From the arrival of Kite, only a few days go back in time. Leonhardt, the emperor who made all his moves to finalize Kite's visit, was secretly grinning. It was like a child who was happy to have a toy.

This childish place has been in power as an emperor for a long time, but it was never going to heal. This one was also taken over by his first child, Lion, so it's probably a blood muscle. No, well, in their case, things are too similar for parents and children.

"Right. So Kite, the head of Adventure, is coming too, right?

'Yes, Your Majesty. He was also seen with a little humility, but with His Majesty's call, he accepted with pleasure.'

At the word of the emperor Leonhardt, the top of the messengers who were holding talks with Kate and Kuzha nodded. I had already received the consent in writing, but once again I had contacted him to ask what was going on at that time.

"Okay. Okay, send me the footage from that time."

'Yes, I did. Should the video use the line as usual?

"Oh, do that"

Even though the details of the agreement have been put in writing, there are still waterlogging arguments that I will not say in other details. Therefore, in fact, the messengers had been secretly given magic props to record the footage.

"I just sent it"

"Oh... what do you say?


With the words of Emperor Leonhardt, Hermeloy confirms it. And with that in mind, Emperor Leonhardt nodded with a pleasant grin.

"Well... that's good. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm done reporting. You can come home now."

'Yes, I did. Now if you'll excuse me.'

With the permission of Emperor Leonhardt, the messenger disappears from the video. Thus, when he saw the blackened screen, the Emperor Leonhardt further skipped the instruction.

"Show me the footage I sent earlier."

"Yes, sir."

In response to the words of Emperor Leonhardt, Hermeloy manipulates demonic props to reflect images sent to monitors installed in front of Emperor Leonhardt. It was naturally kite that was shown there.

That said, I want to see this, but I didn't let you send me this stuff. Apparently, he was told to scrutinize the contents of the agreement, but that could not have happened.

"... activate the trick"


Naturally, I know that Kite has been recorded as well. This has been done since the time when Kite was still publicly present, as well as the measures that Kite brought in. You couldn't have known.

But there was only one such kite that was unexpected. This is only a confirmation or just in case, so the recording device is only disguised to the extent that they can understand it, and they were originally planning to use cheap items.

"The McDawell family isn't the only ones making cutting-edge magic artifacts that gather copies of technology, Lord Brave."

The Emperor Leonhardt deepens his grin when he sees the footage that Hermeloy continued to show, manipulating the demonic props at the behest of Emperor Leonhardt. There was the original look of Kite, whose disguise was completely undone.

Actually, the messenger didn't even know this, but this demon prop for video recording was secretly replaced with something that they didn't normally use. Only the outside made by the Empire's technicians collecting copies of the technology was the same completely different.

"Hmm... Well, I'm trying not to find out, but there's no way to do it... Do you want to color the budget of the next lab a little?"

"Shall I let you consider it?

"I asked. You can praise him for being so miniaturized, for spotting the brave man's disguise, and for not being noticed."

It's his job to give him a compliment commensurate with it, because he's been properly accomplished. And in this case, their hard work bore fruit. It was decided that it would be okay to add a little color.

As such, he continues to give further instructions as he strokes the object with his corny hands. If he was able to get results, it was his idea how to use them next.

"Well, mass production is difficult, but this will be a use. Let the detectives develop this as a demonic tool for photography."

"Yes, sir... should I also set up a demon emperor?

"No, don't do that one. These developments are the real job for those over there. It's easy to forget, but politics is inherently wrong. It's far more likely you'll notice the difference."

Emperor Leonhardt denies Hermeloy's inquiry, which he continued by writing down the instructions in a note. He saw the plot succeed because Kate was alone this time. Then this one was attractive. Thus, the emperor Leonhardt then asks his own daughter, who was the only one who was passing through besides him to this room.

"Well... what do you think?

"Thank you very much."

The emperor Leonhardt is certainly the emperor, but at the same time he is also the father of one. If so, it was natural for my daughter to be an open language in a private place. Anything that has always been polite in a parent-child conversation would be suspicious.

"Even though I'm busy, I don't understand your father showing me that stuff at a time like this. If we don't get ahead of the 5th Duke, we'll be in pain as royalty, won't we?

"No, sorry. I'm sorry. After all, when you're a brave kite, you're heartbroken. I went on to talk about it all the time. I'll leave you to your case, as always."

I laugh at my daughter's words with a smile like the Emperor Leonhardt lit up a little. That said, my daughter had no intention of reprimanding me for it or anything. Everything that's been going on, she was taught too. As the Empress, she was the only one taught.

This is not because she is a princess. No royalty has been taught except her. She was taught because she was the most politically persistent, the most trusted of the royal family by the emperor Leonhardt. I mean, it was all figured out why it had to be now.

"Ha... father. Nothing. It's good to leave the back to this one, but could you make it a little easier?

"If there's a guy who can, he can do anything. I don't even have a military skilled scarlet. I'm not good at that behind things in the first place. I don't like belly searching."

"If only that girl understood around there too..."

They talk about another princess and sigh. Indeed, there is no choice but to find someone who likes and dislikes this kind of belly exploration and abdominal art. The inability to do so is also a compatibility issue. Therefore, I thought I had no choice, but my sister has a great sense of cleanliness.

"Ha... my head hurts"

"It's all your father's fault, isn't it? Well, about half of it's Brother Lion's fault. After all, it's your father's fault for educating you wrong."

"... Hermeloy. Have I miseducated my daughter somewhere?

"I thought I'd come and educate my son by mistake."

"... that's spicy"

It was a mistake to point the water, the emperor Leonhardt sighed. Well, I'm putting him on my side because he expresses an open opinion, and because I like him like that. For the tyrannical office of emperor, the presence that speaks up is above all honorable.

Well, Hermeloy's right, his son runs off and his daughter runs away from home. Yet another daughter has a hard word for her parents. Sure, it would be true that he seemed to be miseducated somewhere.

"Fran. Are you still not willing to succeed the Emperor? Now that Lyon's gone, you're the best."

"Oh, so you're quitting on the brave guy thing?

I want Kite the Brave, too.

Emperor Leonhardt shows greed with laughter at the inquiry of his daughter, who seems to be Fran. I want a promising succession, but at the same time I want a competent subordinate. It was a natural greed to be held together as emperors.

"Shit... it was the case you saw as the best fit and left it to me... this is a headache. Should I have kept it for Henri? If that kid, he's been resident in Maxwell for the past few years, and for the time being, he's lived in Maxwell. It's not bad for your personality. Or you can leave it to Scarlett when you get back."

Even now, the emperor Leonhardt reflects a little on his depth of desire. It was the result of thinking about the people who would most certainly take in the brave kite and most certainly accomplish it.

But then, it was only natural that the instructions turned to my promising daughter. Originally, the man is off the case, so he has no choice. When I thought about who my daughter would be, I didn't have to think about it, but her name was raised, and it was a failure. Then he lost sight of the prospect of losing his successor this time.

"That girl will still be your child. You won't be cured of that weird habit either. If you do it badly, you might even follow her to the battlefield, that girl. It's really tough because it's strong. And Scarlett's not planning on coming back, but you can't do that, can you? You can't do that to her in the first place."

"Ha... I'm not really blessed with kids"

"I think it's a line to say in front of my daughter..."

Fran sighs in response to the emperor Leonhardt, who hasn't been blessed with children in front of them. Well, I didn't feel bad because this was actually also a word that glorified her competence in the dark. As such, my daughter, feeling a little upbeat, decided to send a consolation to her father that she had no choice.

"Well, the imperial family of the Empire of Entesia is famous for being so capable as a freak, isn't it?... Oh, except for me."

"Her Royal Highness Princess Frandor is also a freak, I suppose."

"Oh, it's noble. It's a big mistake if you think you can just say what it is. It is only by accomplishing something on your own that you can become enough to be Fu. Just like that, if you think you can be unconditionally fu because you're a customer, you're making a big mistake. Guests must be respectful to their employees as customers. It's the first time I've ever had respect for an employee."

Hermeloy tells the truth by showing Fran, who may be noble but has no point in bowing his head. but apparently she didn't mean it either. Well, Hermeloy, who knows that, didn't mean it either, he just responded to Fran's request for the way he wanted that answer.

That said, Fran's idea would make sense when it comes to reason. I can't keep my head down because I'm noble. If you do the right thing as a nobleman, you will be recognized as a nobleman. It was only by doing what she deserved that she was the right person for Fuku.

The truth is that in Imperial Castle she is recognized as a testament to the nobility. It may be said that she does not know much about it. That's how I realized there was an emperor, Leonhardt, against the two people who had such conversations.

"... let me tell you one thing. Does that mean I'm a weirdo, too?

"Because he's our father, and he's the greatest talent of our time, but he's an emperor, so why not? You've been messing around from your father in the first place, haven't you?

"Ugh, um..."

Emperor Leonhardt looks back at us again and begins to think that he may be a changer, too. Well, the weirdo would be the weirdo, because he's a battle freak who climbs to the strongest of the empires and still loves to fight. He also hosts the match before this one.

Besides, behind it, he's got several ploys against the brave Kate. You can't be a stranger. It was a long time later that Kate told me that if I wasn't a stranger, I wouldn't be performing the fierce duties of emperor or emperor.

"As, well, that's good. So, what do you say?

"How... what?

Fran tilts his neck in response to a query from the reworked emperor Leonhardt. Besides, the emperor Leonhardt tells us again.

"Is the ploy going to work? This photograph is like the one I made you get for me."

"They've been eating for hundreds of years, and it's more suspicious to fail. Your face... well, that's not bad."

"Not bad, huh?"

Emperor Leonhardt grins at the words of his daughter, who missed her gaze after carefully observing the photograph. I've already finished profiling Kate's personality to almost the perfect level, and my daughter knows almost everything about her personality.

If that's what she dyed her cheeks a little to the vermilion, this statement was just a word to come from the lighting. Apparently it suits your glasses.

Well, it will be up to her to decide whether or not to actually move immediately after she sees her, but at this rate, it will proceed in a way that is not bad. If the two are incompatible, the emperor Leonhardt was talking about another as a fitter in the first place.

"... well, countermeasures will be in place anyway, but if possible, get out and conceive even your first child. Kuzha and Aura have a little umbilical bite."

"I wonder if that's a line to tell my daughter about the boulder... there will be a peep demon anyway..."

The next line is 100% frightening. She thinks of herself as an imperial tool, but at the same time she was still an age-appropriate girl.

A man has been named for the first experience, and even his parents are pregnant with a child. There was no point in wanting to be frightened. I have no emotions or flaws. Well, she accepts that, too.

"The brave must be taken in by the royal family, even if they are not. That is the decision of the wise emperor, Lady Wistaglias. Besides, he is still the guardian of the Empire. Are you dissatisfied?

"And I'm not dissatisfied. He's the one I'm enough to marry. The marriage of the imperial guardian and the princess is a blessing for the country. I have already achieved merit since I returned. All you have to do is get a fait accompli, right?

"I'll hold the other nobles. Lord Heisenberg also agreed. I'll have the Duke and the Grand Duke agree at the next nightclub."

Everything, for the Empire. They plot to tie Kate to the Empire. But the two faces working out a ploy that was supposed to be so nasty, though somewhere nasty, seemed like fun.

"Hermeloy. Have you already decided on his room to stay?

"Yes, already. We've already got them all set up to run the palace."

"I knew you had a peeping demon."

The women who manage the palace, so to speak, are related to the emperor's affairs. Succession is more important than anything else than being the governor of the state, of course. These forces exist.

I put that in for just one person, so it was clear how much effort I was putting into this one.

"I can't do that. If the demonic props are noticed by the demon emperor, the peeping demon is noticed by him. I'm just going to let you learn so you don't fall short in your tests and emotions. Well, you're just gonna love it after... kuku... well, isn't that good? The Duchess is not in a bad position. Neither is he a bad man. Well, at any rate, it's the man that His Majesty Wistaglias proudly anticipated. It can't be bad."

Fran is only a little shy against the emperor Leonhardt, who progresses his engagement story at will in his absence. Well, actually, Kite can't refuse this flow either. Marriage to the royal family is more inevitable than being a duke.

If Kate returns to public office, the first engagement story that will surely come out is definite with the royal family. That was where both Kate and Kuzha understood and were investigating who was the candidate. Well, I don't even think the kites are gonna be leading the way from the other side before they make it public.

"It's a nest of all kinds of interests over there. If you come in there, I can turn the McDawell family into a bedrock. It also leads to the McDawell family's interests. That is therefore in the interests of the Empire. It's time to think about the next generation, and even if I let you tighten up the royal family at all times, it'll be a problem as a parent."

"Good trouble, then."

"... it's time for my father to look sunny, won't you take it? I'm almost twenty, so it's time to see my grandson's face."

"That's not true. If you are a grandson, ask Brother Lion. In the first place, I'm royal too. Then you're close to troublemakers. Because I'm the one who leads the royal garden crowd watching the royal family."

"Well, yes..."

To Fran's words, Emperor Leonhardt now turns back. I would be full as a princess without this ragged and belly-black part, but without it, the world of politics cannot cross out of the eyes of a living horse.

In other words, she leaves the prospect to her in anticipation. She has the strongest loyalty to the Empire to her most belly-black habits. And the headache is, I'm not interested in politics at all.

It was also true that Kate was the only one who could turn it around well without roughing up Harlem. When I was able to move for my country while thinking about the house, only about her, the royal patron, had a hand in the present emperor Leonhardt.

Then, thinking about her daughter in combination with the house and the state, it was a natural decision in a sense to try to make her daughter-in-law Kate. Thus, Fran knew it, but therefore decided not to be convinced.

"Well, that's good. I'm a virgin I've cherished so far, but let's decide to dedicate it to the brave. So why don't you learn from them how to handle your medication at night or something?

"Ha... do that"

Again the emperor Leonhardt sighs at his daughter's blatant words. I couldn't tell if I was riding or not. As such, Fran decided to follow the scene and prepare for Kite's visit.