Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 286: Past Shards - Kite's Lover -

Question asked after Yuri's story of the past, why, not told of the past by Kite. Besides, Cherry Blossoms couldn't answer. Because I don't know, I've been worried sick. If I could figure that out, I wouldn't have had a hard time.

That's why Yuri inquires with an unusual and serious look at them that she can't understand.

"... hey guys. What do they think of Kite's past?

"... well, I don't know... I'm a hero Tan, so it's a gorgeous object..."

I answered Yuri's inquiry, as far as the rumors we examined ourselves, with a little confusion about the enchantment we had by chance. But to these words, Yuri looked sadly and shook her head.

"... yeah, I'm not. That's true, not true... the end of the battle. About 30% of the conscripts die in battle earlier... and naturally, so do the grandfathers. And that's not all. Even after our grandparents died, we continued our journey... and that's not something we all know. A more miserable, rougher journey… Sure, people call it Hero Tan, and if you look only at what you've done, I'll admit Hero Tan, too."

Yuri knows the truth about her journey better than anyone. That's why, with a sad face, I tell you together. Facts are simply a line up of what happened. That is why there is only one fact. Therefore, it does not enter any foot color. But truth exists only in the number of people. That was only if it was someone else.

People don't always just look at things they want to see and try to see things they don't want to see. That's why the tragic battle becomes a spice that shines a hero, and tragedy turns a hero into an accent that adds more heroes. There's no need for us to mourn or grieve. No, even that turns into a prelude for a happy ending in Hero Tan.

"To us... yeah. For Kate, that year was a genuine, disgraceful journey. Kate is not ashamed of what she gets there, she is ashamed of its purpose. That was... because it was a journey of revenge"

The cherry blossoms breathe in the words spoken with sinking thoughts. I've never noticed it since I was pointed out. But on second thought, I knew.

Naturally, Kite was only 13 to 15 at the time. Far younger than the cherry blossoms today. And Kite wasn't a hero at the time, and she didn't have a first-rate education like the Cherry Blossoms.

If a boy anywhere like that can go on a journey, being annoyed by the helplessness of being murdered and only survived, and sinking in mourning, it is driven by intense passion, otherwise it is impossible. And there's only one thing that can be that emotion. Hate emotions were all I could possibly have.

"Everyone sees Kite the Brave as a hero. But kite was, at that time, a boy kite, if you say so. So we haven't all seen it. Because he was a hero, he should have been a hero from birth, and he could have been a hero at that time. Naturally, the reason I went after a fallen dragon is because I thought there would be enough heroes."

The cherry blossoms can't say anything to these Yuri words. Because they overlooked it again. Perhaps if you hadn't pointed it out, you wouldn't have noticed it in the far future.

"But it's not like that. As the one closest to Kate, I assure you nothing else. Kate is not such a noble hero as we all would expect. Grandpa's...... In front of a body that can't even be called a corpse anymore, Kate seriously fell for it. Yelling in anger, mad at hatred, cursing his own powerlessness, becoming a fallen... so angry, he's a normal person everywhere... hey, you know how Kate gets mad at sacrifices and other things like dying herself? Because there was no other kite like that. Kate really did desperately unscrupulous in those days. That was the way he fought and lived to destroy his life... and because he knew the end of it, Kate would not admit to sacrifice or suicide. Even if it's politically correct, it's not the right thing to do as a person."

As someone who knows the truth about a hero, Yuri tells them together in tears. That's absolutely essential for her to talk about kite. Kate is also a 'person'.

Indeed, I spoke of the fallen, because they are cherry blossoms. But still, Yuri would never define himself as the one who had to be human in talking about Kate. And he tells everyone who hears, to see him as a 'man'. But still, people see Kite as a 'hero'. And it came to pass that Yuri wept. It was the manifestation of a cry that did not make the voice that Kate was not a hero.

"So Kite barely talks. If you put in Kite's subjectivity, it will no longer be the hero Tan. It's Kate's Adventure Tan. Just a journey story... hey, did everyone want that? You want to hear stories filled with hate, sunk in your own blood, dirty with your fellow blood, beyond your friend's corpse?

Yuri asks, but never asks for an answer, I assure you.

"No. Didn't you want the hero Tan? So all Kate talks about is gorgeous, where everyone wants to be. Because that's what heroes do."

Yuri has nothing to lose, and points her finger at the underlying mistake to the girls she considers herself lovers. This is nothing else she should do. Even Aura has no hands on Yuri's territory. It is because she is nearest that she points out her mistakes to the girls who try to be equally close. The person you're trying to be on your side with is also a person.

This was one exam, and if you say so, Yuri was its gatekeeper. If this is about samurai on kite's side as well, you have to know. Knowing that, he was about to ask whether he was prepared to be on his side, a noble and heroic Kite could not, and was prepared to be a woman of Kite. And the inquiry continues.

"... one more thing. You know what I used to tell you... hey, would you believe me if I told you that Kate had a girlfriend on the trip? Well, everyone believes that, right? Just look at Kite now."

Yuri says so, but if there were Yayoi or Moon here, he would either laugh and deny it, or perhaps graduate in amazement. It could hurt to reach Yayoi.

No, the truth, when I heard this story - in detail, though not - I was just a little shocked. But I knew Kite when he was a boy, so it was.

"But I used to have that personality... oh, no, well, I could have fallen in love with quite a few girls, but still, I rarely dated girls. Seems like I've had a relationship... but there was only one such kite at the time, a girl I loved from the bottom of my heart. Maybe the only girl on the journey of vengeance that Kate loved from the bottom of her heart... from herself"

I pulled Yuri's clothes, which I told her about, because Aura was a pain in the ass. Noticing that, Yuri turned Aura a little grumpy. But even as Aura, it wasn't something I could let you get away with.


"... me too, first ear"

"Well, I am. I don't even know Tina. I said, this is my first time here. No one in the world knows it because it's not on any record."

To Yuri's words, which he laughed and told, the three of them cease. I don't even know Tina. In other words, the stories that have just been told are never mild stories. Because they admitted to us, but because of that, they found out that they were telling us.

That said, Aura, who should already be standing on the same mound, was hidden and unhappy. So, in a faceless way, just a little, seeps through dissatisfied emotions. To Aura like that, Yuri tells her to smile just a little bit.


"Haha, sorry, I said. But this is something that Kate and I are hiding."

"Yeah. Okay, fine."

To Yuri's words, Aura fogs away her blatant dissatisfaction. This was the difference. That's the difference between how much you believe in kite.

The cherry blossoms will probably try to figure this out somehow. But Aura doesn't do it. If you want to hide it, there's a reason why it should be hidden. She didn't know it, she understood it. And to point out the difference, Yuri keeps talking.

"But the girl's not here right now... why do you think?

The cherry blossoms couldn't find an answer to the query, no matter how much they scratched. Normally, if you're not here now, that's because you're dead. But asking here means it's not the right answer.

If there's another possibility, it's all about Kite. But I'm not going to answer that question. So when she saw that there was no answer, Yuri opened her mouth.

"The daughter is genuine... because in Enefia everyone in the world knew God,"

So what's the matter, cherry blossoms think deep down at the moment. To that extent, I didn't imagine or assume anything else with the cherry blossoms. It was more of a story now.

Sure, I'd be slightly awkward with God and royalty, but with them is an otherwise outrageous house of fame warrant. In terms of pedigree, it is beyond the ancient royal nobility, and if that is the cherry blossom, it already boasts more than a thousand years of blood muscle. An imperial and not far off bloodline.

Besides, if you ask me, we're all ancestors of the mighty. If the girls were to stand on the mound as gods, they would only have to stand on the spot in grandeur as their descendants. About that time, I was ready to hear Kate's confession of love. But that's not what Yuri wanted to say. That's why she goes on.

"The daughter pulled herself aside for Kate because she is a god... swear to us that I will see her again. The girl... I think Charles was really scared. Because I know people better than anyone. I don't know if Kate's changed her mind when she's gone, or if she can't know the truth and love her... yeah. More than that, there's no kite in the distant future. Still, it should be noted that Charles has been alone in her fight the whole time. I want to be with Kate."

If there was a kite on this occasion, she would probably have spoken without saying a word of love that would never change. That's what I might have heard about the rare noroke.

And that doesn't change Yuri, who was a friend. I could assure you that even if you became a lover who loved the same man metaphorically, your friendship with your lover (best friend) would not change. The same goes for the other side, you would say. That's why even now, Yuri was waiting for her return. That's how she asks at the end.

"Hey...... why do you think Kate was going to come home? Appetite or untrained to honor? Revenge for the other world that banished itself? It's all different. Kate was going to come back because she believed in us like no other. Well, I didn't seem to know by the boulders... but still, I knew what Aura and Kuzha thought. I also knew that Shall would keep waiting for me. And that it won't change either. Many other girls just don't know and have been waiting for 300 years... so the answer is to reward their thoughts"

Yuri wasn't asked this by Kate. But I know. She treated Kite as a friend longer than anyone else, and was deeply involved as one woman. That's why I understood much more than Yayoi if it was Kate's mood. I had confidence in this assertion, and Kite would admit that there was no falsehood.

"So Kate did everything she could to come back. And yes, that's why he came home with the art of being free to cross over there. There's nothing else for us on Earth. And that's why Kate treats us as her own women and loves us. And at the same time, I'm sincerely apologizing to those women out of reach... hey, are we really all going to fight those girls, you know? I assure you. Even if it's Tina or God I love Kate the most."

Yuri, with absolute confidence, affirms so. But even if I ask Aura this, with absolute confidence, she will say the same words.

But can the cherry blossoms now affirm that with absolute confidence from the bottom of their hearts, again, it was something else. Being stared at with Yuri's truly unmixed sincere eyes and able to affirm it, unfortunately, did not exist for them today. So, spot it, Yuri points it out.

"If you don't think you can win, you better pull yourself back here. 'Cause from here on out, not only are we going out with friends, but our daughters, who have really loved Kate for 300 years, are coming. They'll all be more disappointed. Then we won't hesitate either. I can't even afford it.' Cause kite's side, my place, so"

This is a declaration of war, the last mercy, as one who went up to the mound first. Down here, dating as a friend will continue. Even if we go up, we're together.

But if you're going to climb the same mound, another title will be added. As a lover, it is. Thus, Yuri gives an ultimatum.

"The rest of the time won't be that long. What Kate did was go to the doorstep with one of the leading other nations in the Empire. You don't have a zero chance of meeting someone who knows Kite. That is the kind of place where other countries would send military forces to protect their own merchant ships if powerful demons emerged. Where there are countless others. It's not unlikely that Kate's identity will be exposed... then the girls after Kate will definitely enter the empire in secret. That's the deadline. I don't ask for answers. Because you don't have to ask. So show me in action."

At the end of the day, Yuri takes Aura and leaves the spot behind. Show your readiness here right now, and I didn't mean to say. Because you don't have to.

The answer must not go far. There are many who aim for kite. If you can't attack me, you just lose.

Someone said. Love is war. Exactly. Eat or be eaten. That's all I have. If you don't want to fall off, you just have to attack. The cherry blossoms then moved to the theatre venue, remaining silent.