Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 257: Legendary Heroes - Feast of the Strong

When my best friends fighting on both wings were fighting. Of course, Kate was responding with a double gun to Kuzha's simultaneous shooting. There was a fierce grin on his face like that, shooting in all directions.

"This is too much fun!

"Are you some kind of demon hunter?" And a bunch of double guns like you'd like to say! It's just a shooting that outweighs machine guns too! I mean seriously, this isn't beyond machine guns!?

"That would be amazing if you were over it!

'I mean, a double gun, I knew you weren't born 300 years ago -!?

"I don't know! You guys are from later ages!? You know what I'm talking about?

"Ah, pistols were imported into Japan during the Warring States, so even 300 years ago, it's not a mistake."

Still, Kate responds to True Harp's light mouth while intercepting all the sorcery that is carried out with a double gun. There's still room on that face. No, well, I can afford it at a time when I can get a light mouth reward in the first place.

By the way, the last supplement is Shiori. True Harp is just saying whatever he wants, so he's supplementing it just in case. He didn't have a pistol in the boulder that he could hide in his pocket during the Warring States, but he still had a small pistol. That's what I was saying.

"Well, I had a story about a demon hunter."

That's what Kate said in a low voice, intensively shooting a double gun at the looming magic from above, holes in the siege net.


Kate exhales small and rises to the sky at once. Thus, the moment Kite leaves the siege net, the siege net narrows at once, and clashes between sorceries cause an explosion and soil smoke to rise.

"All personnel, the remaining technique is to immediately go up. Fix your goal! Pursue!"

Kuzha orders the pursuit of Kite, who rises up and falls as-is without the use of aerial techniques. Soon after receiving the decree, the remaining sorcery targets Kite and marches upwards at once.

"I wanted to try this once."

When Kate says and laughs, she turns her leg upwards and stands upside down, shooting her double gun at the ground. That's how the double-gun recoil alone stagnates. It was a move I could do because the attack would only come from one direction on the ground.

"So where's the demon hunter?" What about the Great Sword!? Transform!?

"I don't know what that means! You can't transform! Tell the old man!

"Siege from up, down, left, right, too! Now you can aim from all directions! Don't hesitate to go!

"Whoa, this is bad"

Kite according to the meaning of cover-up included in the true harp's light mouth - naturally, I understand all the meaning of what the true harp said - sees imminent sorcery from all around him, wipes out the double-gun recoil with sorcery to speed up the series of shots and descends toward the ground. And at the moment of landing, twirl, and half-rotate, landing beautifully.

"Well, it's time to go!

That's what I say. Kite breathes in all at once. Having read Kate's intentions, Kuzha opens her eyes to reveal a sense of crisis and urges vigilance throughout the battlefield.

"All personnel, deploy the anti-boom defense barrier! Those under me will be ready for melee combat once deployed! Your brother will come!


Shortly after everyone deployed defensive barriers, the roar that Kuzha feared sounded. Thus, blowing away all the sorcery that sought to besiege itself, Kate manifested numerous arsenals and stormed them all at once.

"Ugh! Same old voice!

Ballantine, which I am already accustomed to hearing, will be dealt with only by defensive barriers that have been deployed from time to time without any particular influence. That's how he smiles when he sees all the crew on the other side have been stopped from moving.

"Don't you dare move like this!

Focus on the defense, and Ballantine relentlessly attacks the troops that are stopped from moving. The attack struck several soldiers directly and blew them off without difficulty from above the defense.

"For once, I did the trick... you can't tell I can't fight to this extent, right?

"Exactly. You can be the original ancestor! You don't have a problem with being flown!?

I got up and saw the crew members who managed to join the line, and Brass gave the order.

"We can't take it anymore if we get more offensive! All hands, throw away your defenses and focus on dodging! We work together in between, and we knock the attack in!

Brass doesn't panic, she shouts up. As much as Ballantine's attacks have been considerably reduced now, anyone could tell right away from Ballantine's face. If this were true, we would have been incapable of combat in an instant. If we are together in defense, we should throw away defense, and that is what we decided.

"Well, that's thoughtful. I like it."

Ni, and with a grin, Ballantine observes with joy the soldiers who have increased their speed at once. But that's not the only way to get us out of here.

"Look, what's up? I'm not moving, am I?

Ballantine did not move his lower body at all, but only his upper body and his weapon were attacked by the crew, and if he didn't have enough range, he manipulated the flames until he fought back.

"No way...... you're not a power fighter!?

A soldier shouts surprise at Ballantine's too sophisticated move. It felt as if he was being made to attack first to defend himself.

"Hey, what time did you say I was a power fighter? Hey!"

That's the kind of ballantine, but it strikes strong again, blowing up the surrounding crew at once just in the aftermath of the attack. Whether he was a technical fighter or a power fighter, it was a free-flowing way of fighting offensive metamorphosis without any enlightenment.

"Yes, to this extent?

"Lil! Open the breakthrough with you at the centre! Everyone else, turn to restraint!


Take Brass's life, and Lil dares attack at once.

"Well, this... there was a guy who would do a little bit of it. What do you mean?"

Ballantine asks happily to Lil, who launches an once-in-a-lifetime attack.

"This is Lil, the child of our current brass!

In response to the attack, Lil answers Ballantine's questions. Only she still hasn't used < >.

"Hmm? Can't you use < >? It's not like you can't use it because you're a woman, right?

Ballantine asked unexpectedly because he had all this strength and it was not surprising that he could use it if it was a direct line. Besides, Lil replied with all his might.

"No, I just haven't used it yet!

"... ho"

Ballantine, who sees some intention there, raises a single eyebrow and looks a little happy.

"Don't use < > for that strength... Fine, if you're so hungry, just let me take it seriously too. Er!

Ballantine shows off a little mastery to Lil, who is receiving support from other crew members but will try to cope with the response without pulling a step.


With a loud voice, Ballantine waves Hulbert on the horizontal giraffe. The soldiers in the wielded direction jump a lot and try to avoid it, but at that moment.


The tip of Halbert, the axed part of Ballantine, is separated and released toward the crew as if it were a boomerang.

"To boomerang, spear!?

The soldiers, who managed to prevent Ballantine from throwing, raise their voices of surprise. Hulbert, whose axed parts separated, was still like a spear.

"I'm not all weapons!

That's what I say. I respond to Lil's spear myself with a spear, but to such Ballantine words, Lux, who is flying up and responding, slaps a light mouth.

"Will's gonna cry, okay?

"Am I right? Is that prince... Oh, just swords and magic? Because you're a big shot. Shh, shh, shh."

Will, who was the weakest of the brave masako, will enter the three-finger strategist in Enefia history, a breakthrough in his class with Tina, instead of his peak performance as a commander, but with poor combat skills instead.

It should be noted that it is naturally their standard, and compared to general officers and so on, they also possessed a sufficient number of broken combat abilities.

"Hey, you guys! Don't forget he used guns normally for once!

"Ahhh... haha! Yes, you did! No, I'm sorry!

"Oh, he did. He did! haha! No, Wally, Wally!

At Kate's pointer, the two laugh as they battle, sending an apology to the VIP table. When the two of them saw it, there was a figure of a young man who looked pretty naughty there. It was an apology to him. That said, it's not even if you're kidding. So Ballantine regained his mind.

"Move me one step and I'll show you the reward!


Lil responds to Ballantine's words. That's how the counterattack on Ballantine began, mainly on Lille.

Time goes back just a little bit, just after Kate did the roar. Lux was also stunned by the crew who were stopped from moving.

"Ha... what are we going to do if we can stop moving to this extent?

Unlike Ballantine, Lux never attacked an enemy in a chivalrous manner, but did not hide his grudges. About that would be forgiven as an ancestor, as an ancestor of a knight.

"To this extent, a dragon tribe with a lot of power would be a normal growl, wouldn't it?

"Wow... is this normal?"

While holding his ear, Ellord battles the words of Lux.

"Normal and normal. At the time of the war, Mr. Glaia and Mr. Tia joined the line. Nobody's scared to this extent."

Lux flat out said to the descendants floating in such a battle. The difference between enemies and allies, but to this extent I wanted them to deal with it without difficulty, is Lux's honest feeling.

"... you don't want to see such a battlefield"

"Haha, that was the usual extent. Well, you're not gonna tell me you're gonna leave the current lapse to an end, are you?

"My pleasure!

That's what I say to Lux's words, and Ellord gives instructions to everyone.

"Al! You can use that one!


"Then do it! The attack is Lucius! You're in charge!


"Everyone else is going to turn to cover with me!

That's what I said. Ellord takes the initiative and turns to cover for his two sons.

"< >!"

Al commands the weapon to let cold air flow around him.

"Ice, be my armor!

Al further manipulated the surrounding cold air and wrapped it around his own body, creating an ice armor. This was the original use of Al's weapon, the manipulation of ice, hidden in front of the instant when introducing his weapon. This time he applied it and made it appear as an ice armor with an overwhelming defense.


With the ice covering his surroundings, he wields a one-handed sword and shield that has grown around him and launches an attack on Lux.

"Oops!... You're a little late."

Lux slowly dodges the attack before it is slightly slower.

"Don't forget this one!

"I haven't forgotten. I just can afford that degree."

That's what Lux says, there's nothing to look back on, only a one-handed sword on his right hand to attack Lucius.


Lucius is stunned by the attack, which is directed only towards Al, without looking at him in any way. Sure, we can't deal with kids ourselves. But still, there was no way we could have turned a corner against a country's special forces.

"Heh heh, there's a lot of killing left in the attack. You only have a moment to kill, just a few moments. Where else would you attack if it wasn't for you, because it's the kind of thing you're teaching them."

"Chi... That's Master Lux. All at once, all at once!

To Ellord's words, Lux only laughs. I'm not going to take any action. As such, several more attackers will attack, but all of them will be channelled by Lux. On top of that.



A kick rolled out occasionally between defenses, causing several crew members to crash. Seeing you can't get up, it looks like you just passed out. Thanks to the safety device at the time of the crash, we were able to land safely, so we were not injured.

"Well, Mr. Balan seems to have gotten a little serious downstairs, and I'm just gonna put up some gear.

Lux laughs when he sees Ballantine holding the spear downstairs. Lux's arms glow as the Ellords guard against what they are going to do. Its right arm was white, and its left arm was inhabited by black light.

"Well, it's time for a lecture. It's generally said that light and darkness are the weakest protections, but why not?... Oh, by the way, even in this day and age?

During the battle, Lux takes advantage of what he has done and asks Ellord. Exactly, we don't attack each other because it's too much against chivalry to attack in the middle of this.

"Ha, the same is true in this day and age... because it is the other unloved power of storing things, was it? Therefore, it will be treasured for large-scale transportation and so on, but due to the small number of them, they rarely go to battlefield…"

In response to Lux's inquiry, Ellord answered with a surprised face. Once the boost against physical abilities was used to protect something, both light and darkness were known as the weakest protection because of their lack of combat capability, since they absorbed enemy bullets - once, they could absorb melee attacks, but they were quite difficult - and could only release them as they were.

"Yeah. Right. But, actually, this is just one thing, so I don't have much use for it. Light and darkness are twins. On either side, it doesn't make sense. Only by aligning can we demonstrate our true power. And the twins, that means they can work with someone else. I mean, what do you mean, you know?

"... No way!

Too much leap, got to the answer, Ellord I thought so, but when I saw that face, Lux deepened his grin.

"Hit, yeah. Kite!"

"Am I? Ah! < >!"

Kate noticed that a light hole was formed around her to call Lux.

"< >!"

"Ah! Holy shit! You don't punk people's weapons in battle! You're a bandit, not a knight, after all!

He cuts into Kuzha's camp and raises his voice of protest when he realizes that the kite, who was fighting while switching weapons, was swallowed up in a hole made of light by some of the weapons around him. But Lux just laughs at Kite like that.

"All hands, evade!

"Haha! Sorry! < >"

Ellord, who anticipated what would happen, orders everyone to evade immediately. But that was a bad idea. Attacks that did not know where they were coming from could not be avoided, and it was better to defend them in circles.

Around them trying to circumvent, Lux creates several holes made of darkness. And out of that hole came the weapons borrowed from Kite. Thus, before the soldiers desperately dodging the countless arsenals that appeared, Lux, once again, created a hole of light.

"Well, thanks! Kite, < >!"

"Shit, it's payback too! < >!"

At the same time, the two men sent in the weapons they had in their hands to the hole they had created themselves - Kate the knife, Lux the set of one-handed swords and shields - and at the same time switched weapons.

"Sorry! Yours seems a little stiff!

With that said, Lux became a hipster, releasing his abode slaughter toward Al, who was protecting his companion, who had received the unleashed weapon with an ice shield. The slaughter unleashed gently crushed Al's shield and the ice that was covering his armor, striking straight at Al as it was.

"Ku...... ha"

"I told you, didn't I? We can all use several weapons... except for Will, who only has guns and swords."

Though it was the consciousness that didn't lose him, that's what Lux said with a smile to Al as he crashed fumbling with a blow.

"Al! Chi!

Seeing his brother crash, Lucius tongues abominably. I didn't expect defenses to be smashed so easily. That's right, to our own ancestors, we were great heroes.

"Now, this is Act Two, right? You too, will you fight what Act II deserves?

As such, their desperate battle for defensive specialty personnel named Al resumed.