A runoff of former demon kings and princesses that was taking place in the private area of the royals. That, in the end, is sedated by Kite's sermon.

"So, Henri. Can I ask you one thing?

Kate stopped the runoff between the seventh empress Henri and Tina and decided to ask Henri what she had always cared about. Note that during the sermon, after Henri begged me to call him away, Kate also decided to follow suit because she no longer wanted to use the salutation. Permission has also been granted by the Emperor Leonhardt.

"What is it, brother-in-law?

"Henri, you've been through the arena quite a bit, haven't you? I saw quite a few games before you."

"You know very well."

Henri looks a little surprised and admits what Kate said. And Kate nodded, after all. Otherwise, things are suspicious.

"How did you know that?

The moment questions and asks why Kate noticed. And Kate shook her fingers a little bit and replied.

"Easy. Look, seniors. Whose fault are we supposed to be in your game?

"... I'm not here, but you're Prince Heinrich, right?

"No, this Henri."

Kate laughs and corrects the instant mistake. Well, to be more precise, it's different because there are people who put it on, but I didn't say it because I'm not pointing it out on this occasion.

"What do you mean?

"Senior, I have a lot of problems, but then, I could have decided to compete on that occasion. But in her words, I'm going to be in the game before you."

"Oh, speaking of... right"

Kite's words remind me of the moment, and I nod. Indeed, it was only with Henri's arbitration that it was not a battle then.

"Normally, it's suspicious. What makes noblemen wonder when such a young child recommends battle in a match before you?"

In response to the moment I remember how it looked, Kate continues her commentary. How many modern royalty are said to be militants, and many of the crown princesses do not like to see battles in the arena. More than half of the royal family is not currently participating in the game in front of you. Well, some of those half had duties, but many didn't participate because they didn't like it.

And as young as you are, you usually don't appear on the table because there is a risk of silence or manipulation. Henri, a minor, is supposed to be a royal family whose information rarely appears on the table, hiding in the shadow of his adult brother or sister.

Yet no one was surprised that she advanced the game before you. Furthermore, if we looked later, it turns out that nobles who are not royal castles, regardless, only think of the nobles who work at the royal castle to the extent of 'oh, again'.

Sure, there may be an objection that she is competent, because what she said over there makes sense, but it is known only in the Imperial Castle. It was uncomfortable for the nobles and citizens who did not work for the Imperial Castle to wonder, even though Henri's recommendation told them to go to the match.

"I mean, if she hadn't been to the arena so much, I couldn't explain it. Besides, well, even if I did, bent over, the owner of a power comparable to a middle-class adventurer. The magic that was swirling in that place was so silent that even hundreds of nobles"

That's what Kate says, but the fact is, while there were so many nobles out there, no one could stop them while everyone felt the disturbing air. It was simply a matter of momentary pressure and Heinrich's power, but there was no choice.

"But she usually tried to grace me, and then she tried to suppress me and Heinrich, and told me the truth. Regardless of honesty, if you normally think about moving in that situation, it's not possible for a toddler. No matter how the sons of the nobles, the toddler is a toddler. Without the qualities of such a strong man, I can't."

and Henri protests with a little dissatisfaction to Kite, who has a series of toddlers.

"Um, brother-in-law?

"Hmm? What?

"I've been told earlier that toddlers and toddlers are, unfortunately, me, a body that can form children already. A little when it comes to toddlers..."

"Sure, I'm sorry about this."

Apparently, he was unhappy that he was seen as young. She said, "Look no further than an adult." By the way, she seems to be 14 this year. Well, it would certainly be a body that can form a child if you think normally. Having received such allegations, Kate gracefully apologizes to Henri.

It is a sign that Kate makes fun of herself when she graces her in this way. Without realizing it, her treatment of children will continue. Well, as far as I can tell myself even if I realize it, it goes on. This one would still be the difference between experience and age.

"If you know what I mean, it's fine."

That said, Henri is now unaware that she is being molested. Henri received Kate's apparently sincere apology, and the wrinkles between her brows, which she was unhappy with, loosened.

It would be the difference in the season of dating Kate that the Kuzha and the others who were watching how it went smiled at the two of them that they still didn't understand Kate.

"Well, the Empress Henri is still old enough not to leave the girl's frame on the outside. So if you're going to act naturally in that intimidation, you're either trained or used to it."

Kate corrects for once and continues the conversation. Exactly. The girl seemed hard to deny externally, and Henri was a little dissatisfied, but this time she didn't raise her voice of denial.

"But she's not strong from what I've seen. One way or another, it would be for the schemers, the backwards."

From Kate's point of view, Henri is about as powerful as counting from below in terms of his lined face. Specifically, they are considerably higher than the student council officers who registered less adventurers in action and slightly lower than the Solas.

If you describe yourself as an adventurer, you mean the middle of Rank C. There was no way to reach Cayenne, the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Tran, the Army Marshal, or Flor and his daughters.

"Well, I know you're overwhelmingly inferior to your brother-in-law."

"That's the thing. It seems that Will, about Henri's age, already had enough strength and combat capability as the head of a single army. No, considering I was reunited, on the contrary, I would have surpassed the kings at the time."

"Well, they're just too bad compared to each other..."

The opponent is a hero and wise emperor in the history of the Empire. I had to say that Henri, who was compared to this, was worse off than the one he was comparing to with with his cramped face. Well, the fact is, it would be a bad minute compared to him.

"And so it's too unnatural for Henri to move freely. All I can say is, Your Majesty, I couldn't move in the history of your presence there."

It was the emperor Leonhardt who reacted to what this kite said. He grinned in his face and asked Kite.

"Well, am I right for your glasses?"

"Except for my beloved family, the most powerful name of the Empire of Entesia is undisputed, and His Majesty is the honor to be crowned."

I understand that we are out of common sense in the first place, Kate assures me from the bottom of our hearts. At least, Tran and Flor and others would have enough power to suit their duties, but still, they were not far from the emperor Leonhardt. But they had one dissatisfaction with this.

"... you're a little unhappy. Can't we?

"Well, I'm not saying no...... excuse me, ma'am. What's your name..."

Kate was asked by Flor and urged to introduce herself first.

"Whoa, excuse me. I'm Flor-Rocos, head of the Second Corps of the Imperial Kingsguard-affiliated Battle Maiden Warriors (Valkyria). Well, as you can guess, she's the daughter of the Locos family. He's also the daughter of our Army Marshal, Tran-Locos."

"Then, finally, so am I. I'll see you first. One of the current Army Marshals, Tran-Locos. Sometimes when things happen, you have to see them."

Father and daughter all introduce themselves to Kite in a military ceremony salute. In response, Kate answered with a courtesy of the nobility ceremony, staring at Flor and answering the question.

"... I'm not so dissatisfied... but I was wondering if you could tell without looking. It is not a consideration or a rhetoric of His Majesty."

"Hmm? How is that?

To Kate's words, the emperor Leonhardt inquired with interest.

"It's easy. That's because Your Majesty is my friend's blood.

That's what Kate says and smiles. How he judged it, the emperor Leonhardt began to laugh out loud.

"Ha-ha-ha! So long as you are descended from the wise emperor and the god of martial arts?

Together with the unclear meaning of Kate's answer, I think and convince the Emperor Leonhardt that Kate only saw the descendants of her own companions with a glimpse into his words. But everyone was to be disturbed by the words of the ensuing kite and the expression of Emperor Leonhardt.

"No way, joke about it"

Emperor Leonhardt opened his eyes only a little once and smiled again at Kite's answer, which he returned with only a smile.

"I can't, don't you think?

"No, not at all. I don't think I can do it without moving into the sheath."

Very funny, the emperor Leonhardt asks Kite. The visited kite shook her head and denied it.

"Besides, Your Majesty is a little excited to make a mistake. In an earlier conversation with the head of the meeting,"

To the mouth-watering kite as if to even wink, the emperor Leonhardt remembered his own words, and realized his own failure. Thus, the emperor Leonhardt laughs out again.

"I see! Sure, this was a failure! I thought it was my secret, and I didn't tell anyone, but in my own words, I was whining!

"Well, I think it's just me and a handful of them that noticed that."

Kate laughs and agrees with the words of Emperor Leonhardt.

"So, if so, probably the other thing I noticed was Valheit. Does your lord realize that?

"Ha, sire. I am dissatisfied with why you have been silent until now. If you could at least tell me, I could heal the consuls who hurt their stomachs."

Chancellor Valheit says so and smiles, only words express dissatisfaction. He is the one who stands at the top of the sentence. Even a slight discomfort could not have been missed.

"Kuku, this was a failure. I wanted to keep it a secret until later."

Emperor Leonhardt laughs and darkens, acknowledging Kate's words. But just because I find out, it's the grin on his face that makes me laugh, I can't see any dissatisfaction, and vice versa, it's Kate's arm that made me spot it and point it out.

"Even so, that's where I said Lord McDawell. Well done. I noticed with that amount of information."

"What does that mean?

To Kite's inquiry, the emperor Leonhardt said this in his face, saying that he had my will.

"Of course, your Lord is my great blood disciple, so"

And they laughed together.

"So, after all, why did His Majesty conclude that he was the strongest?

Seeing that the Emperor Leonhardt and Kite had finished their story, Flor asked Kite. The face that I could understand snorted, but the face that I could not understand still leaned on my neck. Well, in the case of the royals, they weren't there.

"He's a bad guess."

It is the emperor, Leonhardt, who is stunned by it. He turns to Kite to explain.

"What? Nothing. I've always fought with all my might."

"? Well, that's natural..."

Having heard the obvious remarks, Flor tilts his neck as well. The lion does everything in his power to hunt the rabbit, but all he can say is that it is stupid to actually do it in human society.

Information is hard money to replace anyone. If you can hide your hand tag, you better hide it. Especially for nobles, high-ranking servicemen and adventurers whose hand tags are life. It wasn't Flor who didn't understand it, and it didn't have to be explained.

"What? It's nothing. It's the same with your training with the Lord."

Nitali, and Emperor Leonhardt have a flirtatious grin. This is how I got a pranky grin and the age looked about 10 years younger. And somewhere that grin resembled Lion when the prank succeeded.

However, if the struggle is normal, it is a story of. Now he was precisely wrapped up in the style of the mighty, and had the majesty of being a king several times more than he had ever met between his sights.

"Ha?... Kukukuku... ahahaha! That's serious!

Meanwhile, Flor, who gradually understood, understood the power of his own Lord and began to laugh out loud.

"How strong are you! Our Majesty!

That's how I smile with pleasure, Flor, but that grin gradually changes with a fierce grin. Later on, I heard that she is the second strongest Emperor Leonhardt in the Empire. Maybe that's why I get a fierce grin in front of the strong.

"It's not far. No, it's far away."

Saying so, she grinned furiously, haunting exactly the kind of struggle she deserved to call the style of a female jewel. That's how Tina asks the grinning female jewel. I guess there was something about Flor's fighting spirit that I just showed him.

"Whew, little girl. You know there are three people in this world?

Asked Flor, surprised. As for her, I thought it was two things. To her like that, laughing, Tina gives a commentary.

"One meets the overwhelming strong, like the Lord and the rest, who does not bow his knees and, conversely, burns his fighting spirit..."

"Isn't the other one on your knees, desperate, those two? Ancient Demon King."

"Ri, I am. Now, one more thing."

In addition to the second thing Flor said, Tina watched the schoolchildren, especially the moments, to be merciful.

"The last one. Here."

"Far... na"

You two had no conversation. Don't know, the moment was grinning and squealing. No, I didn't even realize I was whining. Understand what Tina wanted to say when Flor realized it.

"Far away, huh? Sure, it's a long way off. There. No, before that, even my place is far away for you guys, isn't it?


All of a sudden they turn to the water, and the moment makes me look suspicious. It was a deep thought, so I didn't even realize that I was whining.

"You didn't seem to notice. You're a long way from home."

"Oh well... but even if it's far away, I want to get close"

The eyes of that moment looked at Kite in a straight line, only wrapped around her fighting spirit as a samurai.

"Ho, say it. I see. Is the last one the one who can give in and rise again"

In such a moment, Flor shows his canine teeth and laughs, saying no. She felt the sexual nature of a non-samurai, similar to herself, in such an attitude of an instant. As such, Flor turns to Emperor Leonhardt with a grin.

"Your Majesty"

"Good, allow. It will also benefit my empire."

Emperor Leonhardt discerns Flor's intentions and gives his permission immediately. And Tina, who similarly perceived the intention, expresses her gratitude.

"Smanu, little girl. Kite and the rest are too far away…"

"Hey, that's okay. After that, his name is Flor. Remember, it's an honor. So, hey, kid. What's your name?"

"Hmm, let's be good. Young fighter, Flor."

Tina listens to what she wants in front of herself. Thus, in response to such a Flor inquiry, the moment, once again, introduced itself.

"? I should have named you... okay. A moment. Spearman."

"Moments, huh. Then, moments. On the day of the match between His Majesty and the Brave Kite, you too come armed. I'll take care of it right away. Just a little bit closer."


I don't know the connection, with that kind of face, the moment tilts my neck. Instead of saying that, I didn't know how everyone who didn't know her nature, she looked.


Flor, who saw the faces of those moments, asked instantly.

"No, what the hell..."

"Look, the < > you showed me is a trick you should see quite a bit. Even with that, I'm trying to teach you that there's someone you can't beat. Aside from that brave guy,"

That being said, it is the laughter of the warrior that comes to my face. When she came here, she understood the secrets of the Emperor Leonhardt and thought to approach her at all. In the end, she was a warrior, too.

"... ok. Please."

The moment thinks a little, and I'm intrigued by what the second strength is in the Empire, and I decide to take her offer. That is how another mock battle was decided.