Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 262: When Past and Now Meet - Old Stories

As such, I thought everyone I had called in this time, Kite, but when I turn my face toward Sola and the others, I realize that there is an unlikely threesome.

"Hey, Sola."

"Hmm? What can I do for you?

"Why are you here?

"I'm sure you called!

Sora yells because Kite's remarks without a subject are best. Also, it wasn't Kite who called. A friend of his. That said, Kate put the subject in because she couldn't go on like this on the boulder.

"Not you guys. That's your threesome."

"... to?

That's how Sola turns her gaze to the side that Kate pointed to. There were three poetic weaves and calendars below sunset that somehow we were together. The kites couldn't see the three of them hiding in the crowd because of the large number of them.

"Ah! These guys weren't Sho! No, Wally! I brought him with me!

They also wanted to hear about the kites, and when they went to see each other before they called, they were with us because it was suspicious that they would break up. So they brought him in the stream as it was. Sang, Sho was not with her because she was watching the game with her cuisine in the general seats.


"Um, wouldn't it have been nice if I was here?

Grasp that a slightly uncomfortable sunset was apparently not your call.

"No, well, yes..."

That said, kicking him out on this occasion doesn't have a good aftertaste either, so Kite holds his head.

"Come on, let it fall apart. That'll make it easier."

"Well, you don't know what happens if you look politically."

"Fuck, I wish I could forget politics."

Teng himself, who called out to swallow, makes a laugh when he just says that he's other HR to Kate's words. Well, that's exactly what other people do.

During his lifetime in office, Will repeated his days of political trifles long after conceding his traces to his son. I'm in a good mood because I didn't think the day would come when I could get away from politics.

"Oh dear... I will call you every time..."

"Well, you'll probably know what happens if you call the ex-emperor and you torture him."

"Shit... you think I care?


Will frowns just a little at Kate's niggered inquiry. I still remember that Kate couldn't care less.

That said, it's not like I can waste my time here. Will and the others call time is finite in the first place. So Kate decided on her belly.

"... well, good. It's me, it's Kite. This is Tina."

Exposing a huge fact with one sigh, Kate now enjoys Yuri's hair sitting on her lap. Yuri, being caressed, seemed happy.

"What? No, I know well..."

Exhibition matches were seen in seats close to the privileged seats. I had also heard the narrative of Shiori up close. I couldn't have known.

"My real name is Heavenly Sound Kite. I mean, Senior Kite."


Suddenly reveal the truth, including the poetic weaves and calendars that were trying to identify the flow. Incidentally, it was the calendar that raised the odd voice.

"Well, I'll explain it in detail later... don't tell me, okay? If you don't shut up, they'll turn you off, okay?

Kite wouldn't dare tell anyone. Because I'm more afraid of it.

"I think it's time for everyone to accept..."

Tell such a kite that Tina laughs bitterly. More than six months are about to pass if we already transfer and Earth time. It seems that there is little upset when it's time to smash it, and I don't have to feel it would be beneficial if I were to sum it up the other way around.

It should also be noted that as someone who also aims to return with regard to the transfer of kite, the school students are also the first to look into it, so I already understand that it is not easy to return. It was therefore a judgment. That said, there was a good reason not to expose it either.

Not yet. The Imperial side.

"Shit, haven't you been able to get rid of it yet? Those assholes..."

With Kate frowning just a little, Will understands everything.

"In one way or another, I feel a little more in the last three hundred years... well, I was wondering if it was until your brother was on the table that you could stay on track. We're already doing the routine early on."

"Well... no change, I'm relieved. Okay, sorry, but I asked you to clean it."

If I leave it to Kite, I can handle the stuffs that can't sit on my stomach but can't get my hands on them. Because of that trust, Will decides to quell his anger.

Incidentally, it was the royal family, but also the Crown Prince Will, who originally acknowledged Kite's routine events from the back. Instead of being the side to stop, he was also the side to summon.

"Oh, I've been entrusted"

"Too bad, because we're dead... well, if you call me, I'll join you. It's the same thing."

Sipping a cup of tea, Lux agrees.

"Uh, Ma, sometimes it helps to have a place where you can get all you can."

Ballantine says as he sits in the massage chair. Everyone on this occasion has a sense of crisis for the corrupt nobles lurking inside the Empire. Therefore, we decided to work together on this matter regardless of the living and dead. Thus, in the history of the Empire, the worst group came back to life visibly.

So, this is your classmate?

"Ha, no way. The day has come to see your hometown guy. Ahhh."

Coming to the point of discussing the current world situation in a gradual chatter, we observe Sora and the others with interest. Of course, even for them, the Japanese are hardly a race I've ever seen, and the boys and girls of the same age as Kate start to see it in the first place. They were all intrigued.

"I didn't think the day would come to bring these guys either."

"Don't you know what happened?

"Uhm. I have no idea what's going on with the rest of that. It's not Aura's territory."

After Tina shook her head with a troubled face, she looked around realizing that there was not enough Ballantine.

"Oh, speaking of which, what's that lady doing? When I look at you and you're not around, is that your job?

"You're going to skip me at work, too. I mean, if Kate comes back, she could skip everyday."

"Oh, so is that."

Ballantine convinced by Yuri's words, but everyone frowned, as well as him, at Kuzha's words that followed.


"What? Have you notified the Empire?

Kuzha runs out of clarity, so Will worries and asks. That made Kuzha sudden to him.

"Yu, ku, uh, meh, I am! I have no idea where or what that guy is doing!

"... hey, what happened?

Will asks Kite as Kuzha begins to soar on her own.

"He's been gone about a hundred years with one note."

"Well, as it turns out... when it comes to Aura, it seems..."

Will modifies the story as everyone who knows Aura laughs bitterly. As it was, he feared that Kuzha might cause more hiss.

Speaking of which, aren't you familiar with your childhood? You know, even though I'm a man, I don't care what you think, I was wondering... "

"Oh, that bothers me, too. Are you sure about that?

"Oh, then those three over there"

"... to? Those pretty ladies over there?

Wherever you look from, dress up as a woman, see the moon and harmony moon that only you can see with a woman, and Lux is about to take off her tea dangerously. Apparently he was more surprised than the coarse phase of Charming.

"Hey, you gotta be kidding me. I'll believe that look when I'm treated like a noble daughter."

"I speak up..."

As emperors, as heroes, they've seen all kinds of beautiful men and women before, but they've just never seen this before. They were pulling their faces together and searching for the truth.

"What? The numbering rate is relatively high, I'll look into it.

Kite flaunts her shoulders in such a common reaction. Meanwhile, the prominent moon and harmony moon just seemed uncomfortable.

"Ko, this is commonly known as the Kagurasaka Three Sisters... no matter how you look at them, they just look like women."

"Oh, that's terrible."

Kate laughs bitterly and apologizes for Yayoi's protest.

"Haha, bad, Yayoi. That's the easiest way to introduce you."

"Oh, yeah. Speaking of which, you said so."

"Well, I don't know..."

Will and Lux recall a far past in Kate's words and align it with the footage we're seeing now. In that way, if they don't say it, even more so, the heroes will be flabbergasted by two people who don't know who the man is unless they read the signs exactly.

"So, this is your current buddy, hey... weak, huh? That, too, is pretty"

"Um, but if you were looking at the audience earlier, wouldn't it be normal? Maybe a little stronger than the average person."

"Oh, weak, is it... it's pretty..."

With the cherry blossoms just slightly depressed, ask. This still ranks high in the school and, for once, is an overwhelmingly stronger category than the general public, but it is nonetheless pretty much put on and affirmed to be weak.

The cherry blossoms in the bend are extremely martial arts to the extent that they are all allowed to pass on. There is a sense of pride. Even if the average person called it the level of hair growth, there was no way to be depressed.

"Mm-hmm? Well, I guess about 10% of my initial period.

"I wonder if it's that much...... not about 5% at best?

"Because you're weak in the first place..."

"There's just something wrong with you."

Answer Ballantine's words with how Will was just a little depressed. For once, he also cared about his weakness. Well, it wasn't until I started traveling with the kites that I thought I was weak.

"Your battle power assumptions estimated by the Imperial Intelligence Department... are comparable to one big country on a single horseback, I'm just kidding. I'm about a small country at best. How hard it was to adjust because of it.

Apparently, he couldn't tell me because of all the trouble until he died. It looked pretty depressing. From him comes endless stupidity.

Incidentally, it was natural for the adjustment to be terribly cumbersome. In the first place, we're flying at Will's point, but more than that, we're swarming. For other countries that may be attacked at any time, their location and whereabouts were of constant interest. If we were to march to another country in response to a request for reinforcements, the economic situation on the continent would change.

"So if I say it, it's better than Kate and Tina, who were put out to be comparable to the continent, right? Kite is for a few continents."

With a bitter smile at Will's stupidity, Lux tells him there's a top up there. It should also be noted that since all the battle forces were estimated at that time, they will have increased even more in relative terms now that they are even weaker.

"Oh, this one's fine, you're welcome to go first. I was biased to say," Come on, adjust. "

Against such lux, Will says, apart from this guy. He is a brave man who has saved the world from crisis, though bent. Its visibility and influence, its popularity, was quite high, and for an exhausted people, it was genuine hope.

Though most vigilant, the high-ranking races, demons and knowledgeable kites were people who wanted help from high-ranking races for the country to rebuild from the war.

"Uh... Speaking of which, were you the busiest in the reconstruction period?

Ballantine, who remembered that time, remembered that it was Kate who was not with him the most while he was away. He was from ostensibly slavery, so he didn't move very much.

"Well, because it enslaved Tina and suppressed the Demon Clan on the Allied side... at a time when fright and fear of the Demon Clan was still spreading, he felt differently at ease that I was there or not"

"For the rest, it's time to hide. I escorted Kate from time to time... well, I wasn't too busy."

As a coup, Tina was not busy in the sense of official business, as she resigned to blame for the status of Demon King while retaining considerable popularity from outside of the previous Demon King's side.

However, Claudia's assistant, who was not yet used to politics or the reign, was not entirely free because he also helped with the Duke's work. Furthermore, as the top researcher, as a former demon king, he also went to various locations to speak and investigate in the aftermath of the war, and was quite busy.

"That's why. Only this guy had to adjust easily. By contrast, you are troublesome because of the eminent family of a great country. [M] Come on. Half, half."

"Heh, I was. They would have made me an enemy from home. I don't know any more."

Laughing like a jerk, Lux laughs like any other HR. I threw the treatment at both of us completely, saying that even if I came out, I could simply rub it.

Sometimes the situation was that there was no one who could use it, but he ran away and brought out the Holy Sword and the Holy Shield on his own. Besides, despite the other side's circumstances, he didn't return it, and contrary to his teachings, he ran off with interracial blood muscles, so much so that it was the past that he was called an honorary student. It was natural to be seen as an enemy by the whole country, including my parents' house. As for my parents, his brother inherited them, but it is also one of the current remnants.

"Well, me and Kite took care of everything."

"When I went to your parents' house, they cursed me."

"Haha, thanks"

The run of Lux has a lot of influence on these two, so naturally, they resent him very much. That was the resentment so much that the paper was filled with cursing murmurs against these two in the will.

"Ah, haha..."

All we can do is laugh bitterly at the three of us who start telling such old stories. I'm glad we didn't have to get involved, half the time I wondered if we were going to let this happen in the future.

That said, here the three modify the track of the story. Will watched closely together and put on a daunting cut.

"Well, roughly, but if we all work together well, isn't that about my first 30%?

"Our offspring are, like, 30 percent alone, and they're like that."

"Um, can't we get it?


Ellord is just a little depressed by Lux, who nodded instantly. but this was just a silence they didn't know. The kites who knew that - including his wife Lucia - immediately took a distance from Lux.

"In the first place, we haven't used protection, we haven't formed formations. Alphonse with maximum attack power is not taking advantage of it. Lucius and I should think about running the set. Looking at Lucius today, I think he's a better fighter. Maybe if it's that field, we can target the world. Let him cover his enemies with high-powered attacks by Alphonse, I wonder if that's future policy. But first, we both have personal combat abilities..."

That's how it starts. A no-go out of how to fight today by Lux. Kite sighed when she saw it.

"Uh, it's gonna be a long time. Ah, brass. I'm gonna jump on you, too, so you better get in line over there."

"Huh? We're not fighting..."

Brass gives a puzzling look to Kate's words. but I don't know about this but it's late. Naturally, it was certain that it would fly.

"Am I gonna do what?

"Stop being an old man. Get out of the way, it's a sensory theory."

"You, too."

"In my case, I got it sensibly and tried to talk theoretically.

"I haven't been able to."

"You can't theorize what you got in the first place."

Will and Ballantine get into the kite that mentioned themselves. but naturally during such a conversation, there continued to be no good coming close to a sermon by Lux.

"And so I say... Oh, Brass, is that it? First of all, you have fought too much based on each individual. That..."

Even the brass can't fly out like Kate expected. Naturally, there was no such thing as not being able to confirm other battlefields on that level of battlefield.

"Yes... yes... then..."

"Yeah, it could be. But this is how we reassemble the ring formation so that we can deal with it..."

"As far as it goes. Indeed..."

"Don't be long."

Lux and brass, where the fever started gradually. Those two started a serious debate, so the Ellords won't be able to get away with it so they can get involved. All they had to do was snort at the no-good push from the two occasionally flying in.

"Right...... when, massage chair, did you like it?

"Oh... bliss... if this and the hot springs in your house were in the Imperial Castle, my tenure would have grown by the next 10 years..."

Will nodded with a blissful look at Kate's words that made Lux and Brass's tactical rigging a BGM. In fact, Will's great conversations so far were all spoken with a blissful look, massaged over a massage chair. There was no majesty at all, His Majesty the Emperor.