Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 253: The Second Tournament - Team Matches and Finals, Part II

Kate thinks as she spins her words. I wondered if I could have been proud at some point.

(Naturally, I could tell from the beginning... but I couldn't do it)

What I recall is yesterday's semifinals. It's the way to fight charm and maple. You really shouldn't hold onto preconceptions. Yet I held him. No, I missed even the most basic thing in that statement. This made Kite blame herself a lot.

(Because I am young, I am immature, but therefore. I can't help it if it's a slight porcine process.)

In fact, he was defeated above that expectation.

(Which one is immature? They, or no, it's me)

Shame on myself for my uncertainty. He was young, but proud of himself. It was a proud and unforgivable thing.

(Amateurs seem to scratch the back, what is brave. It's less than amateur. I'm proud of you, I'm proud of you, that's all I can do. I'm a protector. I have a duty to protect these guys.

He is the forerunner in this world (Enefia), the brave man of people's hopes, and the protector duke of the people. Proudly, if you make a single mistake, it will lead to their, the death of those you protect, tragedy. That is not the position to be allowed.

(That, above all, is unacceptable. In the first place, that battle is me... no, his pride is the beginning of it all. What makes me proud to know that)

Knowing that, Kite was proud. That's why Kate ignored the meeting, which was supposed to be just canes and knives, and brought in more gear. To review your origins. To remember where I started and what I got. All the gear he now wears was Kate's first travel outfit.

(... you're all watching. I can protect these guys this way because of the life you guys left me)

So it is those who defend themselves and scatter them that remember. Memories of a time when I was much more immature than I am now and still at heart. Myself and Yuri were saved by them. And the journey between Kite and Yuri, which is still to be told, began.

Indeed, it was not really a spoken hero, Tan, etc., but a journey of revenge to be spoken of. But I have never forgotten them, and the thoughts and vows gained on that journey are still in my chest.

(I ruined the life you left behind and he saved me even more)

Yuri said it again and again. Good enough, you don't have to make such a dangerous journey, that Kite will break any further. She was aware. That Kate is only running for revenge, not to stop the damage Kate said.

And yet, no, while I understood that myself, Kate ran for revenge. And made her sad. The regret cannot be forgotten.

(Whispers. Such an idiot. But I'm fine now. I can clearly see what's important)

Revenge calls for further revenge, and pride creates tragedy. At the end of that battle, Kate thought of it, with so much sadness and anger that it went mad. What makes you proud of yourself? In so doing, Kate secretly runs her eyes to her own loved ones.

(If you want to protect, throw away your pride. Remember that time)

That's how Kate used the secret in this tournament.

"So what about the flag protection when you get here!

The moon yells at Kite for coming in on the offense with him. Originally planned, Kite was going to attack the flag defense for everyone at once, including the moon. Defense 1 Attack 5. Offensive. That's the secret.

"Oh, that's no problem"

At the same time, Kite unleashes a lot of magic and < > on the flag.

"Sweet. < >!"

That said, Kite magically moves through the chains wrapped around his left hand and manipulates the chains near the flag.


"What do you mean!

The voices of Tina and the students on the enemy's side sound downstairs. Apparently, you're surprised.

"What did you do?

Yayoi asks with interest how it looks. Looks like other faces have been concerned, but Kate answers Sole appropriately and issues a decree to everyone.

"It's another force of his... they can all run on chains too! Never mind the balance! Ignore enemy attacks!

"Seriously! That's awesome!

"I'm going!

Would Kite do it to that extent? Two people, convinced of it, danced out on the chain at once. As such, it rushes at full speed through stranded chains between rock formations that have unnecessarily been longer than planned.

"Yes!? Hey!"

Late for those two, the Good Moon starts running. Thus, before being attacked, the two of them and I developed a magic barrier against ourselves, and started running, although we were surprised ourselves over the chain.

But when you see that you never need to balance, you start running so you don't lag behind the speed of the two of you.

"Shoot me down!

While I'm surprised by those kites. With the Maple Decree, we all try to launch a long-range attack, but just before that, Tina stops. Tina knew exactly what had happened from what had just happened.

"Wait! Everybody climb on the rock!


To Tina's words, the maple tilts its neck. It was fairly empty between the rock beds, and although chained, it was supposed to be dressed in the air with no obstructions. Furthermore, they have not looked down, so they will not be able to avoid it. That's what I thought.

"You can't snipe from here! < >!"

That said, a boy student magically creates a sickle and launches an attack on the sunset where he was cutting ahead. But the attack, which should have been aimed precisely at the sunset, was drawn to the chain and absorbed.



Tina, whose sickle-producing student opens her eyes but sees how it is, derived the right answer to this phenomenon. Such a tina was questioned by the student who launched the attack.

"What? What was it!

"Ranged attacks using magic from below don't make sense to the current bluff! Go up there, too, or deal with it with a physical attack!

"Whoa! What the hell, that cheat!

"What do you mean!

From the sight I just saw, I'm pretty sure Tina's words aren't lies. Everyone therefore asks Tina for an explanation.

"Probably something called the Stone of the Sucker. Let's synthesize it into chains. All magic and moves (skills) made up of nearby magic are attracted and absorbed."

"Shh!? I've never heard of anything like that!

"Is that expensive stuff?

Maple I've heard about the Sucker Stone and a female student I don't know asks. Maple asked about the price because he cared about the possibility that Kite, contrary to the preconditions, had brought the heroes' real weapons.

Kite made it clear that she would not use it because they would have no chance of winning if they just had it.

"... no, not as expensive as I say. I rarely see anyone who can handle it... but where can I get something like this? Yes, it's an artifact!

Even though Tina is in battle, guess where she came from. It was sexuality as a researcher.

Incidentally, there was a reason why there were so few users of this Sucker Stone. In the first place, it takes magic to process, but it is also difficult to process it if it is deactivated.

Besides, it's hard to handle because it takes care to treat it as a weapon, and if you fail to apply or subtract any force, it absorbs allied attacks as well. Therefore, the Stone of the Sucker is rarely used, and even if there is one, it cannot escape using magic for the purpose of preventing the theft of art, etc., or in prisons, etc.


A female student raises questions, but Tina concentrated on her thoughts and didn't hear them.

"They did it! No way. All the other gear is artifacts too!

Tina opened her eyes and derived a correct answer about this weapon. Tina keeps flat on the sidelines as the cherry blossoms desperately listen to Kate's past, but all in all is the past of the man who will be her husband. Tina and I couldn't have bothered. So, I was letting you hear about Kate's past a few times, or I was letting you.

There are many stories the cherry blossoms have heard that she already knows, so she just kept them flat. So, one of the stories I heard was naturally about the troops of the Empire to which Kate belonged at the beginning. At that time, the former troop leader was asking about using chains that used the Stone of the Sucker. It was never shown to me, but this was the chain.

"General! Kite's coming out! Hit them all!

That's how Tina instantly moves into action when she figures it all out. Exactly, Tina replaces the commander because she can't command it with maple at this state of affairs.


With that said, Tina climbs to the rock bottom, which is a little further, cutting ahead and climbing up. Following that, other faces hurriedly climbed onto the rock bed as well.

"I'm already here!

I'm surprised the maple opens its eyes. The sunset, already ahead of the line, was approaching roughly two kilometres. The distance between the flags is 4 km, so about half of them would have been broken. I abandoned my guard and came to decide on a battle at once.

"Shit! Everybody, follow me! Looks like the chains can run too! We're gonna make sure it's done one-on-one!

The sunset and calendar, plus the face that follows behind, ride on the chain without hesitation, and run through without any imbalance, and order yes. But that was stopped by Tina.

"How about that! That's not the power of Kate's chain! You can't just fall on the detour! Intercept me on the rock floor in front of you!

"Your boyfriend, you're too much trouble!

Tina cheeks happily on a boy student who throws up abominably.

"Kite was raised by Non! And a compliment!

The young man tells me his husband is a corner figure, and Tina laughs. But Kite, who had numerous bills, cut them like hot water, and still could not see the bottom, could only be terrorized if he turned them to his enemies.

"Not if you're happy, not if you're joking like that!

"Attack all at once! Prepare the proximity team for approach! Don't take a sweet look at Kite's breakthrough!

Tina deploys her defense force on the rock formation closest to the flag of her own formation. At the earliest possible time, the hand that would not allow approaching, had been disabled. Because everything is deactivated in the chain of kites in an attempt to attack from a distance with metaphorical magic.

Naturally, there are limits to what this chain can absorb, but no one on the Maple team can exceed that limit. Instead, there was nothing I could do when I was prevented from < > having the greatest attack power. Thus the lid of the showdown was finally cut.

"Sunset! Fly to the right chain!


That being said, Kate stretches her chain to the right side of the sunset to move on. Sunset ahead, Kite, the kites who are a little late and go ahead in calendar order. The three Kagurasaka sisters were marching further behind the calendar, preventing ranged attacks from being launched on the kites from behind.


The sunset offsets the attack coming directly from the front to itself with a right straight with magic on it.

"The relative distance from the enemy is approximately 300 meters! 1.5 km to the flag!

A sunset running the battle raises its voice on the front line.

"Kite! I guess you can handle the changes properly!

"It's not fair to miss this! Calendar, the timing is right!

It is a technique that I have practiced and learned with my body. And the change is that Kate herself changed the original part to match the level of the moon and calendar. It's impossible to forget just that.

"Yes! Mutsuki, say hello to the scaffolding!

"Yes! My sisters need my support!

"Yes! I won't let my pretty sister touch one finger!

Make a final check while everyone rushes through at full speed.

"Arrive at designated point!

Over to the chain that leads to the last bedrock, the sunset raises its voice. The distance between the two armies is approximately 100 meters. It was the distance from which melee combat would begin in a few more seconds.

"Let the operation begin!

"You said it!

The sunset listens to the decree of the moon or at once goes straight to the last rock bed.

"Melee team intercept!

The two teams, who approached the distance they could hear if they raised their voices at the earliest, prepared themselves for the enemy and set up their weapons.

"Kanzaki is a speed fighter! Don't make me pull it out!

"Then I'll be the one to deal with it!

Likewise, a speedfighter female student pulls out her dagger and clashes with the sunset. That way, the two can cross a dagger with a fist wrapped in magic, but the female student witnessed the moment of the clash, the sunset laughing.

"Next is our destiny! If we defeat Kagurasaka's eldest daughter and youngest child, we will suppress them together!

"It's a threesome, but don't think it's bad!

Maple and Tina decide to quickly defeat Yayoi and Hatsune, who lack the offensive and defensive abilities, and boys students attack Kite.

"So much for the plan? Mizuki, Yayoshi!

Then reaching the last rock bottom, Kate laughs as she sees Maple and Tina launch an attack on two men, Harumi and Yayoi, while preventing the male student from attacking with a big sword.

"Yes! I'll crush everything here!

"Moon, you don't have to crush it all! I'll take care of the retrieval!

The moon stops around the middle of the chain and wields a whip in order to deal with the attack that can be launched against the harmonious moon and Yayoi. Since the number was number, the retrieval was dealt with by Yayoi using a cloth.

"Mutsuki, you do it later!

"Yeah! Sunset, just hang in there! Calendar, I'm coming!

Leaving all the attacks that can be carried out on themselves to my two sisters, Mutsuki, who has been accumulating magic until now, unleashes magic.


That said, the sunset now launches an attack on a boy student who was about to deal with the calendar. It was temporarily 2-on-1 and the sunset forced me to defend myself, but I was still grinning.

"Seniors! Calendar, suddenly!

Leave the boy students who were about to deal with the last calendar to the sunset, and the calendar jumps up all at once. The boy student, who had no idea he was going to jump up at once ignoring himself, opened his eyes, but noticed the sunset and took a defensive stance.

"Here we go, too! < >!"

Seeing the calendar jump, Kite launches an attack on the male student opponent with his right hand armor. From his right hand, shaken like a scratch, five magic slashes are born, and the boy student is stopped from moving in defense. That way, he ignores the boy students who stopped moving, and Kite jumps up as well.

"Happy Moon!"

"Yes! Barriers, go with maximum output!

Thus, Mutsuki consumed all the magic he had been accumulating, creating a scaffold where Kate could land in the air at the magic barrier.

"Get in!"


A kite who lands on the barrier offers a great sword and a calendar lands on it. It becomes a hipster, and the right hand grabs the knife worn on the left hip, leaving it ready to pull the knife out at any time and waiting.

"Four moves, < >!"

In this way, the wind created by Kate in the Great Sword moves (skills) is wrapped around the calendar. Thus, the wind begins to wind down, and the calendar enters the tornado with the roar. But that doesn't end the anomaly.

"< < Wind/Add-on Ceremony" Wind Enchant > >! "

As Kite's left-hand wand glows green, the tornado becomes even more gigantic and the wind around the calendar becomes more dense. As such, the roar turns into a louder roar. And Kate shrugged small.

"My teacher taught me... < >! Calendar, no!


Inject the calendar straight into Tina's flag.

"I'll shoot you down!

He said, "I won't let you!


Maple launches an attack on an ejected calendar, but it is thwarted by the moon that has marched to the rock bed.

"Stop Kite! He's gonna do something again!

Tina, who saw Kate eject the calendar magic into her wand, informs everyone. In response, Tina launches an attack on the calendar when she sees a boy student head to Kite. Somewhat offset by Kate's entangled high-density tornado, but still not all. And the moon that seeth it shall be ordained unto the good moon.

"Mutsuki, prevent Tina from attacking!

"Yayoi! I asked for backup!

Kate begs Yayoi, who arrives, for help as she prevents a male student from attacking herself with a big sword. Even as the kites continued to fight, the calendar flew in a straight line to the flag, where the flag approached, changing its attitude in the air so that it was level with the ground with its feet pointing in the direction of progress.

"Yuri!... you're not, calendar! Wall to the ground!

Running from nostalgia at what his partner was supposed to do, Kite develops a magic barrier perpendicular to the ground so that it overlaps with the trajectory of the calendar, while preventing attacks. Also, Yuri, who was listening to Kate's line, is in the commentary seat. Yeah!, and raised his voice vigorously, and it was for the record that Mike picked him up tightly and turned bright red.


The calendar steps on the magic barrier created by Kate.

"This is the anti-aircraft version of the one-size-fits-all living, < >! …!

Horizontal to the ground, the calendar pulled the knife out of its sheath, and victory and defeat were decided.

"There's a battle! The winner, the three Kagurasaka sisters and the servant team! The winner has been decided!

That's how the battle ended when I heard the flag fall.