"So, Your Majesty. Why are you doing this?

Having managed to cut through the sermon and the explanation of the circumstances, Kite asked the emperor Leonhardt, who was inevitably the culprit. Shea was moving on his orders, he exposed. It should be noted that it was her own will that made it to the end, she was reminded.

By the way, behind this inquiry, Shea and Mel were crossing over and the girls were moving again to set the rules, etc., but I'll leave that aside.

"Lord, haven't you noticed yet?

In contrast, it was Tina who answered. At the time Shea exposed everything, she was nursing the person who had done the trick.

"That's not the case with the guy who meets the Lord and lets him hold a woman for a few days. Your lord is a woman, but she is wary."

"Ah? Well, I understand you're alert..."

A slightly shy kite acknowledges Tina's remarks. Actually, he's surprisingly, vigilant. It's close to familiarity. So there was only one person who could make such a brilliant fit against Kite.

"If so, we can imagine the initiators of this measure every now and then"

To Kite, who I can hardly understand if she says so, the emperor Leonhardt took a faded letter out of his nostalgia.

"Hmm, well, you should read this"


With surprise, Kate received the letter, and when she saw the letters written there, she was surprised that her eyes just didn't pop out. That's because it was once the letter of my best friend. As such, Kate reads the contents of the letter indifferently.

1. Give as much information as you can about kite, and prepare a princess who can behave vegan on it.

2. The princess pointing out to Kite is as good as my strong princess can be. Well, if you're a horse or a freak, it's still good.

3. Leave it alone later. If you give instructions poorly, you may be perceived the other way around.

4. It should be noted that at this time the Empress must not be forced to tell Kate to stop by. Be alert. It is better for the Empress herself to fall in love with Kite, wanting her to offer her body herself. I can't pull kite that way.

All that was stated in the letter was a guide to doing a beauty bureau to Kite. It should be noted that he was regarded as a horse or freak, but that was exactly what Mel was, a horse and Shea was a freak.

"That idiot! Don't use your own distant offspring to do the Beauty Bureau!

Thus, after reading everything, Kite raised her voice several times. And, whether you reacted to that voice or not, a scheme that doesn't even know the historical emperor set up in the letter is activated.

"Um, apparently you got caught"


The trick was a mechanism by which audio flowed in response to voices, and audio was the voice of the 15th Emperor Will. Yes, the only person who could make it so easy for Kate to succeed in the Beauty Bureau was this guy who knew the person well.

'That's why I told you. Sometimes you get caught up in the Beauty Bureau.'

"Didn't the guy who set you up say that!

"It's worse to get caught up when it comes to the Beauty Bureau"

The voice of the letter reacts brilliantly as if the person is answering remotely. Besides, Kate was unintentionally zoomed.

"Hey, you're actually alive, you're looking at it somewhere, right?

'You can't possibly be alive. That's what you know best. "

"I knew you'd be watching me somewhere!

"Hmm, that's why he's dead, right?

As much as I wanted to suspect that Kite was absolutely alive, the voice of the letter was responding precisely to Kite's voice. I'm actually just trying to follow certain words to answer them, but I was reacting very accurately nevertheless. I can no longer but admire the figure of the brave man played in the letter.

"As it were, well... along with it, this one was left behind"

Against the fierce kite, the emperor Leonhardt, laughing bitterly, offers another, crystal-like magic item. Of course, there's no way they can work out a brilliant ploy to hook up Kite with something like that. He was the one who learned his tricks straight away from a hero, and he had a comparable presence next door.

By contrast, the emperors Leonhardt and the others are still on a normal level in the sense of plotting wherever they go. It would make sense not to.

The earlier letter is actually close to a write-down of the extent of your jokes about kite. Therefore, why did the emperor tilt his neck when he heard the voice now and dispelled the question?

I simply wanted to tear up Kite and left her behind. By the time I made this, Will was very tired, and I made it with momentum. Later on, we were pretty shy of what we weren't.

"What's this?

"Well, should I say what I've written down my plans for?"

At the urging of the Emperor Leonhardt, Kate develops the information contained in his magic props. but that's how I was unintentionally stunned. That was all of my former companions, except Kite.

None of the kites knew this existed. It is natural, because only the emperor and some of the poles in his vicinity have secretly inherited it from generation to generation.

"This is... tremendous..."

"What the... what the..."

Tina is impressed, and there's no need for Kite to be flabbergasted. What was noted there was a close plan on how to move and how to set up a beauty bureau against Kite, assuming countless situations.

It was written down assuming a variety of circumstances, such as when he returned, under what circumstances, when he learned about it, the economic situation of the empire, the situation of other countries, the situation of the nobles, the movements of 5 dukes and 2 archdukes, the situation of kites and how to constrain Tina and Kuzha and the others.

That amount of information was outrageous and probably enough to go up for a few dictionaries. Not so long ago, countless situations were envisaged in detail. With something like this, there was no way Kite could have gotten away with it where she scratched her feet.

"You're an idiot... I don't have time for this book..."

Peetan, and Kite, who sat down powerless, crumbled like a shudder. In the first place, I have some books left for me. Plus this huge amount of planning documents. Beside his busy days as a hero even after his busy emperor duties, he was writing this stuff down without anyone finding out.

No matter how much time I had, I wouldn't have had enough. The last one was old and no longer had enough strength to write it down firmly, along with some apologies, only an approximate outline was written down.

"haha... haha..."

I fell backwards and laughed with a dry smile as I put my hand on my face and put it on my face. But the voice was gradually sweeping away, and at last it was all over the tears.

"Silly... what a genius... silly..."

Kate covers her face with both hands and repeats the word fool over and over again. However, it was not grief, etc., it was close to an inspiring tear, accompanied by some kind of joy.

Naturally, all of these strategies, if based on one premise, have no chance of success.

What is the premise? No matter how long it takes for Kite to pass, we have an absolute trust that he will never change. Without it, all this strategy would be pointless.

"What the hell... if they show you this, you just have to work hard... more chain than anything..."

As Kate weeps, she sends an unspeakable thank you for the measures her friends have taken her whole life to create for herself. This is a testament to the trust of my dearest friend who is not honest, and like him who is not, Kite was not honest either.

Virtually all of Will's private life was spent on his people, including Kite. This is a testament to the fact that this was a strong chain that is stronger than any man's chain, precisely what it should be called an exchange of cuts.

"You don't make your own chains beside your offspring making chains... all the contents are useless..."

Everything in it is useless. It's such a shuddering kite, but I firmly understand that it will never be. It was only if this was a ploy that was seriously and truly made with all the spirits in it that it moved my heart.

As such, Kite, whose various emotions were swirling and whose words were neither abusive, admirable nor admirable, utters a word of proper meaning.

"... don't come, fool"

"... I refuse. It's your crying face. It's not something you rarely see."

It was one man who showed up. As he appeared beside Kate's sleeping roll, he scratched the claw on the spot, as it were. But that's how I tear up against him, with Kate hiding her face.

"... don't lie"

"... well"

Will smiles somewhere close to a bitter laugh at Kate's words. In fact, it was a lie. There are things we would like to complain about, so that our descendants don't blame themselves.

But I didn't have to. Anyway, I didn't need to be told why he tried to do this, and I understood.

Why was it necessary? That's easy. To make Kate's place within the Empire. He's too strong. Metaphor Even without the help of a technician close to a cheat named Tina, we can destroy the world individually.

No country can leave such a force without a collar. At some point, fear of its power will try to exclude it. If you want to prevent it, you need a collar. No matter how fierce the beast, the domesticated beast is no different than just a plaything animal. The collar for it was a princess. Because I understand it, the word that came out of Kate's mouth was, again, this,.

"... you're an idiot, you"

"... since the beginning of the Empire, you're the only one who's ever said that to me."

"... you bring the princess, hey, that's it. Why are you doing such a roundabout... normally spend the rest of your life..."

Being exchanged is a normal story with no other love, because we have trust together. But it was the proof of that trust that, above all, delighted Will. That's why, from his slightly leaned eyes, the tears fall zero.

"... you did... I totally overlooked such an easy thing... it's not just a good thing to be too smart..."

I laugh at Kate's words as she mocks herself and makes Will look frightened. He was anxious. I was wondering if my friends would curse me for creating such a demeaning ploy, or if my friendship would end here. That's why tears are tears of relief.

I knew it with him. That friendship doesn't change this much. And that Kite won't change, either. But still, it's people's minds that change with time. That's why I was anxious. That way, the two stay put, for a while, and continue to weep at the whimpering mix.

"You... are too worried..."

"I don't want you to tell me..."

By the time the tears of the two men subside for the most part, Kite opens her mouth. This time it was really a little something that contained fright. And Will's words, which he had returned, were also words that contained fright. A big wave of emotions has left. Thus, with a deep sigh, Will shrugged with a face like his possession had fallen.

"... now my... Emperor Wisterias' work is really all done..."

"... my last job was to put Dachi in the game... that's a difficult job, dude."

"Finally...... no, you finally understand me"

Will laughs bitterly as usual at Kate's words. It's always the same conversation. That has never changed, and it will never change. That's why Will turned to his own descendants and bowed his head.

"A little short temper, no sight, stupid apprentice (trying to)... Regards. This guy is sweet, he's actually surprisingly lonely and scared. We're dead people. Even if I can help him, I can't support him... Please, support him. And that's for you, too."

Having bowed his head to the Emperors, Will continues, bowing his head to the fellow Kites of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School, now. Even the emperors must be alone. That's why he didn't hesitate to bow his head because of his unchanging friends. Besides, he's already dead. Therefore, you will not be tied to your position. That's why, as a mere friend, I honestly bowed my head for this best friend a little younger.

I couldn't say anything to Will like that with him. A man so glorified as a great hero and a wise emperor bowed his head without hesitation. And no one knew what to say.

And so, apparently, he was embarrassed, and Will disappeared without asking the answer, and Kite laughed at him like that, and the talks went back to normal.