Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 322: Special Training - For Moments - A New Force -

"I'm sorry, can you give me a moment? I still need time in minutes to use this guy."

Finish the mock fight with Kite and put a no to Kite first if the moment gets to the point. If time was needed on a minute by minute basis, it was certainly near impossible to use it in combat, as he said. But the moment I said that, Kate urged me ahead of the grin.

"Stay with that improvement in the first place, so do as you please."

"Sorry... < >!"

The moment uses its own gained protection first, wrapping thunder around it. The effect of lightning protection is an explosive rise in linear acceleration and the nullification of pure physical attacks on the move.

However, this deactivation is not sufficient, and the effect will expire when stopping, such as when attacking, so it is possible to eat the counter. For this reason, the owner of lightning protection often chose the spear as the main weapon. Precisely the right kind of protection for an instant.

"... this is where it takes time."

The moment shrugged, wrapped in thunder. That's how he builds his magic power across the board. And roughly three minutes later. Apparently, he put on his own cut. I inhaled heavily.

"... about this. Go! < >!"

The moment takes hold of his hand once, checks how he's doing and activates a new move that he's working on. At that moment, the lightning illuminates his surroundings, and the lightning that wraps around him flies once and for all.

Then, where the lightning went about 50 centimeters away, we kill him again. And when thunder was absorbed into his body, he transformed the object into thunder. But it only seemed so for a moment. Soon the thunder was released as a lightning bolt around him, and his body had an entity.


Observe the moment in how Kate was impressed. Though his thundered body itself remained intact, lightning was emitting from his body, and the lightning was bouncing around him several times so that it would attract him.

I don't know what effect I can get because I've never even seen kite on a boulder before, but as far as I can see, it seemed strong.

"... Sounds like you're powering up your cartoon."

Kite, who saw the instant, shrugged and murmured. One moment couldn't afford to return such a carefree word to Kite.

"... ku... still... don't eat quite the magic..."

The moment seems to be quite impossible, even though it barely moved, it seemed spicy. Look at that, Kate assures me.

"I don't think you can fight."

"Oh... it's hard to talk..."

"I largely grasped it. If it's hard, you can solve it."

"Oh...... Phew"

The lightning, emitted from his own body and lagging around him, disappeared, and the moment exhaled heavily. You were pretty tired, sweaty and breathing up. Thus, by the time he is ready to breathe, Kite asks the principle.

"Mostly I grabbed it. You took in lightning protection, didn't you?


Moments nod to Kite's inquiry. What he did was magically and forcefully incorporate into the inside of the body the protections that would have otherwise covered the body's circumference and assisted the user in his actions. In doing so, he thought of granting himself the attribute of thunder. It was as a result that it became lightning.

It was an instant thought that if this could be applied, other attributes would also be possible. It's impossible, though. He shook his head with a bitter smile as Kite smiled slightly at the moment of acknowledging the principle.

"Well, I can tell you that the idea itself is a big one... I can tell you, it's too strong"

"Again, huh?

Apparently, he even realized that it was forceful. There was nothing particularly surprising about Kate's attitude and words, and she was nodding.

Of course, protection is just the help of the great spirits. To say how weak it was when it came to that, it could have been the worst way to destroy oneself if one end of the power of the Great Spirit had been taken cheaply into the body.

What he did, by analogy, was like sticking nitro into an engine that was normally running at its best. That was naturally impossible. That's how, the moment they figure it out, Kite asks.

"Aren't you pretty resistant when you take it into your body?

"Oh, the moment I take it in, no, I do my best by forcefully taking in the inside of my body the thunder I try to get out even after I take it in. Don't even move."

"Again... How far do seniors know about the relationship between body and attribute?

"... No, I'm sorry. I don't know what you're talking about.

To Kate's inquiry, I honestly don't know, the moment confesses. Kate sees only a little bit of her own policy as to whether it's a cliché she's ever done without a theory. And even more worried about whether everyone should be properly taught the theory, but once aside, I started explaining it.

"Our bodies are closely associated with various attributes. For example, vitality is fire, will is wind, body is soil, metabolism is water, and so on. Well, with the exception of vitality, there's not that much perfect discernment. The body is precisely a combination of soil and water, and contains some wind and fire. Metabolism cleans the soil with water. Well, I don't normally care about that..."

Kite scratched her head boldly in response to the moment of her expression that she was pungent. Normally, I don't care, and if I don't study it in detail, I don't know why it's happening. So there was nothing wrong with not knowing him with the brief explanation now. Thus, after giving the explanation, Kate mentioned what he had done.

"Different for seniors. Because they incorporate foreign objects into their bodies."

"? Now the explanation is, isn't thunder in your body, too?

"That's where the basic 4 attributes are. Except for certain species, there are only four basic attributes in the body."

After a moment of doubt, Kite laughs and answers with pleasure. This reason is simple. Light and darkness, said to be high-altitude attributes, are one in two in the first place, causing a pair of extinctions if they are in one place. Therefore, it cannot exist in one body. Without the help of the Great Spirit, this principle cannot be broken, so the only thing that is out of this principle in the absence of a contractor was Kite, who is gaining strength from the Great Spirit.

In contrast, lightning, called composite attributes, adds wind to the soil, and ice is caused by draining fire from the water. If that happened in the body, naturally, the body's magical balance broke, and the only way to get there was to self-destruct. Thus, the moment I heard those explanations, I gradually and accurately understood the dangers of my own moves.

"As long as it's done... so shouldn't I use it?

"Well, by nature, you are."

To the words of an instant, Kate answers looking a little funny. An instant realizes that Kite said that she would have been. I realized that he was thinking of something like this. That's how the moment asks Kite how to do it.

"Do you have any hands?

"Well. Do you know anything about the < > of the Bernstadt family?

"No, I don't."

"Well, naturally"

Kite laughs naturally, instantly. Of course, < > is the secret of the clan. The information will hardly go out of the door. I didn't think the moment knew that. As such, Kite first articulates an instant out-of-the-box.

"For once, I'm telling you, it's strictly forbidden to speak out, right?

"Oh, okay"

"… < > is a move that is activating the fire in your body, that is, the energizing part. I dare you, you're out of balance. Normally, even though it activates, it magically does it from the outside... the Bernstadt family, the old man, is special. When it comes to vitality, one body can activate it. Why, how, don't ask. You can't explain the old man. Tense up, you'll figure it out, or you'll skip it, that old man."

Kate makes it clear that the principle is unclear to the mood. Well, maybe Tina understands something, but Kate wasn't interested in that kind of logic, so I don't know.

I can use kite, but he's actually just doing it sensibly, too. Either that or he's good at grasping it as a feeling, and he's not good at explaining it in theory. So what Kite knew was that he could do it because he was his clan or Kite, who would take over that peculiarity.

That said, it was a matter of not knowing the rationale on this occasion. So Kate decided to tell as theoretically as possible what she had gained as a feeling.

"So... well, probably, all you can do is be vigorous, that is, fire that is easy to activate. Other than that, although other attributes are not closely related, activation is not as powerful as < >, and it is not practical."

"Hmm... you mean the impurities are mixed up? Conflicting attributes have been added and attenuated?

"That sort of thing"

Since the moment seemed to understand, Kate decided to move on. There is no point in detailing < > because it is certain that the moment cannot be used. This is highly talented martial arts, but it has nothing to do with it, and there is only one choice: whether you have this talent or not. And he doesn't have it. So from here on out, it was something he wanted to know.

"So let's get down to business. Yeah, but anyone can activate it if they don't try to get as effective as < >. Maybe seniors can do it."


"Well, maybe. It just revitalizes the vitality, so if you build up the magic and do it with an image that turns to the heart you should be able to handle it...... Because the human core is the heart. Maybe if we activate the core, we'll figure it out. Well, it's sensory and bad, but in the end, magic is the power of will, so... Image is the most important thing."

When I heard Kite's unconfidential words, the moment concentrated my consciousness and accumulated a little magic, further circulating it and imagining spinning magic into my heart. Then, just a little, but I got the feeling that my body had warmed up.

"Activate the core...... how do you do it? Don't you dare, try it properly...... hmm? Don't feel any better."

"Well, it's vitality. That's the way it is."

"Something like that."

They're either originally brain muscle types. Therefore, it is inevitable that a sense of realism has been gained. By the way, Kite is a bit of a commander among them, but a warrior on the front line for a moment. Never the same.

Seeing the moment when he could not help but succeed in revitalizing his vitality, Kite suddenly changed his tension and asked instantly.

"Then it's time for science from here on out. Okay, one. I have a problem with you. Will electricity go through the glass? Yes, go ahead.

I answered Kite, who suddenly became weird tense, because the moment flashed, but was asked. Because to this extent, if you study normally, even middle school students understand it.

"You can't. The resistance is too strong, the current doesn't flow"

"Correct. Precisely because there is less movement of free electrons, or because there are few electrons bound and able to move freely, the current does not flow. These substances are called insulators, right? So if the glass were to go through, what would that be? Oh, but there's no answer to running large voltages, you can limit it to glass."


To Kate's words, moments remind me of my middle school days. In science experiments, a teacher attached terminals to both ends of the glass, and the light lit the bean bulb when it was heated by a gas burner. So the answer was easy to find.

"Shouldn't we just heat it up?

"Correct. So, I'd like to move on to some sort of semiconductor reasoning... well, do it in that kind of physical time, so... just to say the answer, it's the semiconductor that dares to add impurities, trying to run current through the insulator. I'll skip any further explanations. You don't know anything about positive holes."

Kite smiles bitterly and cuts up the explanation before the moment she puts several question marks on her head. Keeping and complementing his memories and knowledge with magic aids, he has far more knowledge than graduate school graduation, but you can't expect that instantly. I also know a highly specialized doctoral thesis class when it comes to being Tina, but that would be it there.

"... sorry. What are you talking about? Positive hole?"

"Read it in the specialty book that's at school when you get home. It says there... well, in this case it's the same as that. Simply put, if you're trying to get the attribute of thunder, you can lead him with fire or water. Thunder stays current. The human body is an insulator. If you try to get through, you'll need some factor."

"Why, those two things? Isn't wind and dirt better?

To Kate's words, the moment gave the sound of an eyebrow and tilted his neck. It is the wind and the earth that make up the thunder. It was normal to think that it would be better that way. But Kate shook her head at this.

"The wind and soil make up thunder, but the balance is one-on-one. This imbalance will inevitably weaken the power of thunder"

The various attributes are compatible. Thunder, a composite attribute of wind and soil, attenuates itself against wind and soil. In this case, it was water, fire, or ice that was compatible. By the way, the ice is the same, attenuating against fire and water. This one has a 0 to 1 balance between fire and water. And then they explained it, and the moment understood and nodded.

"As far as it goes. So, water is easy to get through electricity, so I'm supposed to activate water?

"No, it's fire in the case of seniors. It is difficult to activate water in the body. I did that earlier, but fire was easy to activate, right?


Remember earlier, the moment agrees with Kate's words. I didn't come up with anything, it was easy to activate. If there was anything easier than this, you'd be explaining it there the other way around. So Kate decided to let me try to demonstrate.

"So... well, give it a try. Let's start with activation."

"Oh... how far do I have to activate it?

"As best I can, as best I can."

The moment Kite tells me that, she keeps building up her magic for roughly five minutes and revitalizes the vitality in her body. With that, I get the feeling that my body had heat, but now I try not to be aware of it and care.

By the way, why didn't you get the protection first, because the protection keeps consuming magic. Unless activated, it was likely to consume magic in vain.

"... this is the place"

"Good. Then it's time for the real thing. Take in the shelter and see."

"Oh... < >. I need to build up my magic again..."

Keep accumulating magic for another 3 minutes using protection as directed by Kite. Apparently, a satisfactory amount of magic has been created.


Moments temper and take protection into the body again. This time, the lightning around the body hardly started to fly, and it was absorbed by the body as if it were slipping.

"... I lost my sense of resistance when entering my body..."

I feel the effect of the moment biting me for a moment, blinking my eyes. Although the time to use was more than doubled, the fatigue was less overwhelming than earlier, and there was less pressure to move. Seeing it, Kate instantly asks.

"Can you move?

To Kate's words, the moment showed the answer by actually letting it move. The moment he moved, thunder was left behind with the sound of bang, and his figure was directly behind kite.

"Well... you're more than five times faster"

Compare it to the full force of the moment you just saw, and check for an increase in speed. Besides, movements that were linear in the effect of the protection also allowed for curved movements. Well, as usual, the entity will remain intact, so the possibility of eating a counter will remain intact. That said, that was the limit of the moment. As I turned around behind me, the moment bent my knee.


It doesn't make any difference that I'm pushing through, even though I'm more fuel efficient than I've ever been. As soon as he moved, he ran out of fuel. That said, there is no difference in extraordinary progress than before. So Kite laughs and tells him.

"Now you see the direction."

"... hahaha... oh... thank goodness"

Did you just indulge in a streak of impotence, he doesn't get up inside? As such, the moment rises where the break is pinched for about 10 minutes. That's to show gratitude again.

"Thank you again, Kite."

"No, I don't mind"

"I need to change my name..."

Until now, I named it < > simply as a < > motif, because I had taken in thunder forcefully, but it took a lot more effort than the original moves, so the moment seemed to be going to give it a different name. Thus, only a few moments bothered me, and I decided on a new name for activation of this move.

"… < >. That's the name of this move."

"< >, right. Is that the move you want to master in the last month?

While the moment is on his knees, Kite asks instantly, confirming his paper submission and confirming that he has mastered new moves (skills) to his goal. Taking that, the moment snorted firmly.


"Okay. Then let's show the direction of the training. First, the efficiency of activation. It takes 5 minutes to activate as it is now, and it's out of the question. Next, an increase in magic holdings. If I don't get more stamina, I can't move. Finally, < > efficiency. It goes without saying."

Kate writes < > in the goal section of the instant and tells her about her training skills for the past month. Naturally, but it was only a basic thing. There were a few unexpected things, but in terms of these local forces and technologies, the moment was still appropriate, so naturally.


The moment nods, under the direction of Kite. Thus, a new trump card, < > was born.