Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 342: The Cave of Hydrology

A cave of water practice. This is a name that the locals have named of their own accord and the official name is Wista Shuidong. That said, the names of the caves of water practice were now spread too far, and few did not know their official names, not only to the locals, but even to those who served as bureaux such as the royal palace.

Such a cave of water practice, but intricately branched inside, this time the kites decided to split the battle-capable 60-man team into groups of 10 in the face of an adventure department consisting of 100 people.

By the way, that's exactly why Kuzha and the others can't even let them join the request, so they continue their vacation at the hotel. Well, it was a meaningless vacation for them to be on vacation with Kate.

"... this place hasn't changed in exactly 300 years."

Standing at the entrance to the cave in the bright light of summer, Kate peeks and squeals inside the dim cave. On the boulder. This one was hot and humid because it was the southern seaside, and the cave was limp and seemed cool. Well, at the same time, the interior was a little dim, and it seemed like it could be used to try the liver - although it could not be used because there would actually be demons out there.

"Ah? You've been here before?

"Sort of."

Answering Sora's question lightly, Kate turns around. Because even though it will end in half a day, we can't be talking here for long.

"Good! All hail!

Kate turns to the students in swimsuits lined up behind her and raises her voice. As a result, after the callback, the leaders of each party reported that there were all of them in Kite. With that in mind, Kate started walking ahead.

Then, a few hours later. The kites had divided the party into several parts, as originally planned, to fight the demons of the gel species. Fortunately, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary, and the crusade itself was going well.


The sunset exhales small and rolls out a positive fist poke. Then he easily broke through the water covering the core of the gel and hit it straight into the core of the gel, crushing the core of the gel brilliantly of things and letting it spread around and stain the ground, like the sheer water of the gel itself. In other words, it failed to recover.


I look at the gel as the sun spreads, and I say, "Shit, I look up." There was also a facial calendar and a poetic weave with an unpleasant face about what a voice sounded like.

"Well, good luck next time"

On the other hand, that's kite. Nothing. The extra rewards are extra, so if possible, fine. So Kite didn't care that far either.

"Senior, even so, sunset, this is the 10th time, right?


I know it's where you want to complain about one of the words in the calendar, but it's true, so you can't say anything about the sunset. So far, the success rate has been 0%.

"Haha... well, I can't help it. I'm not used to it, because it doesn't work out for him. Now, do you want to move forward a little? Mr. Ryugafeng. What's the way?"

Kite, bitterly smiled at the words of the calendar and the fall of the sunset, asks against the poetic weave with the map. It did not consist of a combatable face, but rather incorporated part of it as a support side, in case we took them far away. It was a kite who said why, in addition to the request, was also training.

"Oh, yes! … er, turn right ahead and it's a rendezvous point with the third team"

In the wake of those poetic words while checking the map, the kites go further down the cave. Then you immediately see a left and right turn, and the kites turn right.

The space I saw that way was a little open, where Sho and several adventurers sat and waited for the kites. Apparently the third team was faster.

"Oh, are you here?"

"Sho. Sounds like that one was quick...... good, let's all take a little pause. I forbid you to."

Kite also raises one hand to answer Sho, who raised one hand when he spotted Kite moving forward at the beginning. That's how Sho opened his mouth again as the kites sat back on an affordable rock to take a break as well.

"What's your core collection like?

"Well, it's still like this"

That's what Kate says and opens the mouth of the bag for collection. There were roughly five cores in there. Sho, who saw it, tilts his neck. He had more places than this. I felt a little uncomfortable with this result even though Kate was there.

That said, this core was all Huge Gel's core, a core that Kate saw as excessive in the hands of the sunset. By the way, Kate is challenged by the martial arts of co-development with Lux, if it serves as a reference for sunset.

"... that? Pretty little?"

"I'm not used to the sunset yet."

Kite laughs bitterly at Sho's words. Still about two months of full activity as an adventurer in both sunset and calendar. We're going unconsciously in the direction of destroying the core.

That said, it is quite useful as an adventurer to be able to do the trick. Because when it comes to interpersonal fights, it can kill the opponent if you can't help it.

As an adventurer, it is often difficult to do so, so this was a good opportunity and Kate didn't have much to do with it. I apologized to such a kite with the sunset slightly depressed.

"Excuse me... I really want to see Senior Kate. Yes or no..."

"No, it's easy because this guy is just suspicious."

"I don't know..."

"Even so... is this all Huge Gel's core?

Ayazaki, who was part of Sho's team - he is the recovery officer and troop leader for Sho's team - peeks into the contents of the bag and asks. The core, which is about as big as the core he's been getting, clearly looked different from Large Gel as well.

"Oh...... and yes"

Kite, who unintentionally answered in a mild tone, embarrassed herself that she was too distracted. but in response, Ayazaki shook her head with a bitter smile.

"I don't care... I guess that's the right thing to do"

"Haha...... if you say so, it will help. What about you?"

"I got three Large Gel cores. Your mountain temple has two gel cores."

He opens the mouth of the bag he had and shows it inside. There were three cores about a turn smaller than Kate's captured core and two smaller cores than that.

"I see... have you taken safety precautions"

"That's the thing. I can't help you, Huge."

"... what?

When I saw the two of them having such a conversation, Sho placed his hand on the shoulder of the sunset. In the first place, it's a mistake to try to stand alongside Kite. While Kate said it was a safety measure, she was getting about Huge's core. In the first place, they were too strong to compare. That's how Sho goes on laughing at the sunset.

"Kate's been in action for over a decade, and I'm a couple of months, so you can't keep up."

"I will..."

In the words of Sho, I agree with some bitter face that the sunset is somewhere. He is the winner of the national tournament in a bend. And since I've been here, I've been in action. Still, I felt confident if I fisted empty-handed. Kite grins and tells against such a depressing sunset.

"You know... the sunset. I ask you one thing... do you really think I could always fight a weapon to my hand?

"Heh? Because seniors can make weapons with magic..."

He thought that the sunset would be amateur if Kate was hands-on and karate. Blink your eyes and tilt your neck. But this was naturally a misunderstanding.

"I didn't have to fight with my bare hands to get better from the last part of the war. Until then, you've been using weapons that normally have entities, right? Otherwise, he said he didn't have a ton of weapons. Well... I could only buy cheap physical weapons, so I could do some of the finest manipulations in the world."

Kate smiles bitterly and tells the truth in the sunset. Included there was a little pride in the fact that this would have been a proud body even for him.

In fact, this is a story that is also commonly misunderstood, but the talent of Kate, found by the great sage Hermes, is the height of magic and the strength of will - also called endangerment -.

Kate's ability to magically create a weapon is the ability that Kate herself acquired after she broke up with Hermes, and it's a talent no one can understand in the first place to get the blessing of the Spirit. What I don't know is, naturally.

"Besides, it wasn't until I met Tina that I made it perfect even for weapons creation. In the first place, if it was me and Tina, Tina would be better up there, right?... I miss you. I used to call him Kid's Kickin 'Cho, Baba's Laggin' Back... and now I'm stubborn."

Kite, who smiled bitterly, tells the past in nostalgia somewhere. Again, this is a mistake. Kite wasn't stronger than Tina from the start. Within Tina's training, she only gradually became stronger.

At the end of the war, he was only a little stronger. It was in the last few years that it became as overwhelming as it is now. That's how Kite, who was grinning, realized the story was derailed and fixed it.

"I don't care what happened... I was rarely forced into a situation where weapons could not be used as a matter of course back then. That's what I get used to."

"? What's the cause?

"Ah? That's the manipulated guy. You can't cut him off. Otherwise, all you have to do is hit him and stun him"

The sunset and the sho flashed in the words that I said were blatant.

"Well, I didn't tell you... just be prepared. If the guy you had yesterday was someone you'd kill each other on the battlefield the next day, for God's sake... you don't want to kill him, you don't want to be robbed, you get the power. Otherwise, I can't protect one of my precious mons... especially since we're in business."

At the end of the day, tell the two of you to admonish them, and Kate rises. Those who know one end of his truth, such as Sho and Sunset, realize that his back looks a little spicy. But there was no one to know what that face was like.

"Say it! I'm finally getting used to it!

With the sunset similar to the palm bottom, the core of the gel was flipped and the gel was defeated. This is the third number of cores the sun has taken since entering the cave. It is also a continuum. Apparently, he's right, he's getting used to it.

"Well... you're getting pretty good"

"No, thanks to the seniors."

Praised by Ayazaki, the sunset scratched his head in a slight light. Kate laughed bitterly and apologized for such a sunset.

"Hmm, I knew I couldn't do karate. Bad."

Actually, it was here that the sunset was not so slow to improve. Kite's martial arts are a skill for killing rooted in action. Therefore, the moulds and the like are very different from those of karate.

In contrast, the sunset and Ayazaki are rooted in the sound martial arts of Japanese karate, or sport. Therefore, even if the sunset really tried to imitate Kate's martial arts, it was born in that regard and prevented her from improving.

Nevertheless, Kate herself admits that she is doing well. In terms of returning to Japan, the sunsets are better. Besides, karate is better at the root difference in the first place if you don't want to kill it. Besides, karate is interpersonal martial arts in the first place. Karate would have been better if we had thought about interpersonal fights. That's how the calendar looked a little surprised at Kite for making such an apology.

"Heh... there are things Senior Kate can't do."

The calendar says unexpectedly, but what surprised me about this is no other kite. I thought you could do anything if you flipped that word.

"No, wait... it's obvious, right?


Kite tells me how surprised she is, and vice versa, now not only the calendar, but the other students come to a surprise. So close to the questioner, the calendar represented, asked the question.

"Because you can't do anything senior?

"No, wait... do you guys mistake me for Superman or something?

It's still good to have the wrong calendar to know who you are. But it was unacceptable that even the students who should not know anything thought so. Against such a kite, a student opened his mouth who did not know who kite was.

"Ah? 'Cause you, you're faster on the negative list than on the positive list of what you can do, right? I can't imagine anything on that list."

Calendar and other students snort at this word. No one could imagine him being told what Kite couldn't do.

"No, wait. I can't do anything... I can't do karate, and I can't do capoellers or anything. I can ride horseback, but I can't ride horseback, and royal palace food... can I make it because of those idiots? Um... Oh, can't you do the majority of the music either? There's more..."

Many of the things that Kate herself would refuse to be able to do so, but a female student who was listening to it asked Kate.

"Hey, it's... I can't substitute it because of something else?


"You don't think horseback riding is important in the first place, do you? I can't do karate or capoeller, he said, but I've been fighting with my bare hands since earlier... you can substitute it all because of something else. I mean, I can't cook. Something pisses me off."

"Well, I should help you with the Moon or the Moon."

Female students are convinced of what can be described as Kate's rationale. Actually, it's not about a good moon, but the moon can also cook. And even though it is not Yamato, the moon also has excellent fashion sense.

She basically does everything without doing it. The kind calls friends, but I don't know which one was called Kate and Moon, but the two were quite alike.

"... so what can't you do?

Asked by the calendar, now it's time for Kate to seriously bother. If you think unexpectedly about what you can't do, it was troubling.

That said, that would be true, too. Normally, with so little talent, anything can be done depending on practice. He was just talking about piling up that practice.

"Weapons… all available. Evil God summons... if you want to... you can do it... the law of change... in the first place... having a child... physiologically impossible for me to have a bastard kid... exposure play... no, you've done this before... no, this is something different"

Kite's thoughts, which slip from step to step, sometimes deviate in outrageous directions. Sometimes there's a mix of flighty remarks, but since there was a guy who was able to do it, that would be his late idea.

"Cleaning the room... Tsubaki makes me cry... is the paperwork all right... ah!

I was starting to get out of line, Kite, but I thought of something, and I opened my eyes and thought of a little joy. Apparently, there was something I couldn't do.

"There it is!


I can't even leave my contemplated kite behind, I've been waiting for an answer together, but everyone is interested in the answer that gradually came out.

"Doesn't piss a woman off"

"... oh yeah"

Everyone snorted very convincingly at Kate's words. Indeed, every time a new women's problem was discovered, cherry blossoms and scumbags angered him and chased him, he might not be able to do it.

No, before that, maybe it's fatally impossible. And I guess this is the only thing I can't do to keep up with him the rest of my life. And what's wrong with them is that Kate understands this.

"For once, you were conscious."

"Well, once."

To Sho's words, Kite nods. Kite is not blunt. I know why the favored person is angry, and I understand how angry he feels. But if he had a reason too, he would have made me angry because of his smugness as Duke.

Therefore, Tina, who understands it more than anyone else, is rarely jealous in a women's relationship. In the meantime, I was jealous of the Tiers because they were very close to me, but late. Is it because we were talking about that? Cherry blossom contacted me.

This way, C-Team, respond.

"A team on this side. Go ahead."

"This way, Team B."

"Oh, Kite, Mr. Moment. Something went wrong."


'We see a change in the map. There are more roads.'

Cherry blossom words were nothing unusual. Originally, this cave of water practice was a natural cave. Naturally, it can collapse, and demons were conceived to create new paths. I guess that's why it happened.

"What about Tina?

"I put the demon ahead of me once... but it looks like there's a demon. That said, it still seems deep down. '

Tina interrupts cherry blossom communication. To the words, kite haunts my head just a little.

"Okay. Everybody, once we're done crusading outside the last room, we'll rendezvous in the big cavity that was in Plan C."

Copy that.

Everyone agrees to Kite's words. Plan C is a plan to withdraw if the demon ranks higher than assumed.

An outline is an exit plan in the unlikely event that Kate and the others serve as halls. In order for Kate, Tina, and the Adventure Department Superior to serve as halls, it was necessary to bring the parting parties together. For this reason, the assembly point was a large cavity in the middle of the cave. Thus, they crusaded the gel outside the room where King was said to be, and headed towards the great cavity.