Just around that time Kate was receiving an ampoule case. Just outside the city, a certain huge group of armor was holding their last meeting while flying at high speeds. The total number of people would be about 10.

"We have confirmed the target! Alex! Can you see the enemy!

'I just see it already! I'll send the footage that way!

The giant armor ranged in length from about 20 to 30 meters. All of them were giant demonic armor developed for opponents with giants like < > who ate the world and couldn't resist the likes of serpents (Yormungard) >.

Therefore, the pros and cons and cons of Kate's magic armor are similar. High output for large minutes, but at the same time poor fuel consumption. Therefore, the commander of the group is ordered to restore the reduced magic with the use of the aircraft at high output before the battle.

"General! Consume your recovery pills within the present! From now on, you can use the Magic Residual Gauge all over as soon as it enters the Yellow Zone! You can get as much supplies as you want from your sponsored airship unit! You don't have to think ahead! It's not even a possible situation!

Copy that!

Various functions were attached to the large demonic conductor armor due to its size. Equipment to measure the residual amount of magic was also one of them. That's how a soldier called Alex raises his voice before a slowly growing giant.

'I see it! Confirm the boy! You're still safe!

"This! Whatever you do to save that stupid, lifeless boy! Alex, you're going to shell the coast! Sasha, Luma! You guys hit him first! The others followed me and stormed him! Whatever you do with that giant, we're gonna push it back!

Copy that!

Instructions are sent to the troops as they travel, and the commander's he raises the airplane's output to its maximum to match the two leading large demonic armor. The first two were only slightly faster in relation to the fuselage.

"All right, everyone! I'll show the city that the boys' longing is alive!


Thus, a large group of demonic armor left behind the sound and began to accelerate even further.

Just as they began their assault, Kate was braving again the beating against < > with the sun.

"Sunshine! Do it from the top!


It's obvious, but if Kite is in the sun with the soldiers down there, the sun can work better together. The length of a relationship is not a ratio.

So Kate eats the world and raises the face of the serpent (Yormungard) > >, which fell rapidly under the uppercut procedure, as the sun's direction beats the brain of the serpent (Yormungard) > with the breath of Azumi.

"How about that! If you're brainwaved by a boulder, you can't stay conscious!

Kate can roar furiously against < >, who shakes her brain and faints.

How demons can escape the laws of biology more than having flesh. So how can you be proud of a giant < > and faint if you shake your brain?


"Impact Angle Striker! All ships at once!

In line with Kite's decree, the deputy chief flies the decree for all fleets. An Impact Angle Striker is a ship that hits and forcibly pushes back demons in these battles. Repeat this to keep demons like < > away from the city.

As a result, a collision sounded several times, and the < > giant blew up about 500 meters in impact.

"Hitachi, scaffolding, please!


Blowing up the giant and pushing the front back, Kite lands in the sun for resupply once. And in that next moment, a giant passed beside Kate.

A giant accelerating further through the kite was the formation of the larger demonic armor ahead. Shortly after passing by like that, a voice echoed from a command aircraft.

'Well done, boy! We'll take over the front line from here!

At the same time as my voice, I hear two blows. A giant demon armor that had gone too far had eaten the world and beaten up the giant < > serpent.

"All of you! We're gonna push you back now!

Copy that!

"I'll cover for as long as I have ampoules myself! Hitachi! Let's go!


'... sorry! I asked!'

It is true that I want a hand at all. So this commander decides to accept Kite's offer and starts to get ahead of him. Thus, with a total output of 10 large demonic armor and a prototype of demonic armor, the giant < > is pushed back even further.

but he hasn't fainted from eating a serpent (Yormungard) > > on a boulder for hours. Therefore, after being pushed back for another 500 meters, < > magic is released from the body of the serpent (Yormungard) >, and the kites are bounced off at once.

"Chi! In the meantime, this adds 1 km! Safe zone at just over 10 km later!

"Boy! You should be out of ampoules by now! Either retreat here or replenish! You're a hero! You have to live!

Apparently he heard one alarm go off. A commanding man roughs up his voice and orders Kite.

The actor in this defense battle is Kite, no matter what anyone thinks. So only Kate's body had to survive. It was a natural decision to let Kite survive because of the folks who want heroes when rebuilding.

"Sorry...... chi! Tina, what are you doing?

Pushing it all out here at once is a good idea. Kate was running through the battlefield, so she figured it out.

But if we're gonna keep him from finding out, we have to go back. Besides, Kate abhors her voice as she returns to the city. The ship that raises the supply light is too surrounded by enemies to enter. That's the time. Under the kite, the reading arrived.

"Hmm. Don't be frustrating, did I?

"Tina! Where are you now!?

'Hmm. Look at the city. Unlock Stealth Now'

With that voice, a fleet of four airships appears over the city. Obviously, it was Tina's designed airship.

"The Magic Conductor is also ready to launch. Hurry up and come back. '

"That's fast! How did you do that!

The frustration disappears and the joy floats on Kite's face. As long as the Magic Conductor arrives, he can use his false identity as a soldier, so he doesn't have to worry about cover-ups. but to the words that followed, kite doubted her ears unexpectedly.

"What, I just developed a mobility technique that uses a little < > technology?"

'... excuse me, can you ask me again?

"Uhm! < > Bye!

For some reason, a satisfied Tina's voice sounds. Well, I know there's a lot going on, but I'm sure it's a pleasure to have a successful experiment. but it's about her that makes me happy. So Kate skipped an anger at it.

"Oh ma ha! Don't use the < > technology so cheaply!

"Rest assured! This is < > and not < >! Or even like this, you need the help of four Vajra ships! Something that can still be disseminated!

Behind Kate's brain, Tina's dissatisfied voice echoed. They were really able to create < > a few metres in size. In contrast, Tina needed four battleships. Tina was overwhelmingly inferior in areas such as miniaturization.

That said, compared to < >, which required huge facilities and control units, the Vajra class < > can be used anywhere, anytime, anywhere with four ships. If we were bad, we could say that we were going further than the < > of ancient civilization.

"What is the Vajra class... a high-speed ship?

For Tina, who does all sorts of things with a totally nerdy hobby, there is only one ship if it is the Vajra class that points to it. It was a Vajra battleship of the former Japanese Imperial Navy.

If so, about Tina in custody. I guess they build it as a high-speed battleship according to its origins. Well, from naming it looks like a hobby piece - if this was a proper military subordinate, I would have made it a name for it to use in the Empire - so I guess I didn't consider a military conversion even with her.

"Uhm. Well, I was just wondering what's wrong with speed because it has limits. I think it would be faster if it could be transferred in an instant at < >. With Aura's help, we've completed the < > technology. After that, if you put a woman's will in this control unit, it's done. He's already made it. Well, that one. '

Tina admits to Kate's questioning with some satisfaction. Sure, it's fast. But if you can call traveling at high speeds due to metastases that ignore distance,

By the way, I started stealth because I don't want them to know that there are aircrafts that can use metastasis. So just in case, a fleet appeared a little further away in the city.

"Or Aura..."

Kate drops her shoulder, saying what her own fiancée and sister-in-law are doing. but for now it is true that this time I am grateful. If it's not like this, it hasn't arrived yet. I couldn't even get out too strong.

"Ooh. It was funny inside. '

"It's funny and it sucks. Don't bring me back!

Kite is the one who can make me wipe his ass. My head hurt. but against such a kite, both Aura and Tina leaked dissatisfied voices.


'Isn't that good? It took me a few hours to get there in 40 minutes.

'No, well, yeah... so? What's the example?

"Hanging in the center"

To Tina's words, Kate confirms the center of a fleet of spacecraft that grows gradually. Then I could see what his love machine looked like, just like she said. Kate modified her orbit just a little bit and flew again for the Magic Machine, sending her a reading.

'Good! Well, then, we're getting in the Magic Conductor, so you just get in the Queen and use the main cannon! If that's the case, I can bust that giant with no problem!

"Um, wait about five minutes."


Kate tilts her neck wondering why it would take five minutes for Tina to respond. Besides, Tina gave it back with a little apology.

'Um, well. The test of the new system was combined, but apparently there was a system error… it took about 5 minutes to recover. Well, the defensive members of the city and the Gulf have already descended, so let's not have a problem with the city. "

Ha, Tina's voice cracks in Kate's ear, and Kate pulls her thoughtful cheeks into it.

Sure, there won't be a problem in the city, but there was a problem with the < > crusade of the main < >.

"There's a problem over here. Oh!

Kite yells. Naturally, if the airship had not come, it would not have been possible to bring the Magic Machine, which was cross-linked to it. Which means that Kate has no choice but to keep going over there. You'll be able to rendezvous along the way, the plans I thought were ruined.

Well, even so, it's a minute or two away if you originally used a flying machine. So I arrive within complaining.

'I'm letting you have the basic armor. His name is Aigis. I'm sure you know where it came from, but from Aegis on Earth, bye. What's a good name for the Patron of the Earth's born heroic land, Lord?

"Aigis? You named him?

"I feel sorry for you with the prototype magic machine and the control unit forever. I gave you a name. Aegis doesn't have cuteness as a name. Aigis is the name of the will to stay inside. Keep the outside fuselage. It's not a prototype.

Tina explains the consciousness in the Magic Conductor to Kite, who lands on the Magic Conductor. The will inside is Kate's partner. You can't just not know your partner's name, I thought.

"Good! The cockpit block is no different!

"Master! I'm ready!

What Kate saw on the cockpit was a holograph of a beautiful girl with the same pale hair and pale eyes as herself. It was a baffling kite to it, but Tina's voice echoed from the conductor's comms there.

"That's Aigis. I was able to talk. It's better to be able to interact with each other, right?

"Sure, dude... good! Aigis, there's nothing wrong with you?


When Kate returns immediately to her original form in the cockpit, which was already ready, she turns on all the systems and asks Aigis.

"Aigis! I left all system checks to you!

'Already started!

"Good! I'll unchain this one! We're gonna fly all at once!

Aigis' raison d 'être is a fine tweak that Kate can't do during the fight. Therefore, in the current situation where the battle had already begun, it was decided that it was better to leave it to her on the system side, and furthermore Aigis had already begun with the same decision.

"Master! All Systems All Green! You can go anytime!

"Good! Connect the comms!


As a matter of course, this bewitching machine is the property of the Duke's house, and even more so the prototype of the bewitching machine, which is due to be produced in mass later. So it is registered as the House of the Duke of McDawell. If so, it would have been a good idea to communicate to the command of the fleet in order to cooperate.

So needless to say, it was a Queen Emelia bridge under the command of the fleet general.

"On this side Sgt. Kym Amatz, a member of the Central Experimental Unit of the Duke of McDawell family, led by Major Sophitia Mildin. He came to reinforce when he heard about the raid during the testing of the airship and the new large demon guide armor nearby. Tell me what's going on."

"… this is the operator Sergia under Queen Emelia, captain of the Imperial Navy, Cayenne Fujikido. Troops of large demon-guided armor are already fighting ahead. Your honor, work with it."

Copy that.

Upon the operator's instruction, Kite will at once maximize the airplane's output.

The battlefield that I saw so was apparently already home to many more large magical guidance armor, presenting a near-future body of battlefield, even though it was a world of swords and magic. Seeing it, Kate unexpectedly remembered the words of one writer.

"Can't fully developed science and technology tell from magic...? And vice versa."

This was the word of a famous SF writer. And I laugh that Kite was able to say the opposite again.

If you show it on Earth, you'll laugh at what SF it is. But it's not science that's making this up, it's magic. To the contrary, it could be said that well-developed magic is indistinguishable from science and technology.

But maybe this is inevitable. Science and witchcraft are equally human created technologies. Then the closer we get to the final point of arrival, the more inevitable it will be for the similiars to become one another.

"Aigis is an AI, large demon guidance armor is a giant robot, demon guidance armor is a military armor, airship is a fighter...... kukuku...... after all, the earth and Enefia are equally 'people' worlds...... are there the same points to come? Come on, my love machine, the child between both worlds. Let me show you that the brave men born in different worlds are still alive."

"Master! Maximum output! Let's go!

To Aigis' words, Kate laughs furiously, knowing that everything is ready.

"Copy that! Okay, Ensign Kym Amatsu!

"Operator, Aigis!

"'Prototype Magic Machine, out!

Thus, when the master announced his appearance at the same time, the magic conductor went off with a roar.