Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 385: Empire and the Patriarchate - The Dark Fight: The Imperial Side -

A few nights after Kate finished a story about Mel's support. There was a night at Shea's. It was late, but to report what had happened so far.

Shea wasn't her manager for the night, but she decided it was necessary because of the importance of the incident and instructed Shea to raise the report directly.

"... you don't have to."


After listening to all the reports, the little night leans his neck to the last word told. What she said is an attack on Kate. The result of being asked whether to call it punishment or reprimand, or how to apologize, was that Shea was unnecessary.

"Well, that's good. Do whatever you want to do. It would be good for you to reunite with him. Just after Lord Heisenberg met Emme, he said he was coming to him. And accompany me."

"Uh... don't you need it?

The night is confused by what Shea admitted. Little night, like Mel, I didn't like these political stories for some reason. I don't know if he's similar as a childhood friend, or because he's a daughter-in-law, but for now, he wasn't good at it. Well, Emme was good at this rush, so I went around well on the journey.

"Well, that's good. Either way, on second thought, what I needed to talk to Lord Heisenberg about, too. I'll go with you."

After a nap of doubt, it's quicker to show than explain, Shea rises. The destination was Jake, Lord Heisenberg.

"This is His Highness Laicia. In the way you got a good son-in-law. So, what did you do?

"I wondered if we could exchange kites and get some information together. So I came here to ask permission to accompany you publicly."

"I don't mind. You'll need to let him know what's going on."

To Shea's words, Lord Heisenberg Jake laughs and agrees. A few days had already passed. There was also an investigation into where the nobles who were moving behind Heinrich bought slaves. Then I would have to report it to about the kite that moved me, I thought.

"Oh, before I do... could the Lord please come in first with this girl?


I look at the night when I bow my head and hang my neck in a way that Lord Heisenberg Jake doesn't understand. Well, there's no choice. It was only natural to wonder why it was necessary with him.

That said, he knows about the midnight - he's the one who chose Mel's nanny - and Emme told me about the trip. So when I gave it an approximate hit, I snorted bitterly.

"Oh, I see. Well, you don't have to. I get it. Okay, little night. Follow me."


My boss and two dukes made it clear that I don't need it, and I tilt my neck even more at night, but for now Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, started walking, so I follow suit. Naturally, it's Kate's place to head. That's how I knocked on Kite's room door.

"Yes, the door is open."

"Um, no."

"What the hell, Grandpa..."

Kate's unpleasant voice sounds and the key closes. but by contrast, when Lord Heisenberg Jake used some sort of magic, the key was unlocked again and he decided not to hesitate to go inside.


"Hmm. As easy as what the Lord tries to do."

This joke happens all the time. That's why Lord Heisenberg has nothing to worry about, either, Jake. That's how Kate tilts her neck on the night she comes in even further.

"Hmm? Maybe I have to say hello to Mel here to Grandpa?

"That's not what I'm talking about. I mean, it's a bad fate that Mel's beautiful princess arrived before your Lord. You don't have to say hello. It's just, like, a little poorly understood maid."

"Oh, I see... then you can't look like this"

When Kite also looks behind at the point where the night is alone, she snaps her fingers and takes what she is. That's how it was supposed to be, he inquired into the night as it was.

"Nice to meet you, young lady. Can I have your name, please?

"... Yes?

Little night leans his neck against Kite, who, as Duke, took his own hand and inquired in a gentlemanly manner. Besides, Kite almost smiled.

"Oh... if you were seeing a pretty girl like your daughter somewhere, you'd remember... have you seen her anywhere?

Shea rang from behind against a little night confused by confusion because she thought she'd seen him before but nothing.

"Right? That's why I told you, right? No need to apologize."

"No, um... what the hell..."

"Ha... you're a poor figure... Tsubaki, please chill this liquor and a glass for the number of people"

"Yes, sir."

In response to the night he still doesn't understand, Kate falls asleep in awe on the couch in the room and gives Tsubaki the liquor that Lord Heisenberg Jake brings to his souvenir. Pretty good liquor, the consideration that worked the way he wanted, I guess.

"Me and you first met here. That's the official setting. Is that good?

"Ha... ah"

Kite pointing me out while I was drinking, and I also notice a little night. Yes, that's the official setting, the truth that will probably be announced as an empire, is. That was more natural than Mel's run away from home being hidden. On the night I finally understood, Kate smiled and nodded.

"That sort of thing. We shouldn't have met on that occasion. The fact that Mel was running away from home is hidden. Whatever it is, it involves imperial flair. Then, naturally, what I was meeting over there shouldn't be public. I mean, you shouldn't be punished for what happened there."

She threw a kunai at Kate, the Duke. That is an unacceptable course of action and a severe penalty. But if it's public, it's a story.

Only Adventurer Mel and Adventure Leader Kite should be there. There must be no "Empress Mel and her servants" and "Duke Kite", even if they are mistaken. Naturally, then, it will only be a mere quarrel. I usually ended up being angry with hospital officials, and it was a story that ended.

"That's the thing. First, in the first place, you didn't know he was the Duke at that time. That's true. Then there will be no more punishment."

With Shea's words, on the contrary, he couldn't understand the night. but kite laughed bitterly at this.

"Well, no. Because he's noble, and there's no excessive punishment. An injury case is an injury case. I'm bringing in the separation of powers with reference to the Otsu case."

"Otsu? What, that's"

"of the separation of powers... Well, that doesn't matter"

Jake, Lord Heisenberg, also notices a derailment when Kate realizes he is derailed. That's why I decided to put it back.

"Well, so is that... so. Even if you don't know, you worked disrespectfully against the Duke, so now the accumulation will extend to the Duke's house and the majority of Tensakura School. If you look at his daily movements, you'll have to laugh now, won't you?

"You had about three attacks from jealousy just today. Now those three are severely punished. In the last few days alone, the cherry blossoms have pointed the blade at you more than you need a finger in both hands. I know this one's a duke, so this will wipe it out. There have been many other surveys, and most of the boys in the school have eaten jealous attacks, and there have been quite a few attacks from girls in the absence of various and unforeseen delicacies. The Duke's maid has pointed and swung at me many times... oh, and so have I."

"It's not majestic, me."

Kite pleasantly tells me where she is to the conclusion that Shea has told me again. Most of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School did the same thing as her. In other words, if we are to punish her, we must punish them all severely.

Besides, the imperial side wants to make sure that we didn't meet. And that's the same for Kite. There was also something about punishing a maid with a princess who had just returned from martial arts training because no one liked her. If I do it, I get an unwanted reckoning.

It was decided that there would inevitably have been no sin in the night. So I told her at night, as Kate explains to poorly informed students.

"There is no severe punishment. And after that, Mel has apologized for what happened to me and you, so there's no problem. Now that I've been apologized to as Duke, I'll take it eventually. I don't need to repeat my apology once. And it's only natural that you, the squire, were angry. Mel's virgin is being robbed by these horsebones. So let's get a little more political for her with Mel."

"Ahhh... sorry..."

To the bitterness from Kate, the night is shamefully only a little depressed. Well, the situation was the same at the time. Naturally, it was acceptable that more than Mel's virginity had been lost, and that she had no choice but to know who Kate was and what Mel's judgment was.

"Well... shall we get down to business? So, Grandpa. What happened to Heinrich?

"Um. Well, in conclusion, I distinguished where it came from. Blanchett's little tweezers are moving. I moved the army's Secret Service. Apparently, the slaves are clandestine immigrants from the bandit country. That's what the protected slaves said. The bandits kidnapped me. It's even more westerly."

"I see. Over there..."

Kate is unwittingly convinced of the country out of Lord Heisenberg. There is no stopping you from going in more secretly than being one of your neighbors and continuing.

"Shit... I can attack and destroy you over there..."

You're definitely gonna find out.

Duke Jake of Heisenberg chuckles and cuts and throws away into the abominable words of Kate. Until now, Kate had concealed her identity, and Lord Heisenberg, Jake, had secretly helped her with it. I had no choice.

"Well, we'll think about that later. So, what about the supporters?

"Mm-hmm. That way, I captured everything. I'm not in interrogation right now... so, my lord Lacia. As for Heinrich's electorate idea, how was it?

"Then it's hard to navigate… maybe the educators are white. That can't be the failure there. I'm actually in the process of capturing him and asking him, but I don't know anything. The Marquis Silveria is also greatly surprised and has been honest with the writ. He's white too."

Shea shakes her head in response to the words of Lord Heisenberg, Jake. All the investigators saw that they would scrutinize it properly for once, but probably the two of them would be white for sure.

Incidentally, Heinrich is now under house arrest and under interrogation for circumstances, but with that, a writ of conciliation had also been taken from the Marquis, his wife's home, and from those responsible for Heinrich's education.

"Then I wonder if that's what happened to me..."

"What do you think... I can't tell where it is, it's troublesome. As you know, Heinrich is weak in blood. You don't know how weak you are, but I don't think you care about it there. It's not surprising that the place has become distorted and connected to the electorate's ideas..."

Shea tells the speculation to the words of Lord Heisenberg, Jake. Naturally, emperors and nobles need some mystery.

It is the power of blood that only the Entesian royal family has in this world that complements it in the Empire of Entesia, but that is the thin Heinrich. It was not surprising to follow the electorate ideology of nobility and royalty. This was the factor that made the investigation difficult to navigate.

"Well, and... if this is the enemy, it's a pain in the ass"

"Hmmm... well, I can hear something from the nobles I captured..."

"Lord Heisenberg. From that route, may I ask you a favor?


The three of us on this occasion are close to one another's relationship, unanimous in the protection of the Empire. Therefore, I do not hesitate to request cooperation and accept it. Thus, for the time being, they were the three people who had waited for the reports of each interrogator and decided, but then, Lord Heisenberg's expression appeared somewhere obstinate.

"Don't be stubborn."

"Hmm... to show you your face too"

"What do you mean?

"It's Tina, Tina. I'm familiar with it."

"He said he also baked his care during the Demon King..."

When Kate talks to Shea, who didn't understand, Jake, Lord Heisenberg, continues in a slightly obstinate manner. but what doesn't come, doesn't come.

"You're on guard, give it up."

"Mmm... can I show you my face?"

"Well, that's a testament to how well you handled it. Don't worry."

"That's the other way..."

I'm not sure if I'm being obstinate or depressed. I hang words close to comforting Kate against Jake, Lord Heisenberg.

Thus, Jake, Lord Heisenberg, who received such comfort, with a face that seemed only a little lonely, rose. To him Tina is close to his daughter. So he was a little depressed.

"Ha... well, Non turns his hand so that there is no need to hang from another country in this case. I left the inside to you."

"Oops. Well, I'll take care of the outside investigation"


In the words of Kate, Jake, Lord Heisenberg, leaves the room behind. As such, Shea also had instructions left in connection with Heinrich, so she left, and one of the remaining kites gave Tsubaki an audience while she had dinner.