Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 363: A glimpse of a former friend.

"Huh! Excuse me!"

"It's okay. This is how it is here..."

In Kite's room, two maids serve Kite. No, to be precise, one maid had more work to do and the other maid was following that, while serving Kate. Naturally, it's Hensel who's getting more work, and Tsubaki who's following.

"Like this, is it?

"Yes... ah, no, tea is more like air... ah, your husband doesn't like the brand. With this brand I brought..."

"This is..." Witches Elixir, "the Witches' secret medicine! It's a great specialty!

Apparently, Hensel just makes a lot of mistakes in his behavior and carries certain things with him as a maid of honor. Just the scent and the color, I discovered that the tea being made for Kite was Witches Elixir, the secret medicine of the witches.

At first, a new maid appeared, and Tsubaki was a vigilant MAX, but once Kate gave Hensel a try to do her job as a maid, Hensel showed her a good reputation and Kate's expectations. Tsubaki was relieved to find that she would never get a job, and even recommended by Kate to take care of her work.

"Ha... it would have been easier to persuade me if Hensel had come, not Shea, from the beginning"

Tsubaki is basically not complaining if his service to Kite is not taken. She didn't care when Shea, who was also competent as a maid, would be motivated.

In such a state of affairs, Kate accidentally sighed, knowing that it was impossible. but rumors will shadow, I guess. A shadow was sneaking in from behind Kite.

I'm sorry.


If Kate turned to the severe pain in her back, there stood Shea, who had come in at some point without a knock. The pain is the pain caused by her crushing her back.

"Yu, by saying you are competent..."

"Well, I forgive you."

To Kate's words, Shea releases her right hand, which she was holding back. Kate had already changed into a tuxedo, but Shea stuck her hand between her clothes in a good condition and took care not to wrinkle her clothes.

By the way, when I took my hands off the clothes, I was also fixing things properly about Kite's familiarity with them. Thus, once away and convinced to look at the whole thing, he opened his mouth where he had become familiar with Kate.

"Well, kite, hensel. It's time for a look. Tsubaki is bad, but please wait here."

"Yes! Ugh... I'm nervous..."

"Okay. Master, you're not coming."


Apparently, Shea's here to tell you the time. And it came to pass, and each of the other three, leaving the tsubaki, went to the holding.

"From Heavenly Sakura School, everyone led by Principal Sakurada, will be in!

The time is 11: 00. Between the large room, which leads to the sight, and the sight, the clerk's bureaucratic voice sounded. It was accompanied by a large door dividing the two rooms, together with a slight glimpse of the whole thing between the glances.

As such, he leads Principal Sakurada in the order of teachers and student council officers. Afterwards, the officers of the Federation of Sports Departments, the last of whom belong to the Adventure Departments.

Kate and Tina were also in this last group. That front row is Kite. They were distracted by the crowd and kept out of sight.


Someone in the line accidentally leaked an exclamation when he saw the end of the open door. In the meantime, the Emperor of the Emperor of Entessia is used to make a formal observation with outside envoys. That was why it was packed with the most luxurious and the most imperial pride. Thus, it wasn't just the first school students and teachers to come of anything that took my breath away.

"Ho... that was a lot more luxurious during the glance."


Tina is impressed during an overwhelmingly luxurious glance compared to a taste. In contrast, Kite replied carelessly. I'm surprised by that. If Tina peeked into Kite, there was a glimmer of tears in his eyes. That's Tina, too, a little on this.

"What's up?

"Look at that."

That said, Kite points to a corner lined with many pictures in his jaw. The paintings lined up there are paintings of the emperors of history. Underneath was a replica of the most beloved weapon used by the emperors of history, decorated with the name. What Kate pointed to was two of them lined up.

"Ha ha, I didn't know that kid was gonna be that big"

Kate laughs in tears. One painting featuring a man with a beautiful blonde hair, a blonde mustache and a majestic look on his face. It was once a painting of a boy who had gone around behind the kite and followed him, when he became king. Underneath was a replica of the exorcism knife that Kite used regularly.

Later on, after he was crowned, and after giving up the emperor's reign to future generations, he said that there was always that exorcism knife on his hips. It was exactly what could be described as his identity. And then Kate laughed and showed his predecessors beside it with her chin.

"Will's totally an old man, too."

And beside it. A familiar face, but a painting of a man who accumulates an unfamiliar mustache and feels just a little older is his best friend, no matter how much time he metaphors.

Below it was definitely just a replica of the look of his favorite double-edged knife. Obviously only one floating weapon among the weapons of the emperors living side by side was for him to use the only way he had fought in action. Kite couldn't have seen them the wrong way, no matter how often they flowed.

"... right. You two are good kings. Haunts the most prestigious of prestige. The first king will be satisfied."

I know. Even if we could meet, Tina knew exactly how deep down in her heart she understood that her best friends were already dead.

Kate laughs out of emotional confusion when she cries with emotion. It's some kind of habit. The metaphors come true, they cry for their already deceased friends, and they laugh to say they're okay. And at a time like this, Tina, the only one who can understand his heart, leans in softly.

Still, when they can't do it, they do it of their own free will. This was the source of the supreme secret moves that only Kite had.

"... Okay, let's go"

While bitterly laughing at her own fiancée's considerations, she lets go of Tina leaning in, and Kate takes her usual tatty attitude. From now on, far-fetched behavior can be immediately detrimental to us. Because when you are showing tears, your late friend and his child will laugh. The occasion was a reunion with them and a place of sight with them.


A nostalgic hall reveals the whole story to Kite, who started walking. Many of the nobles stood side by side, and they themselves stood on one corner of it, in the most magnificent neighborhood. That now passes before it to see to the Emperor, just as it did at the end of the former war.

So, a little bit, I noticed. There is a corner. There are strong signs of Kuzha and Aura from where they were once. I didn't just notice it here, but it showed me that I realized I was who I was. I didn't have to think about who it was or see it.

"Hey, Grandpa. You don't seem too busy."

"I also mourned my son's incapacity during this time. I can't hide yet."

They don't think they haven't noticed each other. Anyway, after we've figured out each other's existence, we're moving. If I had watched the movement in the big picture, I would have figured it out right away.

"The Jeffs are one of the heroes of the war..."

"Ha... sure, I don't know what that is... I'd look inferior to Wisterias and the Lord anyway"

Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, returned the words as if he were stunned by the words of Kate. Of course, his son also survived the war and defended his territory in the fierce war zone, the Empire of Entesia. Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, had no objection to being a famous general.

but there are still differences in character. For Jake, the revolutionary who had seen numerous emperors and was with the first king Ixfoss, it was inferior to what it was to see Kite and Will, who were qualified to stand as kings. Well, since he's my own son, I don't know what else to do, but he's far from convinced.

'Well, I can't believe it. If you look well, that's fine. It's been rumored to be hiding in front of me all along. Well, I thought you'd be lying anyway. You were free, anyway.'

'Pfft... Kuku... compared to the days of all those scratchy lords, even those idiot kings look free. Because he was alone in those days. In the days of your lords, it was countless. It's a kind of burnout syndrome. You have no idea how unscrupulous you've been.'

Idiot King. Laughing at Kite's words, he tells his nostalgia about the first king, Ixfoss. He was in a position to be allowed to do so, if not publicly. Anyway, I'm a friend of Ixfoss. And even after Ixphos was crowned, he wanted it.

Well, even in public, he used to treat it like a crowning ceremony, but given his age at the time, there would be no choice. If it wasn't a private place like this now, I wouldn't have said it that way.

'That's so lame... but you just undone the part that was getting worse after about 400 years, right?

"If we put the part of it that took 400 years to get back on track in 10 years, it would also be a blast. My stomach hurts now. '

Jake, Lord Heisenberg, deepens his grin further at Kite, who returned his words as he walked. Of course, there was a history of the Empire of Entesia even before Kite was here. Only then did Kate and Will forcefully modify most of the things that worsened aristocracy, voter ideology, etc.

That was a rough one, apparently, and it was the first time he had a stomachache in a long time since his reign as Duke in the Empire, since the first king Ixfoss.

"So, what are you going to play with next?

"It's a pleasure to see. At best, dance in the palm of your hand, brave Kate... Noon has been waiting for your return."

'Ooh, he's home, Grandpa. Go visit your grandfather's grave once or so. You didn't go anyway to make sure I didn't find out.

The two smile as fiercely but badly as they did 300 years ago, exchanging greetings on their return. but so told Kate's words were accidentally jaked by Lord Heisenberg.

"... It's not like that."

Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, made a colleague and expressed his gratitude to his grandson and his distant friend for their care. Hermes was a colleague in the battle at the time of his founding. It's also the counterpart of several burdens. I had decided to go to the grave from the fold of Aura's discovery, but I couldn't make any moves in connection with Kite, so I couldn't make it.

To such Lord Heisenberg Jake, Kate smiles. So, the first conversation was over. Because Kite got to the right place. As such, Kite was small and bowed. It was against the two heroes of the founding fathers and the Zhongxing fathers.


I can't grasp the intention to begin, and the nobles tilt their necks. But this is good. Kate simply bowed her head to his biggest friend. Despite what I started to do, I apologized for my own failure to throw out the job of Duke along the way, and I just left.

I bowed my head because I was one of the biggest heroes in Enefia, even if someone asked me, so I could go through. These two have gained considerable visibility and confidence outside the country as well. Few messengers bowed in front of the painting.

Same as them, so to speak, that was it. And the aristocrats who know it will also decide after a while that it will be part of his growing fondness for this one from his rumors.

"... for the first time in 300 years, huh? Standing here, kneeling"

'Cause you're exempt from kneeling.'

Tina next to me laughs at Kate's whispering words. Naturally, Kite's character as an individual is equivalent to that of the Great Spirit. On top of that, he's a great hero who saved all of Enefia. No matter how many positions he was in as Duke, he couldn't have been flattened. If you look at your character as an individual, not as a title, the great heroes, including not only Kite, but also the Lux.

In view of all those circumstances, Kite and the heroes were exempt from bowing their heads. It was very bad externally to lay them flat in friendship with the Great Spirit on top of being saved the country. As with the Duke of Kate's reign, there was a huge external element. As such, the attendants of the Imperial Castle opened their mouths when they saw the faces of Kite and Tian Cherry School kneel.