Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 285: Past Shards - Kite's Friends -

The cherry blossoms started walking, but as soon as they stood at the entrance inside, Tine stopped. Well, if she hadn't stopped, the cherry blossoms would have stopped and heard.

"Take the road here to the right, inside the Dark Elves. Go left and we'll be in the elves."

"What, are you with me!?

The charm opened her eyes unexpectedly to the words of the stopped teen. Well, in commonly told stories and such, the elves and the dark elves are in conflict, to say the least. No wonder I'm surprised because that's living like a neighbor. but the surprise didn't stop with this.

"Well, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's just, we used to be separate, but now we're just together, the remnants of it."

"Oh, yeah..."

When the three of them asked what was happening inside Tine's words, there was a sight of her as she said it. Normally there were elves with pure white skin and dark elves with brown skin walking together or even snuggling inside. More eloquently than any other word, it was seen that the two races lived together.

"Well, even so, only the sheikh's house uses old stuff on the boulder, so on the boulder we go in from the left and walk straight down the road... then follow me. Oh, I'm coming to your father's right now."

"Welcome home, lady. And there you are, my guest."

"Ah, yes. Hello."

When Tine says so, she greets the gatekeeper plainly and circles the entrance inside. They were the three who were grumpy at first, but awkward at the delay followed with a little haste.

As such, about 20 minutes of walking while slowly observing the surroundings. It reached a fairly large hall inside, a three-story wooden building that was quite flavorful.

"So, this is our place."

"It's similar to Mizuki's home."


"Haha. We originally brought it from the West, so... it's similar architecture."

When Teine confirms Rui Tree after taking the cherry blossom impression, she admits it in a slightly lit manner. By the way, it was about the same size, but due to the presence of gardens and other things, Mizuki's home is bigger.

"Well, let's just say... I'm home."

"I'm sorry to bother you"

Nothing starts without saying hello sooner than that to the rabbit or to the corner. So we go inside for now, to see Tine's father about the chief. We had already talked about it and there were no visitors, so we saw it immediately.

"No... I am so sorry for our daughter"

That's how he showed up, no matter how you look at it, only from his late teens, early 20s youth. It looked exactly like an elf with clear blue eyes and long ears in the long flowing golden thread hair.

That said, in fact, it was the species Elf that made him look so young that he had a long life, and it also affected that he was unnecessarily young made out of age. In fact, he was even older than Kuzha and was already over 600 years old. He apologized rather lightly for his daughter's impropriety, rather than passing the cherry blossoms into the reception room.

"I've been such a daughter for a long time..."

"Ah, haha..."

To my father's words, Teine can only turn bright red and smile lightly. To such a daughter, he sighed even more.

"Huh...... oops. My name is Elf Clan Chief Marvel, and I am Ellywood Marvel, the head of the family."

Apparently, a little bit is probably inherited from him. In fact, he was talking so far without introducing himself either. So after a short chat, he told.

"It's not too much of a problem to hold back here and influence the gig. The hotel has already prepared it for you. Tine, please take us all and show us to the hotel. When it's over, go to Lord Arcia and don't forget to say hello."

"Yes, Father"

"Well, let's look forward to tomorrow's performance."

After Ellywood's words, we'll leave the office behind. Thus, the cherry blossoms were guided by a longitudinal hotel made of seemingly giant trees about 200 meters around. A room big enough for those four to stay in was their room this time.

"Uh... Um, am I good too...?

"Fine, nothing. It's weird that there's another room for one."

Four people's rooms, so Tsubaki was with them. Therefore, she inquired a little distracted, but since neither Meizumi nor the cherry blossoms who answered were concerned about such matters, they would remain in the same room.

Thus, this night was unusual, seemingly not suspicious to the lady as a maid, and a night of strange combinations passed.

After noon the next day. Having finished the first performance meeting and so on, he set aside the Tsubaki who said he would do the luggage number and went to do it with the hero statue supposedly found in the Dirk Elves' realm - even though it is already only a name - under the guidance of Tine.

Even though the concert was close to the various greats who had come to attend the meeting as guests at the beginning, they didn't look good, but when they heard the immediate orders of the Great Spirit of the Wind about Sylphi, they all looked at each other for a moment and showed their appreciation in a great panic.

"So... this is the hero statue... oh, there was Lady Ulysses and Lady Aurora"

"Is that it?... Oh, hello everyone"


The hero statue and the dot were set in the middle of the square inside, and Yuri and Aura, who had seen it with a strange look, were also immediately found. I could find it from this side, so it was easy to find it from the other side, and Yuri, in cat clothed condition, floated in majesty and greeted me with her. The cat is wearing because, for once, there was an appearance of a schoolboy led by the crowd and himself. Aura next door didn't care about that, though it was usually a V-sign.

"What's wrong?

"No, I met the Great Spirit of the Wind yesterday... and asked him to show me the cherry blossoms."

"Dear Sylphide, is...? Didn't they say anything else?

"Yeah, I just wanted to show you around..."

When Tine answers after Yuri's inquiry, Yuri silences for a moment, as she explores its intentions. So I silenced for about a minute and, as I grinned bitterly, opened my mouth.

"Is that what you mean..."

"Yuri...... no"

"... right. Then you can't do this..."

Apparently in the meantime alone, both Yuri and Aura figured out what happened. They're just a little lonely, just a little sad, and then, they give a mixed look of nostalgia.

"Hey, do you know anything about this statue?

Yuri smiles and asks the cherry blossoms, who have changed the tone to Aura's words into her original belongings. After that, once I looked at each other, I heard from Tsubaki yesterday, so Sakura replied on his behalf.

"... indeed, the statue of our fellow brave Kates,"

"Yeah... in turn, Hexen..."

Yuri talks in nostalgia as she turns into a small figure and rises and puts her hand directly on the leftmost statue. With that in mind, for the first time together, we find out what a fellow kite looks like.

Hexen was a pretty big guy. The armor was quite heavy and the body with the glimpse was muscular. One of the most distinctive features of the statue would have been that it had chains on both arms. This was a chain that Kate used as an artifact. The cherry blossoms, who thought they were delicate technicians from his artifacts used by Kate, get a slight sense of surprise from their big looks. But such a calm look on his face, but at the same time impressed him as a man who seemed to be oligarchy.

"This is Henri the fool... always storming. I used to fool around with kite..."

What Yuri then showed was a little small, but hands on a still spicy statue of his age that gave him a pleasant grin.

Apparently he was not human, and some animal beast ear grew and the canine teeth he was seeing were just a little pointy. But his iron armor was the sharpest than his teeth like that. This is the Ironclad that Kate used to fit into his arm in the tournament. He gripped it and still looked like he was about to jump.

"... you don't have to say this anymore, do you? Aura's grandfather... made him the first imperial prime minister, probably the most helpful grandfather in the empire... but he was more inclusive than anyone, smarter than anyone else"

"It was all decided by Grandpa that I was going to be with Yuri and that Kate was going to be picked up for me because your father and mother were dead and blocked. Authentic, the biological parent of the brave Kate"

It was the statue of one winged old man that Yuri put her hand on in tears. Old but fairly deep wrinkles were engraved for it, but it further deepened the likable impression of his soft grin.

He wore a loosely feathered robe and had a wooden cane in his hand. Needless to say, these are the canes that Kate had on the robe she was wearing. The scepter was actually made of fragments of a world tree, just like the Duke's mansion, and the same thing did not exist in the world as one, it was only for him given by the first king.

"… the last, Artesian sister. Hehe... brighter than anyone, more luxurious than anyone... and better looked after than anyone... so everyone tells me you're my sister. I didn't seem to feel bad because I was quite on board myself."

"I still do... but even in that situation, it was fun back then. Maybe thanks to your sister."

The last time Yuri put her hand on it and told her with a smile like she cried with Aura was the statue of a woman in the dark elf. She had a brighter and more luxurious grin than anyone else.

She was not wearing any armor at all. On the contrary, with so much light equipment that it seemed like we were really going to fight with this, the outfit was just wrapped in a skirt with a deep slit and clothes with a little less exposure than a tank top. Even the woman could sigh even if she only looked at the outfit, but she added that it was a combination of beauty that everyone envied and a full flesh. By analogy, colorful female jewellery. She was a beautiful woman with two conflicting sides.

"Add kite to them, and now the 17th Secret Service Platoon belonging to the Imperial Marine Corps. A special guerrilla platoon composed of faces sorted by Grandpa... Kate is the only regular unit of the Imperial Army."


"Yeah. Now it's said that that unit is the Secret Service Battalion under the Coalition Army, but essentially a prostitute formed by Kate... made up of only about a thousand super-high powerful men, at the time... yeah. The strongest guerrilla force ever. Not only the various small boats, but also the ships that will later become the flagship of the Empire, a broken force as a prostitute with three airships that at the time were still in the R&D stage rather than deployed in action"

Upon Mizuki's question, Yuri nodded and answered. Kate has never joined any regular army since she lost one of her people.

It's a causal story, but it was too strong, but therefore also a strong personality habit, which made it easy for everyone in this unit to ignore discipline. Kate was also one of them. Therefore, gathering those who said so from the formation of the coalition became the strongest guerrilla force in history. As such, Yuri went on. The rest was about the formation of the proselytizing regiment.

"... in the defense of a city, the coalition's decision was to abandon the city and retreat. At the time, the coalition was still as good as the decision was made to form, and there was not enough force to protect the city. So, a strategic retreat, not to reduce your power as much as you can. The residents retreated as far as possible, but everything won't be in time. For the sake of later battles, we have to abandon what we cannot escape. That was the order…"

That's what she says, then Yuri smiles. That meant one thing.

"But we... me and Kate didn't listen. I didn't even hear about Lux or Will and the others stopping him. There's a guy who's about to fall in front of me in the first place, and he wants to be abandoned. So I decided to serve as my lord for just two people. To buy time... but the number of lords grew as long as the battle continued. Beginning, Lieutenant...... Rasheed, then captain of the city guard, and all the city guards who admire him. Next up is the same idiot as Kite...... Lux and his grandma and the members of that guild...... and that brings about 100 people together. I don't know, I think there's been a fool so far."

Talk, then Yuri sighs with laughter. Needless to say, who's the stupidest of them all, and it's her and Kite. I guess I'll just have to laugh now.

"I did that. Well, on the contrary, I repelled the enemy, so I had trouble up there, and I had to give him a headache. Instead of buying time with just 100 men, defeat an army that will not reach 10,000. Rather than the city saved, the festive frenzy involved even ordinary soldiers of the coalition in and around the city where the refugees fled. Sure, it was a small victory if you try it as a history of war, but it was just a great miracle victory at the time. Those who hear it are the birth of a hero... but you can't not not punish them. 'Cause if you miss an order here, the coalition that you could have formed could be disintegrated... so, the decision Will made is to get rid of Kite and his 100 soldiers from the coalition."

You have no choice, says Yuri, laughing openly. Yes, I have no choice. At the time it was formed and immediately. At the most important time of year, a watershed of whether we can turn the coalition into a single rock. He had to show a strong response to violating orders in an attempt to play a part in formation.

But when that happens, naturally something comes up that bothers me. So Rui Shu pointed that out.

"Didn't the people get angry?

"Yeah... well, there's teasing about this. And then secretly, Will keeps saying certain things. but just to take this off command as a coalition, if you mean to fight, even as a coalition, let's accommodate food etc... well, now that I didn't know then kite, with Will's smug face...... ha, stupid. I mean, 100 of you guys build a proselytizing regiment and do a guerrilla squad. I'll back you up... Now I think it was a way of dealing with heroes not being taken for granted."

Yuri laughs, imitating Will's tone and expression at the time. By the way, Yuri didn't understand what they said at the time either, and they were both tilting their necks.

"Well, I was afraid of politicians then, I thought. While punishing him on one side, he decided to leave instead of expelling him on the other, and he didn't violate the orders of the kites themselves, so he started hustling as a hero."

"Sometimes Kite does Will's face back then."

"Hey. How long have those two been laughing at each other?"

To Aura's words, Yuri nods with a laugh, too. I mean, he probably had a pretty belly-black face. The two of them had a little fun, and, uh, they looked weird if it wasn't Ko. When she got tired of it that way, Yuri continued.

"... and then Tina built me a test airship to play around the world. Then, naturally, fools are in every country. If you notice, the Yoshiyoshi Regiment will grow and the airship will be 3 battleships and a total of 5 transporters... it was made of wood at first. The airships will be made of metal with oars and stuff on Tina, and the equipment will be no worse than the most advanced battleships today. Kite can bathe in the interior. Grandma can make a liquor store... You said you were stupid and you could make a casino. We all do stupid things, make a fuss. That was every day."

Talking about Yuri was a different pleasure. Thus, she gave a slight story of the past and asked the cherry blossoms.

"This is a fragment of Kite's past… Now, ask everyone a question. I wonder why Kate won't tell everyone about this story?

That's what Sakura and the others wanted to hear. But from what I just heard, I didn't understand. It seemed like a good idea for me to tell you this story. And yet, I didn't know why they wouldn't tell me. That's how Yuri got down to business when she saw the cherry blossoms' questions.