Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 329: Sea Bath - In the case of the Great Spirits -

"Kaito! Yay! Yay!

Yuri says so and waves loudly as she jumps. The kites, who managed to recover from the shock of the moon and the moon, were gradually enjoying their vacation.

"Ha, that sounds as fun as ever"

Kate waved back at it and Yuri received it with a smile. Yuri has a smile on her face that makes it more fun to watch.

Including her, Kuzha, Aura, Stella, Fine, and Yuhara were likely to be at war with some small country, enjoying the beach volleyball in the Valley Court created by Kate.

Also, because everyone is getting hot, or because the speed of the ball is occasionally exceeding the speed of sound, it would be more tragic than on some kind of battlefield to say that it is adorable.

"Isn't your husband joining us?

Tsubaki asked Kite, who set up a parasol on the beach and created a chair to sleep on. She serves Kate drinks in a worthwhile way because her share as a maid - her share should be that of a secretary, but at some point she herself took the maid for granted. To her inquiries like that, Kate answered with a bitter smile.

"Hmm? Oh, sort of. Exactly. If you added one guy over there, it wouldn't be balanced.

"You're also unbalanced in terms of number of people.

A cherry blossom rose once from the sea where she was swimming, sitting on a chair next to Kate's sleeping chair. Apparently, he was satisfied swimming all the way. Aren't you going to soak it up anymore, or I was simply washing the salt out with hydromagic. As such, when washed away, Tsubaki offered a tray with drinks.

"Ah, cherry blossoms. Can I get you a drink?

"I'll take it. Thank you, Tsubaki-chan... you seem to be good at swimming."

That's what I said as I watched Cherry Blossom compete with Rui Shu. The odds of victory were higher for the charm. Against her like that, Kate tells her with a little laugh. That's because, from him, it was natural.

"Oh, they used to go to swimming classes. Fine, he said he was a good man."


"Apparently, it's just... at this rate, that's how it looks. I heard it back in middle school. By the way, so am I."


Cherry blossoms were surprised by the unexpected background of Kite, who I first knew. To her like that, Kate tells her in nostalgia.

"Oh, sort of. I've been through this for almost a decade."

"Why did you quit?

"... because I can breathe underwater. Speed was also faster out of step. There's no winning chance on Earth."

"... excuse me"

Apologize for the cherry blossoms before Kite, who speaks only a little sorry. Against such a cherry blossom, Kate shook her head with a bitter smile.

"It helped. Yuri, it helped me enough to get out of a ship that would sink in storms and demonic raids. Surprisingly, you can't fool around with archery."

"A sinking ship...?

The inquiry about cherry blossoms was not surprisingly known. As a matter of fact, Kate is temporarily unknown and sometimes treated as dead. As such, Kate began to speak with a little fun.

"My news has been interrupted about three months since my grandfather died, right? That's when the ship I was on was sinking. That's where the Empire's official records are treated as death. Well, then, yeah. Dine and I met. The next thing to be confirmed in the Empire is the Fallen Dragon Crusade... no, then the rescue of the elves inside or even later the Imperial Capital Raid. Now is the time to follow in my footsteps, but it was a mystery in mystery at the time. No one thought that civilization was being discovered at the time while it was missing."

Laughing, Kate tells. Naturally, there was no way for technology at the time to sink into the ocean and rescue it. Anyway, there's no such thing as a possible airship. There's no chance it'll help in the first place.

Even in the unlikely event that it had helped, the means of liaison between continents did not exist at that time. No, there was, but the previous demon king held it down. It was natural to assume death.

Therefore, Kite was officially considered dead. When we were having that conversation, the men cheered along the coast a little farther away.


At this time, Kate forgot about the Moon and the Moon. What happened yesterday. Please write that someone is looking forward to swimsuits. Kate therefore turned her voice around without any doubt.


"I'm sorry. I have people waiting for me..."

Among the men in the herd, a beautiful girl with green hair who finds kite raises her hand, and a beautiful woman with blue hair tells her surroundings. So eight beauties broke the circle of men, as Moses broke the sea.

Incidentally, to Kite, who was told to take him, there is a gaze of jealousy poured out by all the men who just grudge and kill him, but now Kite couldn't afford to take that into account. And at this time, I've never thought that if I were to be within the boundaries of the Kuzha and the others.

"... Awesome"

Cherry blossoms squealed like that. The cherry blossom of a woman looked at it and it was beautiful enough to fall in love with it. That doesn't make sense to Kite, though. By the way, now he was on his knees, holding his head.

"I forgot -!

"Yay! How's it going? Our work!

That's what I said, the eight beauties posing, the eight great spirits. From the men in the distance, they cheer loudly.

"Dear Silfi! They look great!

Yuri sends praise for such a silfi. She noticed the Great Spirits and came here miniaturized.

By the way, Silfi wears a green toned, easy-to-move, one-piece type swimsuit. She had a soft cream in her hand, apparently obtained at the house of the sea.

"Thanks! Yuri looks great too!

"Thank you!

They praise each other and laugh happily as they jump. These two were basically close. By the way, the soft cream was about to fall, but I'm manipulating the wind to deal with it so it doesn't fall.

"The ocean... you don't like it"

That's Sarah. She was relatively poor at the waterfront such as the seaside, where the power of water was strong. She is a swimming type swimsuit with a red tone. On top of that, he was woven with feathers without fastening his large thin jacket in front. She had a burnt buckwheat in her hand. But there were beauties who looked far more fed up than Sarah did.

"I don't like summer per se..."

Needless to say, it was Snowflake, the great spirit of ice. She is the great spirit of ice in the first place, so she doesn't like hot things per se.

For once, she's wearing a swimsuit. This is a white bikini swimsuit. She also weaves a larger jacket on top, but was tightly closed before.

By the way, she has a shake of ice in her hand. The taste is like condensed milk in Blue Hawaii. There is no Hawaii on this side, but Kate saw a syrup of similar colors and shrugged like that, so it became his name. Well, speaking of the color that suits her, it would be the color that suits her. Kate tells him with a laugh against such a snowflake.

"I'll be glad to have you here in the summer."

"I don't like it. I'm gonna hold you."

'Cause it's hot.

"Kite, huh?

"Your husband?

It doesn't matter what I think about what I'm doing. I stared at Kite with the eyes of the two beside him. If you hug people while they say it's hot, anything would be suspicious. but with Kate grinning bitterly at those two, tell them why.

"No, 'cause this guy really feels good"

"... kite kun?

There was no way of saying anything. It creates unwanted misunderstandings about cherry blossoms, and Kite panics to make corrections. By the way, Tsubaki was offering Harrison softly, but it wasn't very much appreciated.

"No, wait a minute! It was a bad way of saying it. Not in a sexual sense, or anything. This guy's sober."

Hundreds of hearings are only at first sight, which means Kate pulls the two hands and moves them next to Snowflake. Then I understood what Kate was saying to both of us. There was a thankful amount of cold air around Snowflake in the summer.

"... that? Cool......"

"It's true..."

"Ha... I'm not an ice bag or anything"

Snowflake sighed in disgust at the three people who had been left alone until now because they seemed hot. That's how I lay him down in the chair where Kate was sleeping. Apparently, he doesn't even like to move. There's nothing more to it than this, but this is what she looked like in the summer. That's how I laughed bitterly at her, and Kate changed and explained.

"Well, it's like this in summer, so don't worry about it. It's good to just come out... well, as the great spirit of ice, there's always cold air stagnating around us."

"'Cause I hate it when it's hot"

With just a little light on the chair, Snowflake turns that way. By the way, however fresh and snowy you have pure white skin and hair, it doesn't melt just because your body couldn't possibly consist of ice. I just didn't feel good.

"But Fuyu is tough on everyone."

In contrast to such a togetherness, Norm tilts his neck. She is a soothing impression swimsuit of the brown lineage. Big tits that did not suit a small body body were very highlighted. And then Kite turned away. It was a total fact.

"It's cold. Carefully Kotokoto......"

Looking far away, Kate teases off as she sings her nose. By the way, Sarah is going to be warm in the winter if it comes to Snowflake, but she didn't emit heat waves around her separately, so it wasn't different from the other great spirits. Unless she gets hot herself, her body temperature is also about human skin. Well, instead, when it gets hot, it releases the heat of the sun.

"... in our case... with Sol..."

"Well, it's because we're always together..."

Says Sol and Luna, twins on the side of the Great Spirit, smiling bitterly at Kite like that. Seeing their swimsuits, Kite became stunned. All I could think was that their swimsuits were obviously after them.

"White and blue squash... I've found it from where"

Kate asks as she cramps her face. Sol was white squash and Luna was blue squash. By the way, unlike Tina, it's not old fashioned.

But the body is quite developed compared to Tina, so there was a treacherous color fragrance. By the way, as usual, Sol fed Luna the octopus grill, and Luna's cheek had a blue one on it. Such a kite inquiry, but Sol's bittersweet inquiry led him to understand everything.

"Is that, well, you want to hear it?

"Eh! No, I'll stop it"

Kate understands everything and immediately withdraws her doubts. It didn't happen when it was made clear. Well, that's normal, and needless to say, there is no such thing as a swimsuit in this world as squirting. And they only have one easy means of gaining knowledge of the planet.

No, there is once and for all, but apart from that, there's only one thing that's easy. Well, I mean, what do you mean, it was up to me to pull it out of Kite's knowledge. And at this point in the knowledge of the alignment of blue and white, I could easily understand what it was used for.

"This is what happens because you're full of lust for nothing"

I say to Kite, who perceived the danger, in the way that Lei Hua was frightened. She was wearing a purple based, swimming type swimsuit. She seems like a samurai, emphasizing her tight flesh, but the Rin beauty was ruined thanks to the apple candy being held in her hand for some reason.

"It's not loaded, it's crowded!

All the women who heard this kite line exhaled a deep sigh so they couldn't see it, but kite didn't realize it wasn't like that. In response to such a kite, Dine, dressed in a water-colored one-piece type swimsuit and feathered with a hoodie, tells him.

"Be a covenant, our blessed one. I think it's terrible to exclude us, don't you? Especially the ocean is my private arena. What are you going to do if something happens?

Sure, whether your legs are cramped or drowned or attacked by demons, if Deane were here, there would be no problem with any rescue efforts.

That said, this line seemingly true, but what she had in her hand was ruining it. So Kite points that out half-eyed.

"Is that what you say with the shake ice?

At the moment of being told, Dine quickly hides the shake ice behind herself. Her shake ice was condensed milk syrup. There's a soft cream peeking in the ice, but apparently it's a double layer of shaved ice.

By the way, naturally, it was higher than Snowflake's shake ice for the amount of soft cream in it. than anyone else in this, is a higher menu.

"Oh, no. This is... well, is it called courtesy... yes! We, the Great Spirit, wanted to contribute to our economic activities!

There was one hole in this proposal, although it was Dine who would just get himself out and explain to Kite that the name came up. That was a matter of where the money came from.

"Yeah, it's my money, isn't it? If you just wanted to play, say so from the beginning."

Naturally, there's no way they have the money. He paid discreetly and disrespectfully from Kite's purse. Note that Kate has given up on this as a necessary expense.

By the way, if you're buying expensive stuff, there's a word from them first. That degree of distinction existed for them as well. It was a laughable level, but therefore a prank that could be done. In the light of such Kate's pointers, he shifts his gaze just a little, Dine admits.

"... Yes"

"Good girl. Or if you're coming, say so from the beginning. I'm having a hard time arranging an inn or something."

"Hey surprise, it's not a teachy prank"

To Kate's inquiry, Silfi tells her with a laugh. Well, while I say inn arrangements, I don't do anything. I just want to let you know that people are staying in extra places. The Great Spirit is coming, there was no way I could tell. Kite laughed and joked back at Silfi for telling such a joke.

"If both spiritual clerics see it, don't fall."

"Once... I went with Sol to the temple dedicated to us..."

"I went with the normal girl outfit and signs... you weren't noticed at all. It was just a friendly twin."

"... is that all right, clerics?"

Kate shrugged and sighed. I just gave them candy balls against the object of my faith. Well, I guess it's better if I just didn't get in the way, but either way, is that okay? Two more beautiful women and two beautiful girls visited such a frightened kite.


That's what I said and hugging Kite was three leaves. The three sisters were also in the water bath.

Well, their mental structure is the same as people's, so they'll need rest after the fight, Tina decided. By the way, the three leaves are squishy, just like Tina, at Tina's fervent request. From behind them came a further leaf and two leaves, and they complained.

"Here, three leaves. I don't hug the master."

"I'm sorry, Master"


In response to the bitterness of his two sisters, Mitsuha puffs her cheeks in dissatisfaction. There's nothing exciting about it as a kite, but it was a straight line of dangerous people.

Incidentally, one leaf was a type of piece that fastened with a light water chest, sparingly exposing a glamorous body, once weaving the hoodie from the top. Erba is a bikini type swimsuit that spares no effort in exposing its tidy body. This one is wearing a paleo and the hoodie is not feather-woven.

"Um, excuse me, master. Couldn't contain it......"

"Sakura Hua, no, you can't. Give it up."

Against kite, cherry blossoms drip into a sensation. She apologized about the Great Spirits. On top of her bikini type swimsuit, she had a thin peach top woven with feathers. By the way, Kite didn't think he could contain the Great Spirits from the start either, so I won't reprimand him.


"No, so don't worry, I'll call the Lutherans later."

Kate summons her own usage demons and orders them to rest as well. Thus, without realizing that he had forgotten another thing, Kate decided to take another break and set the Great Spirits free.