The second day Kate and Mel entered the Karma Forest. Almost nothing happened, just a few fights with the demons. The journey that day was about to end.

"... it's time to look for camp here"

"Well, I've been leaning for a lot of days..."

After consultation, the two shall define the open location of the slightly further place as a campsite. That's how Kite stood up after preparing the camp and finishing all the more meetings.

"So, please, don't think about cooking today."

"I know, I know."

I'm not going to have an explosion just like yesterday, so Mel is going to stick her mouth out but follow the instructions very carefully. So she sat back with a smaller rock instead of a chair to rest heavily.

Because Mel discovered she couldn't cook, the hunt ended up taking turns. but, well, first of all, kite would have to show more power in the hunt, and he advanced that kite would continue to be kite today.

"Well, I'm gonna go for a little while"

"What about the marker?

He said, "He's hanging from his neck in chains in the first place, so he won't lose it."

Kate asked Mel to take out the little pendant-shaped demon props she had hidden inside her clothes and put them up. It was a simple but fashionable man's silver accessory, fitted with a small demonic stone in the middle. This was what they called the marker. Mel also has the same object as this - though the design and outer frame are different -.

This is to keep your friends from slipping away from each other in the woods, etc. Adventurers call this a marker because it rewards them for where they are. The demon stones attached to this resonate with each other in synchronization, indicating the direction and distance of the synchronized objects from each other - even if it is impossible to stay hundreds of kilometers away from the boulders. Hang it from your neck so you don't lose it like both of you, and rely on it during your journey to find a deviant companion.

This was developed to avoid raising voices in the woods where there are demons in boulders. Therefore, it is also possible to reward all places, etc. by projecting them into demonic stones. Except in decided emergencies, no sound is emitted. Because there is a good chance that demons will be called because of it, whether you want help out loud or looking for company.

Sure, if you put magic on it, even big animals such as bears might escape, except for demons. If you're not so weak, you'll be drawn the other way. There won't be any fools calling for danger with the intention of calling for help. Unlike Earth, it is not possible in Enefia to ask for help aloud unless there are so many circumstances, even along the streets and cities.

Due to these circumstances, this is communicated to the owners who are synchronizing with the imminent danger to the wearer while rewarding the position, so that they automatically reward their peers for their danger. It's automatic because it's switched, voice-corrected, and so on, and it doesn't matter how you scratch it if you can't move because of restraint or the effects of poison. Judgment criteria are based on a combination of factors such as decreased cardiopulmonary function and abnormal attenuation of magic mass.

Other than that, when red flags were lit on all of the synchronized objects, they were the most important items on the journey, as they had the ability to transmit similar distress signals for those with the same kind of magic props in the range of reach. For this reason, even a metaphorical solo adventurer often had it just in case.

So I used a chain made of magic silver (Mithril) to hang it from my neck and put it in contact with my bare skin so that I could always understand my situation. It was fundamental not to even take it off when sleeping unless it was a city that could be judged safe. The call function was not mounted, but it was exactly like a lifeline.

Incidentally, there were no items that made this even more high-performance and had a call function, but they were still not bought much because of the high performance.

"I'm hungry, please do it as soon as possible."

"Ask your prey that. Well, if you're not going home after an hour, check your marker for location."

Kite laughed and replied to Mel's tearing words, and he went out of the line and divided himself into the woods to hunt the beast.

(That's too big...)

Kate kills her breath, erases signs and waits for the beast to come prey on the tree. It cuts its own odor using the magic of the wind attribute, besides its own body using the magic of the dark attribute to hide it completely in the dark. To the extent of the beast, there was no reason to be found.

So, wait about 20 minutes. I just got a beast like a single bear, but it's too big for the two of us to eat, so I decide to miss it. It was too big to take the rest of the area to the city.

(Whoops!... Karma...)

Waiting even longer, the tentacle demon passes by.

(Still feels good, dude)

If you find out and fight here, the beasts won't even lean on you until you think about it. Kate lurks her breath and waits still for Karma to pass by and go. That's how Karma went too far and another 10 minutes. A deer-like beast of just the right size arrives.

(Oh, just a good prey discovery... male... not with kids)

Explore the surrounding signs and make sure there are no children. If you hunt a beast with a child, that child is less likely to survive. That would reduce the number of beasts in the distant future, so Kite was trying not to hunt much. This is also what I learned during my journey.

(If it's that size, don't keep it spare for a few days. Do you want to sell the rest when you get to the lodging town?)

Since there is no hobby for extra biocides, Kite decides to have no extra, and defines the bow's aim.

"Sooo...... Ha"

The arrow, released with a small breath, hits the neck muscle of a brilliantly deersy beast. And the beast, which fell with the sound of Dotha, turned in agony.

"I'm sorry. I'll take your life."

Since he doesn't have much of a hobby to make him suffer, Kite uses the < > magic of paralysis to take consciousness away, and a small knife to stop his breath altogether. With no pain and little suffering in his paralyzed body, the beast was desperate.

"Do you want to drain the blood first?"

If we drain blood in the camp, the demons drawn to the smell of blood might come, so Kite decides to handle it on this occasion.

Incidentally, the smell of blood on me is the constant of the person who taught kite how to hunt rather than the constant of kite applying water magic and washing it off. Kite kept protecting it.

"... Was it a little big?

That's what Kate thinks as she drains blood. It was a little farsighted, so apparently it was bigger than I expected. Even on one of the following days, we were able to get enough of it that we didn't have to hunt.

"Hmm, maybe some dried meat."

Kite thinks about what to do with the rest of the area, but he thinks it's easier to preserve it if you don't dare to keep it dry meat. If we decided to do that, we decided to get to collecting what we needed next.

"This forest... this?

Kate will review the notes she receives from Yuri and collect the nuts that will replace the spices.

"Oh, is the red one over here poisonous? Are you black over here?"

While discarding poisonous nuts everywhere, Kite collects what she needs. That's another 10 minutes. With the help of Silfi, who somehow expressed an interest in collecting nuts, he gradually finished collecting the target quantity.

"Such a toko. Even so... that's still a round letter."

That's how Kate shrugs and looks at her notebook of nostalgia. There, it was described in round letters, with adorable illustrations.

This belongs to Kate, but by the way, prankster Yuri is graffiti. And when he saw it, he came niggardly.

"Didn't you write that before?

Naturally, Sylphi knows Yuri's handwriting, too. That said, it's been a long time since I've seen it, so my memory seems a little vague.

"Well, yeah. This isn't the letter of the job either...?

On second thought, Yuri's vocation is to be a teacher. I wonder if you describe it on the blackboard with this letter, it makes me laugh just a little bit.

'Kate, it's going to rain. Looks like it's going to rain for about an hour in the next 30 minutes.

That's how Silfi and I chatted and waited for the smell of blood to disappear from the flesh of the beast, which was over, but a little early for Dine's words, but finishes the lower processing.

"Right, Thankyou. Well, let's go home."

Thus he recovered the beast, which had finished its downward processing, and Kite returned to the camp.

Meanwhile, Mel, shortly after Kate left, was also secretly trying to get into action.

"... gone, right?

Mel shrugged, feeling the signs of Kate. That's how you smell your body.

"Wow, that stinks of sweat!... I can't stand this any longer..."

That's what Mel says. He gets up and takes the towel out of his luggage. And now it's almost a week. I scratched my sweat in battle, but I couldn't take a bath. No matter how much I hid my body odor in the smell bag, my hair was a little greasy and my body odor smelled a little.

I was actually a little concerned because the smell during the journey would be a factor to be noticed by demons and beasts. Karma, in particular, was apparently attracted to this smell, and it was important to eliminate the smell in natural smell bags and clean it in the bath.

Well, at the same time, there wouldn't be any reason to be on the side of a guy the same age. Until now I've managed with smell bags of natural origin, but Mel is also an old girl. It is more suspicious not to worry about your body odor and uncleanness in front of a man of the same age, even though it is a journey on which you are more prepared. I could do something about us, naturally I thought.

"Sure, there must have been a shallow river nearby. It's in the realm of the junction, and I can't dive the demon at that depth... Karma is fine with the boulders... later, I also had the marker. Luggage is in the tent. It's a demon guide lamp, so there's no need for a fire turn in the first place, and kite can't be enough hunting or over there, so I'm not coming back... OK"

When Mel firmly checks the range and strength of the junction, he heads to the nearby river with a set of bath sets such as soap for adventurers and a towel in one hand. Chira, I just saw it, but apparently it was a pretty shallow river, as I remember.

Incidentally, it is normal for streams to fall within the boundaries, but to secure water. In the sense of including measures against karma, he chose shallow waters where karma could not lurk.

"... no peek. Well, we're laying boundaries, and Kite's hunting, of course. And the water temperature... it's okay."

Look around and make sure there's no kite. Whether or not it feels good to have a peek in the bath is where I breathed tempting you. There is no way to be vigilant.

It should be noted that there is no need to be vigilant about anything other than kites, because, naturally, the bond of payment has also been developed to combat banditry. If it was not significant and not sustainable, then separate payments were also widespread at a practical level. Since Kate possesses the magic props to pass through it, he's the only one who can get in here right now, except for animals that aren't excluded from the rabbit and other conjunctions.

Camping boundaries can be described as partially enhanced downsized versions, such as installing payroll on the streets that are deployed in the city. Except that they are disposable, they are not only useful for avoiding bandit payroll and demons, but also for avoiding animals such as dangerous animals such as vipers, wolves, and optionally rain. It had to be disposable because of the problem of being able to carry it to boulders and the required effectiveness. All of this would be the limitations of technology.

The two of them tried to save food, which cost a fortune on this purchase. Because this is what people who go the roadless need, because the unit price is high due to demand and supply problems. Moreover, we bought quite a few luxury items because of the Karma Forest, so even if we included the spare, it would have been very expensive for both of us to fold them in half.

It should be noted that the tent is stamped with the same effect that falls slightly but is not disposable, so there may be no need to deal with fire and dangerous animals, and the necessity exists only to the extent that the sleeping number can be applied to physical condition control and scaling.

Because the situation is such that within the junction, and in the tent, it is covered by a junction that doubly covers the city. Besides, there are markers. If I can't do this, I won't be able to sleep in the city anymore, so I just have to give up.

By the way, as good as possible not to go outside, the tent bought luxury goods that were well equipped inside the tent as well as the effectiveness of the junction. If Mel didn't need this, Kite decided to buy it later as an adventure department equipment, and this one broke half too.

After making some further checks, Mel strips off her personal clothes and takes care of her surroundings, leaving only the bikini armor.

"The sword is nearby... good, you can take it right away in this position"

Before removing his protective gear, Zan, and making a noise, Mel pierces a great sword on the ground just off the river, at a distance within reach. Thus, the bikini armor was also removed and worn naked, even though the marker was water-resistant.

Despite being an adventurer, the nudity was beautiful enough to be described as a goddess of war, because there were not many muscles attached to it, and there was no loss of skin tension or anything in this life. If it wasn't for Kite, it would be so beautiful that so many men would have been seduced.

"Yay!... I knew it was a little cold"

That said, it's my body for Mel. There's nothing exciting about it. So Mel occasionally draws water and hangs it on his own body. If it's true, I'd love to take a water bath, but it's a shallow water wary of karma, and possibly tentacles. I don't do anything so careless. The water thus bathed, albeit in summer, was affected by rain or the water temperature was only slightly lower, and Burri, Mel shook his body.

"But you can't complain."

That said Mel draws water again and takes a bath. As such, I sweat my body all the way through, and then foam the soap onto my hair to wash my long hair.

"Even so, he's too suspicious... why doesn't he smell so sweaty... or he smells pretty good..."

Mel whines bumps as she washes her body with gossip. I need to spend more time snuggling through beasts and demons everywhere than I am traveling through the woods, but Kite didn't smell so sweaty as to be odorless.

Thus, Mel, who has no reason to know that Kite is secretly cleansing her whole body, explores the causes.

"... could it be a mental life form or something? I hear you don't sweat if you're a god. Is that it? But I think I've heard it sweating..."

Mel flushes the bubbles on her hair, thinking that there is no other love. As such, a further alternative treatment solution is removed and immersed in the hair.

"Oh, you're losing quite a bit of it... this costs a lot of money... but my hair is a woman's life... yeah. Let's not get too worked up over here."

I grabbed a vial with the drug solution and Mel noticed that the contents were pretty much missing.

Exactly because she is also a girl of her age, cosmetics, etc. involved in these familiarities were chosen with proper attention and expensive items.

"Oh I still miss the hot water bath...... yeah, buy a bath set or talk to Emi. Oh, but maybe the night will get angry..."

I wash away the drug solution while remembering my people who aren't here right now. Then dip the smaller hand plush in the water and bubble the soap.

Incidentally, soap is not present in Enefia, where chemistry has not developed, so it has little effect where the water was flushed into the stream after washing.

"Pfft. Hmm."

Mel draws water once again as she sings her little nose song. Soaking the body soap in something even more similar to the sponge, Mel washes her own neat limbs by hand this time.

"Oh, I knew it smelled good... the bath is life's laundry, really. I regret not being immersed in hot water."

Mel washes away the dirt from her body as she smells the good smell of soap. Will it still be different just to get rid of the dirt, this only brightens my hair back and restores tension to my skin? Realize that, Mel. I'm going to get a ladder.

"Whoops! Who!? Kite!?

And as I washed my body, I heard the sound of the grass ripping behind me. Grabbing the great sword and Mel turning around, there was one little beast, popping out.

"What, rabbit... don't startle me anymore..."

When Mel realized she was a rabbit who had no need to be alarmed, he took his hand off the sword and sighed.

That's how I shouldn't have distracted myself. Usually I would have noticed in the signs of approaching, but the fact that it was the little rabbit that came out gave me relief and a moment of alarm, and I didn't realize that the rabbit was the one. Well, this mess is the biggest cause of my hatred.

"Huh? Ah!

I noticed something approaching behind me with the feeling that something was tangled in my leg from behind. That was a karma that was supposed to be held back by the junction and not allowed in.

Karma was aiming to seed the rabbit, but when she discovered that there was an even bigger prey, Mel, in her own territorial water field along the way, she brainwashed the rabbit with magic and sprayed it from behind Mel.

"Shit! Mm-hmm!

I was alarmed. As soon as I think so, I take the Great Sword, but unfortunately I take it off with bubbles. Besides, Mel tried to grab the great sword that fell to the ground by spitting ill but willingly pulling the tentacle restraint, but there the thick tentacle enters his mouth and pours in strange liquid.

Mel gets a feeling similar to drunkenness whenever she gets a bite of strange liquid, and she goes, "Boo." And my tentacles were pulled out of my mouth.

"Phew... that was a smudge..."

As soon as she was drunk of strange liquids, Lu Rhythm stopped turning, and with a blurry consciousness, Mel realized that she had been caught by Karma. Apparently, this karma broke in with a limited release from the boundaries developed for the camp. I bought some pretty high-performance stuff this time because it meant going through Karma Forest, but still, around getting in, Karma was too troublesome.

I'd like to curse my intelligence enough to dislike Karma, but that wasn't the case now. Mel managed to reach for the nearby sword by summoning a few remaining rationalities and a great deal of will, but he couldn't help himself in the hand he already held. But still try to set up a sword in the wild.

"Ku... we don't know..."

Lu Rhythm hasn't turned, but still, Gu, seeing Mel try to regain his sword and keep his consciousness normal, Karma realizes that Mel's consciousness is certain.

Karma then showered the tentacles this time into Mel's body from outside the range of the Great Sword with the bizarre liquid from which they were manipulated.

"Yikes! Hia! Ahhh..."

Mel tries to avoid the first shot with only the will and temper. But still, the second and third shot in all directions following the tentacles that unfolded to surround Mel was not inevitable in Mel, which was close to intoxicating, and put a sweet-smelling liquid all over his body.

When fluid is applied to the entire body, Mel gets the feeling that the whole body is lit by fire. Besides, most of the remaining reason was destroyed, and Mel removed the sword again.

Mel's exhalation, which he hedged into the ground at the same time as removing the Great Sword, contained considerable heat, and was an object containing a woman's temper.


Confirming that there is no more strength left to resist, Karma involves tentacles in Mel's limbs as if rubbing liquid in without further alarm. It was not a strong thing to restrain, but a loose thing to caress.

"Huh! Ah! Hih..."

The whole body is caressed with tentacles attached with liquids that have provocative action, and Mel whispers. The voice was quite lustrous, and if there had been a man on this occasion, it would have struck him by accident.


The eyes are moisturized and the cheeks are reddish. Mel becomes unable to think properly at the earliest. As such, he continues to caress Mel's body for about a minute, and Karma unconstrains him once to see how the subject looks without alarm. Peetan, looking at Mel sitting back, confirming that the prey has grown, Karma will now be fine and tightly restrain Mel's limbs.

Not only will they disarm the boundaries deployed for the camp without being noticed, but they will also use rabbits and other objects to capture them, and there will be no alarm until they seem absolutely safe besides. This annoyance was the factor that Karma hated by the adventurers.

It was suspicious that Mel had been able to resist so many times that if her spirit had not been so tough, she would have been fed by now. In this regard, she could be said to be a superior witness as a warrior. But the proof was of no use now that he had been trapped.

"Ah... no..."

Mel manages to summon the slightest remaining reason with his tough mental strength to try to resist, but his hands and feet, which could be ecstasy if he were a regular person, would not move properly at the earliest. All Mel could do right now was moisten his eyes with shame and fear at the earliest.

That moment when Mel's limbs opened and his tentacles set their aim in a hole called Mel's hole, trying to leave the seed behind. The light poured out, and the karma swept away without a trace with the roar.

"Huh...? Oh, kite."

Mel, who watched a series of currents with her horny eyes, discovered a kite of furious, pale dyed hair and hugged her just to say that she couldn't stand it any longer.