Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 271: Grave Visits - Favorite Families

Having grasped the current state of Earth's home, Kite had been doing a mix of information with Aura, which had been a drawback for the past 100 years.

"And that's why. You know what I'm talking about?

Kate asks about objects like the strange magic formations she saw during the metastasis. but after hearing a detailed explanation of the situation, Aura shook her head to the side.

"... I don't know. I didn't see the real thing, but if there's no regularity, there shouldn't be a metastasis team."

"Well... no, it just helps to know that it's not a metastasis team"

If it is true that Aura is not a metastatic team that can make the art of leading in this field and subpoenaing only certain holders of high-ranking power from different worlds. Neither Kite nor Tina could be sure of a non-specialty.

"So, after that..."

I heard the most important thing for now, so Kate starts talking about it after she metastasizes. After hearing everything up to yesterday, I realized that there was an Aura.

"... that means... yesterday there was interference in the surgical ceremony because of Kate"

"? What do you mean? You mean the ritual of summoning me?

"Yeah, there was a tremendous amount of interference of power from the outside as we deployed the magic formation of the summons to summon Kite and unfolded the surgical ceremony. I failed at stake. With that output, there's no one else but Kite."

"Don't be shy!

Kite glares at Aura's flat dialogue to grasp the dangers. If the summons is unsuccessful, it could be flown into another space somewhere, or into a completely different world if you do poorly. It was good enough that another person or demon, etc. would be summoned.

"You're lucky you had to pass out..."

Because of this, I was unable to move satisfactorily, and Aura's appearance was almost complete, but apparently I was fortunate during my misfortune. If I was bad, it wouldn't have been weird if one of my hands and feet had been lost. Well, Aura was there when it was gone, so it would have been restored immediately.

"Ooh, just panicked, but I managed to fix it"

"Wow, dude."

Bishi, and send praise to Aura, who signs a V and stretches her chest, even though Kite is frightened. Kate herself was releasing the magic of a high output, but she managed to hold out. It was to be praised enough. That's how Aura was happy to get praise from her brother-in-law and show the lights in her faceless face. But then, Kate asks her.

"So, after all, you've been pulling here for 100 years?

"Oh, I didn't think it was 100 years ago"

If you're passionate about her, you don't have to do it. It was sad for Kite to think that it might be somewhat possible. And everyone who knew Aura was convinced that it was equally possible, and in fact, after this, he knew it, and convinced.

"So, where are we? As I was saying, it's in the Duke's territory. I'd like to see it..."

"? It's the Duke's residence?


"My aerial garden. The space is isolated so that the anomalies inside don't go out."

Preach to Kate's strange face the manners Aura also told him last night. There is a chance that an unintentional summons will be made due to some factors beyond what we are doing to summon from different worlds. It was in this, if any, case that the operator studying the summoning technique first took action. Worst of all, it has become a sort of insanity to study each summoner in a space that can be isolated in different spaces.

"So... did I see it yesterday in the air garden? I said, wait a minute. Then why doesn't Kuzha know where he is?

The garden-like view of Kite as she flew on the Magic Boat seemed to be Aura's aerial garden. Therefore, it was only natural this time to question that Kuzha did not grasp that Aura was here. but to the words of such a kite, Aura tilted her neck.

"? I sent you a letter saying hello?

"I know... write about where you are..."

"This is my lab, isn't it? You know Kuzha too."

"Spatial quarantine, did you write that? They think you've been taking this away for a long time."

"... oh, I forgot"

Aura slaps her hand and now remembers, making a face. That was the cause of the disappearance until now. In other words, it was a simple miscommunication.

"You know what... things haven't changed in a long time, have they?

If Aura, who relies on that knowledge and power, isolates the space without a clue, even Kate and Tina, no one will be able to find it. Even Kite and Tina could not discover the strictly isolated aerial gardens. It was impossible to find it in Kuzha and Kolong (Elder Dragon), who were far less powerful than that.

Well, I don't think it's moving out of its original position, and the search for this city might have been neglected by the darkness beneath the lamp, is what Kuzha said later. I was also investigating it just in case, but I didn't realize it with my powers at the time.

"Maybe, yeah."

"Even so, you forcibly tore apart the space isolated by Aura Class... that would be a failure"

Not to mention what I did, Kate sighed at me for not much flying. Originally, it is impossible, for example, to drag forcefully out with force, if the spatial isolation carried out by the Aura class. It will be difficult even for Tina. This was nothing more than proof that Aura has so much strength in purely spatial system magic.

Apparently, the miraculous combination of a high-output user, like a fool named Kite, and the presence of a mystery that dwelt on Tina's built magic conductor, the core unit, created a demon blade that also cuts through space.

So, of course, Aura was also interested in why she tore up such a space. So ask Kite.

"... what the hell kind of weapon did you use?

"Uh, well, Tina's new. aftermath of the flying test.

"Hmm...... aftermath?

Convinced by Kite's explanation, Aura realizes the improbable words and creates a slight surprise in her faceless face. but to Aura like that, Kate flatly admitted.

"Yeah, aftermath. Really, it was just a flying test... there were so many things along the way that a demon blade was born"

"Aren't you a weapon mover?

It is not surprising that such a thing would happen if it were a weapon technique (Arts) with the power to tear space apart, so Aura also jeopardized it through, but the aftermath became clear for a moment. but to further inquiry, kite flatly issued the same answer again.

"mere aftermath of flight"

"Did you just fly?

"I just flew"

Kite nods at Aura's doubts that blink her eyes. Later on, Tina's investigation revealed that it was more inevitable that the demon blade would be born at the maximum output of the demon conductor than it was using a large sword that would serve as a weapon on the wing. He said that he would apply it further and make improvements so that it could be done even if it was not at the maximum output.

"... here we go"

Aura, who had been thinking about a second from Kate's answer, but knew it was useless to think deeply, her sister decided to go through her brother's blitz. If I didn't, I couldn't have done it. Well, this sister is flying a lot in the first place, so I guess she's a similarly sister-in-law, even if blood doesn't connect. Kite asks with only a few serious eyes against Aura, who so decides to flush it.

"So... aerial gardens mean, graves, huh?

"... yeah"

"I'm gonna go for a second"

"... together"

Aura holds Kate's hand when she stands up. Kate nods at it, and so, the two of them go outside. Outside, there was a small garden covered with empty colors outside the garden. At its center was a stone tablet made of potpounds and rocks. The stone tablet was engraved with several names and was well maintained.

"Whoa, Grandpa. I haven't been back in 300 years."

That's what Kate says, she hips in the middle and hands together. Aura, too, mimics it and joins hands next door. This stone tablet was the tomb of a former family without even a corpse. This is what Kate said about the grave during the flying test.

"Sister, Mr. Hexen, Henri. They let me use my weapon a long time ago. Thanks to you, the Demon King blew a bubble."

So he smiles, and Kate hangs the liquor he brings back from Japan on a stone tablet.

"It's the most expensive liquor I've got in my hometown. Drink."

"Grandpa... Kate, I'm home"

Kite has no hesitation in showering hundreds of thousands of bottles of liquor in his grave. They are, as a benefactor of their own lives, their beloved family. I was so grateful that I couldn't return this amount of booze.

Next to such a kite, Aura only quietly mourns her late grandfather. This was the tomb where the seventeenth special services platoon of the Imperial Army, to which Kate once belonged, would sleep. So, for a while, the two deceased.

"Okay, for now, is this good for today? Now that we know where this place is, we can come at any time."


To Kate's words, Aura nods too. This is an important place for both of us, and for Yuri. It was important to be able to come at any time, and because it is an aerial garden located over the Duke's residence, it was easy to come.

Well, the truth is, it's still Aura's home - in fact, Aura's home is in the Imperial Capital - and it was in the garden there when I lived there, but I brought it this way with the launch of the Duke McDawell family. Yet what could not come before was the result of cover-up and spatial isolation by Aura.

"Good, then we're going down...... just release the quarantine"

"Are you two here for the time being? I made a room.

Even naturally, Aura hugs Kate. but against such aura, kite decided to tell him with a laugh.

I know that just disappearing for a day in the first place would be a fuss. I would have liked to get in touch with you right now, but I had to postpone it just a little longer for Aura. That said, it was awkward to not get in touch with you.

"No, I told you earlier. I'm busy downstairs."

"Oh, speaking of..."

Apparently forgotten, Aura slapped Pom, her hand. For Kate, I missed this forgetfulness. but seeing a quarantine that never releases, kite slowly, tilts her neck.

"... so why don't you figure it out?

Kite asks with her neck tilted to the quarantine that never releases her. It should also be noted that Kite can be disarmed by force moves, but if he did so, he could not do so because there would be a lot of damage to the city below. I blew up one city to get out of my sister's quarantine on the boulder, it wasn't a joke. but against such a kite, similarly Aura tells him with her neck tilted.

"? I'm trying to solve it. It's just taking a while. I'm just waiting for you."

"Right...... so what time does it end? I've been reading comics ever since."

Sure, he thought he was rushing things too fast, even though it was a powerful juncture to rethink. So Kate asks Aura when the release ends. But the answers returned from her were far more than expected.

"Hmm... maybe I can do it tomorrow morning"


"For once, I'm making it strong enough not to be disarmed by the Divine Class there."

"At the very least, who will be able to use reading stories!?

Aura's words far exceeded expectations for Kate. Consequently, considerable haste seeped into the questioning voice.

It was very bad for me to continue to be out of touch like this. The top suddenly disappeared. Moreover, it is not surprising that the situation is seen to be grossly similar when the school is transferred. Worst of all, it was also considered possible that the Adventure Department was panicking. So Kate inquired rather hastily.

"... maybe together"

"How are you doing with the rice or something?

With a cramped face, Kite asks. Although there is the ability to store food here, there is no space that allows self-sufficiency, nor is it such an environment. They're supposed to be sourcing food from somewhere. From there, I wondered if I could escape. If it was some rough business at worst, I was going to tolerate it.

"Once a week, I let the user send it to the demon. Really, you're using your own savings separate from the Duke's, right?

"I don't give a shit! So you can't go home then!?

"Only once a week, I'm just trying to weaken it. Other than that, they're isolated so they can't leave completely."

"Last weakened!?



To Aura's answer, Kite is stunned. Yes, as a matter of fact, Aura summoned Kite at a stage when she was perfectly ready to be alone for as long as possible. Thus, they were forced to be confined to the air garden until tomorrow morning.