Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 258: Legendary Heroes - The Reachers

The crew under Kuzha were surprised to see Lux and Kite switching weapons.

"That should be the Holy Sword! How can you use it!

To what? That was easy. I was surprised that Kite unleashed Lucius' holy sword and started the fight. By the way, the shield also has a name, and this one is Saint Shield Luxeria.

"Don't panic! That's what your brother is! Some wonder is your brother, so flush it out!

Whatever terrible line you care about, Kuzha, already accustomed to this degree of surprise, reprimands the crew. And the crew also decided to flush it out of Kate's behavior so far, indeed.

By the way, Kuzha naturally knows that Kate can use the Holy Sword.

"Ask Luxia and Luxeria why you can use it"

Kate says it with a slightly laughing face. With that in mind, Teine, who was dealing with him on the front line, laughed and agreed.

"Sure, that's for sure!

"I don't think you think so, do you?


Kite sighs in response to Tine's response. On the other hand, he thought that the weapon himself, which is good for weapons with weapons moves (arts), chose something like that. Despite the battle, Tine tilted her neck with her eyes round.

"... these guys, seriously, because they live like weapons"


Various magical phenomena and wonders abound in Enefia, but I've never heard of a weapon like the one that contains the essence of a weapon. If there is, it is like a siloe with a soul embedded in a weapon. As a result, Tine and the crew were surprised to open their eyes.

Incidentally, weapons of the same will are quite rare on Earth, so nothing is limited to Enefia, which is what Kate learned when she returned to Earth.

"... I know how that reacts. But I'm serious."

"Oh, it's suspicious! Do you have such a weapon?

"You don't have a choice because you do... hey, hey!

I was wondering if we could sit this far in the crew inquiry, and Kate called out to the sword and shield. Then the Holy Sword and the Holy Shield glowed as if to respond to Kite's request.


"You said it! Wow, she's so cute!

That's how two little palm-sized girls showed up. It is about the same physique as Yuri. They were floating on both sides of the kite in a facial position. Around the early teens when I was a year old. Both of them, if they were big, undoubtedly looked good by calling them beautiful girls. Indeed, it was a convincing beauty when it came to the appearance of the refinement of holy weapons. Well, just the exterior, though.

"Hey, Lux! It's been a while, hasn't it?

"Really, it's been a long time! About 300 years?

The two of them take care of themselves and ask Lux in battle. To those two, Lux replied with a slight bitter smile. It should be noted that while fighting, it is natural.

"Long time no see, by your standards. My perception is that it feels like I had it until yesterday, so I wonder if there's much like that."

"Oh well. That's what it looks like... we've seen a lot of different owners, but even after we die, we've started using humans!

"Kate, that's just great! No, now you can see and repair as many handsome men from the East and West as you like! Good choice! Or you can choose the Lord for the rest of your life!?


Suddenly the hour stops at the seriousness of the words that are in the Spirit of the Holy Armor spoken. That was not only on the battlefield, but also with the audience and the MC.

"Uh, didn't you just say good-looking or something?

"Yeah, you said it."

Makoto and Yuri, who were moderators, inquire on behalf of everyone. Also, Yuri was hanging out with the same two people. To that word, the two, the spirits of the weapon, began to speak the thoughtful length of the weapon in a sigh.

"Huh? Yeah, I said it. After all, even we weapons have the authority to choose our users. Anyway, I'd like you to use it for a handsome guy. If it's a girl who wants to live in, she's cute. Oh, we could be cute. Because it's bye.


I want to think it's because of my mind that we are two fine weapons who nod at each other and give a light kiss, but I feel that some weapon with a weapon moves (arts) shined just a little as if they agree with it. Seeing how those two were doing all the time, Kate began to talk about the past in a sigh mix.

"Originally, it's a coincidence that I found out these guys existed... this is the Holy Sword, which means you've tried to pull out some drunk on the funny half"

At that moment, some drunk who had barked luxuriously until earlier with a single wing immediately strayed from his gaze. He also felt that he had done it.

It should be noted that as a result, Kite, who also had no shards of faith, pulled out, and Lucas pounded, and soon after, he graduated, causing Lucia to hold down Lucas, but I will leave that aside.

"I was a luxuriant then, wasn't I? Lux was really, really smart back then."

Lux at the time when he was seriously upside-down. I could say that I had no choice but to be angry because I had been tried or tried to escape the sacred relics of my faith, but they didn't have that much focus on the tools. Conversely, now I am stuck with a strong head.

"Haha, you just have to laugh.

He also had the impression that he was tough at the time, and laughed bitterly. By the way, it's because of them that I've become my current personality. I can tell you that I have no choice because I am almost always with such a deceitful spirit. This is the character of the Spirit who dwells in a sacred relic that can be said to be the object of faith. It was very understandable that faith and reality were divergent.

"So, I just wouldn't be able to get out of it - I was reluctant to... I was forced by a drunk old man and Yuri in good shape, and here's the thing, Spo,"

Kate tells the past together on a temporarily seated battlefield with a fun grin. By the way, the reason Kite didn't try is simple. Although it was true at the time that Kate had the power to get out of her head, she didn't get out of Ballantine, which was about the same strength as Lux, but she was therefore qualified in some way, so she didn't cut it out for nothing.

"No, hey. I really wanted Will to skip him, because he's weak. What about our users? So I rejected them."

"I wish I was stronger later."

"Er, and, uh, Master Ballantine, etc..."

Poetry Weaver asked, poking at the question as to why the Ballantine would not have fallen out, which would then have been enough. but the answers of the weapons to this inquiry were spicy.

"That muscle Dharma is dismissed. It's not a hobby."

"It stinks of sweat. Get drunk right away. Yeah, I will."

"Terra! That's unforgiving!

Ballantine, hung with relentless words by the two elites, flies an anger. With such a laugh at him, Kate goes on and on.

"Well, let's put that away. Well, so I talked to him quite seriously about why he could pull out, and these guys came out."

"No, I didn't see that."

"I don't know what the impact is, and I might not be able to use it on myself away from faith, so they say seal it, return it, or something. I talked to one of them because he was an understandable human like us in a rare situation where he was no better than the good-looking people in the corner."

"It was a big win. Thanks to you, you can see all kinds of good-looking people and beauties from all over the country. No, thank you very much."

"Oh, we were taken care of, too. And I will continue to take care of you"

"Yeah, well, we're not going back."


That's what the two weapon spirits said, and each went back to the weapon. As they were all stunned, Kite protruded his shield forward, set up his sword, and moved into a combat posture. This way of being on the battlefield was one of the things that everyone found horrible. That said, naturally, that won't happen until the host True Harp. So I turned to Kite and asked.

"Isn't it the Evil Sword, not the Holy Sword? I don't think there's anything more than thoughtful evil."

"... I thought that"

Kate laughs and agrees with Makoto's inquiry, which has dramatically drawn her cheeks. Ever since they came out, it was only at a time when none of the kites - even Lux and Lucia - had thought of the two as holy relics or anything.

"Well, this kind of weapon is the only one with this kind of evil, but its performance is unquestionably among the best in the world! It hurts when you hit it. I'm sorry!

With that said, Kate regains her mind and storms the enemy, which is still frightened. As Kite said, it has character, but it performs well as a weapon, and it has the power of Kite, but all multiple attacks are prevented by shields and never passed through, and Kite's attacks are hardly ever lost from a robust defense and can be tapped in. As a result, many troops were left uncontrolled and incapable of fighting.

Meanwhile, as the two partners disappeared, Lux laughed.

"Haha! Those girls were just as good as usual!

"Ha, ha"

To his joyfully laughing ancestors, Ellord can only agree by pulling his cheeks together.

"Well, it's about you guys left, but you still want to do it?

Ask, Lux gives a swordswallowing vibe. Only Lucius and Ellord and a few others remained at their own rate at the earliest. The lack of maximum power, Al, disintegrated it all at once.

"In your favor. With us, knights who defend the land. There is a battle that cannot be pulled off. And all of us, your descendants. There's no reason to pull."

"Yeah, it's a good spirit. Let's fight till the end."

That said, Lux rebuilds his sword. Where did the pleasant grin go earlier, again, there are signs of laughter and ruthlessness as a warrior.

"That said, defeat is ready. General, this is your last order! We don't even have enough people to work with as soon as possible! Only show intent!


That said, everyone starts attacking at once. At the earliest possible time, it was a battle in which each individual gave his or her full strength, almost abandoning the collaboration. But still, it doesn't arrive. My heart would have arrived, but not a single sword muscle has ever arrived. That's why the monster is the hero.

"... Well, what do you do? Are you going to get hit like this?

In the midst of slashing each other on the battlefield, which made all the crew members who were still a few more incapacitated, only the original ancestors and the two parents and children, Lux asks Lucius. Al felt uncomfortable with the attack from the moment he turned to defense and Lucius to attack. But Lucius, unsure of it, inquired with surprise.

"What do we do, what?

"Aren't you aware?

Lux's face, asking so, had the most grin in this battle. That's what I was just saying, right.

"So you're still right?

Ellord, who was suspicious of Lux's inquiry at first, but with Lucius responding, he got surprised. It was a question we didn't understand at all.

"Probably. What about Kite?

"Just once. Lord Kite accidentally saw his own voluntary archery."

"Did Kate say anything then?

"No, I just got a smile on my face."

Seeing it, Lucius judged the answer he had arrived at to be the right answer and decided to push his way. And they were right about that. Seeing the laughter of today's venerable ancestors and gaining that confirmation, it was always enough that even he on the top of the Buddha could unexpectedly smile.

"Totally... no way you got it right. I was just wondering if Alphonse or your father had arrived."

Lucius seeps a few sentiments of praise and tells them with a sense of surprise. Lucius is the least talented of the three direct line men who fight themselves. So I ruled it out, but it was a total big hole.

As a result, there was a pleasant grin. I can't stop living long because of this kind of stallion. That's what I just said. It was a laugh. It should be noted that there is no scratch that he is already dead.

"Lucius, what are you talking about?

That said, it is understood between only two people who can understand. They have a conversation that only the two of them can understand, and Ellord asks Lucius.

"We're talking about how to fight. I had no talent, so I was only able to refine the shapes. So I thought you noticed."

It's a coincidence to begin with. Originally stronger than himself and stronger after Kate came, Lucius had a little remorse as his brother.

And I shouldn't have done the archery thinking about how I could catch up at all. A one-handed sword fell out of his hand and flew away. But that's where I noticed the discomfort.

"I'm sorry, could you put on some archery, please?

"Yeah, fine. Well, let's see how far we can go."

That's what I say, both of them punish the weapons. Thus, they responded to each other with a courtesy as knights and began to reward each other with bare hands.

Around the same time. As Kate stormed, Ballantine sighed.

"Ha... to this extent..."

Though Lil won't pull a single step, Ballantine is stunned by an attack that is too linear. But the frightened lil is doing everything he can. And he saw it, and behold, he was frightened.

"Can't I even do this!

Brass frowned when she saw that even Lil couldn't get through.

"What's wrong? Don't you use < >?

Lil ignores such Ballantine words, and continues to launch attacks.

"Well, you're saying it's through, aren't you?

As such, Ballantine played Lil's spear and blew it wide open with a body technique that utilized body twitching as it was. It was a movement in accordance with the exquisite sensations cultivated on numerous battlefields.

"Aikido sounds like a guy, huh? Fight with your opponent's power. It's like martial arts."

Ballantine, who blew Lil away, tells him with his neck ringing. I learned it myself in the middle of battle, but I just learned from what Kate said that there was such martial arts as well.

Also, Kite didn't know what Aikido was at the time. Just because Ballantine sensibly said the same thing about what appeared to be the case, it was simply that Kate also said 'Aikido'.

"... Father. Exactly, I was wondering if I could."

That's how Lil was blown away, next to the brass. Even though this one is on his way, Ballantine is spared and rolled out until he strikes back. There was a bitter smile on Lil's face unexpectedly due to such overwhelming martial arts. With that in mind, Brass silences only for a moment, decides that he still has a secret plan, and decides to use it.

"Let's use the secret. The question is whether that time will go down there or not, but... I can't help it. If you can't use < >, hold back your ancestors! All the rest will go in formation and flames!

That's what I'm saying, Brass hangs the order. Ballantine, who saw it, realized he was going to do something and controlled it first.

"Oh, what are you doing? Then I'll give you a minute. Come with a full attitude.

With that said, he unties Hulbert by piercing the tip of the pattern to the ground. Brass, who saw it, changed the formation and changed everyone - including himself - to a formation centered on Lille.

"Ooh. You're the one who got to the right answer to his combat laws."

That's how I watched the other two fight for a while, but Ballantine was impressed with the beatings with his bare hands that began over the sky. To the best of his knowledge, even Lux's son, who had seen how to fight several times up close, had not followed the correct answer. Now that the time had passed, if there was anyone who had noticed, it would have been brilliant.

So for a while, when I said it was time, I looked at my enemies and inquired.

"... so? Are you guys ready? Corner, we did it without a hand. I can't do it yet. I'm sorry, okay?

With a staring but fierce grin, Ballantine observes the formation assembled around Lille. There was a pretty massive flame going up to cover the whole formation, mainly Lil '.

"Oh, that's quite a fire"

Ballantine looks delightfully at the flow of power that has become somewhat visible. Thus, Ballantine stepped on the ground and took a defensive stance in order to take it directly from the front.

I had never seen the formation itself, but I could imagine what Ballantine was about to do. Anyway, he's the ancestor of all the moves the brass do. I couldn't have known.

"Okay, I'm going!

When Lil says so, the flames that have been raging around him begin to gather to Lil's spear all at once.

"< >!"

That said, what Lil created was a white flaming spear. That's how Lil meditates his eyes for the first time and remembers the instant throwing form. If you're limited to throwing, the moment is perfectly beyond lil. I was just confident I could say that. In so doing, I modify my posture to fit with it.


The temper flashes and the thrown spear gently pushes through the sound walls as well, heading straight to Ballantine. Thus, with almost all his might, Lil took a rough breath and fell on one knee. Looks like it consumed a lot of health and magic. When the opposing Ballantine pierces the spear beside itself, he grabs the spear aimed at him with both hands and antagonizes it for a while.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Ballantine steps on the earth, roaring as if he were a beast, and hangs forcefully restrained with force moves. With the aftermath of that collision, there's enough magic swirling around to visualize it. So, finally.

"It moved! Finally, the mountain moves!

To the voice of the true harp, the audience cheers. A little, but Ballantine slipped back. Then, with a little movement, it slowly but gradually begins to move visibly. However, a few meters after moving, Ballantine added more strength with the mood of tearing.

"Whoa, whoa!

And the spear finally loses to the force put in with the mood of a beast-like rip. Dogon, with the roar, the flame that dwelt on the spear went out and returned to the original spear.

"We'll do it. < >"

Ni, with a much fiercer grin, throws the spear beside Lil. Lil, who was looking down and holding his breath, sees the spear thrown over him and learns that he has lost.

"It's a reward. Let me see another move up there.

That said, Ballantine was alone in producing a flame that surpassed the flames that Lil and the others had gathered to create earlier.