Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 318: The Conditions of Heroes - Those Who Supported Heroes

A few days after the adventure department and the Duke's family face were ready. Faces of the Duke's house were doing a call-up in front of the Adventure Department's guild home.

"Yes, group D students for a year."

A certain maid raises her voice and waves the flag. In addition to the number of people, they moved on a class basis as part of the school's activities.

That said, there are exceptions to everything. That was the upper level of the adventure department. They plan to work together because they have meetings with the teachers of the rate and other personnel.

By the way, all the maids here are maids of the Duke's house. There's also a mix of faces that don't know who Kate is. They are also scheduled to accompany us on this trip. At the same time, Tina wanted to do a major renovation of the Duke's mansion at this time - but only the interior, including magic defenses, etc. - so it was necessary to reduce the number of personnel as far as possible so as not to disturb her. Of course, it was important to take care of Aura and Kuzha.

"Long time no see, cherry blossoms, maple"

"Long time no see, Grandpa Maple"

"Grandpa, body, were you okay?

With a favorable grin that hasn't been around for a long time, Principal Sakurada speaks to Sakura, her granddaughter and her best friend. Besides, because cherry blossoms are not in the work of the Adventure Department, I answered in the usual way Principal Sakurada calls them. Principal Sakurada nods with laughter at an inquiry from his granddaughter, who was thus further questioned.

"Um, we're all working hard, but we can't have a grandfather who's over 60 high going to sleep. Besides, I've seen a lot of things since I've been here, and I don't feel like I'm young."

"Principal Sakurada. I'm sorry about this one."

There, Kate apologizes. He was explaining the circumstances. But against such a kite, Principal Sakurada shook his head with a bitter smile.

"No, thank you the other way around. The faculty have been quite tired lately. I appreciate a breath here."

"Really...? Thank you."

I don't know most students, no, except those who know who Sola and Sakurada Kate are, but this trip is realized in a way that is completely caught up in aristocratic commotion. We have information from Kuzha and the others, but it was no surprise what happened, beyond the fact that we knew little about them. So it was Kate's apology. In response to such a kite, Yuri and Kuzha made clear.

"Lyon is not a child who harms folk grass without darkness."

"That kid hated himself, but he was supposed to be a candidate for the Crown Prince. There was hope, and enough talent. He didn't have a bad head rotation, and he had the art of standing up his men. He was eager to take on the crown prince from both the people and the military because he looked good enough, but, well, he didn't want it in person."

The son-in-law of the first princess of the present kingdom of Artemisia was the first prince of the Empire of Entesia. Originally, it was the princess of his wife who should have dowried, but Lion hated his reign in the emperor and joined his son-in-law in a manner close to running away. That's how Kite asks about the bitter laughter.

"I can do it. Were you married?

"I wonder if it's true to say that at the same time I fit forcibly into my daughter's son-in-law. Well, naturally I rubbed it, and vice versa, but Kuzha was eager to get along with her parents and kids."

I told Yuri with a bitter smile that I remembered a few years ago, but she was also quite enthusiastic about getting along. They apparently found a girl comic development against Lion, who ran off as well, and they both put their shoulders quite enthusiastically. To those two, Kite laughs bitterly.

"That's Yuri, too, isn't it?

I won't deny it.

"Well, that's good. We have no desire for power. In the first place, the Imperial Empire doesn't want to rush down to the upper throne. I wonder if he's a nobleman."

"It's also amazing as a country that the Empire itself cares little in the first place. Thanks to you, I'm in the middle of a huge rub with the right to inherit the throne, but my citizens were laughing at the pub all night long. Lion did something similar to the king."

"Political marriage in the first place. What's so good about it? He was in a state. I have a saying that it's approximate... the imperial flag is there... I don't want to think about the hard work of the diplomats. Don't even worry about my rules. If you're a hero, you're on the right path... and you don't think you're a king anymore. But well... Otherwise, is there any fool who would stipulate in Article 1 of the Constitution the right to treason against the King as law? Well, the rush is a little twisted."

Kate and Yuri laugh bitterly at the too much tide of the Empire. If you think of it as a country, you usually have to value courtesy as an aristocrat. Besides, I'm not pointing a blade at the king, so it's outside. It's what's causing the disorder.

But that won't happen. Because order is disturbed at a time when rebellion occurs even without the law. Whether there is a law or not, the rebellious wake up. Apart from whether it is the seizure of the throne or outrage for folk grass.

If it is usurpation, the king punishes it as a king's duty, and thinks of the truthful people, but if it is the wrath of the late, the king is not the king. It is only then that the old kingdom should perish, and a new hero should raise the kingdom, or raise the righteous king to rebuild the kingdom.

So no one has cared about Article I since the founding of the country. Never before has this obligation been exercised. Because there are still enough kings left.

"The country knew the rules weren't absolute, so I don't know... well, I can't help it"

"As a person, the right path is different from following the rules. The country rots at some point. The rules made by that country can't be right. Evil laws will also become law again, and it is enough for fools to obey. From the people to be attached, it's a good nuisance. By the time the law goes through, there's no such thing as order."

Both Yuri and Kate know equally the secrets the royal family holds. Because I'm in a position to be informed. So we both tell each other the obvious with only a few admonitions.

As a matter of course, there was a country before the Empire. All the first nobles were rebels to that huge empire. The first king was the king of the rebels. Knowing the cause of the disturbance in the order of that empire, he gave rebel permission to the aristocrats he trusted in order to make mistakes he could not see.

Go down the path you think you are right, not rules or order. This is the policy of the First King. He imposed on all the nobles what seemed easy and difficult. While both Kate and Yuri called the first king with such a ridiculous policy an idiot, they did not, however, consider him a fool.

"As much as your majesty, some of you probably didn't understand that. That's why, your word. Break the order. To create a new order... if the rules are corrupt, you heroes will break them. Nobles have a duty to keep order. But heroes are responsible for breaking order. I don't mind being somewhat arbitrary. I'll forgive you for what you've done, nothing else. d Break order flashly. Me, my kids, they're people. Make a mistake. And you don't have to involve the people. If you're about to get caught up in this, you have a duty to stop it..."

Yuri mumbles about what the first king said in his inaugural speech. This was something that everyone who was born and raised in the Empire knew. And this is why the First King gathered tremendous trust from the people. He made it clear that he was not an absolute, and that he was with the people.

If you look at it as a king, it would be a 0 point speech. But this is his king's testimony. It was also the reason why the first nobles were intoxicated by him. There will probably be few kings in history who place as much trust in their men as he does. I was naturally intoxicated.

He has never thought of himself as a king in his life. He said he was just summing it up as the head of the group. The only words to describe it were simply 'kings'.

"Me, I'd appreciate that. I can only go the right way. I just got it because they told me that even if I had this status. I'm not even going to protect you. I don't even have to. And even if it's patriotic, I don't know about loyalty. I'm a descendant of a man I fell in love with, so I'll just hang my head in the royal family."

Kate laughs at Yuri's words, a national style that suits her. When I heard Kate say those words, Yuri nodded with a childish grin like she used to.

"That's Kite. I don't care about other people's rules. Have you also learned how to be polite? I'll do what I want. Don't think it's easy for you to keep your head down because you're a king."

"Dude... you're a dictator then"

"No, you're not, you're not a hypocrite. Because I want to, I will. I don't want to, so I won't. Right?"

"You can't deny it. I am good for me. [M] No moral correctness. I don't know. That's me."

A fierce grin peeled off her fangs at Yuri's words as Kate seeped through her absolute confidence. Seeing it, Yuri laughed again, childish as she used to.

"It's selfish."

"Both the brave and the duke are in a position where a little bit of my self is forgiven. Still, it's better than His Majesty's selfishness to destroy the country and make it, isn't it?

To Yuri's words she told with a laugh, Kate can only admit with a bitter smile. The embodiment of the words of the First King. He who breaks order as a hero while preserving order as a nobleman. Biggest contradiction. That was the kite the folk grass wanted, and the way the kite was.

And so was Will, the ancestor of Zhongxing, the first king who was interested in this country. Some selfishness on their part would be adorable. Heroes leave me somewhat more than just being a person. He grasped it, and the first king therefore forgave his soul in his name.

So, as long as neither Kate nor Will went too far, I was forgiven. The destruction of some arbitrary order is one of the prerogatives of heroes, so.

That was how the two of us had such a conversation, but in the meantime the gathering of students continued and was over at some point.

"Now, move everyone"

"Well, was it over?"

"Shit. I'm not working."

Kite and Yuri laugh bitterly when they see the students whose cherry blossoms have hung the decree and started travelling to the departure site of the airship. I was obsessed with chatting and completely forgot my job. Seeing that, Kite rushes back to the conductor's assistant in a bit of a hurry.

Well, it's been so long since we've both floated, I guess. Looks like Kuzha took care of herself and left it there. So, as Yuri looked at Kate's back, she snapped.

"Hey, kite. How many people have that absolute confidence?... Only those who go our way can have enough heroes. Those who only obey because they are rules are fools who are just blind. Because you're right after thinking about it, I obey. That must be the case with heroes. He who judges for himself is called a hero. So those of us who admire heroes can also believe that the path is the right oneā€¦"

The fact that few people combine the conditions under which heroes can be enough was more understandable than anyone else because she has led a number of promising young people as teachers. Few can claim their own goodness to be right compared to the social order and their own goodness. That is what Yuri understood in the last 300 years.

This was a crush, because she's like that. That's how her crush goes on.

"Hey, kite. If Kate is lost, I'll stand by you. I won't even give this to Tina. My only privilege. I understand the path you want to take. It's on kite that I die. I die with Kite. You can't just leave Kite and die. So... don't worry."

She's the only one who knows what this Yuri thinks. I'm not going to tell her. Because it just shows in action. That's why her two names are < >. These were two synonymous names of those who supported her as well, praising her as the greatest understander of the brave Kate, synonymous with the brave.

That's how she sat on her shoulder so that her gaze would be the same as those she supported, and she went on her first trip with him in 300 years.

"The airship used this time is not a passenger aircraft type. Well, that's why I'm not letting you be heavily armed. At best, the threat to the young Tenryu.

Tina narrates in a low voice during the journey from the departure site of the airship to the airship. This airship was still one of her works.

The total length was about 80 meters slightly larger than the planet's passenger aircraft, and because of the large number of passengers on board, there were windows that could be seen outside each location. That's how Tina goes on.

"We're not going to name the ship because we're going to make it as a mass production type with the development name and model number."

"For sale to travel and transport agencies, you mean?

"Uhm, because military large-scale transport airships are also being developed in the Valtard Empire. If it is a living product, small boats are already sold. Then we intend to further develop large-scale transport machines for companies and revitalize their distribution to various locations. This is not the prototype. There are 100 crew members per ship. We're not going to use four ships this time."

As always, the idea was to combine the monitoring by using a prototype and to write off the costs incurred by listening to the results. That said, even as a single daily gold coin per person, it could otherwise be consumed in hundreds of Mithrill silver coins if other labor costs were included in the round trip of four days. I could say that I was well placed to profit.

And information and user opinions are intangible property. Even with that opinion, it's better to get it from a variety of places. If that's what you're trying to distribute, that's especially true. Against Tina like that, Kate asks.

"What are the prospects of selling?

"Well, you're not a bummer. Although it has not yet been announced, quite a few inquiries have come from companies that use dragon cars, etc. to transport to various locations, and companies that have come up with travel plans to travel to distant places."

It's not like Enefia doesn't have a trip to enjoy either. Except if it permeates the public at large. It took a lot of money to prepare for the demonic attack, the difficulty of arranging a distant inn, and only the aristocrats could travel cheaply.

In addition, if you are a very wealthy citizen because of the development of airships and the establishment of communications networks by magic, I will mention once and for all that there has been a price drop until you can travel if you are a little unable to do so.

"Well, something like that. Let the Duke's carriers and travel agencies use it for the time being to make achievements."

"I guess that's good. For the time being, we'll be transporting fast with the northern demon territories."

We couldn't discuss it until hours, so they cut up the conversation and boarded the airship.