Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 378: The Match Before You - Rewards -

Dawn from the affair, hours later. It was around the time when the sun lit up outside and everyone had breakfast for a while. Kate was visiting the Emperor Leonhardt as planned.

"Long time no see, Your Majesty"

"Hmm. Did you get a good day off?

"Yes, thanks to you, everyone is completely tired of the match before you"

Of course, but Kite doesn't. I had a headache problem. But that can't be shown in front of the Emperor. The Emperor Leonhardt wants to laugh inadvertently because he grasps it all the way behind him to Kite, who gave him a crop laugh somewhere like that.

But the exposure is still there. If I hadn't finished the job first, I could have gotten enthusiastic about the fun. Because I understood it myself, I weighed myself down.

"Well, that's more than anything."

So I grinned desperately, and the emperor Leonhardt nodded small. This time, the faces of Kite Datian Cherry Blossom School were summoned by him. It was said that it was good in personal clothes, so all the facial clothes called were not courtesy clothes or dresses, but personal clothes that were easy to move.

Let me tell you something, they all still tried to go with student clothes and courtesy clothes. but because the kite - and the kite - was stopped by Shea, there was no choice, and they were all in private clothes.

"Well... let me tell you first. This is the most secure and bug proof room in our royal private area. Take it easy. Let me do the same."

Called in were some facades of the student council, facades of the upper level of the Adventure Department, Principal Sakurada and several teachers. Apparently, the candidates were narrowed down to faces whose mouths were stiff on the imperial side. Other faces of Kuzha and Aura and the Duke of McDawell's house had also been called out.

By the way, I wanted to emphasize that it was private, so the Emperor Leonhardt was strictly in private clothes. That way, I think everyone just called out by Emperor Leonhardt for interest.

"No, you preach to Buddha"

After telling him, the emperor Leonhardt smiles. So, for some faces headed by Kite, I understood what the purpose was. There are some extra faces, but the Empire gave us permission. Then there's no need for the kites to get lost anymore.

"Well, there's nothing else I called in today. I was just on edge with the famous Japan because of it. I'm only here now because it's just fine, but I thought I'd introduce you to the rest of the kids. Well, there are toddlers, so there may be a little disrespect or manipulation, so I don't want you to talk about anything else."

While the emperor Leonhardt sits down, he puts in a no together. It is true that no other words are necessary, but otherwise it is superficial. We also introduced the rare pre-adult royal family, so we notified them of the use of this room.

Well, that's what it looks like to them. The truth was all to settle for a play with Kite. To that end, the children have also only called in the stiff faces of their mouths.

"Thank you for that, Your Majesty"

On behalf of Kite, Principal Sakurada bows his head and says: Indeed, Principal Sakurada honestly believed this, as being able to introduce the royal family, albeit minors, was very useful given the various fringes.

"That said, have a few of you already met? Well, think of it as a re-introduction and asking me to ask you about Nihon... ostensibly"


Today, Principal Sakurada and other unaware faces tilt their necks. Besides, Emperor Leonhardt continued laughing.

"All the faces in this line are my bellies. From right to right, Chancellor Valheit Famel, Army Marshal Tran Locos, and his warrant lady Flor Locos. You know Commander-in-Chief Cayenne Fujikido? There are others, but that's all there is in this castle."

Apparently, we've only collected some particularly trustworthy faces in our bellies. Quite a few. That's how I laughed at Kite.

"That's why. First, the legendary Hall of Bravery. Well done, you're back in this country. As it once was, I don't need to thank you under my command. Likewise, the legendary Great Demon King. Let's treat it the same way."

The students and teachers who lived side by side knelt before the Emperor. The same goes for the kites. Therefore, to put an end to all of this, we will treat Kate and Tina the same way we did 300 years ago.

"Again, have you noticed"

Leaving the surprise together, Kate gets up with a bitter smile. Same goes for Tina. Neither of us thinks we haven't noticed. It had already been made clear by Musashi and the others, and Kate had heard of Tina.

I didn't deserve a surprise. In that way, the two solve the changes they usually use and the two perform a brief thank-you at the imperial ceremony they are allowed to do.

"The Empire of Entesia is the minister, Kate McDawell. After a long time, I would like to report to you that I have now returned from Japan."

"Um, well done. I'm home. And I was once sorry for the nobles of my Empire of Entesia and my ancestors. On behalf of His Majesty the 15th Emperor, who died carelessly, let's apologize for the rest."

Small, but surely the emperor Leonhardt bows his head. This is what Will was so hard on against the emperor of history. And for the current emperor Leonhardt, who cares about his ancestors, it was a needless behavior to get lost. But then Kate shook her head.

"No, Your Majesty. That was before me and His Majesty in his 15s went a little too far in his youth. There is no way to be confused or confused by the power to change things. Let the nobles have their say."

"That said, I can't explain the slavery that was the biggest contention. And the unknown of His Majesty in his 14s overlaps. Always, His Majesty in his 15s mourned for losing friends because of his father's unknown. This is the biggest foul spot in the Emperor since."

Exactly, I have to agree with Kate on this as well. The abolition of slavery is equal to the order of the First King. Because I understand it, as emperor, and as descendant, I apologized. We lost him in a way that was close to exile while we had the brave man do the correction for it. Above all, Will was strict on this point.

"Well... I'm sorry, but let's just say hello to this extent. I have a few things to tell you first. First of all, is there an Alphonse Weisslitter?

"Ha, sire!

The emperor Leonhardt summons Al to finish his greeting with Kate and tell him what needs to be told inside first. It's a call from the emperor to the boulder. Al saw the tension, but still, he knelt in front of it.

"Uhm, give me your face... I hear your lord manipulated the Ice Dragon in the battle of Portland Emelia earlier, eating < > with the brave Kate. Therefore, we decided to give two names, < >, which are immediately new from the rest."

To the words said, Al blues his face, stunned and nervous past. Nothing in the Empire of Entesia allowed the use of iconic dragons. There are two names.

It was above all an honor for the imperial servicemen to say that two names named dragons would be given by the Emperor, also by the Emperor. In other words, it was nothing more than a symbol of the Empire's martial arts.

"Ha, thank you!

Al bowed his head as he stretched his body slightly to unwanted honor. That was just a surprise and tension that could no longer be hyperventilating. Besides, the emperor Leonhardt snorted as he grinned and continued.

"Uhm. I will continue to entrust the protection of the Empire to your lords and knights. Yume, fight shamelessly against his name and his great fathers. I will follow up on the award ceremony, but I intend to hold it while the Cherry Blossoms are here. You guys must join us."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

It was Principal Sakurada who answered. When it comes to Kate's life, Al owes much to the guardian of the school, Sola, and the training of the leading men in the first place. There was no reason to say no to this.

Incidentally, since Kate is the Duke of McDawell and Tina live side by side as their fiancée on this occasion, they have no say in the Heavenly Sakura School side. So from now on, it wasn't Kite, I had to deal with it in other respects.

"Next, is there an instant or an article?

"Ha, sire!

"Long time no see. That was a long time ago."

The moment he kneels in a grand manner in front of himself, Emperor Leonhardt laughs a little bitterly. Actually, the kites hadn't noticed because it's a slow change, but the emperor Leonhardt hasn't been in months. Therefore, they could see and understand the change. It looked different then.

Because at that time, as the emperor Leonhardt pointed out, there was a muscle bias in the upper body. But now, the lower body also had muscles, and relative excess muscles had fallen from the upper body.

If a former moment was a new American warrior who relied solely on power, now he was close to a skilled warrior who used a spring all over his body to fight.

"Yes, thanks to Your Majesty, we have been able to review the use of our bodies since then and survive this far."

"Well, that was worth the advice... so. That was a brilliant defeat of my son Heinrich, who excelled in martial arts in the battle of yesterday. What's that move?

"I have further improved my technique of < >."

"Hmmm... depending on the name and the nature of that move, it seems like a move that has something to do with < >... is there any connection? No, wait. Let me think..."

The Emperor Leonhardt is about the battle, forgetting his original purpose and taking it into account. He was still a freak, too. But I can't get this in front of my guests, so I got a message from Chancellor Valheit.

"Your Majesty, now..."

"... oops, sorry. So I will give the Lord two names too. Take it. The two names are < >. You should name them later. The award ceremony is scheduled to coincide with Alphonse. Let's get back to you."

In response to a message from his men, the emperor Leonhardt informs them of the shittiness and requirements in some light. Well, that's a shame, 'cause I want to bring the subject back this way. And taking it, the moment bowed its head again.

"Ha, sire!

"Um, so it's about < >..."

"Sire, shouldn't we just stop now? Now you're gonna fly your dick off Valheit's old man, right?

"... mmm"

Embarrassed by the flor of his own daughter's age, the emperor Leonhardt cut the story off with great regret. By the way, the reason I speak in the private area was because he wanted to ask about various martial arts. Even more robust rooms existed in the public areas of the Imperial Castle when it came to bugging prevention.

Well, it is a fact that some of them are not spaces to invite guests, so it is true that you are also a candidate here. It was just that Emperor Leonhardt held back here.

"… Next, is Sola Amasillo here"

A slight earlier dissatisfaction remained, but the emperor Leonhardt went on to speak to Sola.

"Yes, Your Majesty"

"Tenryu's crusade in the previous game was brilliant. The Lord's command was particularly brilliant. There..."

The emperor, Leonhardt, who praised Sola's skill, glances at the tran beside him. Apparently, this one is not two names.

Thus, Tran, who received an eye-opener from Emperor Leonhardt, handed him one crate. It was a beautiful crate with an imperial crest on the surface. It was a wooden box about a meter long, and those who knew the empire well realized that it was a box used when they were given weapons, etc.

"Let me give you this. You should open it."

"Yes, thank you"

Sora, nervous but receiving a crate directly from the Emperor, opens the crate lid according to the Emperor's words. What was inside was a wave of graceful one-handed swords.

"This is a courtesy. Not in action, but a sword that the conductor deserves to have. It's not bad. It would be nice to decorate it."

What Sola took in her hand was a sword that was lavishly decorated and deserved to be held by those in positions of command on the battlefield. Naturally, the sheath was beautifully decorated and beautiful even with it in the sheath.

Incidentally, the Emperor Leonhardt says he is not in action, but the material is magical silver (misril), which was more in action than the broken sword of Sola.

"Your lord is losing a one-handed sword in battle. I was supposed to give you something to use in action... but it's Kite the Brave. I need you to look out for some good weapons with your handover."

In fact, the Emperor Leonhardt and some of the weapons he gives down were also in view of weapons that could be used in action. But I dared to choose a weapon that wasn't suitable for action by deciding that the weapon Kate had searched for was of higher quality than the one she had chosen, and even that Sora would be more pleased to receive it from her companions.

Because of this soldier's ability to judge according to his mood, the emperor Leonhardt was popular even with the soldiers at the end. By the way, there are times when you give down a weapon that is properly suited for action if you need it, so that would be it. Thus, with the words of such an emperor Leonhardt, Kite nodded, showing his acceptance.

Sincerely, Your Majesty.

"Um, I asked. So it's time to get down to business."

In response to Kite's nod, the emperor Leonhardt called his squire and made his own children call.