Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 320: Travel - Arrival -

The arrival of the fleet of four airships should not in itself be a major disturbance. Yet the departure site of the airship had been in the midst of a major disturbance since before the arrival of the airship. Grasping it from inside the airship, Kate sighed.


Exhale loudly, and Kate drops her shoulder. A few more minutes later. When the spacecraft landed and descended the spacecraft talap and descended into the earth, I knew better what was going on around the noise than I could see through the spacecraft window.

Well, of course. The whole thing is a friendly country, or a Glaia equal to the imperial mother-in-law who is a protectorate. Besides, Kolong (Elder Dragon) stepped on top of it. It was inevitable that this would happen. It was still 300 years ago with Kate, and since then, it has been gathered from time to time, so there is little confusion, but if this is another country, it is certain that it is a mayhem.

That said, the cover-up did not require so much difficulty. Kuzha and the others are all going on vacation, so I told them, and they joined me on the way, and that was the end of it. It's no surprise that we think about it as a surprise because our old friends get together.

"Well, it's still good because you guys come here every now and then..."

Seeing the glares receiving a great welcome from the royal family, Kite snapped into a sigh mix. And after a frequent sigh, Kate tells the grinning mix to the shitty and dispersed glaias from the welcome.

"Anyway, get down in the dragon. That's more dignified."

"Then will you even make more fancy machines? If you paint it crimson, it will seem excessive."

"You'll be mistaken for a bee royal."

"It would be a similar one. The rest is designated Mother of the Nation on her own."

"So is that. Well, this is for the general public. Even now, luxury goods are luxury goods, so understand where they are."

"Yeah, it would be. Anyway, it's my concubine's sister. It can't be otherwise."

Kite smiled slightly at Tia, who looked just a little obstinate. I was just a little stubborn that Kate had moved on such a spacecraft (toy) instead of herself. Tina and Tia looked a lot like each other when they stuck around in strange places. That said, I can't waste any time. So Kate asks Kuzha for instructions.

"Well... Kuzha, can you ask me to contact the hotel?

"Yes, brother. Fine, can I have it?

"Yes, sir."

By the way, the total command of this trip is ostensibly Kuzha. Kate was the head of the Adventure Department under Kuzha's command. So Kate was adding the hassle of commanding Kuzha. Thus, hearing Fine's reply, Kate inquired of the Glaia and the others.

"Can I have your room?

Originally, the room that is given to him - principally with a separate room on the lower floor - is the finest V.I.P room on the top floor. Kuzha and the others are staying here with us - rather than nominally Kuzha and Aura's - but there was still room to spare.

Besides from Graia and Tia, Kuzha and the others are Tina's family, i.e. it's family to them as well. When they were with Kuzha and the others, they stayed in the same room, so there was nothing wrong with Glia and the others staying together. Therefore, they also gave their consent without much thought.

"Yeah, that's why I even got my concubines dressed in kite's luggage."

"Tsubaki, was it? Let's get ready and thank you."


"Good, Kite's squire, but I'll let you take whatever reward you want. If anything happens, tell the concubines."

"No, I was with your husband's guest until I heard what he wanted. If you want a reward..."

"No, you don't have to shy away, do you? You should say anything. Whatever, I can do it."

Kate tells Tsubaki that she is reluctant. For labor, it's Kate's creed. I don't mind if I fart any further, but I thought it would also be necessary to tell you from the Lord. And the Tsubaki, who received such a kite's words, closed his eyes just to think about it a little bit, and turned to Kite, and this is what happened.

"Um... then, your husband. Can you give me a hug?

"... uh, when you get in the room, okay?

I know exactly what would happen if Kate and I hugged a maid clothed girl like Tsubaki in such a crowd environment. I didn't expect it to come this way, but I suggested it to Tsubaki. As much as I wanted you to hug me, there was no reason not to ask.


"Kite, they're all ready."

Cherry blossoms then spoke to Kite, who was preparing various more hands. She was checking the status of the personnel aboard the other spacecraft and was taking a flash call.

Since there is only one kite on the boulder, it should not be possible to carry out school commands while making a compromise with the Kuzha and others. Because that's impossible unless you use it in an advanced capacity.

To that end, the school commander was in charge of the rest of the Adventure Department. Will this also be a training for the Cherry Blossoms to direct, so Kate was trying not to get her hands on it this time? The teacher is also asked not to speak out as much as possible. The fact that Kate was with the Kuzha and the others was also nominally for a compromise, and the truth was not to lend a hand.

In order to train the overall command in an adventure department that is constantly moving individually, it is not possible to train in this case, so Kate was going to make the most of where she could make the most of it even though she said she was traveling.

"Right...... good. Let's go then."

"Yes...... that? Tsubaki-chan, what's wrong?

Cherry blossoms inquired about the grumpy Tsubaki somewhere, but Tsubaki became aware of it and tightened her loose cheeks. With her, she's an old girl. He was still happy with the reward from the person he suspected. As much as I was pleased that Kate was starting to see most of her emotions in Tsubaki like that.

"No, it's nothing"

"Really? … So let's get going"

I am concerned that Tsubaki was in a good mood, but the cherry blossoms are waiting for the other students, so I can step aside once. Thus, under the command of the cherry blossoms, they began their journey to the hotel.

"Here it is... big! Two, awesome!

The moment we get to the hotel, Sola shouts out loud. There were voices from other students that resembled or came close to each other. But that won't be possible either. It was such a luxurious building by then. That explains Kite to such a bitter mix of laughter against Sola.

"The building has 10 floors. Price is one gold coin per night at the lowest rank. This is the finest suite room on the top floor, with three Mithrill silver coins overnight. The hotel is 150 years old and still shallow, but also has a proven record of accommodation for dignitaries from various countries, including the Emperor. Now it's not that uncommon to build 10 floors, but it's a corner of the finest hotel, built using the best technology of the day."

"Renting out a whole building like that... that's generous"

Sola praises the generosity of the Kingdom of Artemisia by saying so. But the truth is, there was something behind this. So Kate deepened her bitter smile even more.

"Actually... this hotel is under maintenance right now"


"Well, there's regular maintenance and stuff going on in this world... kinda special. In the case of inns, it takes a month to carry out major maintenance every few years. In the meantime, most employees are on extended leave."

Kate continues her narrative to Sora, who is leaning her neck, in a bitter mix of laughter. Common sense, but Enefia's year is 48 months. Naturally, in one year, there will be four years of aging degradation of the planet. Every few years, he says, but it was actually close to every decade of the planet. Naturally, it was necessary to maintain it on such a large scale. Thus, Kate leaves the deepened bitterness intact and concludes.

"That's why most employees pay for this hotel right now. All that's left are hotel cafeteria employees who have nothing to do with maintenance and the general manager who's always packing them."

"... No way..."

Sora, anticipating the words that followed, gobbled with a pulled look, throbbing. Seeing it, Kate laughed and denied the idea. Sora wondered why we should do everything ourselves.

"Don't worry. I'm bringing the maids from the Duke's mansion, and I've got them spinning from a nearby hotel. If it's about 400 people, there's no problem."

In order to cope with the situation in this case, nearby hotels were supposed to make agreements with each other and accommodate employees in tourist destinations where these resort hotels were disturbed.

"The Duke's residence is undergoing a little renovation right now. That's why he wants to reduce his personnel from the Duke's mansion. Except for the security guards and the golems, they don't get in the way too often. That said, some servants are unable to take long holidays at this time of year for a variety of reasons. If we bring those guys in, there's not much of a problem."

Take over Kate's words, Tina will supplement. The Duke's residence was in the middle of a renovation by Tina and was completely renovated by Tina's civil engineering golems.

Well, I'm not going to make any significant changes in appearance, but I was nevertheless going to turn underground structures, various defensive junctions, etc. into new objects, including Earth's ideas. Therefore, we wanted to keep as few people as possible.

"Because of all the things that have happened in the last 300 years, there have been rattles everywhere. There was a breakdown in the magic world, etc., out of sight. Plus, I wanted to rework things based on my new knowledge on the planet. I asked the maids to accompany me on this journey and make it a holiday job. If you take turns, you can breathe."

Tina is the leader in these sorcery-related matters. Naturally, even the great experts had discovered a glitch that they could not understand.

I couldn't dispute Tina's decision even as a kite for such a good reason. Metaphor Even if the renovation of my hobby was in the back of it, I couldn't complain. Then he completely emptied the Duke's mansion for a month and decided to renovate everything except the private area.

"Here's the thing. And even if you say you're in hotel maintenance, only some of the key institutions are involved. Just be aware that from time to time you can't cut off water, conserve water, or use electricity. The vendor doesn't go in the room."

It's obvious more than just using it, but Kite needs to be clear. What vendors see is the magical flow of the building as a whole, and the breakdown of boundaries to keep customers safe. Since the plumbing system has already been checked by magic, the room needing repair was off-limits. Therefore, there were no other problems in the first place.

"Oh well. Thanks......"

"In your case, Yuri and Nanami will bake you a worthy favor, don't you think?

In response to Kite saying that with a niggered smile on her soothing sola, Sola argues with a slight blush on her cheek and a pointed mouth.

"Don't you say that. You can do whatever you want with your left bunch fan, right?

"I don't deny it"

Kate laughs bitterly and affirms Sora's words pointing at her mouth. Rather than, I can't do it. If Kate wants to do it, she can't let Tsubaki prepare a meal, let Kuzha eat it, and let Aura change her clothes. You can change the face you take care of to cherry blossoms, Mizuki, and charm clothes on a daily basis, or you can replace them with ru and other demons. Well, I can, I just don't do it.

"You guys..."

And the two of them were talking about it, but they didn't realize that the resentment of the boys who were nearby was pouring out their gaze. Talking about it, the general manager and the remaining employees came out of it.

"Dear Kuzha, Yulicia and Aurora. Welcome aboard."

"Yes, well, a month, thank you"

"Accepted. Dear Mystia, Glaia and Gynn. Thank you very much for using this hotel."

After listening to Kuzha and the others' responses, the general manager gives a slightly stronger courtesy in a voice that perhaps contains awe for the three beauties present in the line. Naturally, there have been responses from the royal nobility with him, but there has never been a rare experience in the history of Ancient Dragon (Elder Dragon) and others. It will go back at least to his general manager a few generations ago.

Therefore, it is good to say that this is almost the first time in any accommodation, such as responding to the accommodation. His experience and hotel ratings are foiled, but what he couldn't afford to think about right now is that he had no choice.

"Uhm. I'll take care of you"

"Thank you. Welcome to Heavenly Sakura School."

After paying a respectful tribute to Graia, who thanked them on behalf of the three of them - because of the statesmanship of the Empire at first - the general manager finally bows his head against the face of Heavenly Sakura School. It would not have been my fault that the tension seemed a little relaxed at this time. Thus, in response, Principal Sakurada offered a courtesy to the general manager.

"Excuse me, it's nice to meet you"

"Yeah, please, forget the usual rough stuff and relax so you can grow your wings slowly. Now, this way."

That said, the general manager opens the door and guides us inside. There was the appearance of the employees alongside the Zlari, And when I saw this one, I lowered my head simultaneously.

Incidentally, after Glia and the others were informed of their arrival, personnel were switched in great haste, bringing together some of the best employees in the surrounding area. All energy was now being devoted to dealing with the disregard for budget and profitability, including the surrounding hotels.


That's right, employees with top class power in the surrounding hotels, and so on, he thanked the three heroes with three glares in front of him. Though there was a little solidity, you should see it as impotent.

"Now let me show you to your room. Your luggage..."

When the general manager, who knew that the three Kuzha and Glia were in the same room, guides himself, he buys them out and calls for employees to carry their luggage.

"I'll take care of it"

"Well, thank you"

"Yes, indeed"

That said, we take the luggage man, and Kuzha and the others head to the top floor with the general manager. With that, the other employees start to move.

"I'll take care of your stuff."

"Oh, bad"

"Yes... Dear Kate Amane, right? Your room will be on the 7th floor. Here's the key."

That's what I said and received the key. Kite goes up to the 7th floor once with her luggage. The room was in the immediate vicinity of the bar, a private room with a beautiful terrace. As such, once Kite enters the room reserved for her own disguise, she only performs the disguise work to create a sense of life.

"Well, not here."

Early after finishing the disguise, Kate disappears the phantom baggage she was creating with witchcraft. The original baggage should have already been brought to the top floor with the Kuzha and the others.

"Hey, I'm stretching my wings, too."

When Kate said that in a good mood, she scratched out. And the next thing I saw was the finest suite room on the top 10th floor.

It should also be noted that the character is undone because it was not meant to be in any suppressed situation until Kite and I came on a trip. It was impossible for Kate to think about her work until such a time.

"Ho ho"

Appear and immediately, held by Tsubaki.

"Your husband."

"Yes, sir."

I said kite, so I hug Tsubaki all the time. Tsubaki seemed in a very good mood.

"Grandpa Shima... Kate, what are you doing?

Envious, cherry blossoms come into the room and watch the sight they see, while at the same time circling their eyes to what was happening and asking Kite for an explanation.

"Hmm? Oh, well, just a little while ago"

Kate asks Kuzha and Yuri, who were in the same room, to explain how to deal with other women in the middle of the reward for the boulder. In response, cherry blossoms received explanations from Kuzha and Yuri.

In doing so, Enchantress and Mizuki also came to the room, where they gained momentum in relation to Kite, excluding Fine and Yuhara.

Fine and Yukhara were currently going to the bureau to communicate with the Kingdom of Artemisia, so they are not here.

"There's about three more of them... well, come on. Even so... that's a little ridiculous while I'm at it. That's not funny, Indra's old man."

When Kate took a breath and looked around the room, there was a situation where she thought it was extremely pleasant. It was Kite who laughed bitterly when she saw it, but she decided to flush it because she didn't have a problem with it. And that's where Aura snapped.

"Kaito, play cards. Tina wants to."

"Sometimes you can have these anachronistic games. The flavor of the journey."

Following Aura's inquiry, Tina tells her to take out the cards with a fun face.

"Uno is fine. Which is better?

"Uh, do we all want to uno together?

"Hmm, I guess I could do it if I did create another pair. Kuzha, will your lord do it too?

"Card, is it? Nice. It's been a long time since I've had fun."

"Oh, I'll do it too!

"Well, that sounds like something fun. Let's join the war for the rest.

Yuri lifts her voice with joy, and Glaia approaches her with intrigue and such.

"What about the cherry blossoms?

Charming asks Cherry Blossom and Mizuki. but this one smiled a little bitterly and shook his neck to the side.

"I have a few more student council commands, so I'll be down there once"

"I also have a consultation with senior members of the club, so I'm going to take my seat off for about an hour."

"Oh, I'll be back in about an hour, too."

"Well, it's a meeting."

"Oh well. Good luck."

When I hear that, the enquired charm sends an encouragement. Thus, an hour later, in addition to the two returning, he added the returning Phinee and Yuhara that he had met downstairs and enjoyed the card game together.