Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 267: The Transfer Gate

The two of us decided to go outside, but first we decide to see what's going on with the leaves. They were doing their exams a little further away.

"What do you say?

"Dear Creator... Um..."

A leaf whose hair tone has settled in a deep water color due to the fact that much and emotion has sprouted refers to the demonic shell that is now being tested with a troubled face.

"What shall we do…"

"Hey, Tina. That was your fault, wasn't it?

As such, Kite can also look in the direction pointed at him, and shudder just a little. Three leaves are currently testing, but the experimental landscape was amazing. Using an arm mounted on the back and shoulders, it rains magic shells from above with just the carpet bombing and all the awesome momentum.

"Hiccup! We're still going!

That said, he pauses once, and in addition to the armaments attached to both shoulders, he deploys all the armaments he can deploy to the front.


All the uniforms erupted into flames to match the hanging voice. The unleashed attack will shoot through and extinguish all the targets that were hundreds. As a reconnaissance type homunculus, it was a precision saturation attack unique to the three leaves, capable of multilocking on numerous targets.

"Dendro, don't make it..."

"It was so much fun! I have no regrets!

Seeing the three leaves turned into the earliest flying arsenal, Kate stares at Tina in a frightening mood, but such Tina smiled hockingly. They noticed Tina's joyous voice like that. Mitsuha turned this way.

"Dear Creator, What's your next target?

"Mm-hmm? No, I'm not going to have you do a two-leaf workout next. This is the end of the Lord's uniform, right?

"Uh, I want to shoot more -"

Puku, and the three leaves that swell their cheeks and look unhappy. Apparently, Mitsuha became as innocent trigger happy as Tina wanted. The color of the hair was bright brown, the three braids were unraveled, and the hair turned into a shorter twin tail due to the development of emotions.

"Come on!


It is the two leaves that have thus fallen fist bones on the three dissatisfied leaves. Because of the development of emotions, the hair color has settled into a light peach color, and the hair has changed to a ponytail wrapped around the right side. She had become the second daughter of solid things because of her sister's character. Note that there was no change in the hair pattern of the single leaf, and it remained straight in the long one to the waist.

"Don't bother the Maker."

That being said, Erba wears the magic guide shell given to him. Unlike the three leaves, this one is lightly equipped, mainly for ease of movement, and attaches several daggers and long swords to various parts of the body. Other than that, two sets of double guns were mounted on the main and sub in an easy position, and the main focus seemed to be to be able to fight while moving.

In addition, there are two fairly large artillery gates attached behind them so as not to inhibit movement, which is a source of damage during times of need.


"Dear Maker, Special Agent Magic Armor is ready."

All ready, Erba tells Tina to get in position so she can fly at any time. The Magic Shell is the type that doesn't cover your whole body like the Magic Armor and extends your hands and feet. As a result, their bodies were prominent, dressed exclusively to highlight the line of the right body. Adolescent male students had the sight to turn away unexpectedly or want to see cancer.

Note that this is not Tina's hobby. This garment is designed to support the magic flow and is specially made of fiber that is all made of special magic yarn. It is shaped to stick to the body because it conveys magic without loss. Same reason I used to cook cherry blossoms with Kite.

"Uhm... oops, that's right. That type of demon conductor armor will henceforth use the designation as the demon conductor shell, and the large demon conductor armor that the rest have made with it will be called the demon conductor. So unite."

"Yes, I understand."

Listening to a one-leaf reply, Tina starts getting ready for the two-leaf exam and finishes preparing in minutes.

"Then send the goal… Smanu is one leaf away. For a little while, I will go outside once to test the performance of Kite's Magic Conductor. The Lord will support you in the meantime."

"Okay. Okay, I'll take this one. Master, be careful."

"Take care"

That said, the leaves praise you. She seemed solid with a type of emotion that didn't really appear on the table, but for some reason she had one missing personality. It's only not out now, mainly because it's when it gets hot to expose.

"Um, then do me a favor... Kite, board the prototype again and move over there magic formation. It's connected to a device that can get out from above."


Dropped off by the One-Leafs, Kate moves the Magic Conductor over a designated magic formation. Exactly, it was impossible to keep this giant out.

That's how the kite moves and the magic team starts. But at that moment, Kate sees something less acceptable, and her eyes change. The thing that appeared was a magic prop like a giant round wheel. As Kite twisted around the wheel, Kite, along with the Magic Conductor, was finishing her transition outside.

"... Hey, Tina"

"... still, have you noticed"

Both of them - Tina moved with her own metastasis - went outside and Tina understands the situation as Kate's voice turned into something serious.

"... is that < >?

"Not all of them are the same, but the subspecies of the subspecies and the deteriorated products are not from a good place. I don't have enough power to send in a large army like that. from creation even with the rest of the current technical skills."

Tina also returns with a serious voice against a serious voice kite. The two refer to the relics of an ancient civilization known as the < > Transition Gate (Gate) > > in the former war. < > was an object that could connect with each other and bring troops and objects to and from each other.

The objects used by the previous demon kings were huge objects with a total circumference of about 100 meters, large enough to send out their subordinates and accept them. The previous Demon King had unearthed a control device that used this < > as a dot to control how to connect that dot. This allowed them to pass freely through the < > gates on each continent, spreading the war.

They are free to invade and retreat from each continent, but they cannot attack from this side. Some countries were successful in detecting marches and intercepting them and sending troops in while < > was connected, but naturally they waited there for a powerful army of demons headed by their predecessors, the Demon King. All with overwhelming power, no one has been intercepted and returned alive. How to deactivate this was the watershed of the war.

"You know that too, don't you? That's the biggest factor that's exacerbated the war, right?

Even now, every now and then < > is unearthed, but none of it moves. Because Kite and the others destroyed the controls of the < > that were connected to these points.

It should also be noted that it was an order from the General Command of Operations to seize the control device, but at Will's and Tina's suggestion, it was destroyed at the discretion of the kites. No matter how much we share one purpose, the Allied forces gather together. Because it was visible that at some point it would be an inner rim around a control device with only one. This is the same reflection from contemporary historians. Exactly, it was an English break.

"I know, that's not true. If you sense anything other than the Lord or the rest of the magic, you are set to be banished to different spaces for every < >. At that time, the technique of restraining the surrounding area is automatically developed, so that all the surrounding undetected persons can be gathered together to take them to unknown spaces. It's possible to do the same remotely. Otherwise, install all kinds of safety devices to keep them away from the rest of you and some maintenance golems."

'... is that true?

Seriously, against Tina, who exhibited a list of various safety devices on Kite, Kite inquired as she browsed the list with her face as Duke.

"Mm-hmm. And then there's no more experiences like Tis and the Lord. You can't put this on the table."

To Tina, who looked sad and smiled bitterly, Kate realizes that the inquiry is silent. In a former battle, Tina was the saddest of her companions. There was no way I knew the danger. Besides, Kate was just a little ashamed of her own uncertainty and apologized.

'... bad'

"Why, apologize. At that time, if the Lord had chosen Tis, he would have had to do more. Thank you. I can't apologize."

To Kate's apology, Tina smiles. He bowed to himself and even started a great war on all continents. Someone was responsible for the war, the massacre, and someone had to take the lead.

But the bad news is, the previous Demon King was a powerful man who combined combat ability, intelligence and one of the best technical abilities after Tina. It was only Kate or Tina, these two, who were able to fight for that power over even Gu Long.

But there was one more problem here. The demon king of his predecessors was Tina's brother-in-law, who had taken care of him since his infancy. Indeed, if we are to prove Tina's innocence, Tina should discuss it. But I don't want to see Kite and his people suffer from killing their beloved family.

As a result of this consideration, Kite arrived to strike, killing Tina's beloved man (Kite) and his beloved brother (Tis).

'You're not. I doubted it. I'm sorry, doubt it.'

Tina smiles bitterly at Kite, who answers blurry.

"Well, that's the knowledge I got around the corner. Because there is no body to not use it. I didn't use it."

I dare to shake normally, and now I decide to tell her I'm done, and she starts preparing for the test.

Originally, she unearthed and analyzed < > in order to connect the world and develop the Demon Nation as a hub for a major trading route.

Credited by Tina as her brother-in-law, the previous Demon King who was helping her had more < > knowledge than anyone else. That's more than Claudia in technology. As a result, he freely manipulated the < > Gate, which was a factor that exacerbated the war. Even though the technology was a factor in the war, it was too spared to seal it up to peaceful use.

"Um, brother, sister... what are you doing here? And what is it? This great magic armor."

Actually, I noticed that the two of them went out and Kuzha and some of the servants were out, but they were discussing it with a pretty serious face, so I couldn't speak up until now. But Tina's face became a calm object, and Kuzha inquired on his behalf.

"Mm-hmm? Oh, Kuzha. This is what I would call a newly developed magic conductor. I couldn't test it in the lab a little bit down there, so I put it out there."

"... what the hell!

It was Sola who raised her voice to such a place. After being late to Kuzha and the others, the top adventurers who had just arrived for work came outside.

"Tiny robot?

"Is that MS?

Rin looks up and says, and Xiang inquires as Pokan, Plus, Sola gives her opinion as she looks up at the Magic Machine as well.

"One way or the other, it's PT or AC, right? … too big for AC…"

"If you're so big, you're already a super robot, right?

The boys discuss it in a rather intriguing way. Again, all boys. I couldn't have been more excited to be a giant robot.

"Mm, you've all been here... well good. I'm going to test the Magic Machine. Don't get too close."

Tina thus evacuates everyone to the distance she thinks safe, and even covers her surroundings with boundaries. Kite is the tester. She didn't trust me the least about what to do.

"You're not free to see, but don't go out there."

"Um, where's Kite?

"Ah, he's the pilot."

"Boy, that's good. Hey, can I move that one, too?

Sora looks at the Magic Machine with envy. Again, boys. I have a longing for giant robots. Incidentally, this was the same for the Enefia boys, adventurers under Kate's influence, and this pilot of the big magic guide armor were two of the boys' most coveted professions.

"After that, with about 10 times the amount of magic, you can move it in a few minutes."

"Nha! Seriously! Now, that's about 10 times what we started, right?... means I can't move properly without 100 times the start?

"Isn't that, in principle, the same principle of operation as magic armor? It's all moving with the magic of the pilot. I would like at least rank A or the top of B. Well, we've also developed a type that moves with the magic of a tank..."

"What about you?

Tina shook her head against Sora, who makes her eyes shine like a child with a toy in front of her.

"Not yet. In the first place, that's the prototype number. The tank guy should be able to do it."

The same man who is disappointed by Tina's words, but this was naturally due to the properties of an object called Magic Guided Armor. Compared to objects that passengers send magic into, tank-type objects that need to be controlled and absorbed from the fuselage side need to be tested for tanks and the flow paths involved, so it took longer. When there are several power reactors, adjustment is troublesome because of logic.

"Hey, Tina. We're ready."

While we're talking about that, Kite lands the fuselage in the void about 100 meters above. Scaffolding was created by magic. Later all we had to do was wait for Tina's signal to start.

Incidentally, it is all the more peaceful outside, as the perimeter of the Duke's residence is laid with internal anomalies along the walls and a junction where such flying objects are no longer visible. It should be noted that this is only the McDawell family with Tina's laboratory in the basement.

"Oops, smart. Now, after you press both buttons, try to fly until you have the rest of the instructions."

Copy that.

At Tina's direction, Kite simultaneously presses two buttons, red and blue. The magic conductor is then fitted with a red external part, surrounded by a visualization of magic.

'Ku...... don't eat quite. But you're not at the level where we still have a problem. We can fight 24 hours a day, right?

There is a slight feeling of fatigue seeping through just listening to the words, but that is simply because the absorption has increased. Probably no problem where we fought 24 hours a day like this. I won't keep the fuselage, though.

Against such a kite, Tina sighed with a heartbroken face. Well, she probably can afford 24 hours, too.

"The Lord really... how magical. Well, good. Okay, first, just fly me through the rear unit. Okay, flying test...... here we go!

"Come on!"

Thus, upon Tina's signal to begin the test, Kate broke through the wall of sound and caused the Magic Conductor to rise high in heaven.