The last exhibition match is over, and the three kites leave the venue behind. The faces of the Duke's army were exhausted, so I left to be carried in half, but I don't mind such a thing. Kuzha follows it.

Tina and Yuri rush to the place of two people who seem satisfied to know the strength of their descendants and Kate, who seems somewhat entertained and satisfied in a while.

"Ya...... ah?

Look at Yuri approaching. Lux raises one hand, but looks at Tina next to it and tilts her neck with Ballantine. Tina remained a child and was unnoticed by the two of them who had never seen her.

"Mm-hmm? What's up?

"Uh, miss, are you one of those fans I was looking at earlier? I'll sign it, okay?

"I don't want it. Who Wants Muscle Dharma Signature"


Lux and Ballantine cease to be the first to meet anyone, however much they may be, and what they don't think is the word toward a hero. but everything was resolved with a word that kite told Tina about such a great attitude.

"Hey, Tina. You forgot to look different."

"Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry."

Pom, and when he hits Kashiwaki, Tina returns to what she is. She had already developed a magic trick around her to hide herself, making her invisible, but at the same time she forgot to put her figure back together.

"Oh, my God. Tina, huh? And... I'm home, Lucia."

If you figure it out, they had a natural reaction, so you two decide to go through. And then, if you look closely, Lux smiles when he realizes that there was a golden figure he saw behind Tina.

"Yes, welcome back. You."

To the words of Lux, a woman with a white beauty returns a soft grin. The woman had bright red eyes on her white skin, her back length to a slightly higher degree than Tina's in childhood, and her face was fairly straight and neat.

Anyway, the appearance, which had an atmosphere similar to that of Ellord and the others, was undisputed, making it Lucas's childhood familiar and his wife Lucia.

"Absolutely, if the Lord is calling too, call him. You can bring him anywhere else. If you stumble out of the VIP table, where are you going to get numbed by a boy student?"

"Oh, bad, bad. I thought you were going to the VIP table. Will's here too. So I thought I'd grasp the big picture... what's going on?

As it turns out, Kate thought Tina was going to look big when she came this way, so she led Lucia to the VIP table where she was only there. But apparently it didn't. Besides, Kate leans her neck, while Tina trembled for a moment, just shrugging at her temperament.

"... I don't know whose fault it is"

"Hmm? What's up?


The whine disappeared in the wind, reaching neither Kate's ear nor anyone else's. That's why Tina makes fun of Kite's inquiry. Apparently, Kite didn't care much, just going through it.

"Well... but it's a pussy reunion"

"Right. If you hadn't forgotten me. I wish I'd let you out, too."

Along with that appearance, a man approached wearing glasses with a slightly obstinate appearance. Unlike both Kite and Lux, this one was a pretty intelligent impression, a fitting, intelligent handsome guy with glasses.

"If you leave, you'll prevail more than ever. You want to be abusive?

"What, your lord has come too"

"Hmm. They called me even though it didn't make any sense."

I say so and throw up, but he seemed a little happy. They still don't like being off the team even though they are emperors. He's one of the last of Kite's crew. I made it a later emperor, and it was Emperor Will 300 years ago than it is now.

By the way, Tina said she didn't know she was here, but naturally, she did. I just dared to leave it alone.

"You can't have a real royal family out there, can you? If you didn't call me, you'd be stubborn later."

"... Shut up"

After she broke up with Kate, that consciousness seemed to have come out slightly, and Will turned that way in the light. but the pursuit of humiliating him in such a place will not loose. More Tina sets up a chase.

"Besides, my lord, you're the emperor who said you were the best? And when you point the blade at it, what?

"If you're bad, you're gonna get one death sentence for treason, right? You, that's just too bad."

Following Tina, Ballantine also tells Will with a pleasant grin. And Will turns around and adds.

"Besides insult, there will be five other counts, such as disrespect, for the crime of pointing a weapon at the emperor, for injury. Now, there may be a slight increase or decrease in the number of counts. No, in my case, there's no charge of insult or disrespect for the dead emperor."

"... That's right, Your Majesty, the greatest emperor in the history of the Empire... do you memorize it all? Well, it hasn't changed yet. Why don't you tell them to let you out and they'll be the sinners, Emperor Wisterias?

To emphasize the end, Kite says it out loud and clear. The face had a naughty grin.

"Don't feel humiliated when you say that to me for some reason. Strange."

The opposing Will looks just a little lit up and turns that way. I am accustomed to being told by the boulder that he is also His Majesty the Emperor, but it was still illuminating when a friend told me to tear him up.

"Damn, I called the Duke and Duke as I nibbled about people, and I made it as much as I wanted. I said it was a return of interest."

With that said, they both smile at Ni at the same time, and, as they luxed earlier, combine their arms.

"I never thought I'd miss this exchange."

"So be honest, I said. Well, if you're honest, I'm afraid of you."

"Hmm, revealing your hearts and minds to extra elephants is a foolishness. It's not like you're lucky."

"Even then, I was one of those people who made his name in the history of the Empire... does that just look like an elephant to Mr. Will..."

Kuzha asks Will, who complained bitterly, with a bitter smile.

"Well, I admit there was someone who could see some. The five Dukes and the two Grand Dukes at the time were particularly so. Hmmm... That's right. When High Elves come this year, they just can't stop having < >.

With a slight bitter smile, Will praises Kuzha for turning away and getting cleaner. This man was not accustomed to praising himself very much. It was written as a miscellaneous matter in the current history book, as if it had remained the same until his death, and Lux had gone out to follow it from time to time.

"Well, thank you. Thanks to you, I managed to drop your brother."

"... you, hands on your sister for as much as you want"

Glad to hear Kuzha's words in a slightly lit manner, and seemingly containing a slight twitch, Will asks Kite.

"Oh, speaking of which, you said that. Was it Yuri, too?

"Uh, yeah. Well, a lot."

Was it just embarrassing, Yuri turns that way to Lux's inquiry for an ambiguous response? Yuri also had difficulty coping with such a topic being raised within her companions by a boulder. But that appearance was the answer enough. Seeing how it goes, Will sighs and stares at Kate half-eyed.

"... you really won't get caught by the Beauty Bureau at some point, will you? Exactly. I'll be worried, too."

"Oh, it's okay. I've spread your brother's rumors considerably over the last few hundred years, so I've been informed that the Beauty Bureau is invalid.

"Spread what! No, spread it out!?

"Good hands."

To Kuzha's words, Kate is greatly surprised and asks. However, when viewed as a nobleman, it is very beneficial that the threat of using the beauty bureau does not make sense, so Will snorts admirably at the formation of his disciples.

Incidentally, this is something that is also secretly flowing to the Adventure Club and Heavenly Cherry Blossom School today. As a matter of fact, Kuzha was designed to spread rumors that Kate was a woman through the crew who secretly remained in the school at Kuzha.

"No, dude!

"Oh, enough to be. Sure, that's a good hand. I just threatened to reveal the relationship at the Beauty Bureau, because it's Kite in the end, and if it's all right, it's fine."

"Well, you. That's just rude, isn't it?

"You're gonna be okay, aren't you? Anyway, he concluded that God couldn't escape his femininity or her pull!

Everyone but Kite answered the words with a big laugh.

And there are those who watched it far away. Solas, the faces of the upper layers of the Adventure Department, and the sunsets they watched together.

"... is there anyone who can get into that one?

"I can't. Let me reject you."

Mizuki refuses Sho's inquiry immediately. They thought that if they spoke to the Lux and the others, they would look at the gathered faces and decide to call it off immediately.

"... good, very good! I'll have to tell Maple later too!

"Oh, I knew...... or cherry blossoms. For once, one of you is also my cherry blossom boyfriend, right?

"I know, right?


Cherry blossoms, who were recording footage with a demonic prop by giving out some weird aura and observing Kate and Will's intercession, speak with excitement. And the exchange had already been repeated several times that the enchantment that saw it would be frightened and bitter.

By the way, I know, but this conversation has been repeated more than once, so it may still matter to my boyfriends for cherry blossoms. With those two sideways, I pushed the back of the sunset that Sora had gotten along with on the road.

"Sunset, come on!

"No, I can't! I don't want to go in there! Calendar, go!

"I don't like it!

That's what Sora says and sets the sun on, but just as well the sunset refuses fast. That being the case, he threw the ball against the calendar. There's quite a crowd around the kites, but no one can try to get close. Because.

"Well, we're all pretty good users and important people, no matter how we look at it, right?

To Yuri's words, Shiori takes out the magic prop in place of a note. It was a magic item similar to a wearable device that compiled her favorite investigative records and more. I thought it would be rude to put such a thing on the boulder in front of the heroes, so I took it off.

It should be noted that this is a Tina handmade magic prop that is given to the R&D team that conducts research and investigations in the Adventure Department for research purposes.

"Er, according to the figure painting... the glasses over there are more like the fifteenth emperor, His Majesty Wisterias-Entesia, who is famous for being the best in history. I hope you two and Kuzha are beside the brave... that golden demon tribe with pointy ears, Master Justina-Mistrutin, the Unified Demon Emperor. And that big fairy clan is Master Ulysia-Felicia. The golden-eyed, red-eyed woman over there, I think, is perhaps Master Lucius-Weisslitter, his wife. Aurora of the Heavenly Nation is not here, but everyone, maybe..."

You're a hero.

To Yayoi's assertion, everyone around him, quiet in an instant, came and drank his noodles. Everyone was made to understand with an overwhelming presence that they were different from the atmosphere that surrounded them. Therefore, no one could come near them.

Looks like we're moving.

Someone squeaked like that when they saw the kites starting to move. And it came to pass, that the students that were about to travel, as Moses, who had broken the sea, strayed beside him.


Thus, as no one could move but stagnated for a while, the red bird descended on Sola's shoulder. Tina's demon, Ku. Coo seems to be hiding himself, and no one has noticed him. That's how Ku uses the silencing junction and speaks to Sola.

"The Lord may come," he said. Lord Kite didn't say anything and come, but Lord Will seemed interested. What will we do? I have received my life from the Lord to bring one visitor… "

"Lord Will..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. You stuck with me and said your fake name. Publicly named Wisterias."

"I mean..."

Interested, expressly said, sent a messenger. There's only one thing this means.

"Well, simply put, come on, you mean. Your Majesty, immediately."

If it's been made clear so far, you can't let it pass if you didn't know or notice. Sora opened her mouth stunned when she was made clear about it.

"Ugh...... seriously?

"Big deal. Well, I told him."

That's what I say, fly off, and Ku picks them up with the guests. We didn't hear a conversation on the boulder, but we were excluded from the junction. Together, we could accurately understand that some message had been conveyed.

"... what?

Afraid, Yuri asks Sola. All I had was a bad feeling.


"Let's ignore it"

It's a cherry blossom I was excited about the two of you, but he just didn't want to go in there. Advocate immediate disregard.

"... me too, if they're kites, I'd say so"

"... don't say"

His Majesty the Emperor said to come.

"So don't tell me..."

That said, Meizuke is discouraged. Likewise, Sora drops her shoulders and gets depressed. If they are also familiar friends with boulders, they can reject them even if they are brave. But the opponent is the greatest emperor in history, even though he is dead. There was an atmosphere that I couldn't refuse.

"I should have followed Senior and Rin...... seriously"

Though they were not injured, they were worried about Al and Lil, who were exhausted, and after the battle they went to visit. As things stand, the upper management of the Adventure Department, Noiko, and Yamato, some of whom are given a few steps higher authority than faculty members who secretly know nothing unless they leave a restricted area, so they could pass by facial pass even at the Special Forces treatment facility. This is naturally due to the fact that they do not have enough power to steal the technology that should be kept secret.

"Let's see you at a glance, what do you mean? I don't know about Tina, but she's over there..."

Charming tries to start walking as she speaks stupidity about Sola. In this case, if it is Tina, it can be rejected without difficulty, but there is no other way. I had to obey. Plus, Sola nods and starts walking.

"Ha... go"

"Um, what do you want?

"Or go where?

"... ah. Come on! I don't know where it is! Here we go, uh, calendar!

Naturally, I haven't seen Ku and I haven't heard a conversation. So these three didn't understand what was going on, they just had question marks on their heads. So to the question that came up, Sola found a glimmer of light. Sola praises the calendar that inspired it that way. but naturally the inquirer didn't wholesale it.

"Oops, I'm sorry. You forgot to tell him where it was. I hear the place is the former Adventure Department living room, conference room two. It has been set up as a VIP room for Lord Kuzha, so soundproofing, etc. is perfect. Now, if you'll excuse me."

He descends in front of Sola, and the lagged coo flies away again. Ku remembered to tell Sola and the others the place on the road looking for Ixa's demon, and he turned himself over.

"... Yes"

In the meantime, the joy was immediately beaten to hell, and with a gentle move, he headed to the Second Chamber.