The day after Kate decided to support Mel. Apparently, an unscheduled visitor showed up under Kite. Apparently, that's because I just heard from a maid who works at a hotel.

By the way, because it's a holiday, Shea and I were also making her take a holiday - a request from Kate that we give her an occasional break in the name of Kate's favor - so she's not here.

"Yes, your husband is on holiday today. Tomorrow we will meet again with some nobles…"

"And you mean?

Kite asks the maid who brought the story to confirm her plans with Tsubaki. And the maid nodded again. Naturally, but they also knew what Kate was up to.

"Yes, we both know that. But the other party also figured it out, so I was wondering if it would be okay..."

"Ha... Sure, it's okay in that sense..."

Kite smiles, just a little bit. Sure, my plans are vacant. That said, this means giving a holiday in a way, and the Imperial side has no plans so that no one will come.

And naturally, it is conveyed as an implicit understanding to the nobles who understand that they are guests of the emperor, which is why none of the nobles asked to see the kites where they had no plans today.

To infer it is either such a rush or one who can silence the other nobles even if it breaks its implicit understanding.

"Excuse me, who came to visit?

"Yes, this is the sixth princess, Vale."

"? Her Royal Highness?

Sure, it would be possible to shut up the coarseness by breaking those implicit understandings, but it's not like there's anything complaining about it, and a princess named Vale isn't on the face of the meantime in the first place, and she doesn't have any knowledge with Kite.

Neck such a visitor, but the maid went on. And the person was a convincing opponent to both Kate and pass the imposition.

"Yes, Ixa, a researcher from Imperial University of Demon Guidance, is here with you."

"Oh, I see. Really? I know her on a certain edge. We'll get you ready to head to the reception room immediately."

When Kite hears Ixa's name, she decides that she has no reason to say no. Thus, he told the maid about the matter, and Kate further asked the maid to tell Tina.

"Oh, yeah. I'm sorry, if Lord Ixa came to visit, I would ask you to tell Justina in the next room the same thing. This visit will also have something to do with her."


Dropping off the maid who walked away, Kate asks Tsubaki to get ready. The Empress was with her, so Kate thought I'd put on some uniforms for once.

As such, Kate decides to change into a formal dress, check her familiarity, and ask Tsubaki to contact the cherry blossoms to let them know that the Empress has arrived. I don't think so, but they're not likely to be called either.


"No...... yes, this is fine. So, your husband."

"Oh, I'm coming"

That's how Kite walked to the reception room on the ground floor once.

ground floor of the hall given to the Adventure Department. One of them has a luxurious room. It is a reception room where the guests of the emperors and the royal family were duly received.

Now in that room sat a girl in white with pointy purple and silver hair with ears on pure white skin and a woman in white with one silver hair on brown skin.

"It's quite interesting"

"Sounds like it."

The woman in white smiles unexpectedly when she sees the girl in white looking around quite intriguingly. So I saw her satisfied once and for all, a woman in white said.

"The people I want you to meet are the two people who will come after this."


At the request of the woman in white, the girl in white snorted. That's how the girl in white closes her eyes. And as I waited for the visitors as they were, I immediately opened my eyes this time.

"What's up?

"This is... amazing"

A girl comes to a full surprise on her face and tells the woman in white. Needless to say, the girl's name was Vale, and what she was doing was using the power of blood to scrutinize the situation around her. So the woman in white was Ixa.

"Ghosts, beasts, vampires... everything. Mixed blood is the majority... this is... what?

A girl who meditates her eyes again and focuses her consciousness, but realizes the power to approach them step by step. It was a force she had never felt before.


And Ixa frowned upon Vale, who answered, saying, I do not know any more. Until now, when Ixa has done these kinds of favors to Vale, Vale has solved almost all of them without any problems. It was inconceivable to make her say that she did not know.

"Something... Someone who's not sure? approaches. We stopped in front of the room."

"Stopped in front of the room?

To that word, Ixa reveals only a little bit of vigilance. Thus, at the same time, the door was knocked. Ixa responded to it and the door opened.


I beg your pardon.

What came in with Ixa's permission was a kite in a courtesy dress and a tsubaki that finished conveying to the cherry blossoms. Upon entering the room, the two of them shall give a courtesy and introduce themselves.

"I'm Kate McDawell, Director of Adventure. Nice to meet you, Her Royal Highness the 6th Princess of Vale. Long time no see, Mr. Ixa."

"Nice to meet you, the legendary brave Lord Kite. This is Vale, 6th Crown Princess of the Empire of Entesia. I'm not yet an adult, but please forgive me for naming you by your childhood name."

Vale stands up and introduces herself, recommending a seat to Kite. Kite also sat down accordingly and took over from the maid Tsubaki was serving.

By the way, Vale said the adult was still here, but she was supposed to have an adult this year. Therefore, it was not a problem to tell Kite, the Duke, his real name just a little bit earlier, but he avoided it because of the fact that it was a public reception hotel.

"First of all, it's been a long time. Lord Kite."

"I apologize for the loss. I never thought Her Royal Highness would be happy for herself, so it took me a little while to prepare."

"No, this is an unexpected visit, I am truly sorry"

Naturally, though, this isn't an official place, it's not a private place. So the three said two more words and three words of social dictionary, and got to the point.

"So what did you do this time?

"No, I just came close, so say hello. Before, even if I could see you, I was a disgraceful person through a demon."

Ixa, with an acting grin, answered Kite's question. Kate laughed bitterly at Ixa's behavior, which she would not be used to as a researcher, and when she saw it, Ixa gave up acting early.

"Again, are you no match for a real job"

"Is this your job? My main position is inherently that of Commander of the Prostitute Army. I mean, I'm a combat personnel. So you can put the tone back into normal use."

Kite laughs bitterly and corrects against Ixa, who shrugs her shoulders.

"Ha, disrespect. I thought if I were to meet the Duke at first, I'd have to try one of my belly art."

"It was also my duty to detect the arrival of guests in the past."

Kite nodded one, to Ixa, who admitted to the blatant abdominal arts. Having received it, Ixa asks Kite with an invincible grin with her legs together. She looked like a beautiful teacher somewhere. Well, I actually whip as an educator, so I'm a factual beauty teacher.

"Well, do you know the power to pass it on to the Emperor Entesia?

You can't even say, "I don't know."

Kate had to laugh bitterly at Ixa, who had spoken to her in a way that the teacher would ask the students in class. And so, against such a kite, Ixa smiled bitterly, and told.

"I was supposed to say hello and try to find out who you are."

"Sorry, Doctor"

Vale apologizes to Ixa, who flaunted her shoulder. Vale said, Doctor, so Kite tilted her neck. Ixa, who noticed such a kite, nodded one and started explaining.

"Oh, speaking of which, you didn't say. Vale is my goddaughter. I'm still old enough to belong to the Imperial Capital school, but, well, you're helping me with my research. I belong to my Semi in college on an exceptional basis. Even so, I am still enrolled in the high school of the Imperial Capital School of Magic Instruction. My semis at the university are asked to travel a few times a week in the form of cooperation."

"Oh, that's what happened"

Kate nodded convincingly when she heard Ixa explain. In Enefia, where talent speaks of things, few people, regardless of their age, have the ability to specialize in a single field to be invited to laboratories and semis. I guess the Empress Vale was one of them.

"Not at all, I didn't expect you to ask Her Royal Highness to cooperate... no doubt a rumor, freak."

"Heh heh, as a scholar, I can't believe I can use it but I can arch my hands under it."

When I heard what Ixa said, Kite seemed interesting somewhere, and then she smiled with a bitter mix of laughter, and Ixa was too used to being told that.

Everyone can't do it because of fear, such as asking the Crown Princess to cooperate many times a week. She's still a freak, I guess, not to give any consideration to that.

Well, I like the attitude of other students after all this time, so Vale was nostalgic to Ixa and cooperated in the research. and there the door of the reception room is knocked again.

"Yes, go ahead"

Kate raises her voice when she sees both of them and gets permission. That said, the door never opened. Because Tina came into the room with a metastasis.

"First of all, let's apologize for the inconsiderate entry. We can't let students and teachers see us like this."

Apologize for the disrespect Tina in the dress came in without a word when she entered the room. She was a grown-up, but she couldn't walk down the hall normally.

Thus, she introduced herself, and gradually the three noticed strangely. From the moment Vale saw Tina, she completely stopped moving. And his face was bright blue, as if he had seen an impossible thing.

"You... don't..."

So, a while later. However, a short word spoken to squeeze it out while turning bright blue represented her great surprise.

"... excuse me. Apparently, I was insulting you."

Seeing Vale's face like that, Kite tells in a serious voice. There was no ever gentle grin on its face, and it was a serious object. The only reason for her surprise was to be seen. And against such a kite, Vale comes to a surprise. I thought you couldn't possibly know.

"Please wait! Does Your Excellency know!

"... everything."

Vale, naturally, had also been told by Ixa to identify Tina. Well, I'm sure I'm a witch, so I was just trying to find out how much. But because of that, I realized something that I shouldn't have noticed.

"What do you still realize?"


Tina admits her amazement at such a vale. To her like that, Vale deepens her consternation. That's how Kite opened her mouth before Tina tried to explain it.

"Stop. Exactly. You can't tell me this information here."

Think of Kate's words, think of Tina, and be convinced. Sure, it was impossible.

"Mm... sure that's true too"

"Your Royal Highness, about that, I would ask you to take another time"

"... is that an affirmation?

Upon Kite's offer, Vale inquires with a serious eye. In fact, between Vale and Tina there has been a decisive one, which Kate deliberately caused to occur. But neither, there was a difference in the secrets that had to be hidden on this occasion.

Therefore, Kate secretly relieves herself when she sees what she is convinced of, in a separate sense. And Kate decided to continue the conversation, intentionally causing it to arise.

"... Yes. So, if you'll excuse me, please keep this matter only in Her Royal Highness's chest."

"But Master Justina..."

"It's tough."

Kite, who perceived the words Vale tried to pronounce louder and more quickly than anyone else in the form of his mouth, controlled it until he used magic. As a countermeasure to those who could use reading minds, they sealed the movement of their mouths and silenced them using even the power of Sylphi. No matter how Tina is, she cannot break the power of the Great Spirit. Almost, I can tell you had a strong flawless defense.

Not so long ago, Kate was wary of this leak of information. Tina was just a little surprised by the oddly harsh means, but Kate ignored it.

"... excuse me. Empress Vale, but you must understand what that information means."

Kite tells Vale that she can't move her mouth, under pressure that won't let her say yes or no. And Vale also realized that there was something in the sign, and in the words that made him not say whether or not, and nodded.

"To speak on this occasion now, that information is too great… In a few days, we will have a mock match with His Majesty Emperor Leonhardt. Come alone to this place in Imperial Castle that day. We too... No, it's better if we're alone... I'll be on our way. So let me tell you everything I can."

Against the nodded Vale, Kate hands a single note to Vale to solve the surgical ceremony that was hanging on her. Because it was about Tina, Ixa thought it was normal for Tina to go, but Tina didn't say anything.

Actually, if Tina were to explain who she was mistaken about, there was a better reason for Kate to do it. This, moreover, had led to the result of facilitating the two misunderstandings.

"... the second library room at the Imperial Castle? Top floor, is it?

"Yes, because it's not popular there anyway. Then, Lord Ixa, I'm sorry, but I will bury everything in the dark in this case. This is not as an adventure kite, but as a duke. You have no objection."

"... oh, I don't mind. It's not like I wanted to publish it, either."

I could see a lot of worries, but since Kite was releasing pressure not to tell me whether or not she was there, Ixa had no choice but to respond to them. That was how the talks ended in unexpected ways.