A few days after Kate and Tina received a visit by Imperial Fellow Ixa, Empress Vale. Kate was set to play martial arts matches with Emperor Leonhardt, as she had planned for the meeting.

However, one unscheduled match will take place before the match. It's a match between Moment and War Maiden Warriors (Valkyria) 2nd Regiment Leader Flor.

"Senior. I know, but the opponent is overwhelmingly generous. You should think that the winner is almost nil enough to say how many seniors have gained new power. So you know what you need to do?

"Oh, I know"

The moment I wore a glove and created a spear in the stash to make sure things were going well once, I nodded at Kite's advice. Though he himself nearly succumbed to Kate's intimidation, his opponent, Flor, did not even feel barometric pressure. Even then, the power difference is obvious. I knew that for a moment.

"At all, Justina makes me do strange things."

"Think they're blindfolded. No, I rarely get a chance like this before. Hit me with more and more intentions to borrow your chest."


I tried to say something in a flash to Kite, who spoke like some other HR, but I stopped. Kite has other personnel in the first place, and what Kite said is true. I was the one who made the final decision to take it in the first place.

"Seniors don't have much experience fighting the superior. Find out how to survive. In this case, it's Sola who reminds me. He's one of the best in school for survival."

At the moment of preparation, Kite sends advice. Sola is the best shield user in Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. Therefore, he was better at watching enemy movements to target the counter than anyone else.

But on the contrary, the moment was not enough there. He is a one-sided fighter. Contrary to Sola, the way he fought was how to bring it to his own pace.

"Oh, okay...... good"

In Kite's words, moments nod and as a final confirmation, make sure that the ring is securely fitted with protective equipment and a demonic stone for mock warfare. Apparently there was no problem and I got up in the mood.

"Well, at best, I'm going to test my strength now."

That was what the moment said, slapping lightly, and going down to the training ground built for the royal family.

"... is there a chance of a win?

A corner of a circular training ground as if it were a Colosseum. Lil asked Kite in a viewing seat made to stay out of the emperor's training.

The training grounds were all made of magic metal, a mechanism that the emperor, said to be the strongest in the empire, could withstand to train.

"None. The difference in strength between the two now is more open than heaven and earth. Senior attacks will be nullified by barriers, and if you can even hit them in the first place, it's your word."

"Again, is that right..."

It's what I knew, but for Lil, moments are still the best disciples. It seemed a little unfortunate to be asserted to lose. To Lil, who was so slightly depressed, Kite inquired with a slightly pranky grin.

"... did you two talk after that?

At that moment, Lil grasped with signs that the surrounding ear eyes - especially Yuri, who had deliberately miniaturized and sat on Kite's shoulder - had gathered on herself, dyeing her cheeks bright red at once wanting to instantly boil water. And he stares resentfully at the Lord with a pranky grin somewhere, shaking his head small and sideways.

"... no"

My father's brass was relieved by the words he said when he turned bright red, but the women around him snorted a little. Well, whatever you say, your opponent is instant. This also seemed plausible.

"Right. Ma, you just know each other better than me. Nothing. We don't order a political marriage, so do it freely. Do it, even if I say."

"Kite. It's a little nasty, so stop there"

"... Yes, thank you"

Yuri blocks Kate's mouth and Lil laughs a little bitterly. but still, lil thanked kite just a little happily for the answer she heard.

She is also a maiden, not to mention a well-known spear man. The desire to marry the person of one's own will is no different than that of a normal girl. Had permission been forthwith given by the Lord, there would have been no more public hesitation.

Originally, if you are a descendant of a great hero and a Viscount Lady, there can be a great deal of political marriage. But in the Duke McDawell family and the ministerial corps that accompanied it, it was also a rather peculiar territory in the Empire, an aristocratic society, where free love was basically allowed, because the lord, Kate, took on most of those things.

Well, before that, the Empire of Entesia did not have a thriving political marriage, but the least thriving of these was the Kates McDawell family.

"I don't care if you say so. Don't make a kid now."

"Oh, no, you know, the..."

You imagined the sight, and Lil dyes her cheeks bright red again. Yuri sneers at Kite for saying that. This is it the moment you take your hand off your mouth. There was no reason to be frightened.

"Kaito, you smell like an old man... or it's sexual harassment, it"

"Ah? It's important, fine. You know that, don't you? What's the story about school?"

"Uh, you know..."

Yuri, who remembers the incident at the time, grasps what Kate wants to say. Yuri I feel a long time ago, but in fact it hasn't even been six months since the time the report went up with my body feeling time on Earth. Therefore, indeed, this was surprisingly important.

"If the Engel coefficient goes up now, it's a hassle..."

"Neither do you, and the real problem of losing the power of a battle named Lil..."

Though the prospect of self-sufficiency has begun to develop slightly, the Adventure Department, and hence the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School, is quite a situation in terms of financial, intellectual, etc. If the Engel coefficient were to increase in this situation, it would be a considerable burden.

Furthermore, Lil is one of the best fighters in the Duke's army. On his own initiative, he had considerable difficulty in taking maternity leave in the present circumstances. Well, as for Lil, it would be hard to judge good or bad because this is also something that tells her how competent she is.

"Why don't you let me take the blame for the worst moment?

"Uh, seriously, it's time for me to buy all my quality weapons..."

That's how the top two Dukes start working out several plans. We left them behind. So, while we were talking about it, two moments and Flor came down to the training ground.

"Well, strength is... high rank B or something. If you broke the prince of the muscular fool, it's a good place to be in the bottom of the B, or... No, it was compatible in that case, so it's possible that the wall of Rank C is critical..."

Relative to the moment, Flor rings his neck instead of prep exercise. Her gear is wrapped around a two-handed sword slightly larger than Heinrich's, a demonic crystal (Orihalcon) breast plate, and a magic yarn top and bottom with red lineage tinting underneath it.

Further underneath the breast plate and clothes were enchanted silver (misthrill) clasps, which did not impair the ease of movement while increasing the defense. This was one of the basic outfits of a lightweight warrior, and there was nothing suspicious about it.

"Well... I think he's human from what I've seen..."

for a little while before the battle begins. Moments observe Flor as he breathes. Flor's appearance did not have any prominent heterogeneous features such as beast ears, tails, dragon eyes, etc., and appeared to be much the same as our own.

In fact, she is mixed but close to humans, and in that sense it can be said that there is little difference between the moment and the foundation. When it comes to differences, it has a slightly longer life expectancy or different speed of aging.

The only pair of instant gear is a light armor made of the skin of a regular ground dragon with a demonic stone glove to create a spear. Exactly because you can't still buy clothes from the Adventure Department budget that are made of a lot of precious magic yarn and enchanted silver (Mithrill) cladding, the inner garment is an improvement on the normal mass production product in the Adventure Department. equipment that focuses more on dodging than on defense.

"Zero chance of winning. If..."

That's what the moment says, close your eyes and calm your mind. Repeat deep breathing several degrees and prepare yourself to use the newly acquired force.

Yes, nothing is ready to use < > without any previous motion. Naturally, we need to be prepared.

Thus, as he opened his eyes, the voice of Emperor Leonhardt echoed from the loudspeaker type magic guide provided for the training ground.

'Okay, here we go!

To signal the word, the moment becomes thunder, and the spear in his hand becomes a spear. In that way, he protrudes the spear forward and at the speed of thunder, rushing through the distance from Flor at once.


It's a thunderous moment in a row, but his speed is not any problematic speed for Flor. Even if it's comparable to the speed of truth thunder, it's just the speed she can handle.

"Look, that's pretty fast"

An instant assault that turned into lightning, but Flor deflected it from spear orbit with a two-handed sword without difficulty. But since this development was known in advance for a moment, he will not be surprised to move on to the next course of action. There was no need to be surprised if they knew what they were doing.

"Ha! Shit!

The moment you stand in front of Flor, you don't get lost in any way, sticking out the spear continuously. Though his thunderous thrust already exceeds the speed of sound, his attack, which eliminates any waste of power, penetrates the wind and does not even produce a breeze. But with it, it doesn't reach Flor.

"Ha! This is pretty fast! If you weren't a man, you'd want to scout for the troops!

Having seen the skill of an instant, Flor smiled on his face and prevented the instant attack with a two-handed sword without moving a single step. Even though instant is more advantageous with weapon takeovers, I can't outpace a larger two-handed sword. That was how the sound of a sword trident sounding between them exceeded the double-digit, and the attack between them continued.

"Hey! Seniors, can I have that!

Only the attack, Sho opened his eyes and asked Kite in surprise at the instant action of ignoring any defense. Now it looks good because Flor isn't attacking because he sees how things are going, but if he shows up in the attack all at once, it seemed like the loss would be confirmed.

"No, that's the right one"

What an emperor Leonhardt the man who answered this Sho question. The words of this emperor Leonhardt, but no one disputed them, except the Solas, who had raised similar questions.

"Huh? Oh, ha... Really?

Sho, who did not expect an answer from Emperor Leonhardt, asked as rudely as possible in reply to his dumb reply. Besides, when Emperor Leonhardt nodded and admitted, he returned the opposite inquiry against Xiang.

"Let's ask one question. You prevent Flor from attacking... No, can you do that?

"… I can't,"

To the words of the grinning emperor Leonhardt, Sho returned his gaze to the battle between the moment and Flor, and saw the spare grin floating in her face.

Even though Sho himself didn't know if he could do it from that close range with an instant attack of supersonic speed, he didn't think he could do it with a two-handed sword that could handle Flor's attack sparingly. And that was an extremely natural answer, even from Emperor Leonhardt's point of view.

"So, I guess. Okay, let's ask each other over and over. Do you guys think defense makes sense in that?

When he realized, not only Sho but Sola and the others were listening, so the emperor Leonhardt now asks everyone. That's how the Shangs look at each other, but as the Emperor Leonhardt hoped, they answered the wrong answer.

"If you abandon all attacks and turn to defense, can you manage to withstand them?

"That doesn't make sense," he said. In the first place, the opponent is generous. The opponent is crushed from the top of his defense. What are we going to do with a strong, enduring battle to consume stamina on an opponent like that?

Sho answered on behalf of all of us, but I think only a little after hearing the words of Emperor Leonhardt. But there was no answer. Local power and technology are all better than each other. I couldn't think of my next hand. Thus, to the troubled Sho, the emperor Leonhardt tells him.

"It's easy. Whatever you do, defeat is confirmed by one blow. Then concentrate on the offense only as much as you can from the start and go pick up the win in case. I'm not even an assassin, but I can't kill you in the first place. Defeat when you go into defense... 5 minutes, please."

"I'm six and a half minutes, heel"

At the end of his commentary, Emperor Leonhardt adds his own predictions. Those on the imperial side who heard it were the same as the approximate expectations, so there were no objections. But it was Kite who disputed this.


Seeing the face of the Emperor Leonhardt, who took his eyes off the game for the first time here, but smiled, the Emperor Leonhardt also smiled and turned his gaze back to the match, which turned half of the Emperor Leonhardt's predictions.


As the emperor Leonhardt reads, the moment sticks out the spear every breath with all his might. A blow far beyond the speed of sound has already reached his possible full speed, only how far the magic will remain after that.

"... it's like this."

Flor, who was responding to a series of attacks with a spare smile, but realizes that the moment has gradually reached its end point. Flor is not going to hang out with a protracted battle - or even win a protracted battle - so he decides to either move on here or prevent an instant attack while blowing every second of the spear and decide to win or lose as it is.

Thus, seeing the blow that he wanted came, Flor waved a two-handed sword to intercept the spear, with more force than ever to go with it.


I'm surprised Flor got it that way. The moment the spear collided with the two-handed sword, the spear disappeared. Didn't think she'd run out of spears, she stomps uncontrollably from surprise. For the first time in this battle, it was the moment she moved.

The moment I see it, this one also smiles for the first time in this battle. It was just like Flor, a fierce grin. But when he is not satisfied with it and creates the spear again, he resumes a series of strikes.


Flor spins his wits to grasp the current phenomenon as he deals with a series of attacks that are rolled out again. Flor suddenly had to be vigilant against the instant attack that disappeared, so he had a slight but delayed reaction to each blow. That's how I got the answer within a few rewards, but I just smile a little at that answer.

Shit, that's a hassle.

She tongued abominably, but it's a grin on her face. For the first time in this fight, she had a fun grin. That's how she figured out what to do, but the answer came right up.

"Ma, ho bi"

She says with a pleasant grin in the wake of an instant attack. Plus, I'm alert for a moment, but I won't loosen my hand on the attack. That's how he fired a blow tracing the same orbit as earlier, the moment he saw Flor move into interception again. Make the weapon disappear again at the moment of the collision.


But this time, Flor will never step on it. I knew that for a moment, so I wasn't surprised. In that way, I feel Flor's right hand hit my chest in an attempt to move on to the attack again. She kept her right hand off the sword.

"Whoa, whoa!"

"I'll do it! Not yet, fight it!

I guess there is pain. Flor unwittingly glances and grins at the moment he tries to take the blow of his right hand with his anguished expression as he shouts a fierce roar.

The moment was wrapping the flame around his own manifested spear back into his own body, wrapped in lightning flames, and using the power of the two protections to force him to stay on the spot. Moreover, at some point he created two spears in both hands, piercing them to the ground, exposing his determination to remain immortal.

Even though defeat is no longer decided, it was a great deal of will, no, a loss. Flor accidentally falls in love with his face at such a moment. That's how she instantly sent the biggest compliment.

"Nice, that face that I don't want to lose. Such a good man...... you can be stronger from now on. So I dare you. Look up there! Ha, ha!

Some fun Flor instantly tells and puts in the mood for tearing. And as the voice echoed into the training ground, the light overflowed from her right hand, the two spears of the instant scattered, finally pushed down and the instant body blew away.

So he blew over 100 meters at once, rolled over the ground many times, crashed against the wall, and passed out. The time is approximately 6 1/2 minutes and a little. It was almost exactly what Kate expected.