A few days after Aura's return was officially granted and Emperor Leonhardt acknowledged it. As a matter of course, Aura will also be brought to work so that she can answer questions from students in the Adventure Club as before.

In its shadow, there was also every moment of peace in the face of being dispatched to the Aldas Adventure Department, which until now had been busy with its security... should have been.


That day, Tine, who was stuffed by chance in the clerk's office, screams. Plus, they all pay attention to her at once unexpectedly.

"And I..."

"Duh, what's going on, Tine?

Lil asks bitterly about Teene, who seeped despair from a sudden scream. She didn't have anything here for the time being, so she waited here or worked out in the basement, so she happened to be here. That's how Tine opened her mouth against Lil, getting the same attention.

"Forest concert, I know...?

"Yep. My father called me a few times when I was just a kid, so I went with him"

"Oh, speaking of which, a photo was sent..."

"So, don't let it out!

Lil stops rather hastily and unintentionally at Tine, who tried to pull a picture of Gasagoso and a long time ago. With her, I was embarrassed to be seen pictures of my own childhood. That said, just before I could be stopped, Tine stopped, though.

"What, you don't? Sorry, I'm just gonna go to Kuzha's."


Sora and Tine get up and jump out the window and start moving to the nearby Duke's residence. Apparently, he's in a pretty hurry.

A few minutes later, I was able to meet Kuzha, who accidentally had no visitors and had an extra person named Aura, so that I could create a vacant spot in time.

"Uh... excuse me, Master Kuzha... that's why"

"You can't help it...... well, I've been invited too, and I was going to head there...... haha... there's nothing you can do about the boulders...... no, what about the adventure department folks?

Upon Kuzha's enquiry, Tine answered with a slight blush on her cheek as to whether she was headed this way in a slight hurry.

"Oh, no, I'm sorry. I hadn't heard that yet."

"Then listen. Just now, you have everyone but your brother and sister, right?


"My departure is on the same day, but on everyone's feet in the adventure department will have to leave tomorrow...... Fine. Just get him ready. The Duke family also chews one for community exchanges. There will be a revelation of Aura, and as much as possible without any deficiencies."

"Yes, sir."

At the behest of Kuzha, Tine and Fine left the office, where Fine complained.

If she goes back inside, she's one of the old stocks in there. Therefore, he knew very well that the tine of the same chieftaincy muscle was surprisingly little.

"Totally...... tine. You must act a little quicker."


"In the meantime, if you are certain of your husband's words, talk to Sakura or Mizuki first. Those two are good family children. You must have mastered quite a variety of arts, so you should be able to help"


Give instructions to Teene, who looks squishy as she should, and Fine begins to act separately. With that in mind, Tine also returned to the Adventure Club with Tobotobo.

The trip was to Tine, who had returned in a great hurry with Tobotobo, but when he entered the office, he gathered the facades of the upper management, except Tina, who was currently away from the office, to provide an urgent and explanatory explanation of the request.

"And so I say... I'm sorry, give me a hand"

"Ha... attending a concert, is it?

"Inside the elves... fantastic inside the woods, you ask."

Sakura and Mizuki mumble what they hear. This time, what Tine forgot was his request to attend a concert, if he could, from the face of the adventure club. That said, this wasn't meant to be an audience, as a star, it was.

"Free to act, free to use instruments... just the problem..."

"This date, right?"

Mizuki smiles bitterly, so does cherry blossoms. Yes, why was Tine in such a hurry that the date was so close to the earliest laugh? It was already approaching the fifth day before the event, and there was no time for satisfactory practice, including travel.

"I knew I couldn't?

"Say it! Then I'll sing it!

"Me too!

Sho takes the lead in raising his name against Tine, who laughs out his tongue. Plus Sora goes on. Charming sighed knowing the situation well against both such men.

"Ha... don't you mistake me for karaoke?

"... No, well, yes"


The two admit to the inquiry of charm as they lit up. Actually, it's surprising, these two go out karaoke a lot. Besides, this was good again. Besides, they both have good nori, so they cover a variety of music. That would be no problem if you let them sing even ballads in the duo with elegance.

It is also recognized that Yuri and Yuri go well together there. But apart from this. Karaoke for young people and classy concerts have different personalities. So I decided to explore another plan with cherry blossoms smiling bitterly.

"Uh... speaking of which, Kate before... oh, there was. I was just over there on my next trip doing some arts, so I was forming a band... can't this be it?

Cherry blossoms fish for kite's desk and look for some lists. but presented with it, Tine only slightly distorted her face.

"Sorry, I can't do that. 'Cause that's, like, half a man, right? This event is exclusively for women..."

"That means we can't either..."


Surprisingly, two karaoke lovers show considerable dismay. Leave those two alone, and we'll start thinking about a different plan together, except for the two of us who ate the crap out of the plan.

"Ha... I knew I couldn't"

"Uh... is everything okay?

"Well, if it's music... in addition to something spectacular, it's good."

Teine answers the cherry blossom inquiry. The concert is a historic thing that has been going on for over hundreds of years, and although it's natural, Tine knows the details. Well, it was a level reminder of what it's like to forget that when you pretty much smash it.

"... then, Meizi. How about sundance?

"Hey, why me?

At this point, I hear Charming had a very bad feeling. Though I didn't show that fright on my face, I was stunned by the tone.

"No, he did win a sundance competition two years ago."

"How do you know!?

I knew it, I think, half my heart, I think, why, charm asks cherry blossoms. Because this information wasn't even shared by Kites in middle school.

That is why even now that we have deepened our mutual friendship, we have not given this information to Yuri or Tina, who can be described as our best friend. It was information that even Kite didn't know that he didn't even hold back information about the appearance of such a competition on the factual boulder.

"No, because I was there at that tournament."

"Liar!? I didn't have a name!?

"No, accompany my sister"


Apparently, Meizumi also grasped the fact that Cherry Blossom's sister was in the show. He opened his mouth to Pocan, as if he had a meeting point. By the way, it was kind of natural for Meizhiba to know because the person left until the final selection was Cherry Blossom's sister.

That said, of course, but I have no intention of dancing in front of everyone. The charm runs his head desperately trying to escape. but aside from that thought, I thought I was going to manage, and Teine holds the hand of charm.

"Hey, charm. Please, next time we'll have a parfait at the North Town cafe."

"Ugh, what... but I haven't practiced here for the time being..."

It's been a long time since I've wanted to dance. It just seemed a little less ridden. And so the door of the office opened with a roar.


"Let me talk to you! It's not your turn!


Tina was royal at the end of the door that was thus opened. As a matter of fact, Tina was busy investigating the adjustments he had made to the magic machine and what seemed to be the mysterious contents of it since Kate left, and was still absent from the office.

However, he came out of Tianyando (laboratory) after hearing some interesting information about the fact that he was lurking in the office with a similar presence to the demon, saying that something should not happen in the absence of Kite in the boulder.

"Hehe... it's Teene! Wait a long time! Slightly more forceful, but heal to a level you can see immediately!

"Oh, hey, Tina!?

Munchkin, and when he grabs Meizu's hand, Tina forcefully tries to disappear somewhere again. but before that it was obvious but stopped.

"Hey, just a little bit better, so tell me what you're going to do?

"Mm, oh! Smooth! Actually, looking for a new demonic prop experiment bench."


"It's okay! We've already finished keeping you safe with the kite! We're doing something else, too! Don't worry, we're good!

Apparently, it was decided that there was no line about the dislike of enchantment that blocked his own explanation. Tina disappeared with a metastasis, ignoring Meizu's answer. but came right back in about a minute.

"Good... so long, Smanu. I forgot one thing. Who does harps and trio lines?

"No... I hadn't even decided whether to do it before then..."

Sakura tells Tina with a bitter smile when she returns. In the first place, it was a stage of suggestion. Tina's arms, which had decided everything forcefully precisely because of the strength of the Demon King, could only have a dry laugh without thinking about it.

"Nooo... what. Wasn't it decided? That said, I can't make three lines with the harp after the servant..."

"Uh... what are you going to make me do?

"I mean, before that... what's sundance?

Blocking Rin's inquiry, Al asks the note with one hand. It was obviously a Japanese-style name, so it hasn't hurt my hobby part in a long time. Ask with an interesting face somewhere. By the way, because Rin and I are together a lot, he was beginning to have a habit of taking notes, too.

"Japanese dancing means Japanese dancing. Japanese tradition, well, it's not a dance. Well, dancing is similar to social dancing, but it hasn't gotten that far, and grace has come forward."

"Well, we've never even seen it."

"Sister, I'm going to apply for my salary."

"Oh, hey Al! Wait!"

Lil tried to stop Sora when she heard her words, and she jumped out the window with her hands up, but before that, Al was walking away. Apparently, I realized it was unlikely to be seen because I hadn't even seen Sola, so I decided to prioritize my hobby.

And then five minutes later. Al smiled back at Nico. but such a word out of Al's mouth was the same unexpected answer I saw the look on his face.

"... it didn't work!

"I guess... sounds happy to be"

He said we could go to the VIP table as escorts.

I guess that means I treat it like a job. Well, Al originally had a face and a social scene, and he's got plenty of character. Kuzha's intention was to participate as an escort and knight of the Duke's house.

"Well, I guess I'll go with the escort too... I wanted to see you in the elf once"

"Well, you should think about that later. In the meantime, let's play" Vine Daughter. "


In response to Rin's words, Tina first leaves her aside and conveys the performance together. Then Cherry Blossom and Mizuki reacted as Tina expected.

"It's... again..."

"I don't know... that's it"

The two look at Tina with a laugh all the time just saying they want to laugh off now. but that's where I realize.

"... that wasn't even funny"


So they sighed at the same time. but naturally, we can react like this only because we are two ladies who are also familiar with Japanese art. Faces from other ordinary ordinary people who don't understand - Sola is different, but the level of knowledge goes hand in hand - had full questions on their faces.

"Um, what's that 'Vine Daughter'?


"Then that kind of thing should wait until the performance. We don't have much time, so let's make up our minds."

Tina rushes ahead of the argument against Mizuki, who tries to think a little bit about what he explained to those who don't understand. She has her own research in the first place, and as a matter of fact, the departure of the request is tomorrow. There was no time.

"So, can anyone do a trio or harp?

"Oh, if that's the case, I will. Your husband asked me to show it to you from time to time."

"Hmm... Tsubaki alone"

Tsubaki has previously clawed the harp in front of Kite. Kite will admit her skill. Kate even asked me to give her a hand if there was any Lord in the meantime, and she ran for office. However, Tina thought it would be a little lonely for a concert in the corner if she was alone in the boulder, and put a little root on her eyebrow. Seeing Tina like that, cherry blossoms raise their hands.

"Oh, then I can do the chorus, too. However, I haven't been practicing here for a while..."

"Hmm, I don't mind. Follow me. The VR simulator I made before is finally at a level that I can use on my actual machine. It's a little hard, but it's perfect for practicing."

Tina nods at Cherry Blossom's candidacy. Meizuma also showed her reluctance knowing that she was a so-called VR simulator.

"Oh, I see. That's what happened, isn't it? Then I will be with you too, Mr. Sakura. I can make a threesome."

"Oh, that's good. There are two Japanese harps on one of the three sides. Wouldn't that be a good idea? Tine, is this okay?

"Yes, thank you! Thanks to the three of you!

In response to Tina's words, Tine nods joyfully, thanking the cherry blossoms, Mizuki, and Tsubaki. After that, the three of them were taken away by Tina again to practice.