Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 303: Awakening the Serpent

After two battles with sworddancers, they fall into a huge cavity underground for a while. They decided to put up a tent and do a camp if they couldn't examine the giant cavity that just fell out of the temporal problem. So I took a bath for dinner and relaxation for a while, and through the curtain that blocked the two of us, I heard Mel.

"Kate, are you still awake?

"Well, for once. Sorry, did the lights leak?

The time is only 9: 00 at night. Regardless of Mel acting with the Sun as an adventurer, it was too early for a normal modern kite to sleep to live under artificial lights. So if I could put some light on it that wouldn't overflow from the partition and grasp the identity of that green mountain at all, I would be illuminating my knowledge and demonic drawings.

"Oh, yeah. Isn't it..."

There were signs of Mel taking a breath against the words of Kite, who smiled bitterly, and the curtain that had separated the two after a while came up and Mel came into Kite's space. It was easy to get in and out because it was awkward to say that it could not be evacuated when Isa was only partitioned so that the lights did not leak. Thus, when he saw Mel, Kite opened her mouth with a blast.

"... hey, say something"

Mel waits for Kite to react as she turns bright red. Against her like that, Kate nodded one small, but did, and concluded.

"You're tired, go to sleep"


Mel protests with a blush of cheeks in a different way than ahead to Kite, who is obviously frightened and unable to say anything.

"You're an idiot! Under these circumstances, you don't come to a man wearing clothes!

Obviously, it's not normal bedtime clothing, to the extent that it doesn't get nasty, but I've only been wearing clothes to seduce men from anywhere. Even in underwear, it's a temperament. Perhaps even on a trip like this. Mel is also a girl for once. I guess it's battle underwear. It was pretty colorful. In the current situation where there is a possibility of inability to escape, obviously, it was just an outfit that said, "Attack me."

"What happened to your usual clothes!

"I thought I was wearing it for you - but! This is pretty embarrassing!

Mention your clothes, even half exposed, as Mel turns bright red, as you would otherwise have to hide them. Apparently, the person wearing it was naturally embarrassed.

"My turn... please don't!

"An extra reward! Additional rewards!"

"So I don't want it, you got it!

"I know! But I couldn't give you the treasure of the bottom treasure trove, besides, while I was taking care of you so far... I can't heal this one!

"No, I don't care about that. Yeah."

Disappointed to drop his shoulder, Kite sighed. Again, if it's between an adventurer and a client, then neither this response nor Mel's attitude is anything suspicious.

"Although it would be a disgrace to a man not to eat a meal. Take it."

Mel sits in front of a portable futon where Kate lies. Besides, Kate got up gradually and looked closely at Mel.

"I don't know... I just did the request"

"I know you do. So it is. If you're an adventurer, you can't be offered an extra reward and not receive it.

Kate stuffs her breath for a moment at Mel's words blocking her own. He poked me where it hurt, the look on my face said.

"disrespect to my client, or..."

Kate tells everyone in the adventure department to accept additional rewards unless they are so disproportionate. Because it's publicly a corner favor, he says, but there was actually another reason.

"Oh, I knew it."

Fun to say, Mel makes a face that looks unexpected, but I had no idea Kite didn't know. From what I've seen of Kate so far, I've stepped on that I absolutely know.

I wanted to tongue that Kite was so satiated that she didn't like Mel like that. If you're aware of that at this age, you can do it slowly, not as an adventurer, but as a politician as well.

"... if you're a noble opponent, you can be admired. That's more than just doing the top of the organization. I don't need the sweet idea that I'm from another world."

Kate gave affirmation to a situation that could not be falsified at the earliest. Yes, additional rewards are more than just favors. My client admitted his arm to the adventurer and apologized for not offering a fair consideration. It's not just a favor.

Rejecting it for no special reason meant that if you turned it over, you were underestimating your own rating, and at the same time you were saying nothing more than wrong with your client's point of view. This is especially true for dignified aristocrats, who are denied their own eyes by those with low status, and in some cases are neglected. Even if they don't, they may not think they have a good grasp of their strengths.

Young adventurers will get some eye spills from the other noblemen where they were otherwise mistaken, but the noblemen will be glad to be made. If young people are doing the same thing as professionals, it's because they can expect more growth in the future.

"Then you'll see. I recognized you. Not the adventurer Mel Ernst, but as the imperial nobleman's courtier Mel, I admit. You're definitely a man who can be a hero. Maybe it can be the return of the brave Kate. This consideration is why I have to pay a just consideration for the future hero"

Looking firmly into Kate's eyes, Mel affirms so. The eye was certainly an eye accompanied by confidence and conviction as a mentor that only those of noble blood muscles could float. If the outfit was a solid dress, Kate would have honestly believed some princess, the height was there.

"Unfortunately, I won't reveal who I am... but I decided I was a hero enough to dedicate my first time. You must be present in the future empire. As a nobleman of the Empire, I am obliged to use the chains of men to connect you and stop you for only a few years. Or are you with a woman I'm not enough to hold?

With a sincere look and a serious face, Mel asks Kite. Besides, it involves her tickets more than she already wants to. If Kate insists here, it's nothing more than admitting that she's not enough for her to take. Even though no one would find out where the metaphor said no, it certainly did nothing more than hurt her face.

If they still can't grasp this behind things like Sola and Moment instead of Kite, there would have been an escape route. But he's a kite. He was a brave kite and a duke kite. Therefore, only the bitter expression floating there could not be hidden, and that was above all a testament to understanding.

"Shit, you stink of trouble... it's a disgrace to a man not to eat a meal, it's a disgrace to a woman not to be eaten"

One tongue slap, Kate pulled her strength out of her body with a sigh of sigh. Kate has to make her presence public at some point. At that time, if she was possibly a high-ranking celebrity house, I can definitely rub it if I solidify it.

Mel wouldn't say, but there's no chance of exposure from anywhere. In that case, his own daughter would be resented if he was a bad opponent that was not enough for a great hero to take.

Sure, if they're not enough to take the truth, Kite doesn't care either. But Kate can't say she's not enough to take Mel. There was no way that even my men, even if they were my own loved ones, could not be recognized as insufficient to take the Lord who could hang their lives for them.

"Hehe. From a woman's point of view, you will. Besides, you're accumulating, aren't you?

Mel laughs when she sees that Kate has decided to be ready in a way that she has lost her power. Naturally, Lust, one of the three greatest desires, accumulates more than both Kate and Mel are people. And it couldn't have been easier to handle it than it was a two-man journey.

For this reason, there is a whorehouse in Inn Town, etc., but they are not both using it. Kate cannot be used unless she has her own whorehouse or where she can be trusted because of her status and Kuzha and others, and Mel is an aristocratic maid in the first place. Politically, my value as a woman was immeasurable and unavailable.

"... don't regret it. Let me do exactly what I want."

This is how the rotting edge grows, and while moaning inside, Kate reached for Mel without even taking such a bite out of it. After all, say you've made up your mind. You were scared, the moment Kite touched you, Bikun, and you were shaking small.

"... be nice for once."

"I told you, let me do what I want."

Hold Mel, who is a little frightened, and Kate tells her in her small ear. I know a hundred things about this being a hassle later. But I was used to not being thankful for this.

So if you give up, it's early kite. After that, I really decide not to think about it later and like it. It's true that it's accumulating, and Kate can honestly admit that Mel is cute. Then I already understood that you should enjoy the rest.

Around noon the day after they met. Mel asked Kite.

"What do you say?"

"The walls look like regular stones... but you don't know when you're behind a boulder. I have special tools... but I don't have them. There's no escape route in the water. That said, there were hole-like marks, so it probably collapsed and stained."

Kate first informs Mel of the results of her examination of the cavity wall. Naturally, we have to check the walls first to find out what's at stake here. The result was ungrateful to both of us. Normal stones were nothing more than an increase in the likelihood of what I feared yesterday if I turned them over.

That's how Kate further tells of the consequences of diving into the single water. This one wasn't thankful, but there was no way out. Apparently, sea water was pouring in from the cracked rock gap.

Well, I still figured out where it was leaking from, so at worst, I'd be able to get out of there by piercing it. That said, I don't know how thick the walls are, so this would still be a last resort.

"Well, even less thankful story... there were traces of him passing through..."

Abominable looking kite points to the green mountain still sleeping on the other side. Based on some circumstantial evidence, it was determined that it was already a demon. By the way, Kite never came close because she was in trouble when she woke up to the boulder. So it was still at the speculation stage.

"Sai Aku... I'm here..."

Mel agrees with the worst look on such a kite as well. That's how Mel, who was asleep, decided to sit down again in pain trying to wake herself up.

"Uh... are you okay?

I worry about Mel, who smells like Baba somewhere, while Kate laughs bitterly. but it was only to him that this cause was nowhere else. I blurred a little bit and said that it had been a long time since they were pretty girls on top, so I hustled a little too much. And that's why Mel yells at Kite.

By the way, Kate understood this too, so I was investigating it alone because I was too sorry for the boulder to investigate it again by magic to determine it was less dangerous.

"It must be your fault!

"Gentle, I did."

"Just to get started!

Mel yelled at Kate's unwieldy assertion again, then sighed.

"Ugh... why did you choose a guy like this"

"Shall I massage him?

"Fine! Promise's only for the night! Noon is out of contract!

I threw the book Mel was reading at Kite, who moved his hands and laughed mischievously at Nianya. With his personality back on track, Kite, a prankster who hasn't even seen the cherry blossoms, peeks into his face. but such a thing wasn't such a pleasure to Mel today, it was just frustrating.

"Oops... there you go"

Kate takes the thrown book and hands it to Mel. Mel scolded me with resentment.

"Ugh... I really didn't think of it all night..."

"Oh, no, well, yeah. I'm sorry about that."

To Mel's twinkle, Kate apologizes with embarrassment. Kite and I didn't think we'd make it this far. Besides, Mel shakes her neck sideways in a sigh mix.

"Ha... Fine, I say I prefer hero colors... I admitted I was a hero.

"So, has anything changed here?

"Yeah. Especially... there doesn't seem to be any demons here. Except that one."

"Well, if you're such a jerk, can't you help it?"

Mel and Kate stare at the green mountains at the same time. Disaster species are also a threat to demons. As a result, few demons appeared on their beds or nests, except for them. They also absorbed magic vegetables (mana) from which demons occur.

"It's just..."

They stared at each other at the same time, but that's how Mel created a wrinkle between her brows. Besides, kite leans her neck.

"Just what?

"A little, isn't it getting dark?


Mel told me, and Kite noticed. From yesterday onwards, I felt the lights on the hikarigoke were only a little darker. Yesterday it was about moonlight, but now it was about starlight. Only slightly, but this is also the difference. Kate glanced at it.

"... don't hate me"

Wake up close, Kate decides so. I don't know who that green mountain is, but it's starting to make me pretty hungry, apparently.

"What's going on?

"Nothing. Go to sleep...... if you take another break, do you think you can go?

"Yeah, well, if I take another break, I'll be exploring, too."

Mel and I don't have to stay off till hours. So when Mel agrees with Kate, she herself begins to prepare for the investigation. What Kate did was close to the previous investigation. Because it was too dangerous to do a proper investigation in this situation alone on a boulder. As such, Kate waited for Mel, who seemed a little hard to walk, to be able to move satisfactorily.

Then for about an hour, the two continued to rest in the camp, but they tried to get out and flaunted themselves.

"... it's obviously darker than yesterday."

"Obviously, you made a move. That... hurry back. If we find a camp, it's tough. We'll make a hole in the wall and move there."

Not only did they keep their mouths shut, but they all looked at each other and only glanced at each other and muttered. I tried to get out of the junction and investigate the cavity, but when I got out of the junction and it was the only light I could see clearly how dark it was.

Even worse, just in case, there were no hiccups on the surface of the demon, which was a distant green mountain, and the scales were dewy. Obviously, it moved. Realizing that, the two evacuate within the contiguous boundaries so as to take it back.

"< >? Lucky you're one step ahead of the catastrophic species, aren't you?

"It won't turn into a nightmare. Ew!"

The two of us took it back within the boundaries, but we can't just stand in the camp like this on a boulder, and we rush ahead and clean it up. Almost at the same time as finishing in a hurry, an earthquake suddenly struck and the ground sounded.

"Oh, my God! The ceiling!

When Kate sees the ceiling collapse, she immediately prevents rock formations from collapsing with slashing. I want to avoid being noticeable, but I wanted to avoid burying him alive more, so I wouldn't have a choice.

"Did we fall because he was trapped..."

Coincidentally, when the two of them had finished the battle, < > must have fallen asleep. There was a hole in the ceiling just like when the two of them fell. That's how they wait for the earthquake to subside, but there's no sign that it will ever subside.

"The next earthquake is a long one!

"Kite! Look!

Kite, who was paying attention to the collapse of the ceiling, also looked at Mel pointing his finger, and < > slowly unraveled and raised his face.

"Chi! That sucks! You're up! We're gonna hide!"


The two of them are fortunate to have finished all their cleanup, and they rush to hide in the shadow of an affordable rock. < > seems to have woken up completely, although he did not manage to discover it because he left no trace. Very slow movement but getting closer to the waterfront with a solid movement. That's how the roar and ground sounds are probably the sound of < > crushing rock walls.

Seeing that, Kate was ready to hold Mel. It's troublesome to be woken up, but we don't have a hand that we don't use to escape.

"Mel, get him."

"What do you do?

"... I can't avoid him going outside anymore. Then I'll grab him and get out of here. Keep all barriers open. Water pressure and rocky, coarse meat sucks."

When Kate explains her policy to Mel, she creates a sword and jumps up, poking her blade deep into the scale of the < > serpent (Yormungard) >, who is still about to dive into the water. Apparently, the stab wound about 20 cm wide and 1.5 meters deep did not cause any itching, and there were no signs of < > noticing the serpent.

"Mel, hold on tight!


The two simultaneously deploy almost all their magical barriers to further create a membrane of air around them by kite. That's how they used < > to escape from the outside while the serpent (Yormungard) > > broke the bedrock.