Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 360: Secret Detective Shea

Tsubaki has been investigating the kitchen for a while. Kate was discussing a lot of things with Shea, but that's where the knock sounded.

"Hey, kite. We're going in."

Along with the sound of a knock, the door opened. It was Sola who came in. Together, we also came in a sister type glamorous beautiful maid. It would be his exclusive maid and watchman.


"I'm free."

"Well, sure. Don't you dare, sit on the couch around there."

"Ooh. Thankyou."

I have not heard that the nobles also held each other up in the boulder today, or that they put in something to hold. It would be noble to get out of here, but, well, even if I did too much, I'd be slapped the other way.

And on the first day, there's travel, and you might be tired, so take care of it. For this reason, I was free for one day today. That said, there is also the possibility that something may suddenly enter in the proceedings. I can't go sightseeing with the kites. So Sora seemed free.

"Well. Well, guess what."

"You don't have anything in your spare time, as usual?

Sora asks against Kite, who begins to think about what to do. This is what Sola came here for. Exactly. I can't give lectures on backgrounds or on martial arts in this situation. If I were to do it, I would have no time.

But even so, it's impossible to play games with Tina's magic props. It's like exposing ourselves to boulders. So, after a while of thinking about it, it was the usual cards. This won't be a problem because the worst Enefia-born people can participate just by explaining the simple rules.

"Do you want to play cards? I'm bringing it."

"Texas or Omaha?

"Crazy's fine."

All of this is one type of poker. Texas is Texas Holdem, Omaha is Omaha Holdem, Crazy, is Crazy Pineapple. If Kite mostly plays cards with Sola and the others, it's poker or blackjack.

"You still like high returns"

"Sort of. Tsubaki, ask for a dealer."


Kate fishes the luggage with Gasagoso, takes out the tramp she was bringing and gives it to Tsubaki. The box of cards I took out was used up quite a bit. Well, I often use it for leisure time when there is surveillance and nothing can be done, so naturally.

"Shea and... you want to do your sister too?

"I'm going out a little bit. Reporting is also a job. Do you mind?

"Say hello to Hermeloy... then call me Sho and Senior Citizen"

That's what Shea asks about Kite's offer. And then I took it, and Kite nodded, too. That's already the end of the deal. I had no reason to refuse.

"If the customer wants. After that, I'm Machia."

"Roger. The rules... Sola, I asked. I gather people. Even the three of us... well, it's more interesting."


Sora waved on the back of Kite, who followed Shea on the spot, and he explained the rules of poker to a maid named Machia.

Shea, who left Kate's room, was straight back to the Imperial Castle and went straight to where her work desk was. It was Finnish, a maid of honor investigator, who had entered the Count of Laemes a long time ago as a spy, who greeted him that way.

"Dear Shea. How was your first contact with your husband?

"Don't call your husband on your own, even though you have no marriage or anything... well, that's the Empire, the man who keeps you alive. I can't take advantage of it in any other country."

To Finnish's words, Shea tells him with a laugh. I went on and on to investigate the inside, and even tried to see her straight away like that, and that's how she came to her conclusion, which was this.

"As a nobleman, as a hero, there is no better embodiment of the laws of the Empire than he. He is not bound by the rules. And have arms to hide it through. I did a sorcery rewrite in front of the watchman, but that's just pretending to be the wind I'm showing... I just rewrote it normally and easily if I only looked at the rewritten part. But if you look at the whole thing... I'm relieved. Everything you rewrite is rewritten with one stream. It's impossible to find out what works until a boulder has a scholar who specializes in it."

Shea wipes the sweat she was secretly scratching. Even if it was her, getting out in front of Kite was nervous. Kite and I are so close together. If you misjudge even one, you undermine the national interest. Shea was scratching the fruit, the cold sweat in her heart, with all that transcendence.

"So it's still real," he said?

"That's the only way. Skillful, that good understanding, that spare... and even with my blood, he can only be a brave kite. Only the blood of the royal family cannot be deceived by him or by the demon emperor, even after 300 years there is still active blood"

If Shea and Emperor Leonhardt were ever the only ones to have an advantage over Kite, here they are. Only the power hidden in the royal blood, no matter how many kites, no, where how much Tina used any sorcery, cannot be false.

Kite will discover the strength of Dragon blood until it's incredible, and Tina will discover that she is a Witch in one shot. Therefore, both Kate and Tina were reluctant to go out before the royal family.

I will now contact His Majesty.

"Please do that."

In response to Shea's words, one of the maid clothes in the room begins to manipulate the magic props. Shea came here to report because we have the certainty that Kite is the brave Kite.

I don't know what else to do, but Kate was wrong about this one. She was in a position to report directly to Emperor Leonhardt, not Hermeloy, who was supposed to be her direct supervisor according to historical customs.

"I'm sorry. I didn't lie to you. And I never said I was a maid or a princess."

Shortly before the comms connect, Shea grins badly. Apologize to Kate, naturally. Yes, she hasn't told a single lie. One thing. Shea is simply intentionally covering up the truth and deliberately pulling out information from what she has said to encourage misunderstandings. I mean, Kate just took it upon herself from the information in hand to mistake her for not being royal.

Shea just encouraged that mistake. This was her way. And it was also the reason why Shea was said to be the most belly-black of the Crown Princess. Nobody can tell a lie because I'm only telling the truth. That's the same as Kite. How much information do you have? Other than that, there's no way to deal with it.

"Hehe... rejoice? For your sake alone, this measure has been made. An assembly of 300 years of empires, the greatest secret of the royal family that all emperors have kept secret with all their might since His Majesty the 15th. The script was written by Emperor Wisterias, Your Majesty."

Shea smiles just moments before the comms connect. Shea and the upper levels of the Empire have been cover-ups since Will's time, far longer than the kites have been for this day.

Shea was right, only this time, there was no way to beat the kites. Because this measure was Will's measure in the first place. There's no way you can get the information you need, and you can't escape the measures that someone who knows Kite and the others have really hit, how can you escape with Kite?

This was the measure Will spent his entire life working out to create a place for Kite within the Empire. The kites weren't an empire, they were tantamount to dealing with Will the Wise Emperor after hundreds of years.

Moreover, its protagonist is Laicia, one of the leading saggards in history and a princess who was of marriageable age but not married due to her previous saggardness. Personality, as Kate has already made clear, is his preference. Normally, I can put it in.

On top of that, it's Will's plan to familiarize himself with the kites. Naturally there was no reason to lose. If we lose with this, it was obviously the Great Failure of the Empire. In that way, communications connect and the Monitor shows Emperor Leonhardt.

'... oh, it's me. Shea, how'd it go?

"Yes, Father. It's confirmed. He's the brave Kite. My blood admitted it. Your father understood clearly and quickly."


Hearing Shea's words, Emperor Leonhardt grins deeply. Now the game was this one's win. No, well, only this game that counts for who you are from the beginning, Kite doesn't have a shot at winning.

All I could do for Kite was pray that the royal family with special powers connected from the first king would not show up before me. It could also be described as a kind of race.

"So, how about as a man?

"That's where we're going to find out. But, well, I guess it's just as profiled."

'... right. Then take it in. There is no reason for our empire to leave the embodiment of the imperial nobility alone. So, as a man, how'd it go?

"So it just happened, and I can't tell you anything... so, it looks like we can fix the problem?

Shea, who looks a little lit, asks her father's words the other way, pointing that way. Of course, but he's also a parent and child to the bend. Naturally, I wanted to hear what my daughter thought when she met a man she saw as her fiancée.

But there was one problem here. We need a fait accompli to take it in. But as it is now, fait accompli is impossible. Kite refuses.

Rumors were circulating about women lovers and females, but their hips were pretty heavy in their profiling. Well, I realize I'm intentionally spreading rumors about Beauty Bureau measures, so naturally. And more than just grasping it, we need some way to get Kate to hold Shea.

"What's not honest is the blood muscle? Well, that's the hard part... how to pull Brave Kite into your game... that's the problem '

"... there, right? The biggest problem is. I'll make another cut at worst, maybe. Your game is a little too early."

The two sighed at the solution they couldn't even see Kate. As for the flow, we had both made rough decisions.

But the problem was the hang-up that caused the flow. As long as the hang-up happens, I don't care what happens later. It was a perfect situation because there was already wisdom in it. but no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't decide before.

'I'm more of a problem. As a matter of fact... well, one of my guests told me that Kite the Brave is going to be in the game. If I could, I'd have to. He's the one who asked me to come. "

"Ha... you have no choice. Then let's put some shame on you as an empire."


Emperor Leonhardt tilts his neck at Shea's words, bewildered by his father's words. Apparently, my daughter found some solution, but he hadn't seen it yet. That's how Shea starts talking.

"As things stand, it is inevitable that Lord Heisenberg will suffer more injuries than he has already moved. Then I just wanted to end it all at once."

'... explain it properly. Then I don't know what you're talking about. "

"It's Heinrich. Right... I think it would be nice to hit a guy like that for a second. It's only a little bad for Lil Bernstadt... well, it's for your country. Just a little shame on you."

'... I see. Okay. Let's just turn our hands around a little bit and manipulate it so we can create a situation. Either way, Heinrich is going to see them at the luncheon after the sight the day after tomorrow. Now it's not a difficult story. If you'd like to come with me on the side, you'd be on it soon. The guy named that moment is the same fierce guy I am. Must Ride'

Asked by Shea about the characters, Emperor Leonhardt understands the script. It was a means I didn't really want to take for them, but given the present state of the empire and the return of kite, it was a hand that could be taken into account. And it is also true that I want a hang-up, so I decide to adopt it.

If you miss the next time, and that's your chance to be unharmed, you'll miss out on the missed kite. We both don't want that. Only those who can move by chance will win.

"I will not come out as a maid or accompany you. It would be troublesome to see me beside the brave Kate in that shame. No matter how weak the blood might be, there's no chance you'll find out. There's no reason to teach the brave Kate to return."

'... ha. Totally... you must be my sister. You have no mercy for my brother. "

Emperor Leonhardt sighs and tells against Shea, who has ruthlessly decided to cut it off. Well, he'll admit it, too. In the end, they are the nobles who take the eye out of the living horse. Even parents and children may not be compassionate. And this was the case.

"Either way, I'm already your checkmate. There is no need for pity. I didn't have the luck of the hour, and I didn't realize it was packed in the first place. There's no more reason for the brave Kate to admit that than the revolutionary Jake doesn't admit that as Emperor of the Empire. If the two most prestigious of the aristocracy deny it, the emperor will not be able to take office."

Shea tells her father's words even more ruthlessly. To Jake the Revolutionary, Kite the Brave. These two were definitely names to appear in the history of the Empire of Entesia. Only these two have powers far above their status. If you do poorly, you will have authority, not more power than the emperor. It was a power coming from personal authority.

Anyway, one of the ancestors of the founding kingdom, one synonymous with the brave. And they are the embodiment of the laws of both empires. At the point when those two deny it, it equates to saying that the Empire itself denies it. That's how we find out, so the emperor Leonhardt asks Shea.

"Is it moving that far?

"I'm all moving, I think. 5 If you don't let the Duke work your purifying act before you're constrained, you don't know what they're going to say. Simply because Kite the Brave is a dead end to Lord Heisenberg. Even if your father doesn't work out a plan, he's probably working out a plan to put the brave guys in the game before you."

Essentially, Shea, who leads the intelligence agency, is in a position to get the information faster than anyone else, but Emperor Leonhardt will receive the reports that he has gathered there. It was only natural for Shea to go ahead with this guess. That's how he was convinced when he heard the speculation, and the emperor Leonhardt nodded one.

'Right. That's reassuring. Well, Heinrich... couldn't read the back of the aristocracy. Is that bad?'

"That's the thing. Troubleshooting and tightening your men should be done firmly as those who stand on top. I'm sorry Heinrich couldn't do that."

Poorly supervised, there is a saying, but that's exactly what Shea was saying. That's why she's moving, which is a big deal. There was no way he was moving to restrain himself without anything. So, seeing Shea like that, the emperor Leonhardt sighed several times.

This spiciness and lack of tolerance toward her body are the only reasons why she has been the head of the < > Royal Guard in history, so she could also be said to be late while many of her sisters were married.

'Then I'll leave it to you later. Whatever you do, take the blood of the brave Kate into the Empire'

"So I guess that's what I'm gonna tell my daughter..."

"It's my word as emperor. And as a father, I want you to show me your grandchildren as soon as possible."


Shea sighed at her grandson's father as soon as she found a fiancé wearing glasses. So I didn't bring my sickle to bankruptcy myself, but I decided to put that aside and say what I had to say.

"Well, good... I'll send someone to Tsubaki on the day of the decision"

'Do I need to keep my maid under control? That maid is a little unstable in spirit, but you understand that, don't you?

I'm not saying it's the first night, because Shea would be embarrassed, too. Still, I told the emperor Leonhardt what it was about, so, well, there was no problem. Emperor Leonhardt tilts his neck at the proposed amendment to the operation thus proposed.

It is their idea that there is no need to restrain Tsubaki. Because if you move poorly, Shea will be noticed as royal. Therefore, Shea was supposed to move alone. but the suggestion from Shea was to fix it.

"Try to meet him. Okay... but I think he should totally be his checkmate"

"Hmm... well, I'll leave you to it"

"Yes... then, Hensel. You ask for it."

"Huh!? F, Lady Fran!? Wow, it's me!?

The girl, who was turning bright red in one corner of the room, speaks up as Shea, who was entrusted with the selection of personnel. Apparently he didn't think he'd be nominated.

"Yes, you... then change to Shea already. Don't use Frandor anymore. I've told you so many times... that on a night that actually extends to the act, you prove that I've been properly held."

"Uh, uh, hi, hi!

"Ha... you're not bad at martial arts... other than that... your inadvertent mistake or not is the biggest uncertainty in this operation..."

Hensel, said the girl replies while turning bright red. Besides, Shea whispered and sighed and groaned. She was told that she was just being held open and turned bright red.

"Finnish. I was going to ask you for an assistant, but I'm going to turn it into Hensel. You know what I mean, don't you?

"Yes, I did. It's part of the disguise."

"That's the thing. If you take a surveillance officer too good to monitor the affair, he'll find out I'm the Crown Princess. I don't mind finding out, but that's after the fait accompli. My daughter is just as good as she is. I'm the daughter of a nobleman, and she thinks I'm as involved as Hensel. Hensel. I'll introduce you to Kite the Brave, but if you get nervous and fall apart... you know what I mean?

"Hi-ha, hi-ha! Your house is ruined.

"I won't do that to the Duke... then I'll go back"

Hensel, threatened by Shea, nods at it as she turns bright blue. So Shea returned to Kate, frightened by the response.