Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 287: Each Thought - Each Answer -

Vine Daughter. That was the title of the day dance Tina chose this time. That said, this is not a rare subject, if you see it as a sundance, it's even a normal act. On the contrary, it was a must-have act, even called a good one.

(Not that I'm suspicious of anything... but...)

I think cherry blossoms are alone, secretly, while having the last meeting of the performance. Sure, Tina didn't choose to anticipate this now. It's just that the performance "Vine Daughter" is normal in the world of sundance and is famous, so I chose it for them with limited practice time. But it was like singing them now.

("Vine Daughter"...... Vine Fine Song moaning uncluttered masculinity with vine tangled pine trees back......)

The cherry blossoms were informed of the performance and had no choice but to have a bitter laugh. That was exactly what they said about Kate herself. A song where a pine represents a man and a vine tangled in it represents a woman.

By the way, just in case, he said it was later in life that he became a vine genius, and that he was formerly a playgirl dancer. That seems to have gone through various alterations and taken its current form.

"Cherry blossoms...... cherry blossoms? Are you listening to me?

"Oh... I'm sorry. Thank you."

Apparently, while the cherry blossoms were unaware, the meeting was over. Finally, grasp it in the words of charm. Cherry blossoms were just a little surprised to see that the face of the charm that uttered the words had the sunshine that wasn't there until before the meeting.

"Uh... acting, do you think I can go? If you can't, you can rest."

On the contrary, Charming usually cared for me this way. It didn't look like there was any problem there, and, unexpectedly, cherry blossoms asked.

"Um... just now. What does Meizi think?

"Oh, that? Well, when I thought about it, it was now too."

Open up, Meizi tells Cherry Blossom with a smile on her face. That too, now. That said, the charm goes on even further against the cherry blossoms that opened their eyes.

"'Cause you're my best friend and Tina originally, right? Understand that...... yeah. You got along with Tina in the first place,' cause if you get the big book right, you want to hang out with him, so you're a lowlife. Originally I guess Tina has always liked kite for a long time - I knew that... and still, I'm aware that I like kite... right now, right?

Meizi laughs and says that she has known that for a long time. This time I accidentally lost sight of it because of another past act of Kate, but I knew I could claim that I originally preferred my lover enemies for a long time.

It should also be noted that Meizumi does not insist that she likes Kate in any way. Apparently, Yuri's readiness to ask was something she had already done.

I was simply drunk by the atmosphere on the spot, and when I reconsidered, I just had one or two more zeros in the years they kept thinking.

"Besides, I didn't know he was suspicious. Sure, I was a hero, a bit of a hero when I heard... I expected Takeshi... but in the end, the reason I fell in love was in the midst of Takeshi. Of course you want to hear it."

Without complaining, Meizuke admits that Kate is a hero and that's what she sees. Originally, it was the overwhelming martial arts that made the enchantment fall in love that were fundamental. Hegemonic, I may say.

If so, in a way, it was only natural for her to want a martial arts tradition. That's why there will also be times when we perceive it as good and good, if only conscious.

"So... when I realized that I had no intention or need to worry, it didn't matter"

"Yes... what is it?


Meizi admits that the inquiry of cherry blossoms is blatant. If you noticed the case of Charming, you noticed it a long time ago and passed by.

So I didn't have to worry about it. So Meizi left because she was ready.

As the cherry blossoms were troubled, so was Mizuki. She has a short relationship with Kate. Cherry blossoms have been dating for over a year, but it's only a few months to Mizuki.

Sure, it's thicker in terms of concentration, but if it's the length of time, it's overwhelmingly shorter than anyone else. If they pointed that out and looked directly at it again, it could be said that it was normal to worry.

"... Tsubaki-san, why did you have to be Kite?

Again, I guess people are things that try to do familiar behavior when they're bothered. Mizuki hadn't recently, but she still played several violins she had been addicted to for more than a few years. This inquiry was made at the end of the song by Tsubaki, who was with him.

This is an instrument that the elves use in common, not something that will be used in this concert. It was just kept together. However, to find it and calm my restless mind, I was allowed to touch it.

"I was asked by your husband."

"Does that mean you didn't have to be Mr. Kite?

The way Tsubaki put it, anyone could have asked for anything else. Therefore, Mizuki asks again.

Besides, Tsubaki was just a little distressed. In fact, neither Kate nor Tina has taught anyone that Tsubaki is a mix. Kite tells me to do whatever I want to reveal, but I didn't even insist, so I kept my mouth shut. Well, at the same time, this was a consideration to avoid forcing people to be aware that there was a girl who looked like a product.

"I... am a creature made. I was innate, given a variety of constraints and abilities. For example, it is easy to conceive a heterosexual child who has been recognized as the Lord, and never conceive another heterosexual child. And besides the Lord, there are so many things, such as Fu... one of them felt like recognizing your master as the Lord."

"... Huh?

Mizuki didn't understand what I was saying. It's like having a baby. That was a statement I could take. No, it's like, not like. The truth, it was.

There is not even a choice there. Her role is as a tool for the nobles to retain their lineage in case they fail to exchange offspring. On the outside, he was a concubine, but a truth, a tool.

In a way, it could be taken for granted that Tsubaki sought Kate as a sexual subject. Anyway, that's her role, and that's why she's here. Therefore, what was not required as an original role became a tool in her, and there her love for the Lord became more mixed and irrepressible emotions.

"Still, I'm happy"

Tsubaki smiled at Rui Shu, who was stunned. No matter how you look at it, happiness is a difficult situation. All of it, as the one who made her thought. I can also say that I asked for kite and they made me do that. But grasp it and say Tsubaki is happy.

"I could not have met your husband. And I was never given a choice. Sure, the decision was made using my factors... but your husband still gave me a choice. And your husband loves me for not being able to do this. That's enough for me."

She doesn't want much. That's because the status quo is already an undesirable happiness. She herself thinks it's desirable, and she doesn't ask for it.

Indeed, what Kate is pointing toward Tsubaki would include her love as a squire. But Tsubaki admitted it was good. Sometimes she runs wild under the influence of blood. Kate is good and keeps me at hand. There was no need for Tsubaki to seek anything more from the Lord.

"I don't want to be the best. It's just good that sometimes your husband needs me... and that's all I'm happy with."

Tsubaki and I want to be the most, the thought will be deep in my heart. But still, she doesn't wish to be the best. The Lord asks Himself for Himself as a squire. And that's all she's got. I just couldn't hope any more for fear that my current place would be lost.

"... yes, I'm sorry to hear something strange."


In honor of Mizuki, Tsubaki answers with a broken hip. Finally, the conversation broke off between the two of them, and Mizuki couldn't stand a little silence, after the occasion.

As such, Mizuki just follows the survey and moves. What I continued to walk to was a terrace with a panoramic view of the inside. So for a while, Mizuki thinks about it alone.

"... do I want to be the most...?

Boosh, and Mizuki shrugged. If I think about myself before, I don't feel flushed but left behind. Therefore, the thought of whether this is okay now swelled. But when I put it in my mouth and asked myself, my thoughts were solidified.

"If you want to be the most, you want to be the most,"

Sure, my trigger is escape. That's all I can't deny. A distant pardon for nearly a turn of the year. Forgiveness, which had been decided by his father since his birth. He's too old to understand where he was told to forgive his wife. It was all my father's decision.

But Rui Ji didn't have the temper to just reject it. There is also a lot of pressure on fathers at home. Therefore, he tried to push himself by creating a fait accompli.

"Still, after knowing everything, Mr. Kite accepted..."

I just have to laugh now. After grasping all of them from the beginning, I was told to accept Rui Shu. That's what they were doing, too. And even more.

"On top of that, until I tell you, let's wait... yes, you thought..."

At that time, I'm glad to say the truth, Mizuki fell in love with Kite. The biggest reason she fell in love was that older margin and inclusiveness. No, that margin or inclusiveness wasn't older or anything, maybe one of the leading ordeals in this world he's been through made him do that.

Whatever happens, accept all of the women you love yourself. And the ordeal that will wait ahead will be resolved by itself responsibly.

I guess that's his decision. It's easy to say, and while it is, it's not something anyone can do. That's what everyone knew. But Kate is trying to exchange it. At this time, Seoki clearly recognizes it.

"Ha... no, right. Once you realize it, thank you..."

That's how Mizuki smiles bitterly. If I realized it, if I realized it, I could give the answer. And I noticed.

"Not at all... I ended up being Filma's daughter..."

I can't contain it. Do what? Emotions. Filma's daughter is basically just like her cousin Elina. And at the same time, it's passionate. Just like Elina, I didn't think of this dialogue. And, no, mouth it.

"I hope you don't lick Filma's daughter. Speaking of remoteness, I'm also, Filma's daughter...... Mr. Kite? You'll take responsibility for making me fall in love, won't you? And let me admit that I am the right woman to serve you."

Unelegant, with a grin close to the fighter, Mizuki stares far east. That's how one person, tells. Now I still didn't think I deserved to be on his side. That is why it was the determination to be so that I spoke.

If you think you deserve it, Kate should have been able to tell you everything she needed from Yuri and Aura, even if she didn't. Then he turned, and said,

"Mr. Elina? I'm sorry, but I won't give up, either, will I?

It's a covert declaration of war to our cousins who have been searching for and pursuing Kate for far longer than they have been. But that's how I declared war, and, uh, I realized it.

"Oh... nothing else. A premise to share... No, at this point, that's a mistake. You want to have the temper to let it out."

Mizuki laughs and scolds her remaining weakness. The timing of that determination was, fortunately, visited early.

"Brother Kai!

Bang, making a loud noise, the door leading to the terrace opens. It was a pure white girl, with wolf ears, who appeared that way.

Short-cut hair, furred clothes wrapped around it, skin with a slight glimpse from it, and tails grown from buttocks were all pure white girls. The only difference is its eyes. Only those big, crisp eyes were silver like a full moon. Around the age and back length is about the same as Mizuki, but its style - especially its breasts - was considerably above what Mizuki was. To the girl, Mizuki got the impression she'd seen somewhere.

"... that? Uh, just you?

Momentum is good to come in, but the girl leans her neck when she realizes she was alone. The style was of the superior beauty, yet everything she did, said and done, was a girl somewhere like a hazy boy.

"Yeah... well, I'm the only one."

"Well... I smelled like my brother Kai, so I was wondering if he was even bringing a girl here again - was that my mistake... haha. Sorry to disturb you -"

"Oh, you don't have to leave, do you? If it's good, why don't we talk about it together?

"Uh... Oh, yeah!

Mizuki opened her mouth laughing at the girl who tried to leave laughing like she was lit. The girl takes it, smiles a nostalgic grin, and nods.

(… no matter how you scratch, only the 300-year-old month cannot be overshadowed. Then we should start by gathering information about our enemies... my lover?

Mizuki laughs inside, secretly. The words "Brother Kai" and "even the girl is bringing me here" that the girl said. And a pure white garment that wraps the beauty that even women envy and the style that they just envy as well. Taken together from all of this, I could barely even think about who this girl was.

Undisputed, one of Kate's use demons, Lu made it his daughter, and one of his own lovers. It was nothing more than the Lulu of the current god-wolf clan chief. As such, Mizuki secretly decided to go in to gather information in order to get ahead of the other girls.