"... what are you talking about?

Interesting observation within a junction that Lion never releases. None of the four of them seem to be moving inside, but that's just a trick. It just looks that way, by the bonds that Gynn has strained and Kate has strengthened.

No, before that, they were the only ones who could see that they were even here. In other faces, they just seem to be making fun of themselves.

"I don't know. Well, at least it's not like there's no other love."

Tina shakes her head to Lyon's inquiry. That's just Tina, I couldn't have taken a cheap peek inside if Kite had strengthened it, and I'm not going to.

What's going on inside, she's right, I don't know. But Gynn mostly tells Tina everything. Assuming that Guinn was the only one who didn't go into detail, it was only about where Tina was picked up, the situation, etc., who was an orphan. They tried not to let themselves hear it. Even if you care, it's not as uncharacteristic as a peek at it.

And Tina was prepared to realize that what was discussed inside was nothing more than important to them. She didn't try to peek because of one of her admiring sisters.

"... ha. This is a little jealous."

Tina peeks at her face as a woman. I certainly don't intend to take a peek, but I generally understood what was being exchanged. That was why I was jealous.

She is much longer and deeper with Tia and Glia and the Kolong (Elder Dragon). Yes, but that's why I knew the loneliness that was in my sisters. Therefore, he was properly aware of the slight changes in his sister-in-law.

"Ah, I didn't raise him as a king's vessel... I don't know if he grew up a little too much..."

Since it was my own exchange, and I expected it, but it was a late act, I have no regrets for Tina. But only slightly misguided, Tina bites her umbilical cord inside. The vessel grew bigger than expected. It was a delightful miscalculation as the one who raised him, but at the same time, as a woman, it was an ungrateful miscalculation.

"A hero is a hero, but therefore a hero... I understand and am convinced... but I don't want to be convinced for a long time."

Tina snaps as she rarely pointy her mouth like a girl. There are no random magic releases or eight hits like the cherry blossoms from the problems in this setting or from her own experience, but it was still quite unusual for her to hold her mouth in a female relationship.

Because as the one who raised Kite as the vessel of the king, she is convinced that there will be more women in Kite, and she herself is trying to increase the number of women of all kinds as much as possible. That's because it's more than a hero. As she said herself, a hero is a hero, but therefore a hero. It's awkward if any woman can't love you, unless you're so clever. That's because they say there are no metrics.

Trying to give him as much of a woman as possible now, that's why. Only one person, only under certain conditions, can a being who can't love a woman wield love over all the folk grass. For Tina, a backyard is also a practice area where she can wear that metric, if you put it in a dry way.

"I thought this would happen sooner or later... I still don't know if I'd be jealous when I saw it... I said I should go through a lot a long time ago... hmm... I can understand if this is a good thing to go through... hmm... I'm glad to be with my sister improving... hmm..."

Tina realizes that the fact that she is crushing several times like this herself wants to escape, makes her look complicated.

Only if there is a sense that Tina herself is standing on top of her. Again, no matter how much I say, Tina is the Demon King, and one of the biggest heroes in the world. No matter how you scratch, you can't be equal to the other girls. As a result, Kate leaves Tina in charge of the final reunification of the rear palace. That's her greatest privilege.

However, jealousy also arises when a presence that can be regarded as spiritually reciprocal enters. I don't reject it because this is still my sister-in-law and I figure out all the reasons for her loneliness. I can't. My sister-in-law is an important family member, just like Kate. It's not Tina that makes it good, and it's some kind of excuse to be with her all the time. That was delightful.

But jealous, I can't help it. That's more than just being a hero and a person. Even if it was a less lusty or jealous race, it's not without jealousy.

"Well... this is rough... no, I want to get busted... this is all I can do when I get home..."

I scorch myself into the flames of jealousy for the first time in years as Tina spares the flames of jealousy swirling inside of herself. This is how it's going. Probably, when I get home, I'll show you a pretty jerk. Rather than that, she is aware of it, but therefore decides to ask for kite to be greedy.

"It's unusual, Master Tina would look like that..."

Tsubaki uncommonly opens her eyes and unwittingly inquires into Tina's face as a woman she has never seen. Tsubaki never thought Tina would reveal her jealousy.

She always thought that it was Kite's rare king, Left Testimony, that would increase the number of good women. But the jealousy I just showed was something that would change Tsubaki's mind like that. To Tina like that, she gets a little intimacy. That's how they say it, and Tina turns her jealous face as the woman she was inadvertently floating on into a bitter laugh.

"Mm... I don't know... such a future might be good"

It's the future she never thought about when she was playing Demon King. The day when we ourselves would love the same man as our sisters, and hold each other's children, perhaps not so far away. And I'm jealous, but such a future isn't bad, either, it seemed so.

So, after a while. The junction is lifted. There were four identical figures there as before they disappeared.

"Is it over?

"Sort of."

While bitterly smiling at the slightest jealousy she sees in Tina, Kate wraps her right arm around. Then there were three new tattoos inscribed. Those three glow pale in three colors: pure white, crimson and golden. No one has ever seen it. It's a sign of their ancient dragon.

"... Dragon Riding Contract... Right..."

Look at the three tattoos floating in Kate's arm and Tina is sure of everything. Until now, it was close to their mere promise. It was truly a contract. It was a testament to his readiness and a necessity.

Dragon Riding, Dragon Riding Contract, is not just a contract for the Dragon Nation. For dragons and dragons, it was an oath to entrust even their own destiny to the rider, a testament of absolute trust.

Dragons and dragons come from their giants, and there are vast blind spots on their backs. To put someone on there is tantamount to entrusting one's own destiny. If that 'someone' betrays him and sticks a blade to his back, there is no life, no matter how powerful the dragon is. Therefore, the act of putting him on his back had a special significance for a willed dragon. If you want to put the same sex on, a testament to your best friend. And when it comes to riding heterosexuals, it is a sign that they have been recognized.

And no matter how powerful, no matter how the world perishes or how nascent the ancient dragon (Elder Dragon), they are gods and dragons. That, that is. As a token of Kate's recognition as her husband by their ancient dragon.

"Tina, Tsubaki. Keep it up, please."


"Good...... but instead it's gonna be a little rough tonight, huh?

Kate laughs bitterly at Tina, who looks a little obstinate as she sees herself. With him, I understood this would happen. And it's his job to comfort it. And that's something that's been going on for quite some time now. It was impossible to refuse.

"... uh, maybe this is a historic moment, huh?

In contrast to all that, Lion sniffs enormous profits. He sold favors to Kite, but the decision was right. In the future, if Kate's return becomes public, her engagement to them will be announced with it. The benefits associated with it are enormous, both economically and militarily.

Kate won't forget the favor she was sold to herself. Lion had seen that in an earlier exchange. For the militarily weak kingdom of Artemisia as a tourist statehood, selling favors to him meant a hell of a lot.

If such a kite were to put on the back of Lion, it would be possible for them to join the defense of the Kingdom of Artemisia. In that case, many countries would not consider attacking the Kingdom of Artemisia. Even as it stands, I am close to the Duke McDawell family. If you sell favors to the Lord on top of that, it's a huge profit.

Besides, if a mighty demon comes out, it will pass on the possibility that they will come, even if they can't publicly hustle. That was an immense, shapeless gain for this country, which makes tourism its business. Tina admits to such a Lion inquiry.


"Once upon a time, you thought. My concubines, my glaia, and my guyne are all over the same man."

"That's the same for the rest. No, more importantly, with Gwen."

Looks funny-bottomed, Glaia laughs. Starfrost has lived well beyond the hundreds of millions of years since birth, but I never thought this would happen. Well, there were things that seemed to be signs of that change, but I didn't think that would get us this far, even with them.

"... right? We are alike. That's why I thought I'd love the same guy sometime."

In the words of Gwen, Graia and Tia don't like it and look somewhere happy. We weren't aware until they said we were alike, but we were.

Everyone knew that he would be lost with loneliness, but was therefore afraid to gain warmth. Tia was drawn to a continent unknown to anyone because it did not concern the world, and Graia is traveling because it does not stay in one place and does not involve the world as well. Needless to say, Gynn.

"So, my husband. What are we going to do now?


While I finally laughed at what I understood, I was asked by Glaia, who probably included the illumination cover, and Kate looked at what was normal.

What should be done, just because metaphorical relationships have changed, doesn't make a difference. In the first place, the reason why I still can't publicly return has not yet been lost. It couldn't have changed.

"Well, first we have to return Heavenly Cherry Blossom School to Earth. Otherwise, I can't move satisfactorily either."

"Before you do that, please accept my request. Thank you very much."


To Lion's words, Kate recalls the request. And I realized I hadn't heard one thing.

"Speaking of requests...... should I get the core of the gel and go home after all?

"Hmm?... Oh, that. Yeah, as much as I can, especially just the deepest King Gel."

To Kite's inquiry, Lion shakes his neck vertically. It was processed as worn by the Armara sisters of Portland Emelia and used to guide Mermaids to land activities.

This magic guide can be destroyed in battle, and when you say consumables in the first place - it doesn't mean you won't be able to use them in a year or two - so you need a core of gels regularly. And the breeding season of the gel in the cave of water practice was the place to dress up for the collection of the core of that gel.

"The extra reward is one silver coin for a normal gel. Large is 5 silver coins. Huge is one gold coin. King's got five gold coins."

Further, Lion tells us the current market. Naturally, it's harder to get the core intact than simply defeat it. For this reason, additional compensation was paid for each core. Prices vary because durability varies depending on the type of core. Naturally, the more you go up there, the more durable it is, and the more expensive it is.

Well, even so, this is expendable, and the core of the gel is easy to collect because you can see the location, so even if it was the finest 'king gel', it wasn't that expensive.

"You're no different."

"Even if it changes, don't you have any trouble?

"That's right."

Kite laughs bitterly at Lion's near-normal questioning. Since Kate was here 300 years ago, the market hasn't changed. Well, there's regular demand, and I'm not such a difficult opponent, so I could say it's reasonable. Thus, it was again a questioning session for the kites, and the request was closed.