Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 359: Maids - • Subordinates -

Time moves on, when the kites arrive in the royal capital. Kate came to see a maid named Himself at the reception hotel - a lodging hall used by Tensakura School - but decided to turn it down a little before doing so and pay some attention first.

"Tsubaki, you know how they don't have maids, right?

While it is true that the appearance of the women who came out is wearing maid clothes, and bowing, etc., is polite, Kate does not accept them as maids. but I can't say this in front of the other schoolchildren, nor can I say it in front of the squire to be assigned. That's why we left just a little bit. The facade can be passed with a sermon to the squire - well, it seems true.

Incidentally, many maids in Imperial Castle are children of good families. As a consistent part of the Imperial Courtesy Education, he is a maid of honor at the Imperial Castle.

That said, they were not such discerning maids on this occasion, but maids who were given special roles among the maids in their posts at the Imperial Castle. It wasn't Tsubaki who didn't know that, but it still seems that more maids with kites were involved in her selling tickets. And so Tsubaki complains with a crying face even now.

"Yes, sir."

"Because I know the other side, you put me in a big room that I shouldn't have used. Then I'm sorry. Just in case."

To Tsubaki's words, Kate couldn't help but exhale. I was a little anxious to see if I would be dissatisfied. For Tsubaki, taking care of Kate is close to living. He confirmed that he was not afraid that it might be taken away from him.

By the way, large rooms are usually used for aristocrats with outpatient maids, etc. For this reason, it should not be necessary for the adventure club of the kites or for the face of Tian Cherry Blossom School, but Tsubaki was prepared for the kite together.

Well, that would be superficial, too. You can't possibly not know Tsubaki's character. It's an empire, and Tsubaki's public status in the first place is close to a secretary, not a maid. Behind him were considerations to facilitate intercourse, emperors Leonhardt and some of the upper layers of the pole were manipulations to make Tsubaki easier to restrain.

"Well, I didn't think we'd be mobilizing this far on a massive scale... well, we can't help it"

Kite laughs bitterly when he sees each member begin to travel according to the dedicated squire attached to each member. It is easy to say what is the purpose of attaching each individual a squire?

In short, it is the surveillance of the kites. Otherwise, it could not have been a waste of human resources, such as simply making a maid of honor to each other. No matter how many guests you welcome, or how many kites are the same Earthlings as the brave kite, this is the emperor's lap. Naturally, they are wary.

Many students are surprised and honestly thrilled by the maids and deacons of their age assigned exclusively to them, but they could not have actually been exchanged in such a favor. So, once I was able to confirm, I finally went back under the maid named Kite.

"Bad. She's my exclusive maid...... that?

and so kite finally realizes the discomfort. Tsubaki wears maid clothes and takes care of Kite for what she deserves, but she was not a maid. Precisely, the secretary is her role. Kite seems to have completely forgotten. So smile bitterly and tell them who you are properly.

"It's Tsubaki, the exclusive secretary."

"It's Tsubaki with your husband."

"Laicia, whom I have been ordained to come with you. Shea is fine. Ray can't use it for a few reasons."

To introduce Kate, Tsubaki bows down to Pecori. In contrast, a blonde twin-tailed girl named Maid with Kites gracefully gave her a toast. The work was elegant, free of any precipitation, and a move that I had trained for many years.

That's the maid who served at the Imperial Castle, or she was quite a pretty girl. Well, the other maids and butlers, they're all sturdy. Welcome guests to the heart of the country. Beauty is also one of statuses.

Raisia with kite, the girl she named was about to become an adult woman from a girl when she was old. Her chest is slightly swollen and her back is about 155 cm long.

Exactly as a courtesy, Kate hasn't asked about her age either, but she would be quite young among the maids in line. That said, the most eye-catching maid, if said, was as graceful as she was first and foremost, with a flattering face. Thus, under her guidance, Kate was given the room and the map for some reason, rather than taking her to the room...

"What's this?

"It's a plan for the apartment and this building. Don't ask me anything, make your own habit of finding out."

"Huh? No, what about work?

The other students were guided by their attendants and headed to the room assigned to them earlier. What remains in the entrance lobby is about a kite that took time to convince the students and Tsubaki talking to their dedicated squire. That's why I asked, but Shea wasn't mad.

"Oh, I'll do it right if I have to... but you're a customer, so you think you'll be taken care of unconditionally?

"Well... sure, that makes sense"

To Shea's words, Kite smiles invincibly. Indeed, it was an argument. Kite doesn't have the idea of being Fu because he's a customer. And apparently she doesn't either.

It is also the work of his servants, but it is also the work of his original servants to restrain the Lord. There is no need for a yes-man. It doesn't make any difference if they welcome guests.

Well, aside from that, she does a good job of welcoming guests. I also greeted her gracefully. If you're going to be looked after more worthwhile than that, it's certainly going to be after being recognized as a guest. Well, you could show me around the room, but I don't think so.

"And you think I'm just a maid?

"... I see, nice. I'll give you a ride."

"Oh, what is it?

Shea giggles at Kate's words. That said, while it was elegant, it showed some belly blackness. It was an affirmation in the dark. There was a good reason why I didn't show you around.

"I'm glad you sent me a competent maid, Shea. For once, I want to know exactly what you belong to."

"Oh, the Imperial Maid Squad? Really."

"Think about that boss? How many squads are there?

"Oh, then I'm the squad leader. Shea Squad."

Shea laughs and answers Kite's query, which puts a grin on her understanding of all of this. This is probably the truth. Probably even if Kate uses Kuzha or Stella to find out, that's how it should come out. It's just that it's superficial.

Even though it is the Duke's house, it will be difficult to find out the department to which she belongs. She said she was a step above all the other maids in the dark. The only thing that comes out after looking into it is that it belongs to the same department as the other maids. This is not the kite I don't understand.

"Let's go, Tsubaki. If you don't need a maid, we'll do it later, right?

"Yes, sir."

Listen to Kate, Tsubaki starts walking according to it. Fortunately, a full-time luggage hauling official is doing it for me besides the maid. The only thing I asked Shea for was guidance.

And they're giving me the map. I have no problem getting to my room. And then Shea started walking behind it.

"This is my room..."

Neighborhood is Tsubaki and Tina. Tsubaki's room is for squire, so the room next to it is the cherry blossom, to be precise. On the same floor were faculty from other upper levels, along with Principal Sakurada and other faculty.

As such, Kite, who opened the door and went inside, first checks the interior and further checks the outside of the window. Tsubaki is also asked to confirm his room first. Because I can't move satisfactorily without first checking the room for weird tricks.

"Well, the top floor has a nice view"

I was looking around the window, Kite, but looking out the window, it was a good view of the Imperial Capital.

"Thank Your Majesty for your concern."

"No, not at all"

With the top floor of 10 floors, the outlook was good and the view was good. The assignment there was a good thing to be honest with.

"So, why are you sitting in a chair before me?

"Something wrong? You'd say that anyway, wouldn't you?

At the end of Kate's gaze was a maid dressed girl who somehow looked great and sat in a luxurious chair. This is a lady who would look a lot like a maid if it weren't for her clothes, but she should be a maid for once.

That said, I don't know why, but I don't like kites for this transcendence and the speed of understanding. Well, and if it's mainly about absolute obedience, I'm on time with Tsubaki. Even if there is a quiet maid on top of this, there is no way for Kite to be there. I don't want Kate to be able to do anything, either, sitting quietly with two beautiful girls.

By the way, according to what Shea later told me, each individual's preferences were examined and the employees assigned accordingly. Apparently, it's friendly, but the truth is, it's not to be alarmed. He has been ordered to deal with vegetables that are not acting, but because of this, the vigilance on the part of the adventure department is also very relaxed.

In other words, after grasping both the imperial side and her character, I assigned her here in anticipation of Kate's liking on it. Well, still exposing the vegetables so far, as Kate reads, that's probably why.

"For once, you're a maid of honor, right?

"Simply a maid's clothes girl, your husband (tentative)"


While Kate laughs bitterly at Shea's words, she doesn't constrain them. Anyway, she's right, because even if Shea doesn't, Kate orders her to sit down.

"Well, so what, your husband?

"There's nothing I can do about it. Don't be afraid to wait. Anyway, we're waiting for action. I'm free. Are you gonna talk to me or something?

To Shea's inquiry, Kite answers as she looks around with Kyoro Kyoro. I was wondering where to start. As such, when Kite finishes examining the coarse chamber and confirms the existence of a surveillance technique, such as a wiretapping technique, he performs detailed work. Since the Imperial Castle is not expected to have this degree, there will be no complaints.

Rather than say, this degree is a substitute for greeting each other. There were many reworked traces in the procedure, and many altered traces. On the contrary, if we do not take any measures, we will be surprised by the Imperial side.

Well, actually, Shea was sitting because she knew that Kate was going to do this, and even more so, she was going to sit behind him, or she was going to check the other room. Even in that separate room, Tsubaki is under investigation. In the end, it was Sekiyama who asked me to sit down.

"Your husband. This indoor scrutiny is over."

"Well, how'd it go?

"Yes, this way."

In response to Kite's inquiry, Tsubaki hands the note paper to Kite. Generally, the same surgical ceremony was set up as the one that was set up in Kite's room.

"Okay. We'll take care of that later. Tsubaki, I'm sorry, but I asked for confirmation around the kitchen. You can't just check your workplace on your own."

With a bitter smile, Kite orders confirmation around the kitchen ready for Tsubaki. The kitchen, though, is not authentic, but an easy object for the nobles to make wine knobs and night meals.


Tsubaki starts checking around the water, feeling a little happy at her workplace. I was going to remember more than what was going into Kite's mouth. Even if remotely manipulated to mix poison in water, it was important.

Well, it's no use to Kite. Basically, most of the drama pills don't work on kite. I may be able to temporarily lose my fighting ability, but I don't have the fighting power to stop me to that extent. To those two, Shea was blinking her eyes.

"I don't know... surprise. Aren't you trying to be vigilant?

No wonder Shea was surprised. There's no way that Kate doesn't realize she's a watchman - or that she's doing it to be noticed - but she's trying to tamper with the procedure without any concern. It was also unusual for it to be so bland so far.

Until now the nobles as far as she could tell had been there, at least when the eyes of the surveillance were gone. That's what this boy does in the eyes of a watchman, with dignity and no mercy.

"What is it? Thought you'd normally do it out of the sight of a watchman?

"Normally, yes."

Normally, I did, and to Shea, Kate rang her neck and started commenting. In other words, she openly admitted that she was a watchman.

"Now, Lacia is a watchman, and she realizes it, and I'm not surprised at what she said. I mean, I just realized that. Obviously, there's too much suspicious behavior as a maid. If so, I put a great deal of anticipation into this strength, and decided that this one had been assumed. Anyway, if it's going to be confirmed later, we can show it from where we're going to apply it."

No matter how many measures are to be taken, they will be confirmed later. Then I'm with you even if I show you what I'm already doing. If public secrets are shared, there's nothing wrong with showing them. That's how Kite goes on. That was a reason not to make a scene, even though I made it clear that I realized it.

"If you change it here because you realize it... right, if you take it to Mr. Hermeloy, along with a real maid, there will come a more awesome spy in the line of duty next time. It's annoying to be moved from invisible to unsightly... and the answer is just the way you want it to be, right?

As Kate sat in the chair to be face to face with Laicia, she grinned and took the deal. As Shea wanted. I mean, this was all, like, on her palm.

"I'm glad you understand."

To Kate's words, Shea laughs and nods. Naturally, she didn't dare guide or do anything. It is daring and disrespectful to be told. And I also understood that they wouldn't point it out. I read that it was the person who could do it, and that's why Kite was sent as your guide.

It was natural to respond differently. Everything so far, such as not giving guidance, was close to acting. If she tried, she could also be a first-rate maid at a level normally wary of Tsubaki.

"I just rode him"

To Shea's words, Kate sends a laugh. Plus, Shea smiles, too. This whole thing was just so elusive that we had each other grasping each other's backs.

This time we're just doing it hoping for each other. On top of that, it was the show of arms that surpassed each other's predictions.

"Do you mind?

Lacia smiles as she feels comfortable watching Kite ride in here understanding. Besides, Kite grins equally well and invincibly.

Kite understands that Shea's on board. This is the kind of girl that sent me under Kite. And after the ride, it surpasses. That was Kite's fashion.

"Oh, fully. Unexpectedly, I want it to be mine. If you weren't a watchman, you'd be sure to make a fait accompli, but you'd get it. I wouldn't hesitate to say hello to my parents. I also encourage the cherry blossoms to persuade me."

Kite sends her heart to Shea. Competent and very challenging girls like this, clearly, were Kate's preference. And he was also a rare human resource.

Apparently, this blonde twin-tailed girl was more suited to politicians than undercover detectives like watchmen and assassins. That's how Shea asks, smiling happily at Kate's genuine words.

"I'm glad to hear that. So, can I stop doing made-up already?

"Dude... I can't get my hands on you, so stop being serious... so where do you belong?

"Maid, that's for sure. Except you belong to < >."

Shea laughs and reveals her original affiliation earlier. Kite opens her eyes unexpectedly to the name of the department that was thus told. It was more than Kate expected.

Kate's prediction was that it was < > under one of them. By the way, it is the unit further down that is being faced with besides Sola and other kites. On the contrary, Kate had top secret detectives sticking around.

"< < Royal Guard > > … Do you want to bring a big one? What house are you from?

"Oh, you know what?

"You can't live in an empire and not know the name of a famous docoro, can you? If there's a royal scandal on the tabloid, it's definitely a name to come out."

Kite laughs at Shea's questioning, which seems to tear her up somewhere. < > is ostensibly a secret detective unit inside the Imperial Castle to prevent attacks against the Imperial Family, but the real purpose is to prevent the Imperial Family from going wild, etc. You can call it a unit under your direct command, to speak.

"Try not to believe in tabloid paper like that... but that's what I'm saying. Think your actions have been reported to His Majesty the Emperor. That's an honor. And if you know that, you know what I can't tell you about my parents, right?

Shea tells Kite with a laugh. < > is the royal guardian. Therefore, the royal family can also be constrained. Therefore, it was certain that he was a nobleman of high rank. So I didn't have to tell you about my parents.

"Iaimam. Well, either the Grand Duke or the Duke's division or there anyway. There is no way to distribute royalty to the royal constraint. Good luck with the collar at best."

"I won't deny being noble. And the bell, to be exact. A bell that informs the emperor if the royal family will not run wild. Collar. Then you'll inhibit movement, won't you?

"Most of you... hmm? No, strangle him. Don't let them run wild."

"Oh... so is that."

The two meet each other laughing at conversations they're not sure if they're bickering or something. That's how Kate started her work in the Imperial Capital under Shea's watch.