Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 272: Critical Measures

Kite met Aura and woke up just about then. Some students were gathered in the upper management office at the Alliance Home of the Adventure Department.

"Have you heard anything about Kagurasaka?

Although not all of them have gathered yet, Ayazaki, who had already come to the office, asks Yayoi. Although he was instructed to gather, he was not informed of what had happened.

"Meeting today? Come on, I didn't hear that either."

That said, Yayoi is aware that Kate hasn't been around since yesterday. I know something has happened, but I couldn't decide if I should say it. So she peeled.

"Ha... I don't know if it'll be over soon. I found a pretty good request today, but they won't take it..."

One of the boys eligible to gather here was so blurred.

"Oh, tell Miriam, you could have kept it"

"Is that true?

"What is it, Kikuchi? You haven't been to the reception much?

"Oh, no... Shirazaki, did you know?

"Ah? Oh well...... but I just quit today because I wondered if I'd keep it.

"Hey, I didn't know it was just me..."

"What, Kikuchi didn't do the request himself?

An instant asks a student named Kikuchi, who realizes that he didn't know anything about it and attracts his face. Actually, there were instant classmates or classmates gathering here. That's why he joined the conversation.

"Oh man! I'm late! A kid from a year downstairs made it a new weapon, so I was late after all the tears!

"Bad! I slept!

After such a conversation for a while, the door opened in a great panic. As such, a seemingly obnoxious female student and a male student with a sleeping habit in her head enter the office. They were also students who were instructed to gather here.

"You came to Kizaki, too, Sakami. Is this all of us?

"Oh, now we all have information authority rank A... unless there's someone out there who hasn't been notified"

"No, now we're all... are we going to be department heads after all"

The moment, seeing the face gathered, tells him with a slight bitter smile. As a matter of fact, there was only one person who had been the head of the club for three years. Therefore, the moment of familiarity as the meeting of the club was bitterly laughed.

"Oh, I'm the ex."

"Hmm? Yeah, speaking of which, you merged."

To Yayoi's words, moments nod. It should be noted that Yayoi has the only intelligence authority A in the second group. This is due to her strength and the high level of popularity from the students.

"Hey, Justina. We're all here."

"That's not a time limit...... smanuh. Okay, everybody, sit on the couch nearby."


In the blink of an eye, Tina shakes her head. I didn't let you know anything because I've been betting on the possibilities so far. As such, Tina instantly thanks Tina, sighing loudly after deciding that she can't do it at the earliest.

"Everybody, listen up. What we're about to talk about is absolutely forbidden. Justina, I'll take care of it later."

That's what the moment says and pushes in case, leaving the rest to Tina. Everyone except Yayoi, who noticed that Kate was not here, also followed suit, wondering why Tina would divide up.

"Uhm... let's start with a simple straight line"

Taking over after the moment, Tina meditates her eyes and takes another deep, deep breath. And open your eyes and tell them together.

"Kite disappeared... now I have no idea where he is"

"What!? What happened!?

To Tina's words, Kikuchi unexpectedly asks out loud. but Tina has no choice but to shake her head on this.

"I don't know. Sudden disappearance. I have no idea what happened."

Tina, who says so, looked tired somewhere. Naturally. She spent the whole night doing all sorts of things to explore the trail of kite.

But they found no trace of anything. All right, the only thing. It was just that they were quite hands-on. Well, it's obvious because the opponent is Aura, who also outperforms Tina in the magic of spatial systems.

"... does that have anything to do with us being flown here?

That's what Sakami asks. I have a sleeping habit on my head and it doesn't tighten if I just look at him, but my eyes are serious. To this, Tina shakes her head and tells her guess. Exactly, Tina can't be sure because she doesn't know about the phenomenon of herself being flown.

"... probably not"

"What about the Duke's house?

"I already know. Anyway, they disappeared in front of us."

"Mr. Kuzha! And... sure, Mr. Mystia?

"Sorry to bother you."

"Hmm. It's been a long time."

Upon inquiry by Shirazaki, with his voice, Kuzha and Tia expressed themselves. Of course. They were also on the lookout for Kite.

But once Tina had put the situation together, she came back to Maxwell, so they came to the same side.

"Sister. In addition to his subordinates, Claudia gave us a hand, but no response."

Dear sister, I followed the words released against Tina, even though the gathered together felt uncomfortable, because the faces of the instantaneous upper management were through.

And Yayoi wonders why he was collected today. No, to be precise, she has also heard many times about what to do in these cases. So that's where I came up with it.

"I also looked at the concubine... but I haven't got a clue. You can't be captured in any other space."

Tia is actually flying over the continent until just now, and she has just come to Maxwell, so the report goes hand in hand with the findings and the speculations derived from them.

If you are the bearer of Tia's strength, if you are the bearer of Kite's power, you can supplement it wherever you are in this world, unless you mean it and hide it. If it could not be done, it could only be done if the person had no intention of doing so or was isolated from this world. In response, Tina nods and further urges Kuzha to report.

"I'm sorry, sister... so, Kuzha. Any word on the chiefs of each race?

"Already notified. Now we have a dragon-centric, ready-to-use unit."

"Uhm... don't let the other nobles understand you"

"Yes, we take great care of you."

Four other than Yayoi thought that the Ryus, one of the most powerful species in the world, could help. Whatever you think, one student disappeared, it was too important.

But there is only one of them who knows the truth, and therefore has been able to know exactly what is going on. The girlfriend opened her mouth in a sigh.

"Yes, that's it, you could be an awkward opponent..."

"Yayoi is quick to talk and helpful... the possibilities are good enough. That's why I collected it."

Tina acknowledges the words lurking outside Yayoi's words. What Yayoi worried about was the existence of 300 years old assassins. That's all I could think about if I were to launch an attack on Kite. And it is, in other words, the existence that survived that bloody war and even survived the remnants of the hunt that followed. He was an opponent they couldn't fathom no matter how they scratched him right now.

That's how, with Yayoi's words, Tina begins to talk about herself and who Kate is. It was Ayazaki and the others who took it, but manage to accept it with amazement. I had no choice but to be convinced that they had created a situation that seemed only right.

"As long as it's done... I can't complain about the way the boulders have helped me so far. So we should watch out for the raid, huh?

Finished listening to Tina, Kikuchi asks. Grasp it, grasp the situation, and it was easy to figure out what to do later. That's what Tina admits.

"Um, Smanu's. We can't all know who we are right now."

"... oh, I know. Now it's deadly to lose the Duke's support."

Ayazaki snorts at Tina's words. And no one disputes that. I can see this, but that's why I told you. Afraid of the 300 years old cause they had, if they were to drain the two of us, they would be unable to move freely.

That way, he will only be an unfamiliar mentor who later said Sora or Moment. If anything happens, it'll crumble instantly. That's why I was given top intelligence authority.

"... was it good?

That said, the moment asks Tina. To say that more people know who they are increases the risk of information leakage. That's why I asked. Besides, Tina nodded.

"... this is not because of the rest or Kate. There's no better way to tell than to get involved in it."

This was a decision that Kate and Tina and I had made. They have gained a lot more hope than they have fought the war and even acted as nobles, while at the same time buying quite a bit of resentment. The risk of being raided was always taken into account. If one of them had any reason, like this one, and had lost his voice, he would have issued a circular 12 hours later to draw attention to it.

Why, it's 12 hours, because if we can't get a message with both of us, we have to send it to the entire Duke's territory. As a result, we decided to notify some students when we were unable to reach them until 12 hours later. Because we have to be alert to the risk of raids.

"Stella's hand is secretly attached to the escort. If so, call it in immediately. At least, if we're in this neighborhood, we're on our way."

"But it's okay...... is it?

No matter how much they say, Tina's appearance remains young. I have no choice but to be vigorously anxious. So Tina decides to take what she is.

"Are you still unhappy with this? I don't know how unbeatable Kate is, but he's the most powerful man in the world. Whether it's a big country or not, let's take it down alone and show it off."


Tina is so vulgar, she smiles tauntingly. Everyone falls in love with Tina, who has become an overwhelming beauty. Take that as a sign of satisfaction, and Tina goes on.

"And at the point where there's nothing left to do with Kate, there's nothing I can do about it on my sister or Kuzha. All you can do is prepare for the worst raid."

"But you haven't had a raid in over half a day, have you? Wouldn't it be weird if they raided you last night or something?

Now that the greatest force is gone, we will be on alert, but at the same time it is the easiest situation to raid. I can say that Shirazaki is right. but at the same time, full score, it was hard to say.

"Um, I was wary of that, but therefore, the rest laid a strict vigilance yesterday. But that's within your imagination trying to get over there. And if this is an enemy attack, we'll have to loosen it up somewhat from today."

To Shirazaki's words, Tina tells the sigh mix. By the way, last night, with Tina at the head, Kuzha, Stella, etc. were the centerpieces of the face that lived from the former war, and they all handled it almost with their sleepless turns. Only then was he wary of the raid. but from today on, that won't be the case. To the words, Ayazaki tilted his neck.


Ayazaki's inquiry was natural and a question shared by all. All I'm asking is for you to attack me, like loosen your guard in this situation. Therefore, the same gaze gathers in Tina. Besides, Tina asked the opposite together.

"Have you forgotten? Kite is the Duke. You're not the lord of the land, are you? That's what's missing. We have to send out a search party. It was also formed of a powerful enough person to be super attached."

To Tina's words, everyone finally recalled the fact that Kate was inherently a brave man and duke. If we were to assume that even that kite was out of hand, if we were to send reinforcements, we would have had to send a level of strength that was not enough no matter how many supers we had. Being a strong man, the hole is huge, and if you're going to fill the hole, you're going to need people who are assigned to the vigilance of the Adventure Department. That's why security is neglected.

"Yuya, sister, Kuzha has to go too. Al, Lil, and the rest of the Duke's army haven't been around since morning because they're filling holes."

Tina tells us more about how she understood it. It should be noted that Al and the others have a situation on the boulder, so they were allowed to return to the regiment within the last night, and are now hitting security around Maxwell. As a matter of fact, the Duke's territory today was, secretly, deployed at the highest level of vigilance.

"I mean, it's getting pretty thin around the adventure club right now, you know?

"That's not what I'm saying. Therefore I told the Lord the circumstances. If you have to, there is a chance that Yuya Kuzha will rush to reinforcements here... but also be raided at the same time. I'll include you in a moment, but I need an assistant. I'll take care of that assistant."

"Okay. But you didn't have a clue?

"Uhm... That said, the rest of us are not experts in the technique of the spatial system and the technique of the subpoena system. I can't look that far."

To Ayazaki's inquiry, Tina smiles bitterly and shakes her head. Tina is certainly a genius and familiar with each field. But in a nutshell, there are still areas of expertise and areas where I don't like them. The magic of the spatial and subpoena systems was exactly that. Well, this is because Aura is here, so the standards are just suspicious.

"That said, compared to that natural daughter, let's see. At the Lord's point, concubines do not understand.

Kuzha nods at Tia, who smiles small and bitter in the wake of such Tina's words.

"At least it's impossible for your sister to know what you don't know when it takes 100 scholars in the Empire to find out. I'm sure there's no clue."

"Um... who's your natural daughter?

Naturally, I don't hang out with Tia long enough in the face of the upper adventure department. Where they called me by my weird nickname, I don't understand. So when the moment raised his hand and inquired, Kuzha smiled bitterly and told him his name.

"Aura... this is your brother's sister-in-law"

"Was it Aurora Floyline? I say Sister-in-law of Heavenly Sound"

"Yeah, I'm a leader in the art of spatial and subpoena systems. She would also know about this incident and the school transfer..."

We all already know that Kuzha tells him so in a sigh mix, but he's missing. No one can live without them. And so, fu, Kizaki opened his mouth, apparently remembering about the brave Kate.

"Speaking of which, Heavenly Sounds got blessings from the Great Spirits, can't you count on that power?

"I can't. Kite is the only one who can call those people. In the first place, they're not the ones who can do that."

Tina denies Kizaki's words. The Great Spirits often face the office, which seems surprising, but the fact is that Kite is the relay point, so we can just face the Adventure Department's guild home as well. I can't show up on this scene any more than I can without Kite. With that help, we had to get to a place where we could meet them.

But unfortunately, that wasn't a place to go, at least, in a day or two. It would be good to have it as a last resort in itself, but it was not a measure that could be taken at this stage.

"... is it possible that he's dead?

There, Ayazaki asks with a serious face, but Tina shakes her head sideways again. I could assure you of this with confidence.

"That's impossible. Kite goes far beyond the rest. At one point, I flew, but with the rest, Kate wasn't the only one who admitted to flying. If we're gonna kill him, we're gonna have to destroy this world."

"You were embedded in the plan, weren't you? So there's no power, no seal, no time?

Kikuchi's words are a common pattern in games, comics, novels, etc., but Tina denies it again. This can often be mistaken, but it was considered impossible in Enefia.

"Impossible. If the target audience is not inferior to themselves, they cannot be sealed off. Convenience is impossible in reality to say that the understatement can seal the superiority, etc. Even if it is sealed, it depends on the strength of the user. It is easy to break with force moves where the underside has been used. If you can do it, you need to pay for it. At least, if you're dealing with Kite, you'll have to take your life for a priceā€¦ I don't know if that's enough."

Even with Tina, it's impossible for anyone else at a time when life is at stake. It was okay to move on the premise that there was no one to do it. That's why she affirmed that it was impossible.

"It's impossible in the first place to take away power. No one else can take away the power that comes from an individual."

Therefore, and foreshadowed, Tina continues.

"What's possible is that time has been isolated in crazy different spaces. I'm assuming you've stretched your time in this case. Even in that case, Kite will be able to come out slowly, but a moment for Kite can be hours or days for the rest of us, more than just being disguised as an eternity. If it's been more than a week, anyone in the neighborhood can grasp it at that point. Ignore that. Even if they don't, they emit a tremendous amount of power, such as different spaces that hide their powerful people."

"So what do you guys do?

"What the rest of us do is discover it, assault it, rescue Kite. The longer the time, the greater the risk of raids on your lords.

With that said, Tina gets up. It was time to leave. Following that, Kuzha and Tia also stood up.

"At a time like this, it would be helpful if Aura were here..."

"If it's him, I'll look for him all night. We'll be done by now until the rescue."

It reminds me of Aura the super attached Bracon, and the two of us sigh. There, Tia, who was also remembering the same person, makes a fearful and likely guess.

"... I think there's one concubine... is it possible that Aura did it?

To the speculation out of the tier, they both get annoyed. It was the most likely and actually the right answer. But even so, there is no certainty for them right now. I can't find any trace of it. Well, Aura's a bad guy, so it was obvious.

Still, the wonder of not being able to find Kite was quite explainable. So the two of them, against that possibility, sighed.

"... I can't deny it. No, it could be..."

"I'm sad I can't deny it..."

Nevertheless, this is just one of the possibilities, so I can't go without looking. If you can't prove it, you can be an enemy. So the three of them left, feeling a little anxiety.