Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 309: The Wolf Smoke in Act II - The Fire Lid Cut -

Immediately after the arrival of the four airships, the students of the Adventure Department who were aboard each ship and the Duke's family, as well as the adventurers sorted by the Duke's family, will board a small airship for landing and discharging.

Naturally, there are fewer people who can use flying techniques like the kites. That's why we need a landing craft to unload personnel from a floating airship.

"Get in now!

The moment roughed his voice to the face of the troops led by himself and hung his breakthrough.

"Everyone, you're on board!

Instantaneously hang your hand on the switch installed in front of you and make a final status check. According to Tina, the switch opens the door to the launch hatch of the landing craft.

Ultimately, they're going to be able to launch remotely from the landing craft, but at any rate, this airship can't have been put into action yet. It seems that the landing craft is not meant for this airship either, and a fairly steep part of the field was seen. I know very well that I was really in a hurry to get ready. That's how Sho, who was making the final confirmation, raised his voice to the moment.

"Only seniors after that!

"Good, Sho! Close the door, let's go!

"Copy that!

That being said, Sho presses the switch next to the door and hurries into the landing boat to close the door. Confirming that, the moment pushes the switch for launch, opens the cockpit door attached to the front and takes a seat in the cockpit. If you even open and close the door, all you have to do is go outside in a landing boat later.

"How to maneuver... it must be this console!

Heading the Moment The face they wanted among those who know who Tina is, even in their adventure department, is learning how to fly a Tina crafted airship. That's why he was supposed to pilot again this time. Sho was fine, but he decided to do the piloting in order to help him. Sho, who was confirming the crew members, instantly reports to the place where he was boarding and carrying out the final checks on the landing craft.

'Senior! All belts tightened!

"Good. All the instrumentation parts are fine. Let it out!"

Moments use internal broadcasts to draw attention to the students who are emerging. Thus, when he pressed the switch to start the flying machine, he launched the landing craft.

"One of these parties. Launched a landing craft."

'Mm-hmm. I checked on this side as well. Other Cherry Blossom et al evacuation guides, Al et al., are leaving. Be careful not to collide with the evacuation guide's landing craft.'

"Ok...... but this feels good"

I could tell that Kite was willing to buy a test pilot to get out of the sight of the landing craft that jumped out when I heard Tina's reply, and grinned for a moment. Then, even more, he keeps grinning and whining.

"I can't believe the day is coming when I'll be piloting my own flying vehicle... next time ask Justina to teach me how to use a small boat"

If you ask Kite, it looks like you can do a simulated battle between the airships just like that, and secretly plan for a moment. It was an easy way to fly a landing craft so anyone could use it. Therefore, even at short notice, it could be handled without specialized courses, but even small craft that can travel endlessly to boulders cannot do so. In this case, the moment found the pleasure of flying only a little.

By the way, both Kate and Tina have been very enthusiastic about this plot, but I'll leave that aside.

"I didn't think so either."

You heard such a crush, a cherry blossom sitting in the cockpit as well on another landing boat interrupts the comms. Besides, the moment gave it back.

"Is that Heaven's Way?"

"I'm here too."

"Or the shrine."

Apparently, the evacuation guide got into the cockpit. I took it, and momentarily squealed bossly.

"Sho should have given him a ride too..."

This side is the main battle, so I put Xiang on the boarding area on the rear side to make sure the internal callouts, etc., but I saw this view and thought so.

"Wow, this view is..."

Even though the battle was close, the moment, the cherry blossoms and the Mizuki were distracted by the great panorama in front of them. But there was more to it than that.

"That big snake demon is amazing too..."

When I saw a snake that could roar loudly in front of me, the cherry blossoms murmured. Even though the distance was more than 5 km, the giant could be clearly confirmed from here. But that's not it. More amazing things existed in the air.

"Ice Dragon... It's Cool"

"Al... how much training did he take to make it that big..."

If we keep an eye on the airship, the faces of the Duke of Alda's house will fly in each way from a different ship from the one we were on.

The most eye-catching of these is a dragon made of about 10 meters of huge ice. This was the most amazing thing I could say. A giant ice dragon knitted in super advanced magic. It was an ice dragon that would take away the heat of existence that Al was once practicing. After desperate training, Al had finally reached a decent level of use in action.

"Is Lil... is that it"

Moments look further around and look for other faces. The appearance of wearing arms for her, united in crimson, could also be clearly seen from the cockpit of a landing craft a little further away.

Unlike landing craft, they do not descend, but head straight for < >.

"Don't die, is that a line to be told"

Seeing them march straight to < > makes the moment bitter. Whatever you think, they were safer.

"... don't feel bad"

That's where I heard voices coming from the comms. It doesn't belong to the cherry blossoms, it doesn't belong to Sho in the back. It didn't belong to Sola and the others who hadn't even left yet to do something else.

Okay, someone. It belonged to the Duke's coffle, who was to join the battle from the Duke's house in this battle. Apparently, the tweezer had been heard because the comms were turned on.

"You guys should deal with someone who can beat you in a group. We'll crush the big ones so we can't fight. They're too strong for Dada to be assigned to the regular army politically... and they have Aura's sister."

"Nervous... did you look like you were? I didn't think I was that nervous myself..."

"That's how you talk to rap is a sign of nervousness."

To Coffle's point, the moment flickers. People talk about information they don't need when they're nervous.

He points to a sign of tension that he hadn't even noticed himself, and the moment reprimands himself only slightly. In fact, after two massive mass defeats and major failures, these massive battles were unknown and traumatic to him.

After all, even if it's kind of bloody, Coffle has far more life experience than an instant. He was seeing through it. And with a moment of silence, continue in an easygoing manner so that Coffle can reassure him.

'... well, I'll teach you command on the side... originally, it's the way I went too. Now look at my back and move. "

There was some nostalgia seeping through Coffle's voice. That's probably because he came this far, too, looking at the back of a hero. Maybe he was remembering that back. Thus, when I hear such a coffled word, I decide that the moment is sweet to the seniors' words.

"Thank you."

'Oops... then it's a falling point already. All aircraft, change autopilot to landing mode.'

"Roger... Autopilot, change to landing status. Everybody, get ready to go!

Seeing the frozen sea looming in front of him and the adventurers fighting on it, the moment raised his voice as he was ready himself.

Just then. Kate was inside the cockpit of the Magic Conductor checking the war situation and how to operate it. We have little time left to reach our own battlefield. improvised but had to get used to unconfirmed and altered parts.

"Now... show me the status of each ship and each battlefield. Can you do that?"


Along with Aigis' energetic reply, information from each battlefield unfolds on the screen and details are displayed. Following the presentation of wide-area information that could not be done with large demon guidance armor, Kate gave an extraordinary anticipation of the war situation.

"As long as it's done... this red dot is good for the enemy, okay?

Kate asks Aigis for information about a friend she didn't see in the exam. The test of the Magic Conductor on the boulder only confirmed its operation. I didn't see any information about friendly aircraft, etc.

Incidentally, there were about 60 red dots dotted near the city, centered on the sea. In contrast, the blue dots and green dots were swarming in hundreds of units, and it was well understood that both were fighting.

"Jesus! The blue dots are Adventure Department and Duke officials, and Named is Master officials! The green dot is the friendly force!

"You're well..."

Apparently, he was right, and Aigis will give more information to Kite. Kite grinned bitterly at Aigis, who answered with such vigour. but this reason was surprisingly outrageous.

"Jesus! Thousands of years after this was still born! I'm ready to talk!

"I was older than Tina!

It was only a few months ago that the color changed because the appearance resembled that of Tina in her childhood state, so Kate thought she had just been born. I raised my voice unexpectedly to the exact exposure. And at the same time, I'm going to try to hit her with this question.

"But a few months ago, right? I changed colors."

'Oh, that was just so I could put my will on the table. Why? In fact, I've been willing for a long time. "

Aigis in the holograph waves her hand patty, indicating that Kite's perception is a mistake. Note, this is what I found out later on in my research, but it seems tens of thousands of years have passed since the demon stone where Eigis lived was made, and it was one of the oldest demon stones in Enefia. But Kite, who has no reason to know that, turns a blind eye to Aigis' response.

"Shh, I won't be able to crush demon stones easily from now on..."

If any demonic stone has the potential to contain a will, then using it and crushing it is nothing more than a waste of life. Beyond knowing that the will resides in the Demon Stone, it was an ethically problematic behavior as a trader. but Aigis says it more coldly against such a kite.

'Oh, it's okay.' Cause few kids live like me. '

Aigis denies Kate's idea. In the first place, even Tina thought it was an occasional phenomenon in the finest products. Then it will be even more limited among the finest demonic stones. And she further disclosed the speculation made in the discussion she was having with Tina while Kate was away.

'Later, I talked to Mother and concluded, maybe it's just the one in that girl. Oh, Mother is about Master Tina. Because her power has the most to do with me being able to reveal my will. If you think that there was a detonator named Master who had the power to put his will on the table...'

As far as it goes, Kate is convinced. Seeing Kate nod, Aigis reflects Queen Emelia on part of the screen. This is what she said earlier: 'That girl'. And Aigis told me the reason for that guess.

"With the Master at the helm, it is quite possible that Yingjie, such as Mr. Will, and the owners of some of the most powerful forces in the Empire have boarded the ship for many years and are willing to do so if it is the control unit of the ship they have manipulated. Otherwise, there is some possibility that even demonic stones with changed colors are hosting the will. I'm not even sure if my will as a person actually resides. Truncate that very tiny possibility beyond being an exchanger '

Ruthlessly judging the possibility of the emergence of his own compatriots as extremely small, Aigis asks Kite to make a decision as an exchanger. To Koko et al., maybe it was cold because it was the will to live in an inorganic object called the Demon Stone. Kate laughed bitterly and agreed that such a day would come when she would not be taught by the Demon Stone.

"Well...... then let's do that. Well, are they all here?

Having expressed his satisfaction with Aigis' opinion, Kite stops travelling on the plane once to check the surrounding conditions. I saw Al and the others come out just before I dared to make the last assault, so I stopped once and thought I'd keep pace. Then Al and the others lined up right there.

"Al! You can use Ice Dragon!

'Kate! Yeah, I can get there enough!

Ice Dragon rings with a quin, as if responding to Al who answered Kite's query. That was a crystal clear sound that would freeze in spite of the summer afternoon. That's how Kite sends instructions to all the troops he can take command of once.

"Good! Lil, Tine and the others beat the hell out of the top trying to get into the boat until the El Roads and the main team get here! Al! You work with the Sunshine to cancel the Magic Release of < >! Hitachi, these guys are buddies! You don't have to try to throw up a fire!

On the suddenly appearing ice dragon, the sun was alert and the fire was leaking from the edge of his mouth. In response to such a trend, Kate looked forward and stared at < >.

"One leaf, two leaves, three leaves, do you hear me?

"Yes, Master"

Kate uses a comms machine and asks her three daughters to assist her. They were in this battlefield, too.

And by order of Kate, they, wrapped in a demonic guide shell, lagged a little above Kate.

"Probably a lot of blood in the fight from here. A good number of sea demons should come attracted to it. Crusade it all. '

Kate lays down her life against her three daughters. There's a lot of blood going on at the moment, but from now on, we'll be joining ourselves and Al. Then it was obvious that more blood would flow.

If so, more demons will be attracted. Sometimes they didn't want to make the existence of the magic shell too obvious, and they were going to let them deal with it. And with that in mind, Mitsuha raised her delightful voice.

'Master! I mean everything, can I do it!

I knew what I wanted to do. Our mission in this situation is a sweep battle. That was the area where Mitsuha was best at it. If so, there was a possibility that he could shoot all he wanted with Lord's approval. And that's exactly what Kate wanted. So Kite gives permission.

"Allow the use of all arms. Hit me hard enough... but don't hit me on the side, okay?

'Yes! Yay! Fully armed!

On the delightful surface, the three leaves manifest all the armaments given to them by Tina. I couldn't tell how much to use, so it was just the underlying magic shell.

Thus the three-leaf demon guide shell, which unfolds all new and heavy-fired demon guns and turns them into a moving arsenal, becomes massive all around. Two leaves opened their mouths to a sigh of sighing when they saw Mitsuha smiling innocently and abusively on her face when she saw such a boneless appearance.

"Sa. Heh, it's full of purpose. I don't know where to start."

"Don't be too shabby, there's no shortage of gas?

All three of them use their own magic and the uniform used for the magic shell. I was willing to supply the magic from Kite, but I tried not to do anything I could. For those of them who were created to assist the Lord, it was the fall of the Lord to harness his power. And she wasn't the only one who had such a headache for her youngest sister.

'Ha... worst of all, I'll pull it up'

Two sisters get a headache in front of Shagu Mitsuha. Also, I'm worried that Erba won't make a big poke at some point, but I never mentioned that to the boulder here. So instead, I'll make another suggestion to Kite.

"Master, shall I launch a cover attack around Queen Emelia?

More than all of them are flying in the sky, the leaves that are supposed to need escorts are less worried about attacks from the sea demons, and since they cannot be effectively hit by the sea demons that are gathering now, they decided that no cover was needed. That's how Kate concluded, in view of the state of war for a while.

'... asked for it. However, deploy several reinforcement weapons to the escort. The upcoming flying demon is not a guy who can get that high, but in case he shows up, get him into one-leaf cover immediately.'

'Okay. Sister... don't descend too much'

When Erba tells his sister so, he unfolds about 10 sword-shaped flights mounted on his own demonic guide shell around one leaf. This had a pointy tip, so that it could storm and tear its enemies apart.

'I know. You are the one who stays too close to the sea level to fall. "

A leaf guarded by a sword around it sets its aim for an even more impending army of demons using the aiming aid of the Magic Shell. Armed is a sniper gun. I intend to definitely end up with a high-powered attack from the air.

'All right, men, let the battle begin!

Copy that!

"Keep Your Command (Jesus My Lord)"


Everyone responds to Kite's decree in unison. With that in mind, Kite once again maximized the airplane's output and started the assault all at once.