Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 362 Surrogate Maid - Hensel -

"All, without disrespect."

Principal Sakurada tells everyone who comes to see you. The time is still around 9: 00. The weather is clear with no clouds. Although it was supposed to be a great day out, the upper echelons of the Kates Adventure Department and several students, including non-Adventure Student Union officers, Principal Sakurada and several faculty members were at their last meeting to come and see the Emperor of the Empire of Entesia.

"Unfortunately, we were unable to coordinate with Kuzha and the others..."

days after arriving in the Imperial Capital. Even Kite was able to make contact with Kuzha and Aura and the others, although he was able to make a few calls via Stella, who had secretly dived in. Even Kite does, so it wasn't suspicious if the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School side couldn't keep in touch.

"Too strong is a thought."

"Don't say it."

During the meeting, Tina, who smiled bitterly, whispered to Kite. Originally, we can't get in touch so far because Tina has stretched a strong bond. I didn't even think that would result in tightening our necks.

Because 300 years ago this Imperial Castle was attacked by an army of demons, almost devastated. Then, naturally, Kite and the heroes of 300 years ago would be involved in the reconstruction, and Tina was also helping to restore the various procedures that originally existed in this castle. Boulders burned him to war, so Tina was asked by Will to equip him with the strongest class of defenses at the time, but that was overdone. It's easy to break with Kite and Tina now, but it was difficult for Kuzha and the others today.

"Even so... I don't know how to get out..."

"Well, I wonder what's going on..."

Hiding in the shadow of Principals Sakurada's meeting, the two think about their gaze with the Emperor, a current challenge. Naturally, the two did not think that the other party had exceeded their expectations and had made a futile effort to figure out how to cover up.

Well, if we proceed on that premise, I don't really want to get out in front of the royal family because of the special abilities characteristic of the Entesian royal family, which is what Kate really means. It would be nice if we could not concentrate like Will, but we could just see it all the way home from our ancestors, and if we could, Kate didn't want to make arrangements with Emperor Leonhardt.

Besides, the bad news is that the special abilities of this royal family are one of the biggest secrets of the empire, so it was impossible to obtain information about how powerful the current royal family is even at the Duke of McDawell's house.

The power of the first king, Ixphos, is one of the keys to victory in the former rebel wars. For military reasons, it was strictly secret who had what power.

"Later... the biggest problem is Heisenberg's grandfather... well, he doesn't know how to get out..."

"You'll notice... Now, how do we get out? One of the sages of the Empire. Revolutionary Jake... not the last generation... so he's the only one who survives two wars on active duty. I suppose you know the greatest military importance... well..."

The two decide to haunt their heads by Jake, the only active Lord Heisenberg, from the royal family that will no longer be left to their luck.

So far, only the Duke of Heisenberg, a dragon tribe, has been deeply associated with Kite - both in good and bad ways - and has still been on the front lines for 300 years. He was already dead in terms of other things, or he gave his mark to future generations and hid away.

"You haven't heard anything? You're familiar with the old days, aren't you?

"Hmm. In the first place, there's only one way I can reward that old man for his return."

Lord Heisenberg and Tina have known each other since the time of the Demon King, but they are not close. In the first place, Kite and I are close to political opponents. That said, it doesn't feel like he's playing with Kite over there, and he's Kite's guardian, or he's not unfriendly.

Well, it was only certain that he would find out and not be busy. Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, is already convinced of Kite's return, and he's even using Kite to work out a plan. The expectation that it would not be a busy thing was correct.

"So is that..."

"Is it the Lord who's grabbing something?

"No, nothing. In the first place, I've heard that I've been very old lately... but do you believe me? The Heisenberg family's recent move is only in Grandpa's opinion. Besides, it's a premise that I'm here, that move."

"I don't know... where did you get it from..."

At the same time, they sighed at the oldest duke who only seemed convinced of himself. If you're going to apply for assistance here, it's still good.

But in his case, knowing Kate's return, he uses it without assistance. I couldn't help but want to sigh. and caution flied from the teacher against the two people who sighed like that.

"Hey, both of you. Are you listening?

"Oh, yes."

"Especially Heavenly Sound."

Watch out for the two that another teacher was discussing, not Principal Sakurada, who knows the circumstances of the two, or the rainbow palace where he served. Especially since Kate may have the opportunity to speak directly with the Emperor during the rendezvous after a glance, she wanted the conference to be aware that there should be no disrespect.

Incidentally, Principal Sakurada and Miyagi, who are in charge, thought that Kate would not be nervous at this level, so they missed it because they thought only to the extent that they would be in a separate meeting or come up with ideas.

That said, at the time of that attention, most of the agenda seemed to be over. Then some time later, the meeting was all over and Principal Sakurada opened his mouth.

"So that's it, do you have any questions?

Principal Sakurada finishes all the meetings and asks everyone. And there was no raising of hands, and the meeting was over.

"You don't like it."

"Well, yeah"

At the end of the meeting, where Kate had Tsubaki go back to her room first, she was talked about the moment she laughed bitterly. Apparently, I don't like it, which was on my face.

I sent Tsubaki home first to prepare kite's clothes, etc. Naturally, but with the Emperor. He wanted the outfit to be perfectly prepared.

"That's right. Are you nervous about seeing the Emperor with you, too?

"No way."

"Hmm... don't run out of words"

Moments laugh at Kite, who laughed bitterly at her own inquiry and flaunted her shoulders. I still wondered if I was used to it or if it was the difference between my liver balls. but that wasn't it.

"Well, if you've been a duke for 10 years, you'll have a chance to meet a royal royalty. How can I be nervous when I meet with the Emperor now? And..."


To Kite, who smiles bitterly, the moment tilts his neck. To him like that, Kate deepened her bitter smile.

"When you get nervous like the king of men, they're annoying."


Moments are taken abasement by the way Kate put it so humiliating. Whatever you think, it wasn't the attitude of a minister serving the king. but this was an easy thing to understand given his friends.

"Especially Silfi. Annoying. Something suspicious."

"That's not what I'm saying."

To Kate's words, Silfi comes out on his own with the wind. As of 300 years ago, Kate had been given permission to leave the Imperial Castle, so she came out on her own.

"Well, even we are called the Great Spirit. As long as we don't keep it down, we know how we're going to react. It's just a little subtle for a kid who doesn't give a shit, even if he's nervous about meeting someone less dignified than himself."

As Silfi floats puffy, she laughs and instantly tells the story. They say it's an emotion close to a little jealousy.

The spirits, including the Great Spirits, do not look down on the existence of 'man', but they still think it is a step inferior as the character of existence. And this was true.

Instead of one step, 'man' is many steps inferior to the Great Spirits. The Great Spirits are on the power side in every situation, whereas' man 'is on the power side, even if he is king.

Those who could relate to such spirits as reciprocity without any hesitation were only a little annoyed when they were afraid of the mere existence of the title king.

I wonder if they are treated lower than those with titles and presence alone. Kite laughs bitterly after Silfi and I talk about it.

"For once, I'm a human, too. Besides, it's the general public."

"You're the Duke now, aren't you?

"Sort of. Well, as a former citizen, I think it's normal to be nervous when you meet with the Emperor."

"Come on? Because we're not human. I don't know where it is."

To Kate's bitter words, Silfi tells her where she is. This one was the difference between the Great Spirit and the race of men.

Whether they are emperors or soldiers at one end, they see themselves only equally as human sons. Therefore, as long as you are qualified to be a powerless emperor or a powerful martial artist, you will meet independently, and you will be given strength.

Conversely, if you do not possess the qualifications, you will not meet, nor will you be able to give strength, whether you are a king of virtue or a well-known scholar. That was absolute, with the exception of a request from Kate.

"Well, that's why. With these guys around, there was no nervousness or anything, and I kept thinking," I'm not nervous about nature. "

Even as she smiles bitterly at Silfi, who doesn't care where she is, Kate continues to do so even further. Even as a kite, on second thought, he thought so.

Everyone, that's what makes even the famous kings feel uncomfortable as friends with their bowing heads. If I thought that I didn't have to be nervous like a king, I stopped being nervous with nature. I guess it's all one thing to get used to and think about.

"Well, speaking of reason, does it make sense"

To the words of such a kite, I do think, for a moment. I could understand what I had seen before, that one end of their seriousness could not be resisted by themselves. I'm not nervous about that. It would be more suspicious to be nervous like a king. That's where the doubts arose, and Kate asked Silfi.

"So, it's time to ask?

"Yeah, fine."

"Why made-up clothes?

"Oh, cute?

Kite asked me a lot. He asked me, and Sylphia twirls, and I spin, flickering, and my skirt turns up. Inside the skirt was leggings. A maid of honor, you said.

"Cute...... but why made-up clothes?

Kate makes Silfi's inquiry clear without any hesitation. Silfi is a beautiful girl. That's for sure. Therefore, the made-up clothes look good without any problems. That's what suited me well enough to nail my surrounding gaze. The appearance of a new beautiful girl hurt my gaze poking at Kite. Laughing at it, Silfi gave her a blatant answer.

"Because she's cute."

"Doesn't that make any sense..."


Laughing with a mess, Silfi admits to the blatant words of Kate. Whatever you said to them was useless, so Kite wasn't going to be too careful either.

"Oh, that!

And that's where my voice can hang. From the voice, it was a girl. Kite turned around, but after all, the voice lord and thinker was a little girl.

"Oh, what?

"Um, Shea... I came up with a surrogate for your entourage today, it's Hensel! All right, please! You call me Hensel!

Hensel, the girl named, bows vigorously with Pecori. And I heard something fall.


Awkward silence flowing between the four. It was the dagger that fell. It's not a dagger with low ability to kill for protection or escort, it's a dagger with high ability to kill for assassination. That's what fell from the inside of the skirt.

Well, briefly, it was immobile evidence that he was a watchman placed under Kite. Apparently, the belt clasp was sweet, and each sheath fell. It was an impossible mortal mistake to understand from anyone.

"... Ugh"

"Kite! I got it! I'm not good at this stuff!

"What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do?

Moments and kites look around in great panic against Hensel, who gradually becomes a teardrop. There was no help boat. On the contrary, the women's white eyes hurt.

Incidentally, the dagger was not seen except for Silfi and the instant because it was immediately recovered by Kate. No, well, it wouldn't be a good time for this girl at the point where Kate was looking at her in the first place, and what Kate recovered was applauded for it.

"Yes, no, calm down first. I'm fine. They haven't seen me, have they?

"Oh, oh! Right away, Kate hid the dagger!

Kate was telling me that no one had seen her try to calm down calmly, but then I couldn't have said a word the moment I followed her. He pointed out his failures aloud.

This would be a difference in life experience. In response to that loud pointer, the surrounding gaze gathers on them even more. So Hensel finally cried out.


"Hey, brain muscle idiot! Don't tell me you don't understand!

"I was just trying to follow you!

Kite scolds the moment for a word he doesn't need for a boulder. If you don't know, keep your mouth shut and have some good stuff, but the boulder doesn't have enough experience in life in an instant. He didn't think it was because he was confused.

Kite is difficult with the girl who finally cried. In the first place, I'm crying because of my mistakes. Kite and I didn't know this girl in detail. There was no more comfort in the moment. but fortunately, the hand of salvation was reached out with pleasant sounds.

"Yes, stop"

So, Bassin, there's the sound. Behind Hensel, Shea stood with Harrison. She didn't mean to start, but she had to make Hensel's mistake, she later said.

"Huh? Laicia!

The girl apologizes to Shea as she squeaks with tears and snot. And sounds, basin, the sound of saying. Once again, Shea slapped Hensel in the head with a harrison.

"Puggy! Um... I did something...?

"... ha. It's okay. Is that okay with you, too?

Shea asks the other maid on this occasion - Silfi. Shea, who knows almost all the maids who work for the Imperial Castle, was surprised at her presence, but not so much in that case.

I just wanted to ask if you were new here, but I had to hold him down before I could say I didn't need Hensel first.

"Huh? Oh, yeah"

"Oh, thank you. So, you're not one of my men, are you? What are you skipping here?

"Oh, yeah. I'll be right back to work."

"Then hurry up"

"But before I do..."

"Leave it to me. You just get back to work!


Silfi knows who Shea is, though she is pulled back slightly, so she has no choice but to follow the scene. It seemed painful to leave Silfi alone with the girl crying too.

That said, Shea, who was so ordered by the Empress and close to all the maids of the Imperial Castle, had no choice but to walk away before he could find out who he was.

It seems that Silfi left once, but where no one is anymore, he will return to Kate's spiritual world again. Talking to them is a different dimension from what Kate does with Tina and the others, so we can have a conversation without any problems.

"Well, Hensel. This man is fine. And you know that, don't you?

To Shea's words, Kite and moments snort silently and cocklessly over and over. I figured I'd better get a big nod than say something here after Kate pointed it out earlier.


He began to cry, but was questioned by a teary-eyed girl younger than ourselves, and the two immediately affirm.

"Ah, oh. Hey, kite. Nobody's ever failed anything like this, have they?

"Yes, yes. Anyone. Nothing to worry about."


"I don't know about it. First!

Now I was relieved to see Hensel smiling like a flower blooming, and Kate and the two of the instant, ho. Both of us didn't have enough livestock spirit to be heartless in the tears of an innocent girl.

"So, this girl is with you when you see her. Other than that, I'll leave it to this girl every once in a while in the Imperial City."

"Oh, yeah."

Though I understand Shea's circumstances, I guess Kate had full thoughts about whether she was okay with Hensel on her face. Shea approached Kite one step closer and whispered.

"My arm as a maid is less than a knack."


Though my own people, I was distracted by too much evaluation - even though I noticed it slightly - as was Kite. but to that following word, kite turns a soft eye into that of a warrior.

"Except the arm of a dagger is probably the best in the Imperial Castle."

And then, to the words that follow, Kite's atmosphere changes all at once. From the sight of the previous Dodgy Daughter Maid, she transformed into a warrior who observes enemy warriors.

"... ho"

"... Um... Did I do something again?

Hensel asks anxiously to Kite, who stares at him. If you ignored it and looked closely at her movements, there was something to be aware of. That was a move.

The root of her movements is that of the assassin. I try to be a maid, but not really, and that was what led to her mistake.

"The dagger technique used by the Imperial Assassination Squad is the foundation..."

"Heh... you know me well. No, you'll see."

Huff, and I look at Shea's words with a small grin, that Kite's gone. Because I had seen Hensel as a dodgy daughter, I felt unexpected and stuck it in my mouth. It was also a compliment to Hensel's power, but in this case it was a silence.

It should be noted that Hensel's power as a dagger was seen, as Shea put it, as undisputed, to have more power than advanced. I can see that from a little motion. Kite is also Kite, but Shea, who aimed at this, is also Shea.

By the way, Hensel, as Kate muttered, was a move dedicated to assassination and VIP protection with a mix of dagger techniques from other continents, in addition to the dagger techniques used by the Imperial Assassination Squad. Perhaps the Empire, who spotted her righteousness, sent her to training on other continents.

If it was a battle, it certainly seemed to have < > enough strength, no, some protruding strength that popped out of his head.

Indeed, with the exception of this mortal mistake, no, if we saw mortal mistakes as an accent to alarm, there was no one more deserving to keep them on Kate's side than she did. At least, in case you don't get in the way.

And this can also be seen as a restraint against Kate, a powerful man, if at the same time he does not know the circumstances of the Emperor Leonhardt or the Shea side. Due to various considerations, Hensel was fit to represent Shea.

"By the way, where is it?

On Kate's face, Shea instantly pulls in a thin grin, sneaks a sharp, glowing object inside her usual poker face, and asks Kate. In his eyes, he was willing to discern any lies.


But Kite answers nothing. Being alert is something I've known since the beginning, but Kate reinforces that sentiment. Kate read the answer to this inquiry as the Valtard Imperial Court Samurai Unit, but if this were true, Shea could come up with one answer.

That means that Kite has been to other continents and has been in the court of the Valtard Empire.

This information is too big. A handful of adventurers, based in the Empire of Entesia, have entered the royal palaces of other continents. Kite's false background will be identified first. If you and Adventurer Union are asked to submit Kate's background along with solid evidence, you will have to do so. And in that case, there will be a leak of information about Kite from the branch to HQ and a worldwide leak from there.

That was very bad considering the future. Now it's too soon for the identity to be public. Then there's nothing to answer, which is correct. Because then I can make an excuse that I'm worried because I don't know.

It's also simple why Kate doesn't answer. Kate looked at Hensel's foundations from a little body twitch and muttered with certainty that another genre was mixed. More than that, answering the other answer appropriately is because you know the answer, but you're going to have to make fun of it.

"Is something wrong?

"No, I'm sorry. I've never seen it before, so I was just thinking. I could understand the mixing..."

"Really? Obviously, he seemed to know."

"Really? It just seemed that way, didn't it? In fact, the Imperial assassin's methods were once shown to me by the Duke's crew. I just found out that's the foundation."

Floating an alkaic smile, the two exchange knives of words. But that seems to have been it, too. Shea stops Al Qaeda Smile and flaunts her shoulders. It's useless from this cut, he thought.

"... well, fine. That girl learned a little dagger in the Valtard Empire. So it's mixed."

"... come on, there's no way you know about other continental genres"

"So is that. Well, I'm going to have a little talk with that girl about her work, so please stay home first."

"Yes, sir."

You two end up at a distance. That way, the two turn their backs and smile lightly at the same time. Kate really liked this girl but the late, Shea liked Kate but the late, it was a laugh. Apparently, this moment of alarm was a good one for both of us.

"What were you talking about?

"No, what. It's a little bit like no other love."

There was a fierce grin for it, but I thought for a moment, but I couldn't ask because Kate's grin refused to ask any questions. So they went back to each room to get their last look.