As soon as the Magic Conductor goes off, Tina starts restoring the system. Until now, we've moved the defensive relationship to the main in relation to the Magic Conductor, but if we launch that too, it's this one's turn to fight back later. For that reason, the airship had to move.

"... to the point of becoming. Did the current position supplement system linked to the navigation system malfunction?"

After receiving reports of system checks that had continued since arrival, Tina nodded as convinced. First of all, the current position capture system was a similar technique to GPS, which grabbed the current position from the magic currents of various natural worlds, which I said were ground veins and dragon veins. This is where the error was.

Apparently, once disconnected from the flow by the transfer, the current position became impossible to capture, and after the transfer, it was captured several hundred kilometers away, and the continuity was not grasped and the error was output. The system determined that the navigation was hazardous and the safety device was working as currently unknown.

Tina was checking to make sure that didn't happen, but apparently she made a mistake somewhere because she was in a hurry. Tina decided to rework it for now and work on it later.

"I can't help it...... once I cut the current position capture system. Change the system to manual except for the objects related to the stability of the demon conductor. Soldier system and navigation system all under remaining jurisdiction."

Tina nods when she sees how the monitor is coming back. I switched off the current position capture system that was detecting an error. This made the autopilot unusable, but made navigation possible.

"Tina, do you think you can move?

Enchantment heads to the monitor and asks Tina, who is manipulating the keyboard-shaped magic props. The war conditions I see outside were not very fragrant, and I saw a slight impatience.

"Wait a little longer...... good. It's not supposed to work."

As Tina said, the airship begins its action.

"Hey, dude. We only attacked two ships, right?

Looking out from the airship, Sola asks. The only airships attacking from above were those carrying the Coffles and the Adventurers.

"Half of them let us join the defense of the city here. The rest and the other are fighting at sea. Because I don't want to draw enemies where I don't need them. Plus, if you're dealing with Big Boobs, you can use this ship's turret anywhere near the city. The shooter wanted to make a special golem... well, there's a way."

If Sola looks out again at Tina's words like that, the two remaining airships will snipe a 50-metre class sea demon with precision fire from above. It is far from exhaustive because it suppresses the output, but the Sea Demon opponent had sufficient power.

"Good. Then we'll head to Queen Emelia for the rest. Then the rest go inside the ship and disarm the main gun."

"Hey, why don't you use that main gun yet?

Think of it, it's a staple gun powerful enough to bury such a giant demon with a single blow. I wondered why I hadn't used it before today and why Tina had to go.

"Well, that's obvious. It would be a problem to use such an ultra-high-powered Magic Gun with a commander there. Therefore, I keep the key for the trustworthy to use it."

On modern Earth, Queen Emelia's main cannon is like a nuclear weapon. It was a big problem when it was as easy to use as a single captain. So Tina goes on to explain.

"Specifically Will, a strategist and tactician comparable to the rest. He was also a politician, but he knows best what that power means. In fact, in his reign, he's only used against Rank S demons and catastrophic species, and he can't use them unless he thinks about the aftermath of his death and breaks the shackles strictly imposed by himself. Furthermore, they have invited envoys from other countries to participate in the use of seals that restrict them from being used except by demons. You can't use weapons except against demons."

Praise Will's arm for Tina's shoulder to herself. He also naturally understood the dangers of this weapon well. If you use such an auto part in a war with some country, you will undoubtedly get a total attack from the countries around you. Therefore, it was necessary to give assurances that they would never use anything other than demons.

"What's the key to that?

"Well, the treasure trove of the Imperial Castle is still in the emperor's possession."

"... what are we going to do with that?

Sora tilted her neck. I wondered if I could unlock a door that wouldn't open without a key.

By the way, you can't leave the key with an officer, so the only difficulty is that you have to bring the key. But destructiveness is destructiveness. It was also true that we had to apply as much rigour as that.

"Mm-hmm? Naturally, the rest and Kate have the keys. Kite's not the original captain, is he? What is wrong with you? Look... is that it?

"Hmm? What's up?

Sora tilts her neck as Tina snaps her pockets and then starts checking the different spaces where she is putting things. but you don't mind that, Tina's face just starts to have a bit of a bitter laugh.

"... oh? Oh?

Tina searches for something with Gasagoso, pulling her cheeks together. And Pom, he slapped his hand and connected the comms to Kite.

"Kite. < > Want more keys to the Queen's Roar?

As soon as they heard it, Sola and the others all understood what had happened and stepped on it. Tina has forgotten the most important key to the operation.

"What? You, too, right? Didn't I bring it?

Naturally, but I didn't think about this situation with Kite. I left it as unnecessary. And Tina laughed and told her.

"It looks like you left it in the locker. Suddenly, I forgot."


"Hmm. I don't know if I'll have to hack it."

"Dozo, your system five years ago is like a kid's comfort to you right now, right? Give me the keys, mon. I've never actually seen a general before, so I'm sure you can handle it properly. '

"That's true too...... well, get out of the way a little. I'll connect you to the Queen's bridge and let you know it depends."

Sola and the others nodded with a cramped face at the two who decided the obvious and the alternative, and moved from front of the monitor for now. With that in mind, Tina returns to what she is and connects the comms.

"This way Major Sophitia Mildin, a central experimental unit belonging to the Duke McDawell family. Queen Emelia, come in."

"Queen Emelia Bridge this way. Can I help you, Major Sophitia?

"The circular may have already been given, but the use of the main guns has been ordered by His Excellency the Kuzha deputy. But I haven't used it in 100 years. Therefore, I think it is necessary to examine the system once. The rest of you are reading the technical materials that the Duke's house has, so why don't you head over there?"

"Please wait a moment"

Apparently, the operator alone could not make a decision, and the time opens for a moment to ask for Cayenne's instructions. But this is the situation with the boulders. Permission seems to have gone down immediately, and communication will begin again.

"This way Queen Emelia. I will receive the Major's request. but the fleet is currently engaged with multiple sea demons. Do you need to turn some of the city's escort fleet around to cover you?

"No, that's not necessary. Two battleship-sized airships will head that way. Then put two airships on your ship's escort until the main cannon is ready."

Copy that. I'll send word to each ship.

"Uhm. I asked for it"

The discussion ends immediately and Tina begins to move half of the airship with it. And the airship reached over Queen Emelia in a matter of minutes, even as it suffered several attacks by sea demons on the road.

"Good. Then I'll ask you later. I'll check the system from the ship for the rest. but wait to get out. Later."

"Ooh... then, everybody, prepare to descend!

Hearing Tina's words, Sora panicked into the landing craft. Even though the boulders had support from airships, there were countless monsters surrounding them, and even more flying demons were gathering. So Tina first descends while covering the landing craft with magic, and Sola and the others intend to descend using the landing craft.

"Then we open the tarrap!

Confirm everyone has boarded and Tina accesses the launch system of the landing craft from the outside.

"Okay, let's go!

That said, Tina and the landing craft jumped to the sea, which was the most intense battle.

Meanwhile, the moment we got down to the battlefield, we were being coached by adventurers far more experienced than ourselves.

"Kid, don't move too much into fighting your enemies! If you are the leader of a group, look around first!


The moment nodded in two replies to a man's shout who reached the middle-aged range. It was the head of the guild, apparently based in this city, who instantly raised his voice so.

When he saw that the moment was the head of a group but the command was unfamiliar, he accidentally raised his voice. And his anger continues even further.

"Hey! Kid over there! You're his deputy! You're not running around fine! Mind your hit-and-away so you can reduce the risk to your people! This isn't a stand-alone fight! Don't try to be active and protect your people!

"Huh! Ha!

Both Moments and Sho are in the athletic department, and they are planted more about the relationship between up and down than anyone else. Therefore, we will honestly accept the sudden allegations and try to improve them. When I saw those two, Coffle laughed bitterly.

"Thanks for the help. Yeah, I told you, in this situation, it was subtle if you could do it."

"Well...... I knew my no brother was no brother. Well, it's not your husband. Can you help it?"

"Shut up! I'm sorry to be with those monsters!

Coffle yells at Yuhara for not doing it. Those two spare men, but now they were crusading a demon that seemed to be 50 meters long in a breathtaking combination play unique to their brothers and sisters. A Rank A demon, he decided to intervene here when he saw that the boulder was too much for adventurers.


"Ho ho"

They land at the same time, and as they are, Coffle wields a one-handed sword, and Yuhara swings his two-sword up. So, the sea demon was able to smash it.

The two accidentally glanced at the sight they saw as they turned around. An additional 100 demons were looming there. It was not strong as an individual force, but it was numerous. It could have had an unnecessary impact on this front as it is.

"Wow, you can eat whatever you want."

"Ugh. Are you coming any further... Shit. We're not gonna do this together."

"I wonder if it's possible."

The other faces of the Duke's family had already destroyed each of them against the sea demons beyond the reach of each adventurer, and there were about two of them in the loophole.

So when the siblings so decide, they jump to sea level at once. but their bodies don't sink. They stood, as they were, on the sea.

"Yuhara! Cover me from the rear!

"Yes, yes! Then I will go with no direct bitterness from your husband!

The preceding coffle begs Yuhara for cover, and Yuhara takes the bitterness out of her skirt. Thus, the brothers and sisters began unrivalled against the 100 bodies that appeared as reinforcements.

"Is that... is that good?

"Oh, yeah, that's good. Take a look."

On the battlefield, which I managed to regain thanks to the Duke's face and Olivia and the others, the moment asks the senior guild master about such a sight.

Then he nodded pointing to a place on the battlefield. There, personnel from the Duke's house under Coffle were slaughtering giant demons on single rides.

"The history of the Duke's house is all these demons in the first place. Then they're out of control. It doesn't matter if you hang on to destroy it alone. Hey, kid. Do you bother giving them every single instruction until you deal with a bunch of goblins?


We do not give the weakest demons instantaneous instructions. Because it's more laborious to do that, and it's dangerous. It is a burden for the Commander to give instructions to the opponent that each member is sure to win.

Professionals are professionals because they lose their hands where they lose their hands. This means getting out of work, not in the sense of things like that, but out of power.

If you're taking it all seriously, it's too much of a burden. I wish I could, but that's unfortunately impossible as long as I'm a person. That's impossible even for the kites. That is why we do not exercise command in situations where there is no need to dare to command even momentarily.

"Captain Coffle and the others have been around 300 years since this city was created. I've been protecting this land that the brave men left behind. It's a limited story, but the experience will be beyond brave. Then the phase of receiving one more instruction is over. Then, yeah, you're right to intervene across the battlefield. Eliminate the overall damage."

While fighting on the battlefield, the senior guild master instantly teaches direction to his own guild and adventure ministry - which he decided was more certain - and the moment wished for.

That, the moment engraves into my heart. Anything you don't have enough for you, you absorb it greedily. That was his taste.

"But now you guys are at a stage where you need that command. Kid, you and some others are beyond me if that means simple combat ability. But I don't have enough experience... learn a lot from my ancestors' backs. I didn't realize this until I inherited the Alliance from my predecessors, so I don't have the right to tell you... maybe even the brave ones did."

"... Yes"

In terms of simple combat abilities alone, it is true that the moment was beyond him. That the senior guild master admits it honestly, and on top of that, points out that it's not enough.

Nothing. The commander doesn't have to be as attack-specific as he is. In terms of strength alone now, a far higher adventurer belonged to his guild. But the fact that you have a high ability to fight alone does not mean that you have a high command capacity. Otherwise, it would be a good story for the Alliance Master simply if the powerful were to serve.

"I also took over the guild before checking it out... Besides the brave Hermes, there was a captain named Hexen. Probably because I was watching that back, even if I led the brave army later, I did it. It's not just the hands of demon emperors and emperors. That would tell you about those two armies."

"Yes... what is it"

He talks about what little is known, what you wouldn't know if you didn't find out for yourself. Besides, I returned the instant in a slightly understandable and unclear voice. Besides, the senior guild master laughed bitterly.

"Well... I'd love to hear it, but when the brave return, do, or when you guys return to Japan, ask."

Naturally, he doesn't know there's a kite on this battlefield. That's why he instantly tells by seeping in his longing for Kite, who was the head of the legion, not Kite, who bombarded his martial name.

But if there was a kite on the spot, kite would admit his guess. Kite walked on the battlefield, looking at Hexen's back more than once, listening to Hermes' commentary. It was only by looking at the backs of those two that he led the army and did it satisfactorily.

"Well... then, kid. It's not a very good situation to let your forces play. Bye. You attack the right wing once. So, come back. Your flavor now is to play. Good for Hit and Away"


At the behest of the senior guild master, moments storm at once as instructed. And so the moments went on fighting even further.