Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 375: In the Shadows - The Dark Side of the Empire

"Damn! How could this happen!

Heinrich, who fell off at the end, threw up abominably. It is now the last award ceremony, but there was no need for a player to leave otherwise.

Or rather than being a match hosted by the Emperor, the Emperor Leonhardt needs to put his labor on the winners. It is difficult to be vigilant when there are too many. Therefore, the winner was the only participant in the award ceremony. This is routine, so there was no problem where he left off.

So now that preparations for the award ceremony had been made in great haste, and later only waiting for the entrance of the winning players, there were no figures around.

"... well, why isn't anybody here?

Sometimes, before leaving, the surrounding nobles should have welcomed them. But the hallways of the arena were idle, and on the contrary, not even the clerks of the arena were found anywhere. Footsteps that sound there, light tricks, tricks,. Because of the lightness of the footsteps, it was like a woman's thing.

"... Shit!

Heinrich understands there that he was taken into the kingdom. I was completely alarmed. Emperor Leonhardt naturally comes to this arena as the 7th Empress Henri, and several other princes and princesses, as the Teng himself who pulled Kate into this battle.

In addition, one of the participants, himself, is a royal family, but also a prince who will be seen as the next emperor. That is, if anything is done to the royal family on this occasion, it will result in the painting of mud on the face of the empire.

As a result, this arena is now heavily rigorous, with multiple guards stationed out of sight. Heinrich, where some of the princes have clandestine political enemies, is a situation that I do not intend to denigrate. That is why I was reassured that it was on the contrary safe.


Heinrich pulls his two-handed sword out of his sheath, which he carries at all times for protection, and who does what against footsteps. There are no other signs within the kingdom, and it is almost certain that the Lord of this footstep is the Lord of the kingdom. There was no way he was more than an enemy when his security was capturing himself as royalty in a rigorous arena.

"Oh, you're home already?

It was the little girl in the maid's clothes who showed up. She was a beautiful girl with a fair face and ten people admitted to being ten beautiful girls. Needless to say, it was the First Empress Shea.

"You... why are you here!

But it was no wonder why she was here. She should rarely have left the Imperial Castle, and she should not have come to this match.

"It's going to be an award ceremony, isn't it? If you're an athlete, why don't you at least stay in the waiting area?

Shea ignores Heinrich's questioning and preaches reason. Besides, Heinrich de-alerts and punishes the weapon. He didn't have the impression that Shea was doing something to constrain him. Therefore, it was decided that there was no need to be vigilant against Shea, captain of the < > Royal Guard.

"Hmm, you put up a line to say that... crap. Nothing. I'm not the winner. The loser only leaves, I guess."

Heinrich, I've taken my guard off, but it's only about the neighborhood. I can't say or do anything far-fetched in front of Shea. Therefore, he does not show any inner thoughts, but a grand attitude. Then, one step later, the golden hair disappeared.

"Stay alert."

Phew, and Shea, who disappears in a flash, turns behind Heinrich. Thus Heinrich felt the cold of the dagger gently offered with his throat.


I couldn't see at all, Heinrich's face telling the whole story.

"Throat... Right Side... Heart... Eyebrow... Right Hand... Left Arm..."

Shea puts a dagger multiple times across his body as he moves at an unpredictable rate to Heinrich. Everything is a steep point in the human body. Shea totally caught that.

In the meantime, Heinrich was unable to take one movement. It wasn't the killing that was on it, but the intimidation of just not being able to move around was felt from her presence.

"... How's it going? I hear you were the strongest in the royal family, but you're no better than me."

At some point Shea tells Heinrich that she is flabbergasted when she puts her knife somewhere.

"Later, this"

Shea hands the parchment to Heinrich, where tension is relaxed and dismayed.

"... this is..."

Heinrich tilts his neck when he sees the parchment handed to him. It was a list of some of the nobles expressing his support. But he didn't know anything else in common.

"... that's pathetic"

Seeing the questions that come to his face, Shea realizes once again that he is being used. Again, because that's what I already knew.

Well, that's only a little bit of mercy.

"All of them, it's a list of aristocrats caught violating Article 13 of the Imperial Nobility Act and various other statutes. Looks like you were wearing your power as an umbrella."


"The worst part is the deficit there. Looks like they traded slaves."

The slave trade in imperial aristocracy is one of the worst crimes for which an immediate death sentence would be imposed if found. Without any commutation of sentence, your home demolition is confirmed. It was a sin to lose everything.

I can't help it. Given the interest of the Empire and its previous history, it was with one hundred commandments of punishment that as much of the culpability had to be remitted.

"Save the only thing that ever happened. There are so many applications that I want to give you a place of nobility right now, it's a level where the form fits. There will be plenty of vacant land, as long as you're happy."

Heinrich thinks so as he turns bright blue as to what is the salvation. That's how Shea continued laughing.

"... you know what you're trying to say, don't you?


Heinrich bit all over his back teeth. Fortunately, among the nobles on this list, there is no name for the Marquis of Silveria, who is the back shield of himself. But, but.

"Haptochloe Marquis brother Count Haptochrus, nephew of the Marquis of Silvaria Viscount Silvarier, Ministeria Borderline uncle......"

Hearing the name, Heinrich's face distorts in agony. All right, that's the name that was on the top of the list. It was in deficit to the Viscount, the Marquis' nephew.

"The gatekeepers of the leading aristocrats among your supporters. If that's the blame, Marquis, then your courage will be diminished."

"What do you want!

Heinrich shouts out. The voice resembled a scream. In contrast, Shea says the same word again.

"I already told you. You know what I'm trying to say."

This is the royal aristocracy whirling around with darkness and intraoperative conspiracy. If you don't know what this means, you can't do it. She says, "Abandon the right to inherit the throne." But I couldn't have had a drink.

"Hmm, who else will it be besides me!? My father is already over forty years old and it's time to nominate the Crown Prince before he can consolidate the ground!

To Shea's words, Heinrich flies his anger. The official duties of Emperor Entesia, the largest nation on the continent, are intense. As a result, few emperors die less than 20 years in office.

The average was about 15-20 years, and the current emperor Leonhardt had already plugged that average. Well, this was sometimes his reign was quick, and as a martial artist, exercise is indispensable. In fact, it is certain that it will stretch further.

That said, it does not change anything that the Emperor is a fierce duty. Normally, by the time after 50, the body will no longer be able to catch up, and few emperors hide at the same time as their 50th birthday. This was also to avoid sudden death and political chaos without withstanding intense duty.

And if you think about it, it was time for the current emperor, Leonhardt, to choose the Crown Prince and let him consolidate the ground.

"Where's my brother running off with a female cat, and you're in a relaxed hiding place because you don't like to get married. Mel is in the middle of a runaway. I know exactly where you are. I don't like political marriages with nobles when they come out, and I don't like nobles who support people who run away. Liz is young. Fia enters the freak and immerses herself in the lab. There are many others fleeing the throne. Look, who's there but me?

Talking to Shea, Heinrich gradually regains his spare time. Sure, I thought the wound wasn't shallow, but it wasn't insurmountable. Yeah, just what he thinks, though.

"Well, I'll tell that to the five Dukes."

"Will Lord Heisenberg, in a semi-detached state that hasn't moved before, move now? The McDawell family if it's the only other move... but that's not the only way to step up against my exclusion. The recommendation on the abolition of the royal family was given more status than the Duke. You wouldn't bet on those two tickets that you insist on representing."

"Yeah, that's why I said, tell five dukes, It's not a house or a surrogate. To us."

"... what?

Exactly, he is surprised by the word, which includes the five of us, Kite the Brave. It was natural to doubt my ears. The return of Aura, one of the deputies, will be a great festival throughout the continent.

If the brave man himself returns, it will not be a great place, but first and foremost a daily fuss in Enefia. And his perception was not yet returned from the brave, more than it could tell and hear.

"Oh, you didn't notice?

Heinrich is thrown Shea's gaze, which clearly contains pity.

"There was a brave man on the other side. Yeah, it's an imagination of its own."

To call it a discretionary imagination, I said it with confidence. But her words of discretionary imagination were enough to make Heinrich regain his calm.

"What. Just an idea. Did you use the power of blood? I didn't know you thought it was that convenient."

Heinrich makes a slight mockery of Shea's words. As a matter of fact, Heinrich, the power of blood was weak. That's why I was mistaken for all of them.

"So, you want to bet? Whether Lord Heisenberg is truly hiding or not, the brave Kite or not, to. Well, I'll tell them about Scarlett's return in a few days. From there, let's see how it works, shall we?


Shea's words bring consternation to Heinrich. This was information that he had no choice but to know. And there were things that were hard to think of as lies. I've already run away from home for two years. It was more than certain that he was not dead, it was about time he was not suspicious to return.

If it was Shea most trusted by the Emperor, there was a good chance he would have known about it.

Once he also has his own connections, but still below Shea, who has the best intelligence in the country. I didn't have to, even if I didn't know.

"Not yet. But it's true to go home. We're already close. Your father secretly rejoiced that you raised your arms a lot."

Laughing, Shea decided to give Heinrich more information on the return of the girl, who could be his only opposing horse, and to crush the hand he would think.

"Stop if you want to release the assassin. At least now that girl is one of the best assassins in the Empire, she has no chance of winning. If you could win with an assassin, it would be about the McVell brothers and sisters at the Duke of McDawell's house. And when you find out that you let your sister go of the assassin, how can you be a candidate for the next emperor?"

No matter how much the royalty dictates to each other, the current emperor Leonhardt does not approve of and disgusts the assassinations between the royal families. I strictly forbid it because, whatever you think, it will only have a negative impact on the country.

Now that the emperor knew he was returning to the nearest place, he couldn't help it. Because it is certain that they are accompanied secretly. That's how Shea grins badly.

"Come on, let's bet, shall we? How will 5 dukes move when I announce the return of that daughter? I'll bet on their duty to get rid of you. Well, I guess it's a good hand to pull it off and keep it big now, huh? That way, at least, I can maintain my position as a nobleman as my son-in-law's adopted son."

Heinrich had seen his own electorate ideas too sweetly. This is probably the mistake of being young. Many nobles secretly supported him, and that's why.

It was seen that because he was only a young man in his late teens, he would also be able to correct voter thought if he looked at his painful eyes.

But I can't do it as it is. There are electorate ideas, and the loss of supporters is too great. That is why it was decided to let us lose our legs here once. Thus, Shea decided to ask, before poking her ultimatum.

"I'll ask you one thing. You, that electorate idea, who drowned you where? Or did you think you were right?

"What...? It's... my... it's on my mind."

I don't know what it means to be questioned, twist Heinrich's neck, but still state that it is clearly my own will. Besides, Shea sighed.

"... that. Even that, I don't know... poor thing. As a sister, I'll teach you one last thing. In this empire, I will not tolerate the electorate ideology to the nobles, no matter what. It doesn't matter how small it is."

"... so much, was it?

"You don't understand this either... You should study again from the formation of the Empire... No, brainwashed unwittingly as you feel that way?... Well, that's good. What we'll look into later...... for now, you'll lose your legs here. It's up to you to start over."

Shea is disillusioned by Heinrich, who is told and doesn't understand. That is how she decided to tell the truth, which is now still passed on only to the royal family.

"You said it. Everything is decided by birth, he said. And noble stature is determined from the beginning,"

She had heard all about the commotion, too. That's why I knew all his words. And I know the leaps of the supporters.

That's why she moved. The nobles knew about the supporters, so that the rebel permits laid by the First King would not be used. Including what he says and does now, he dares to overlook the actions of his supporters.

It was also, in a way, mercy as a sister to let you lose your legs here. If Article 1 is applied, even life is at stake. If we were to avoid that, we needed to lose our legs here.

"Our ancestors made us noble beings in different worlds and were dropped by experimental animals in this world. who fell to the bottom of the bottom. And I knew so much about the culprits who were dropped into that position that I didn't like them. And all the beginnings of aristocracy and electorate."

Hence Heinrich becomes. He gradually understood, no, remembered. I had challenged the absolute law by making it an implicit understanding laid by the first emperor of the empire.

The culprit, if that means, it is slavery that the first king was denigrated by experimental animals. But if you string that history together, it was caused by voter ideology.

That is why the First King ordered the nobles to ban slavery and to exclude voter thought as much as possible as an implicit understanding.

Unfortunately, after several generations of forgetting its coming, slavery is revived and continues until the heroes of 300 years ago withdraw.

But it is true, that is where it was recalled. It was remembered again, late, but not again. As a noble duty, Nobles Obriege, it is only allowed once. The second time is unacceptable.

The first time is over. No more nobility will be forgiven. More than anyone, Lord Heisenberg Jake will not condone it. It was, even a metaphorical royal family.

That was why this was a necessary indispensable showing that it was mercy and that the royal self-purification was working.

"You see. You're done. Already Lord Heisenberg has moved jointly with the 5 Dukes. You were all swimming. You didn't realize it was behind you and the noblemen who committed the crime. If it is to be an emperor, it must not be."

As a matter of fact, the electorate ideas were not even a cut off for the loss of legs. In addition, he lost his legs when his supporters committed the worst crime of the slave trade.

"Even for them to move, they just needed a trigger. That's just how easy it was to crush you, the brave Kate, who boasts of an unbeaten martial arts field."

Shea tells Heinrich, who turns bright blue. Sure, it was an instant that I knocked him down, but even if he lost, Kite just smashed him in front of the public. What was needed was a red disgrace that diminished his appetite.

She wasn't making a request or a plea. Shea only came to tell him that there was no succession to the throne in him now. That's how he figured it all out. You can no longer beat yourself.

Finniss, take him with you.

We will no longer see Heinrich, who is exhausted and dismayed, and Shea tells her squire, who at some point refrained from doing so. When Finnish was small and gracious, he used some sort of surgical formula to prune Heinrich's consciousness.

"I taught him about the possibility of a brave return. Erase that memory. Now is not the time to be widely known."

Shea orders Finnish to delete her memory. He abandoned the prince, considering the inhumane acts against the prince and the unspeakable interests of Kate's return. As such, she goes on. This one was more important.

"And by whom have they planted the buds of voter thought? Check it out. It's a problem that voter ideas are imprinted. That can never be more than being a marquis. Surely Heinrich should have chosen an educator by the Marquis. Someone must be wishing in his strange spot. Be sure to grab that tail."

"Yes, I did. As soon as we're done scrutinizing our memories, we'll send investigators around the Marquis."

"That's how you get it."

With Finnish's answer, Shea nods. voter ideology to the royal family, at which point, in fact, everyone in the 5 dukes considered it suspicious. Even the fierce kite, calm down and think about it, there's something behind it, about as much as I thought.

That's why I haven't seen any movement on Lord Heisenberg Jake until now. He was hiding more than the enemy could possibly be. I could say I let him swim.

"After that, please prepare to contact each of the Hordes internally. Either way, we need a poorly supervised curtain. Leg loss is confirmed. I'll follow up on the timing."

Shea has a few more moves to make. Naturally, the most prominent candidate loses his leg. Confusion is inevitable. If we were to contain it, we needed to prepare ourselves.

And so, when it was over, the bond was broken, and the voice outside was heard. Because if we develop the bond at all times, someone could notice.

'Well, that concludes the whole process of your previous match! No, I didn't think Nihon's kids would fight this far! Everybody, let's give these guys a round of applause!

The audience sends out loud cheers and applause to praise the good fight of a rare voice. In a few moments, the audience and players will be overflowing here. So the girl decided to go home before that.

"Well, of course, right? He is a brave man. I don't even notice Heinrich standing in front of me. He's just suspicious as a royal family. Because of the weakness of the blood, I can't help it... but I think it may have applauded voter ideology... well, I noticed that Henri was young... right?

Shea turned to the side, tickled at the girl in the young dress, and laughed. Heinrich hadn't even noticed that Henri was on his way.

"Yes, sister. It was a good cover for me. Thanks to that, the brave Kate mistook me for a weakening of the royal blood."

She also realized that Kite was a brave man. That's why I hid my surprise by pretending to fall in love with the graceful behavior. To that extent, it could not have been possible for her to be royal, whether she was a young child or not. In fact, the modern royal family also inherited the nature of the first king more than Kate thought.

That said, Heinrich, was quite thin among them. So Kite assumed it was average.

"You got it. Good."

Shea nods contentedly at Henri's words. This young princess looked like she was aware of Shea's thoughts. Yes, Heinrich had made me a good camouflage.

Thanks to the fact that no one else responded, I assumed that he was the average, and a number of cautions against the royal family had been created from Kite. It was unintentional, but this was a delightful miscalculation.

"Now the measures are in place. Every nobleman tries to get on the edge if he fights the Swordsman Sasakikoziro even to the extent that he is playing on the boulder. That makes sense. And if you get inside your nostrils, you're weak. When you're in your hand, you try to protect it. Metaphor. Even if that's the enemy, right? My husband has a difficult personality for a nobleman, as I hear him."

Shea shrugs, grinning and tells Kate secretly being danced on the palms of her old buddies.

That's how he flipped cute maid clothes with frills, rocked a gold twin tail, and went to get his last hand in order.