Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 283: Main Command Demonstration

A sundance unveiling by Meizuki, Sakura, Mizuki and Tsubaki, which was quickly determined by the happenings of Teen's Throat Forgetting. Tina immediately moved on to her next move when she threw the three men, except Tsubaki, who said she had barely been able to practice, into a magic kit imitating a VR simulator.

"Next... it's not a kimono. If so, it's not Yayoi."

Having done this, Tina thought that she would get all her hands on it, and she would contact Kuzha and Aura, who would remain in the office, and move on to immediate action.

So the first thing I thought about was the tools that I would need. Fortunately, there were Waqin and Triads in Tensakura School, so there are no problems there. But the problem was with such fine props as screens and kimonos. Regardless of the screen that did not hit the boulder, measures were immediately conceived for the kimono. So Tina immediately goes to Yayoi, who is in the clothing room on the ground floor, and explains the situation.

"That's why."

"Yeah, hold on a second."

Apparently, she was intrigued to see a pure kimono that she hadn't seen in a long time and could be described as the real deal of a garment store. Get ready to leave just looking a little excited.

Naturally, there are no kimonos in the Adventure Department or in Tensakura School. Not in the Duke's house, but still not necessarily one that fits the size of four. For this reason, we have to go to the place where the kimono is located, namely Nakatsu.

"Er... Measured in the meantime... there was. That'll do."

Yayoi takes out an envelope from a shelf with measurement records for all the school students that contains the data of three people measured for the second tournament about a week ago - because the Tsubaki object on the boulder is in the Duke's house, for three people - and puts it in a larger bag.

In addition to the three sizes and weights necessary to adjust protective equipment and other items, the contents contain the type of paper necessary for clothing, so the data was located in the most important and confidential location. For once, it is not the information that is supposed to be so important, but it was made to be designated as the most important confidential due to the influence of many years.

"Mm-hmm. At the relay... weird story. Stop by Portland Emeria for the rest and stay for about an hour. After that, he moved again to Nakatsu. If you see a light fire there, you'll figure it out."

"I haven't had a kimono in a long time. I'm so excited."

Yayoi takes Tina's hand as she is only slightly attracted to kimonos from different worlds that she has yet to see. Kimonos from different worlds and Japanese kimonos. As the daughter of a garment store, there was no way she wasn't interested.

By the way, why make Portland Emeria a relay site, because that's the closest place to Nakatsu country. To prevent the Imperial Investigation Agency from finding out about a single transfer to a boulder, we had to make it a relay site at a distance, and chose the closest location as a relay site.

It should be noted that the reason for staying for an hour was simple and it was necessary to hold improvised meetings with the immigration authorities of Nakatsu country. I have already contacted you from the light fire and I have a permit, so I was waiting to hear from the other party.

"Okay, then, yuck."


"Yeah, come on in"

That's how the two of them headed to Kate's room to get to Portland Emelia ahead of Kate and Mel all the way through the metastasis.

"... oh. I knew the ocean was right in front of you."

"Well, I guess so. This is a port town. It's one of the best harbour towns on the continent... and you can't be in a place like this."

That's how they moved to one of the Duke's mansions in Portland Emeria. I know a lot of things that don't happen when the boulders find out that they showed up in metastases like this. As a result, it was transferred to a position where it could not be found.

Thus it was transferred to one of the rooms, but the mansion existed in the first class of the port town, so the sea was seen through the window.

"Well, it can't be a big deal in an hour on a boulder... but I don't know what to do about staying still. If you're close, you can walk."

"Oh. Well, sweeten to your words"

Following Tina's words, Yayoi decided to go for a little walk. Yayoi actually has comparable strengths to adventurers in Ranks B to A. Where the Napa men have gone to exercise their strength, they can deal with it at their leisure. Therefore, it was decided that there was no problem where I was allowed to walk alone.

"Well... I don't know if I'm going to sleep for the rest..."

Tina decided to take a nap while she waited to hear from her and fell into the bed ready for her room with a big yawn.

About an hour after Tina went to sleep. Yayoi also returned and also received a response from the light fire in Nakatsu country.

"Okay, then, yuck."


There is no major problem with the contact from the light fire, so I accept it. So when the two hands together again, the room is followed by a transfer to the private room of a light fire in Nakatsu country. Then, in the private room of the light fire, she was already waiting for me.

"Oh, I'm here. I'm here. Long time no see, Tina."

"Oh, light fire. Long time no see."

The two hug each other lightly and rejoice in their first reunion in a long time.

"I'm sorry. I can't even have a souvenir this time due to a sudden visit. How many minutes have you forgotten your men?"

"Know. My concubine kept her mouth sour for 110 years."

The two laugh and talk about this sudden coming. As a result, the light flame further noticed Yayoi.

"Oh, Kite said Yayoi... are there no moons or harmonious moons?

"Yeah... this time it was sudden"

In response to the enquiry about the light fire, Yayoi replies a little distracted. Because there's no choice in this. Because Yayoi's gaze was poured into her dressed elegant kimono. Seeing such Yayoi, the light fire turned to Tina, concealing her mouth with a fan.

"Kuku... you're still the daughter of a clothes store... that's fine. So, it's Tina. This time it turns the economy around, let's be a souvenir. Concubines don't look bitter."

"Uhm. Kimono for 4 people. It's good, though."

Originally, the light fire was a politician and an economist. So when I saw Yayoi, I stepped on him saying that this was the uncompromising type. After that, they were calculating how to make people buy the best products without compromise.

Thus, the greetings are also there. The three move to a luxury clothing store in the dawn. The store was a pretty big one that also sold me ready-made products. I'm going in there. No, no, the light fire asks Yayoi.

"Hmm... so what kind of product do you want?

"Hey...... for now, what about the two sideways?

"Mm... right. It doesn't taste too good to call that beautiful princess on the boulder as it is on the back...... Hmm...... to the two Japanese harps on both sides, a little far away from where Mizuki, the charm in the center will dance."

Tina thinks a little about Yayoi's inquiry. Originally, the only thing more attractive than being a sundance is going on stage. This time, however, more music such as waji than dance is the main thing than being a concert in the first place. I had to design the stage accordingly.

"Mmm... I should have remembered the rest. Then the gold, black, and tea coat flourished... no, just go on stage..."

"Oh, and can you go to a forest concert in the first place?

"... Speaking of which, I wish I hadn't exposed myself to the fact that the rest were still returning."

In the first place, Tina remembered that she could not star in one of the light-fire words she asked Tina, who was haunting her head. Laughing at herself like that, Tina thinks about the stage.

"There are leaking days about the stage, but it's not that bright. Fantastic brightness, I should say."

"Hmmm...... then Meizi should stop being red and black over here. It may be too dark for some stages. If you want to do it, red and vine...... do you have any vine stuff in the pattern?

"Just a moment."

Depending on Yayoi's words, the clerk goes to find the appropriate kimono. In the meantime, Yayoi creates an image of the stage within herself and begins to think of costumes that match it.

It should also be noted that Yayoi naturally knows one of the Japanese dance performances, "Vine Daughter". Therefore, since I heard the story about the Kimono of Enchantment, I have been able to make a great image and make an immediate decision about it.

"I'd rather avoid the color that stands out less than Meizuka being the main one... but this time the music is the main one. Cherry blossoms need to stand out."

These senses are questioned at Yayoi's arms show, where she prefers. After all, Yayoi is an artisan for real. It was only in the face of these difficult problems that I was eager.

And if this happens, there is no curtain to go out to Tina, who is not the earliest expert, or to the light fire. Even if you speak softly, you can't set the course. So the two discuss it sideways.

"What's up, what about Japan?

"Quite a pleasant country... I've seen some foxes with the same nine tails as your lord"

"Here... Really? They are fox spells that deceive men. Come on, I think you liked the taste of kite."

Light fires rarely laugh like foxes and come to mind with their peers from far and away worlds. The Demons and the Light Fire name it, but its actually a kind of fox beast man. Therefore, it was not surprising that there were similar beings in the other world. Well, I can't be with the Beast Man because he's following his own evolution, which is just a kind of beast man to be exact.

"Well. Why do foxes like to plot other things?

"I don't know... or will the Demon Emperor unravel it?

"Don't tell me you can't."

Tina laughs bitterly at words similar to the light-fire inquiry. I like foxes to plot, she said, but there are exceptions to that. The moonflower of the sister of the lamp fire, which is now the same nine-tailed fox, is even more serious. In the end, it was impossible to tell what was causing it. Well, if you look only at the light fires and moonflowers, the sisters' relationship seems to be affecting them.

Talking about it like that, Yayoi apparently hardened his image. I came back looking at some kimonos.

"How about this?

Yayoi thus presents several kimonos. It was an elegant kimono with several patterns so as not to compromise individual impressions. And when I saw it, and Tina also got an image of the stage in me, I gave her a go sign.

"Uhm, good! Light fire, then, I'll buy this!

"Um, Maido is here"

In the wake of the two words, a light fire informs the shopkeeper of his intention to purchase and asks him to pack it. The total price is about 20 pieces of Mithrill silver coins, which translates to about 2 million yen. The fact that it was not custom-made, the fact that I was able to make fine adjustments to the hem, etc. on my own meant that even four clothes were not that expensive. Well, instead, the material uses top notch stuff, so it's still pretty expensive.

Incidentally, the charm stuff in the lead was the most expensive, of course. Instead, the three surrounding objects dared to choose the cheap one rank dropped.

"Okay, I'm in a hurry."

"Uhm. Now bring kite too. I'd love to hear your little sister's novel."

At the break up, the two greet each other gently. Get the goods and you'll be back to Maxwell in no time. There is no time.

By the time the two of them returned to Tina's lab in Maxwell, there were four glamorous clothes who were checking the status of each prop after completing a full exercise.

"Yes, all four. I'd like you to try it on once, but what about my daughter who can't wear it?

"I'm sorry, Yayoi. Raw Hate I wear kimonos..."

"Anything else?... Doesn't look like it. Bye, Tsubaki. Welcome."

When Yayoi says so, he hands all the kimonos he had packed once and goes into wearing Tsubaki kimonos. Surprisingly, there are things that Tsubaki can't do. Well, you haven't learned, so it's natural.

Incidentally, this information was surprisingly important to Tina, so she changed her mind for a moment, but no one noticed it.

Why is this important is a testament to the fact that the nobles who wanted her are not, at least, related to Nakatsu? If there is a relationship, there is no possibility of wearing a kimono from Nakatsu as diplomacy, and Tsubaki can be sure to master it. In other words, there are no organizations on the route related to Nakatsu that have ties to the organization where Tsubaki was located. For the countries investigating the internal situation of the organization where Tsubaki Nowata was, I wanted a little information.

"Wow... Meizi looks great in a kimono after all"

"That vine pattern looks great on you, too."

Praise the enchanted garments adorned with Mizuki and cherry blossoms. but the charm on the other side is a face that doesn't float. As such, the charm shrugged, as small and more than ever, with its unfloating face.

"I know... I know. There's nothing wrong with you two..."

The point where such glamour gaze is poured are the two breasts lifted to the belt. They both exist at the threat level from the point of view of the surrounding female students, and on the contrary are the earliest symbols of fear for the charming garments, which are not even full on average. If they told me that it suited both of them, I would only have thought that they inevitably had no breasts. Well, I could understand that Enchantment is a proper paranoid delusion.

"Ugh... let's get kite to rub it first..."

Peeta, not really, but I look at the breasts without them and the charm bothers me. Actually, what's the matter? I don't have any problems with the chest circumference on this occasion right now - she just thinks Meizi has a lot of problems with the big ones - she was the only one. Such enchanting emotions were not known, and cherry blossoms and Mizuki had observed each other's kimonos.

"I thought cherry blossoms were cherry blossoms... they are kimonos with cherry blossoms"

"Mitsuki is a small white tree pattern... maybe it represents sweet dew by hanging the letter Mitsuki Mitsuki and the word tree..."

"Probably hanging on each name."

"Uhm. Tsubaki is dressed in a kimono with a Tsubaki pattern.

Tina, who heard the words of Mizuki, admits it.

"For once, I decided on the color of the base of everyone's clothes by thinking about screens and stuff, but there was nothing I could do but charm clothes on boulders. I'm sorry about that place. Well, next time you pick one with Kate. The store over there, the antimatter, was good, so I could sew it up against me and the Duke's face if I wanted."

Yayoi apologizes to Meizuma as she helps to dress Tsubaki. The charm kimono had a performance-like pattern, and I chose a vine flower.

"Oh, that's good. I originally knew about these clothes."

In response to Yayoi's apology, Meizuka regains her mind and shakes her head. Originally, she was doing Japanese dance, too. That's on top of her understanding. And so, all was ready, and again they went back to practicing their act.