"Well, since your arrival, your lord has preferred martial arts?

"Yeah, embarrassing story..."

At the luncheon, Kate was talking to a young beast man named the next Lord Blanchett. He was apparently a military man, wearing military costumes. Only the next generation, and the age is probably still in the 20s.

By the way, this statement by Kate is not a lie. Kate's taste in martial arts came after her first metastasis. It was just not accurate.

Well, so no matter how many nobles tried to spot the lies, I couldn't spot them. It was Kate's way with Will's guidance that you were wasting time where you tried to lie. That said, it's still natural to be surprised. Therefore, this Lord Blanchett also questioned.

"You seem quite familiar with martial arts, though..."

"Well, I was desperate to live too, so naturally, I just had to remember"

"I see. Indeed, creatures stretch rapidly when life and death are involved. Maybe your lord was just quick."

"Yeah, I guess so. Today, everyone else is growing at an extraordinary rate. I'm not the only one suspicious."


Lord Blanchett agrees with Kate. When he was dying, he had seen his strength as if it were a lie, and it was he who showed his divine strength. He's the one who sometimes goes to the dead as an army. He knew many of those who had miraculously returned from a place that seemed to be dead, precisely with divine power.

Thus, as Kite and Lord Blanchett were having a conversation, they suddenly heard a loud sound of the glass breaking called Gashan,.


Lil's voice sounded. As such, I hear more men's voices leaking. It sounded too far away to be clear, but it looked frightened.


When Kate turned around you, the Lord of Sound was an instant. It sounded like what caused it, when he was blown up and the dishes on his desk fell to the ground. Attracted by earlier sounds, many as well as Kite were paying attention there.

"It's nothing suspicious. On the contrary, it must be honorable."

"So I don't want to take it."

"Well, the blood of an ex-slave, let's welcome him to the royal wife," he said. What do you need to hesitate to do "

So, the moment rises up again and approaches the two arguing. Seeing it, Kate scratched her head and put an apology in Lord Blanchett.

"I'm sorry. Looks like something went wrong. A little..."

"Oh, I don't mind. It was a meaningful conversation."

"Thank you"

When Kate bowed her head small, she ignored Lord Blanchett's entourage, which she had talked about, and proceeded to the center of the noise. That's how I sighed heavily when I saw the last one where Kate was at the center of the commotion.

"What is it, Your Highness?"

"Hmm? Are you..."

"I'm Kate Amane, Director of Adventures at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School, Your Highness."

When Kate stood in front of Heinrich, she responded with a handful of imperial ceremonies. It was the second prince of the royal family that the moment was rubbing. That's why Kite sighed.

"Right. Then take the man there and go back to the nobles."

"Oh, my God, you're still talking."

Kate relented with her hand at the moment of sharp heights and asked Heinrich.

"I don't know what happened... what did you do?

"I asked this Lil if she could be my wife."

"For that matter, it's a little too quaint..."

If I only heard Heinrich's words, I would think it was just a lust, and from the content of the conversation I heard a little leak, so did Kate. I knew that the moment was suspicious of Lil, so I kept it to a somewhat bitter extent and thought I would go into arbitration, but I looked around and changed my mind.

There were three of them who were rubbing it: Moment, Lil, Heinrich. However, there were even more bloodthirsty, although not superficial. It was also particularly common among the descendants of Ballantine.

"What, by saying it's the blood of a slut, I forgive some disrespect"

Apparently, he also looked around and noticed that he had bought the unhappiness of the descendants of Ballantine. But it was a bad way to put it. I was too arrogant.

How many people would have noticed that Kite's signs had degenerated at that moment? Perhaps those who had thrown themselves long on the dead line would have noticed.

But this second prince didn't seem to notice. Kate tried her best to stay calm, while trying to correct her with a soft grin.

"Many fears, Your Highness. One thing I would like to correct."


Apparently he doesn't have the feeling of denying it without a headache either. I guess it's still lucky. So once he suppressed himself too, Kite told him with a soft grin.

"Their ancestors, Ballantine, are not bitches. Sure, let's be ex-slaves, but I thought we'd save this country and be heroes. If Your Highness is also a noble man, judge him not by birth, but by what he has accomplished."

"Well, there's a difference between being a slave."

"Sure, I won't deny that. I know that, too. But thanks to the dedication of His Majesty the 15th and the brave Kate, 300 years have already passed since slavery was abolished. In addition, repeals have been passed in the vast majority of countries on this continent where we live, and let's count to 200 already. This is not the time that should already be dictated by such an identity. In addition, they are just the soldiers the Empire is proud of. May you do that and stop being inferior to the blood of bitches and all that. It also involves the morale of many soldiers."

"But the facts don't disappear. It would be a good thing for our country to be born noble... but it would also be a bad thing. There are more things that people can do. You will guide the people. He will serve you and help you to build and consolidate your path. I wonder if Ballantine, the slut, had a dream, but it should not have happened. It has to be corrected."

Heinrich's words certainly captured one side of the truth. A rice cake is a rice cake shop, which applies to everything. Then it would be most efficient to decide on all professions at birth and to have them trained from birth.

And if you specialize all of your people as a specialized clan, Slow down will be a clan with a great deal of power. There will be only a few experts on that path, which is a very great advantage. It was a huge advantage.

However, this proposal includes one major disadvantage. If everything can be decided at birth, even the ascent and descent of status will never happen. And that doesn't cover it. It is this provision that does not cover it.

And if we were to take that premise, Ballantine, who escaped from his lowest status as a slave and took the highest position as a hero, was and should not be an anomaly in the midst of the anomaly. But it was the way the Empire of Entesia tolerated it.

"... Your Highness, is that supposed to be an unacceptable idea for the Imperial nobility?

Kate pulls herself together at once and wraps up her style as a duke. If it is indeed another country, this idea is also acceptable. But in the Empire of Entesia alone, that is unacceptable from history. Nobles should not even speak out.

His thoughts slowly lead to voter thought, and at the end of the day to slavery. That had been proven by the history of the Enesian continent like no other. Therefore he decided to glorify him as his subordinate.

In today's empire, competence is the supremacy, a trend that emphasizes what was achieved rather than born. That is now, once after the adoption and abolition of slavery. He could have been a turning point again, in a negative sense.

"... you sound unhappy. I'm not saying," Revive slavery, "either. Exactly. I understand the foolishness of changing the law in force in His Majesty's heyhood in the 15s."

Kate's style changed, and Heinrich just noticed the silence. I will make it clear that I am not willing to revive slavery. If you talk about reviving slavery in a place like this, no doubt politically, I'm sorry about that level. First of all, they are undoubtedly stripped of their right to inherit the throne.

Nevertheless, his unconsciously hidden will, hidden in this word, was well conveyed to Kite. And that was enough for Kate to endanger him.

He said he wouldn't change it because he was Will's liver. Conversely, I could have changed it if it wasn't for him. It would have been an unconscious statement, but therefore, it was a word close to his heart.

"Besides, it wouldn't be a bad story. The Bernstadt family is a Viscount. If you are my wife, the next queen is indisputable. I don't have this kind of honor."

Heinrich ran out of words that he was the next emperor with dignity. The nobles around him seemed to be his surroundings and patrons and did not question it.

And the truth, he was the prince most patronized by the nobles. Because he has several brothers and sisters, the right to inherit the throne is the fifth place - because it was originally the sixth place, but because Lyon has been returned - but the royals on top are unlikely to succeed in line. No, to be precise, I'm more unmotivated than hopeless.

Heinrich is motivated by them, but never highly capable, but not low. But he was the most vigorously gathering back shields among the adult princes with the right to inherit the throne.

"... ha"

Later, we had an argument to buy time as we received his profile from Kuzha and the others, and eventually Kate exhaled a great deal of sigh. The second prince was deeply rooted in his electorate. And it seemed difficult to change.

"Your Highness, but I do not need to be a queen." Do you ignore our intentions?

This was the last inquiry. How this determines Kite's next action.

"I'm not interested in that. I made up my mind. That's everything. You carry everything. Bitches are obliged to give everything."

To the words, Kate stops persuading and wraps up a struggle all at once. He's not wrong. Kite and I understand that. But it wasn't right at the same time.

That is why if we remove him from the race for succession to the throne here, it will lead to the doom of later empires. That was unacceptable as a country entrusted to me by my best friend. Kite and I can't be the guardians of this country forever, but at least for as long as we were there, we weren't going to let them destroy us.

"Well, are you going to fuck with me?

Heinrich strips his canine teeth furiously if he doesn't. Apparently, he's also more suited to sex than to abdominal arts. That's how we take it and increase each other's magic all at once.

"Apparently, I need it."

Ringing his neck, Kite also strips his fangs violently. If it were true, I would not have revealed myself in such a place. Something about the school. I don't want to.

But it was much better than going around the world and missing a cut that would destroy a country my friends protected until they bowed their heads. I'm sorry about the school side, but I couldn't give this much more than he was the brave kite beside him.

"Kuzha. Send me a list of competent royalty as soon as you get home. If I crush this guy, I'll decide who's gonna back him up."

"Yes, sir."

Kuzha acknowledges Kite's remarks. Afraid of him, it seems that many other nobles besides his surroundings are with him. It was just that there was no incentive to actively crush him. In the hundreds of nobles, he looked like a little nasty opponent to crush. Then it was something the Duke should have done.

It's just a story of pulling out a first or second princess who is rumored to be capable of not showing up in public for more than the last few years after smashing her down, or finding someone powerful among the royal family that hasn't yet grown up. Not a bad idea. In the Empire of Entesia, men and women are given equal rights to inherit the throne. There's nothing wrong with the emperor not being a man.

Besides, whether the emperor is talented or not, he can handle it if he stands in the Duke's position. The Grand Dukes and Dukes are the ones with all that strength. Anyway, it is they who assists the First King, who was told < >. It can't be done.

"Don't worry. I forgive your disrespect on this occasion. Bring it to me fully."

"Thank you. Bare hands... well, it's not a bad idea to perform a knight for the first time in a long time"

To Heinrich's words, Kate shows her canine teeth and laughs. I'm not going to kill you. Killing is out of duty to the boulder. Just knock it down in one shot appropriately.

By the way, kite doesn't make sense to fight. I was simply angry that they called Ballantine a whore and Lil a whore's blood.

No, for him, maybe that's why he wants to get rid of him above all else. For the sake of the country, because in the end it's for my best friend. Most importantly, for Kate, who cares about bonding with her friends, it was most unforgivable that they were discredited. Kate was able to crush Heinrich by turning her hand from behind, but at the time of Ballantine's mention, she had lost her intentions.

"Wait, kite. Is this some kind of fight I bought?

"... I know... but... as long as I'm me, this is already my fight... but surely I can't sidestep someone else's fight? You can do it all you want. I'll clean it all up later."

The moment I've been watching what happens, I hang on to the kite who decided to fight. Originally, it was he who was angry first. Kite remembers that, too, and laughs bitterly.

Thus, knowing the present strength of the moment and his hidden trump card, we decided to give it up here as a show for him. I intend to end up doing it myself, but it would also be a problem to sidestep others' fights on my own.

"... I'm sorry. Don't worry, I'll bust it."

"Hmm. You guys can do it at the same time, right?

"Stop it. Sell this guy a fight, he can't win. No, I don't even know if you can beat me before then."

To Heinrich's provocation, the moment returned the provocation. So, just before they got beat up, my voice went up.

"Please wait, brother, adventurer of different worlds Japan"

The Lord of Voices is a young dress girl. When I was old, I would still be 12 or there. The girl who attracts the same attention gracefully graces herself with both ends of the dress.

"... Liz"

"My brother, he is not yet an adult, so Henri, is more appropriate in this situation."

The name Heinrich said was from his real name. Her real name is Lieselit Henri Entesia. Therefore, the nickname was Liz.

"I'm late. My name is Henri, the seventh princess. Please forgive my disrespect for not revealing my original name because I am not yet an adult."

Henri once again graces Kate and the others with her introduction. Kate and the two of the instant also had no choice but to return their names than to be named by the Empress. Whether you're upset or not, she has nothing to do with it.

"A polite thank you, it hurts. I..."

So for a moment Kite stops. I was going to keep my disapproval clear, but I was just a little confused about what to do.

But the answer was beside Henri. There was Jake, Lord Heisenberg, with a smile on his face. Besides, Kate grasps the back of things.

"It's Grandpa's money..."

Short air is damage, isn't it? I thought the Lord would make sure it worked. He's the perfect guy for making cuts. '

Apparently, all the flow so far has been exactly what Lord Heisenberg Jake wanted. Maybe even the fact that Ballantine or Lil will be disparaged is his money. Besides, kite pounded her tongue. They danced.

'Shit... I thought it was suspicious... the quality of the aristocracy must have fallen so far. I was seriously stunned for a moment.'

"Heh heh... even though there is a non, is it natural? Beside that is the bottom tier of the bottom tier as quality. I just gave it up. For future tightening."

When Kate sends Jake, Lord Heisenberg, a voice resembling a laugh, he laughs and returns it. Is it suspicious somewhere? That's what he wasn't moving. He couldn't have moved, but he wondered why it wasn't.

But this was apparently a misprospect. Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, had moved and was going to hit Kite here. That's how I decided to move.

"I am Kate Amane, Your Highness Henri"

"It's Shun Ichijo, Empress"

From an instant it was a military salute, and Henri, who knelt down from Kite, and put him in his hand; but there was an instant free. Besides, they tilted their necks and asked Henri.

"... what is it? Empress Henri."

"Oh, no. It's such a stunning imperial ceremony..."

"Thank you, Your Highness."

Kate smiled at the illuminated speck of that Henri, now gracefully graced with a slightly tearful grin. Besides, Henri lowered her head, looking a little lit up.

"I'm sorry. So, all three of you. Exactly. This place is annoying to other nobles. Then there will be a match in a few days. Why don't you settle down there? Luckily, my brother is scheduled to compete, and you still have time for the deadline to compete. Besides, you are also very interested in the way Japanese fight. What do you think?

"I have no objection. These guys can do everything they can to find out I'm better off without rotting."

"I'm originally scheduled to compete too... What about Kate?

"I'll expose the seniors."

Having grasped the grandeur behind it, Kate had almost lost her temper to fight already. It is certain that he will be crushed. Anyway, one of the leading Heisenberg families in the political realm of the Empire is moving. Therefore, Kate decides to make her like the moment. Worst case scenario is Kate wins and finishes.

Thus, without realizing the evil grin of Emperor Leonhardt, who secretly giggles away, and Shea, who was watching the venue's surveillance cameras, Kate unintentionally entered the match in front of you.