A few days after Mel and the others traveled from the city of Maxwell. The kites were being chased by a different kind of busyness. Needless to say, I was busy preparing for an impending trip a few days later.

"Aura, it's done."

Yayoi came in with a paper bag in one of the private areas where Fujiko lived in connection with the Duke's house and the Dukes of Kite. Inside, Aura and Kuzha, as well as other maids traveling to the sea with Kate, were in a great hurry to prepare for the trip.

With all the arrangements we made, our preparations became the last. As much as I was ashamed to be a maid of honor, this would also be tantamount to a left-hand testimony of Kate's return. So while I was in a hurry, everyone was having a little fun. As such, when Aura receives the paper bag from Yayoi, she checks the contents.


"What do you say?"


Aura checks the contents and sticks the V-sign forward to compliment Yayoi on his outstanding work. Apparently, her glasses were ready to be fulfilled, and Yayoi was satisfied when she saw them.

"Now Kite is also Ichikoro"

Aura tries to look good from the top of her clothes several times and asks Yayoi to confirm it. And when I saw it, Yayoi blurred just a little, and snapped.

"Shall I wear one of these..."

"Oh, the two of us... sounds like fun"

"That might be nice, too."

The swimsuit that we are looking at is not a product that can be used for color tricks, but we do not realize that it is different from the original use of both of us. Well, originally Aura didn't think anything other than Kate's temptation, so it's in line with its original use, I'd say.

"Then also call Meese..."

The two people who relax and chat like that seem to have fun discussing it, but Kuzha, the sister-in-law of the other, could not have been that accommodating. That needless to say, there was nothing else because I saw Aura's swimsuit.

"Damn... if I had those breasts... I can't shake a sleeve without them. I only seduce your brother with clarity!

"Dear Kuzha, that one doesn't have breasts anymore..."

"You're trying to bring in something similar!

"No, more than that..."

"Uh... Fine, are you serious about that?

It is not clear here what the swimsuits together are. But at least it seemed to pose a tremendous threat to Kuzha and some other maids. Several maids were nosy at Fine's words.

"Yeah, it's better, isn't it? Oh, Master Kuzha. Please don't wear such remarkable underwear. Yes, I did."

That was how Fine answered such a maid flatly, but he unwittingly waits to see the rather loreg underwear Kuzha wrapped up in the depths of the bag looking important. But Kuzha told him with a serious face about it.

"Fine... but without this degree, you can't seduce your brother, can you?

Everyone was starting to develop a hobby because there were quite a few women around Kate lately. Running out is unacceptable, but no one was reluctant to step forward where they could instead. Especially thanks to the fact that the cherry blossoms also blew out or took a step further forward. And it was an act of remembering a threat.

And, seeing such a kuzha, it seems that the squire was also affected. I only thought about it a little bit and took out my underwear, which I regretted only why I bought it from my costume shelf.

"... right. Well, I'll take this one..."

"... Fine. Whatever it is..."

I don't care what you think, Kuzha asks silently. That was more remarkable than Kuzha's. Even though it had no function as underwear, it appeared to be out of cloth. In short, I couldn't hide where I had to hide it. Against such a lord, Fine asks a little.

"... no, is it?

"… let me know the results"


After a slight silence, Kuzha lowers her permission. Thus, in the absence of Kite, the principal decides to conduct a strange experiment on Kite. It's a long trip. I had as much time to try. Thus, after this, the preparation of a swirling trip with various intraoperative rights plans different from those of the court continued.

Just about the same as that. Preparations being made at the Duke's residence were naturally also made at the Alliance Home of the Adventures Department.

"Uh, okay? Until we..."

"Fine, Dad and Grandpa are good," he said.

Such is Nanami and her brother Colin, who came by chance to see Sola. They had come to Maxwell for the use of the village chief of Minad, but along with it, they followed him as part of a social studies tour.

It should be noted that Nanami hasn't smelled like a pain in the ass for some time now, but it was meant for Sola. Even though Yuri has been forced to do so, the correspondence continues. Then there was a reason why those two decided to go on a trip with the kites.

"Oh, I don't mind. I'll be in quite a bit, except for the crew...... Shiloe, are you sure you don't want to go? You're part of the adventure club, so don't hesitate. If I had the gold, it wouldn't matter.

"I take care of these kids, and there are some kids like me who are going to wake up. I can't leave you alone."

In response to Kite's interrogation, Shiloe answered by interrupting her interaction with the girl once. Originally, a comfort trip was also available for Shiloe, but since some of the mourners she led saw a change, this time she shunned. If you give it to her, the mourners will be a family, a long-time acquaintance. I wanted to give this one priority over my first trip in a long time.

I gave the empty seat to Nanami and Colin, who came by accident. They sniffed out Nanami's relationship with Sora and Yuri about what kind of sense of smell it was.

"Ok... well, I'm going to do it regularly in the fall and winter, so they're coming with me next time,"

"Yes, please"

Seeing such a siloe, Kate laughs bitterly and decides to admit the remnants. It's true that you want me to come, but this is not something to be forced upon. And in relation to requests from other countries, there's no way to deflect a trip. That's how I decided that Nanami would be sweet with your words after seeing such an exchange between the two.

"Really...... ok. Then I'll get you ready in a hurry. Colin, you don't have to get ready, just hang out in the yard. I'm gonna go buy it out now."

"All right!"

When she told Colin that, Nanami ran back to the inn where she was staying. It should be noted that Colin was left for the most natural reason because it would get in the way. It was with the world everywhere that shopping with children would only be a hassle. Thus, after Nanami leaves, one of the children raises his voice in envy toward Kite.

"Hey guys, you're traveling. Fine."

"Ooh, souvenirs, look forward to it"

"Me sweets!

"I can play with something!

"Whoa, I got this."

To the children who spoken souvenirs, Kate stroked his head with gasp and nodded. As such, Kate took care of several more children.


"Ugh! Big spin in the air!"


"Second servant!

"You can still take care of yourself."

Seeing Kite play around a lot with the kids, Sora tells them with a tired face that Yuri and Nanami had been made to carry their baggage until earlier.

The two are basically close if Sora has nothing to do with it. Well, we're both laying Sola on our asses, I suppose.

"Well, I still have a lot of siblings."

Kite answers such Sola's words as she plays with her children. Kate's mother doesn't have many relatives, but her father has had as few relatives in recent years. It was also a familiar way to take care of younger people, as Kate falls into the category of older people. But there are limits to that, too. That went on for about an hour, and that kite fell into the chair, too.

"... right here..."


Originally this guild home was a safe house for kids that lasted from generation to generation, so the kids go up quite a few. Naturally, many of those children are about 5 years old and play with the safety of unpredictable children. I was naturally tired. Seeing such a kite, the children turned back more.

"Brother, it's sloppy. Is that how you can't be an adventurer?


"Colleen. Let's play catchball over here together - dude!

"Oh! Hehe, I'll show you the strength of growing up in the woods with these weak bastards over here!

Kite doesn't say anything to those kids. If you'll leave me alone, I'm glad.

"Good day."

To such a kite, Nanami calls me again over the course of the past hour to drive me as a luggage holder, and Sola, who was equally exhausted, raises one hand and takes the labor. There, the charm passes the water to Kite.

"Good luck"

"Oh, sorry...... ha"

Kite contained a sip of water and took a breath. I was tired but somewhere seemed to have fun and was satisfied with my face. Kate likes to play with kids. Had the child been pleased, he would still have been happy. In response to such a kite, Makoto inquired about the preparations for the trip.



Kate answers the enchanting inquiry with a bitter smile. Actually, I didn't need to prepare any kites, so I ended them rather than finished them, but I'm right. It was the maids of the Duke's house and Tsubaki who refused to make kite ready.

By the time Kate returned to the Duke's residence to prepare her luggage, she had already been prepared by Tsubaki and had a huge trunk at the entrance to Kate's private room.

"Yes...... hey, fun?

"... sort of. He's still a man."

Seeing only the slightly lit face of the charm, Kate understands what she is referring to. She was talking about the women's swimsuits, including herself. And Kite answers that in a slightly lit way as well. Kite and I are men. It couldn't have been less heartfelt in the swimsuits of the beautiful girls. When I heard that, Meizi nodded happily.

"Yeah, I know that very well. Well, hope so."

"Let's do that."

Such a couple conversations, but naturally such peace is not tolerated at all times. As a matter of course, things flew against Kite. Kate caught it with one hand without difficulty. There was no danger, but there was no way they wouldn't be mad at me for throwing things at them. Incidentally, what was thrown was a portable disposable cup to put drinks in.


"Ah. Wally, my hand slipped"

Having said that, a certain boy student apologizes to Kite with a very good smile. In contrast, Kite also asks with a grin.

"... good speed for a slippery hand, huh?

"... let the top girls in the school be samurai and thank God it's done to this extent."

The moment a boy student approaches and receives a cup from Kite, such a conversation takes place in an instant. He wasn't listed as the most important danger figure on all of the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School blacklists in Dada.

"Ha, no, sman. Bye."

"Be careful, man."

But at the moment of departure, the two of them - just the expression - split up sneerily. To such a kite and a boy student, I only thought of the surroundings again or to some extent. It was common. So after that conversation, Kate sat back in the garden chair again and sighed.

"Ha... you've been getting a lot lately"

"I didn't think the day would come when I knew how you felt..."

Sora sighed against Kite's twinkle. In fact, he was similarly annoyed by a boy student when he returned to his Adventure Department guild home. The reason is simple. Because it is a flower in both hands.

"Uh, speaking of which, you're on the blacklist, too. Yuri, you're jealous of a guy who likes that because he's home and he's a good cook... he's got big breasts."

Boops, and Meizi shrugged only small at the end. It wouldn't be my fault that something resentful was on there. No matter how many best friends, it seems the boobs were enemies.

Incidentally, a certain number of fans exist in such enchantments as well. With a rusty personality and a fairly wide range of connections for both men and women, the charm garment was a healthy appearance and quite famous home and had earned fans. And to such fascinating words, Yuri leans his neck at the lack of interest.

"Damn. Well, if Sora's gonna like it, then no."

"Don't think I can stay that way... well, you're better than Kate"

"I guess so. Anyway, I'm letting Cherry Blossom keep Tina and other beautiful girls samurai, so you want to complain about one of them."

"She's pretty enough for me."


Kate has no say whatsoever in charming clothes that she sees as inferior to Tina and the others, and affirms clearly. In contrast, Enchantress was delightfully lit. Seeing the two best friends like that, Yuri seemed happy with Meizuma, and Sola told Kate in a shuddering mix.

"Charming, good for you"

"Are you serious about naturalizing? No, it's after you get into it."

"I hear someone's tutoring has been successful somewhere."

From time to time it was Kate's best friend, the former Saint Knight, who said tightly, as a compliment. His words were apparently deeply stained with kite. Yuri says bitterly about the cause of the femininity that is making so many women cry, including such best friends.

"I think it should fit the blood festival once."

"Don't worry. He's already dead. Well, his habits are better than his."

In Yuri's words, Kate speaks pleasantly, without feeling anything. If I tried to meet him, I would see him without a lot of effort due to the application of the force used in the second tournament, so I didn't feel separately lonely.

Incidentally, in the case of Kite, it was the words of the emperor of the two best friends, who was poorer quality because he stumbled in regardless of young or old. Then we chatted about the trip for a while, but, uh, asked Yuri what he was concerned about.

"Speaking of which... what about the laundry over there or something?

"Oh, I was wondering, too, is it a hotel? Inn?"

Why Yuri cares about laundry is because the travel period is super long: one month. The outfit was certainly more important than meeting people. I'll make it clear to you that there's no problem with Kate laughing at both of them.

"Laundry is fine. There's a washing machine over there, a 10-story resort hotel. I borrowed a whole building."

"A whole building!?

Besides, Kite, who flat out wouldn't normally do anything big rich, glances at Meizuki and Yuri with great surprise. but against those two, kite inquired with a bitter smile.

"Kuzha and the others are in the same hotel, right? Finally, how many people do you think will be on this trip?

"Huh? Including Kuzha and the others...... about 150 people?

"Sola, answer"

"Ah? Surely there were only 300 students at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School?

All of a sudden, the water is pointed at me, and I'm Sora, but I follow my memories and tell her the answer. This was when he asked me to attend the Duke's meeting if he wanted to.

"That's right. It's a 400-man camp, including teachers and scumbags."

"Huh? When did you get that much more?

Initially, I heard that less than 100 students in the Adventure Department were Kuzha - this one had already heard of both Attraction and Yuri - and that it would consist of faculty of pull rates, but I didn't know why it would more than double. Besides, Kate started talking inside out.

"The Kingdom of Artemisia is a tourist country. I wanted to hear from a variety of perspectives, and I had a conversation at a meeting a while ago. Then talk to the rest of the students at the school. Then we got together quite a bit."

As a result of discussions with the other side on budget related matters, it was decided to let it float by renting a whole hotel run by the Duke's family. By accompanying Kuzha and the others, we were able to afford to rent one. As such, Kite goes on and on.

"Well, it doesn't matter who he is, unconditionally. As a result of conditioning, about half of the remaining students participated."


"Let's do a band."

I lean my neck on Kite, who answered smallly and terminally, both Meizuke and Yuri. To those two, with Kate smiling bitterly, I tell them.

"Practice playing instruments or chorus or something. Whatever the genre."

Naturally, after going to the kingdom of Artemisia, he had to follow the other side's request and travel to various places, where he had to show the bards and nobles the art of Japan.

The detention time was a cumulative week or so, but it was necessary to keep one weapon at the disposal of the remaining students in the school who did not have a story to tell compared to the Adventure Department students. That was the music. In a month, it would be enough to be at least visible, was the decision.

"Look, you got some music balls, right?


Following Kite, Sora asks the two of them. Tama and I were one of the music teachers enrolled in the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School and a pretty young female teacher. Since he was a casual teacher with the students, he was called Tama by the students in a friendly way.

She thinks it's not like a little teacher who moves quietly is cute and adorable as a cat.

"Tama said she's one of the rates for this one."

"What, are you okay? Are you crying?

"By now, it'll be tearful."

When I heard Sora's words, Meizuki and Yuri sighed and wished Tamako and Dr. Tamogawa well in their condition.