, but slightly uneven but therefore difficult to notice, and therefore prone to delay in dealing with it. It's still a little uneven right now, but don't turn into a big one at some point. We should deal with it."

"Yeah... sister, it's the moon.

"What is it, Moon?

"I'm just a little off. Apparently, I got caught up in an enemy trap. But I can fix it. Just a little bit to the northwest side. I'll let you know if there's any discrepancy again.

'Yeah, please.

End the comms, and the moon will set up a weapon.

"Well, kite. I'll get you to work.

"Well, I guess so.

Likewise, Kate sets up a cane and begins to keep the sorcery waiting.

"We were really going to engage and defeat some of the enemies we let escape... but apparently it's going to be an unharmed battle"

"That's for meadows and water, isn't it?

In the words of the moon, Kate tells them with a pleasant grin. Apparently, the opponent's ploy shifts the marching route on this side, and his own army intends to go straight ahead, allowing him to march intact and ahead of the opponent to the flag. Kite and the others had similar hands in mind, but we could not anticipate that the boundaries were stretched out so far, and we were forced to fix them just a little bit.

"Originally, I was just going to skip the advance route a little and avoid the fight. That just slipped a little."

During the march, I intended to avoid engaging only slightly off the direct route, but as a result of obstruction, I was delayed only slightly from schedule.

"That's what you can say when they're four?

"Well. But this one's a long and medium distance away. You can handle defense."

"I hope so."

That's what you two lay down your weapons. Thus, the moment Kite stretched his defensive magic, a water polo collided toward the defense.

"Shit... just get noticed"

So it was the moment and the three students that came out of the bush. Seeing where no one was holding a cane, I guess someone was concurrently serving as a mage.

"... is the first battle a senior?"

"You're the magician? That's surprising...... everyone, don't be alarmed. The opponent is the strongest man in school. Drop the fantasy that magic can't be used."

He thought it was something that would keep him on the front line even in team fights because Kite had been using melee weapons until now for the moment. It reveals a rather alarming feeling.

"Kate, you have to deal with the flag and the attack on me. I will intercept an approaching enemy."

"Oh, I've been entrusted"

Saying so, seeing the moon leaving just a little while ago, Kate takes only one step back. It's suspicious of sorcerers to fight on the front lines in the first place. So it was this formation.

"You're Heavenly Sound again..."

A female student shrugged before the briefly queued kite.

"Hmm? Oh, Kirikezaki? Is it you again in the first war?

Kite laughs when she realizes yesterday's classmate was among the four.

"Hmm? What about your wand?

Unlike yesterday, Kate frowns at Kirikezaki, who has a dagger.

"It's the main thing over there and here. You don't think you're the only one with multiple weapons."

"Nobody thinks that... Nah!

The moment he sees the conversation between Kate and Kirikezaki as a gap, he stuffs his distance to Kate at once and sticks out his spear.


All of Kite's magic creates a barrier to accurately defend the instantaneous onslaught. Kite herself does not move and sets up a barrier aimed at the tip of the spear to prevent attacks with a barrier that increases her defense at the expense of range. Though not flashy in appearance, it was quite a defensive way to receive the Xuan.

"Shit! A little concentration on the magic barrier!

"I've said it all the time, it's still sweet how magic is handled, the range of moves (skills) and witchcraft is a mess."

As such, Kite begins to develop several barriers. One by one was a rather small, 10 cm square barrier. We manipulated this to defend everything.

"It's not just possible to attack with me. Let's go... but we won't attack from this side."

"Chi, overwhelmingly above in the use of witchcraft... all! You can attack them all at once! There's no time, go fast!

It takes a lot more effort to attack than Kite is turning to defense, instantly judging and giving instructions to everyone. Earlier attacks were meant to measure Kite's defensive capability.


Thus, once again, the moment took the lead and the battle began.

"... Okay, sister. Good luck with that one. Kite, my sisters said they started the fight too... Ah!

Five minutes after the battle begins. Moon, who was using a comms machine and receiving contact, wields his weapon again.

"Ok...... chi!

Kate attacks and tongues because she manages to prevent warfare with witchcraft, which is unfavourable and relatively unprofessional.

"What's up! Your breath is... lifted!

The moment looks like fun, repeating the attack toward Kite. All of that was hampered by Kate's barriers, but he was forced to struggle considerably in collaboration with the other three - especially Kirikezaki's sorcery, which is capable of distance.

"Senior! The demon is contacting me now, and I hear the enemy has reached the flag! Number, just like this one 4!

"Chi! Was it sooner than I expected!

Apparently, the moon was quick to notice the instantaneous measures, and the fighting began a little earlier than expected. The moment hits my tongue and I let go of the distance once. Kate wanted to hang on to the chase, but other faces increased their attack speed at once, so she couldn't chase it.

"Everybody, do me a favor!

"Copy that!

Once the distance is taken, once the distance from the flag is measured visually, it deforms the shape of the spear. That was in the form of the throwing spear I always used.

"Sooo... ha..."

In this way, breathe several times and concentrate your magic on the spear to the limit.

"< >"

The moment the moment the moment squeals so, the spear dwells even more thunderous. By increasing the power of protection even more sophisticated, the weapon will be able to use the force of protection. That's what I did.


I'm surprised the moon opened its eyes. Apparently, he was not yet familiar with the effects of the protection. In contrast, Kite, who has the power of the highest blessing, knew that the moment had been hiding protection for quite some time. So don't be surprised by it, get up.

"Marching! < >!"

A spear released aloud turns into a spear wrapped in giant thunder. Along with that, the rest of the dough moved away from under the influence, once breathed, in case it was prevented.

"... I'll give you a few"

That being said, Kate lets a bunch of barriers roll out onto the spear path.


The moment you collide with Kite's barrier, the moment begins to inject magic into the spear at once, and thunder increases shine along with it.

"Shit! It's a reschedule!

At this level I thought I could prevent it if I sacrificed a few pieces, but with the magic injected into my standing, I modify my expectations, deform a few barriers behind me, and deform them into the shape of a shield. And overlap those few pieces.

"< >"

When Kite squeals small, the barrier has an entity and turns into a leather-packed shield. The number of leathers is seven. If you merely apply the power of weapon moves (arts) and protections, you can prevent them without problems.

But when we added both, we couldn't deal with the strength of the barrier we're currently setting. It is true that you can afford to prevent it by strengthening the strength of the barrier or using fairly superior moves (skills), but then the spectators you see are called into question. For this reason, we had to use the same weapon technique (Arts).

"Speaking of throwing spears, it's him!

Create the shield of the hero Ias, who once prevented the throwing of a hero known as Hector in the Troia War. Later it would depend on the skill and magic of both, but victory and defeat had been decided there.


The moment Kite sees himself using < >, he immediately ends the infusion of magic. This thoughtful goodness was one of the flavors of the moment.

"Good hands!

I saw the moment cut off its magic. Kate admires it. Seeing as it didn't go through, the cleanliness of taking it down even on the trump card was admirable. So, the spear and shield to be bumped, but not a single spear pierced, exploded, vanished.

I would have pierced a few of them even if I had done so, but in this moment I can certainly not pierce the last one - the throw was prevented by the last one in the inheritance, and the last one now had considerable strength. You don't know that, but you must have felt something.

"Ha... ha..."

Breathe slightly with your shoulders and wipe the sweat flowing down your forehead for a moment.

"If you're going to win, you should have let the other faces continue the offense like that. In particular, Kirikezaki should have been kept attacking."

"Hey! It's not dangerous!

Kirikezaki speaks out in protest at Kite's ruthless ploy. But to this, Kate gives the right advice with a bitter smile.

"Nothing. Do it in close proximity, I didn't say. It's magic and stone throwing."

If they throw stones with physical strengthening, they are as powerful as the earliest grenades in a single shot. Just throwing it was enough to keep Kite from dealing with the instant attack with all his might. And that next moment.

"There's a battle! The winner, the three Kagurasaka sisters and the servant team!

Such a broadcast sounds and the battle ends. Apparently, Yayoi and the others have achieved their goal.

"Don't give me weird names!

"Uh, that's good. So. I don't care what you think."

Kite puts a penetration into the team name given at will with True Harp's naming sense. The moon snorted like she was good at it.

'Fair enough... so, now the battle...'

And True Harp and Yuri, Shiori begin to explain the battle now for the three of us, but the question flies instantly along the way.

"Um... a senior. What is that Shakti? I had a spear with a name similar to Indian mythology... '

"Oh, that... that thing mimics the sole, apparently.

I'm still breathing on my shoulder just a little bit by releasing < >, which is just about all I can do, but the moment I was recovering to the extent that I managed to talk.

"Did you imitate? So, that's Shakti's fake, is it?

"Apparently... well, you're more familiar with the detailed description of the weapon that way?

'Oh, yes. Shakti supposedly had the Indian mythical military god Indra......'

As a high school library, there should also have been books dealing with Indian mythology in the library of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School, which is quite large. That's why Shiori starts explaining < >. With that in mind, Kite and Moon headed to the holding room and the first match was over.