The next day, Kate took home a request from Titos and the others. For the first time in a long time, Kate had taken to the departure site of the airship to drop off Titos and Elio. I thought it would be a bad idea not to drop off an acquaintance - and a client - even though the boulder has some time.

By the way, Titos and I were waiting for Elio, who went to the private waiting room to get information about the airship to the Valtard Empire.

"Thank you for taking the time."

"Fine. I just had a job over here."

Kate was now returning to her adult state. Even today, I packed it in the lab, but I came to drop it off because I had time for the two of us to leave.

"I got in touch with my brother last night, but I think the airship can get a good reply"

"Well, that helps. Let's just say this will also help us select and improve our personnel."


Both of us can't get in touch until we get there for the time being if we miss now, so we'll have our last meeting to keep in mind. After a while, Elio came into the private room.

"We're leaving early," he said.

Entering the room for just a little while, he told Titos to go straight in.

"I hear the world tree offshore is starting to get rough again. Before it gets any rougher, and seems to leave just a little early."

When he takes his own bag, Elio notices Kite and explains the situation. I guess it would be good on the road if it wasn't for Titos, because Kite wouldn't know if it wasn't for this place. Well, it's subtle if I need to explain it to Kite who doesn't ride it.

Naturally, I wouldn't say it's perfectly safe even on a airship journey. If it's not unarmed, but it's still not a military airship, then armament is limited.

Fast-paced ships were also likely to escape, but slow-footed airships were more likely to be caught up by flying demons. Then, as with the carriage, it was the turn of the adventurers to board.

That said, the lack of replenishment is still dangerous, so we will try to avoid the danger zone and fly. But there are no perfectly safe routes, and the routes can get rough from time to time. So the slower the leg, the cheaper the airship, the more often the departure time was around.

"To what extent have you speeded up?

"An hour."

"... ok. I look forward to seeing you again, Mr. Kate."

Having heard Elio's words, Titos checks the time with a clock provided for the room. Then, apparently, it was pretty close to the scheduled time. The two hurried to start getting ready to leave.

"Oh, let's look forward to this one. Well, I don't think it's a problem if you avoid flying, but if anything happens, use your powers as a contractor. Heading to the rescue. Exactly a secret, because it's a diplomatic matter of letting the royalty die... and worst of all, get help from the Divine Beasts of the Divine Realm in my name. There's no such thing as a demon who can beat them."

"Hehe, thank you. Okay, in this."

To Kate's words, Titos bows his head. Thus, the parting greeting was brief, and the two hurried to pack their bags and leave the room.

"The world tree... a dangerous and safe place..."

I dropped the two of them off in a hurry, and Kate also left a short whine behind the waiting room.

Then, about an hour. Kate was in one of the central laboratory conference rooms in the Imperial Capital. Well, it's a meeting room, so naturally, it's to attend a meeting.

"I see... is it subspace fixing technology"

"Uhm. But for that matter, it's inferior to mass productivity."

"Sure... all this is just a matter of no choice"

Tina and Rouse's arguing voice echoed in one of several conference rooms at the Military Institute near the Imperial Capital. As a researcher of the McDawell family currently invited to the Institute, Tina interacted with the Imperial Institute.

As a matter of course, in addition to Tina and Rouse, there were a large number of researchers at the top and assistant levels in each laboratory. The researchers were asked how interested Tina was in the idea of developing a large magic conductor armor - a magic conductor - for the new machine axis. Well, it's true, because it's the skill of the best genius in the world, Justina Mistoltin, naturally.

Incidentally, there is a department in the Central Institute that also partners with the University of Magic Guidance, but she is not here because Ixa is not a laboratory with a laboratory. I am very sorry to hear of this debate later on, but I shall leave that aside.

"The current method with excellent mass productivity and the new method with excellent burden on passengers and safety in the event of shooting down. It's troubling."

"Even with the metaphorical mass production line in place, this is still the way to go. Mass production is really going to be difficult. So far, using the facility in the Duke's basement would be impossible. Nevertheless, the equipment used by the Demon Emperor's Palace 300 years ago. Mass production is impossible."

Tina nods and agrees with the researcher's suggestion. As for the deterioration of mass productivity, Tina also thought of it as a problem. As things stand, she can only make cockpit blocks that are the core of the Magic Conductor. When you say magician, you can't produce mass without the same amount of power.

Well, in her case, it's not a big problem because she's better at high-performance custom machines for personal use than mass production machines, but if you still think about it as an army, you can't have a deterioration in mass productivity. It was troubling.

"But in this case, shouldn't we focus more on the effect of reducing tremors than on safety? Can't we drop this method to the practical level even with the current method and stretch it around the current method?

"Hmmm... it's hard. The cockpit block fixes the entire perimeter to the subspace, thus disabling tremors from the entire perimeter. If G is skewed on either side, the burden will increase in that direction. What's more, on the contrary, if only part of it is a subspace, then, for that matter, the technique will be complicated and the stability will be reduced."

Tina only thinks a little and shows difficulty in the man's question, which she says is the head of the second lab. Naturally, but she didn't think about that possibility either.

It's obvious, but it's easier to wrap it up without exception. It was difficult to cut a part of it and disassociate it, except there, for having to bite the hassle. There was a reason why she wouldn't hire.

"... so is that..."

and researchers talking about that, but there was a chat about swallowing in the corner where each test pilot was gathered.

"Kym, is that it?


Raul, one of the test pilots belonging to the third lab, who was spared time, spoke to Kite. The spoken kite looked sloppy, but pointed only at Raul's face.

The test pilots were also asked to give their opinions based on user perceptions, assumptions, etc., and were also asked to attend the meeting. but if it's a professional story to this point, they don't have a turn. Of course, they are military personnel who use them, not technicians who develop them.

"Oh, yeah"

"Hey, you look sleepy..."

"I've been busy lately. It's a device powered exercise for a real soldier..."

Raul, who looked bitterly smiled, put his face closer to Kite, who was full of tears. Apparently, he called out to the extent of his leisure time because of his near-looking age.

"Haha, our job is to get busy with mass production nearer... so I'd like to ask you one thing... is it true that the Duke of McDawell has a lot of beauties? I was there a long time ago. You've never been in Higashimachi. Besides, I've never been out of Maxwell."

Understanding the cause of Kate's tired appearance, Raul turns bitter laughter into a grin that contains some sympathy. As such, while he was sympathetic, he decided to squash his spare time because he was free.

"... you see?

"Oh, I'd love to"


Not only was Raul not expecting me to ride against Kite, who got up and niggered with a murmur, but the other youngsters - about mid 20, the same age as Kite - the men's test pilots smiled and expressed interest. They take a peek at the magic guide that preserves the photograph that Kite took out, focusing on Kite.


Quietly the admiration of the test pilots is summoned. It is the various races, the many beauties that are reflected in this way. It is also a photograph of a person wearing a remarkable costume or many others.

Depending on the race, they wore swimsuit outfits and outfits that were more remarkable than underwear, so they were just pictures such as Eye Bliss. In the end, it's all men. Naturally, when the photograph became unusual, it also stretched under the nose.

"This is the inside of the elf... this is the dark elf... oh, this is the mayor of Emelia and her sister's naval admiral"

"Wow. Fine... I'd be happy to put my life on the line."

What Raul looked at with envy was a picture of two of Portland Emelia's mayors, Elisia and Eline.

When Kate went to Portland Emeria with a little edge, she was allowed to take a two-shot photo of the two people who happened to be swimsuits. As such, other test pilots complain about footage that never goes ahead because of Raul.

"Hey, go next time. Some famous Sacubus pictures or something?

"Hmm... this or something?

A smiling kite photographed the girls taken at a certain tavern. However, in the photographs are some of the most remarkable costume sacubas.


In the pictures shown, the men's test pilots stretch out beneath their noses sloppily. Besides, a handful of female test pilots were frightened.

Interactions similar to those of students are taking place, but in the end, wherever you go, it won't be the same for men and women.

"Wow, if you look at this, it's not bad to work locally."

"Damn, Maxwell is the best quality woman on the continent."

"How many did you do it with?

The test pilots are obvious, but they are rarely tested away from the Imperial Capital Institute. The majority of the weapons tested are the uniforms used by the next generation and the kind of showdown weapons that have to be developed in secrecy. There's no way I can get out.

Therefore, there are few encounters with beauties of such a race as are only in these duke territories or certain areas. The Duke of McDawell, in particular, had a heterogeneous race count of the continent and everyone was intrigued.

"... you want to hear it?

No, everyone handed their own contact details to Kate, who had a winner's grin all the time.

"Next time, introduce me to this girl."

That's how Raul pointed to one of the hostesses in the tavern earlier.

"That's good. - I'll show you when I get to the field."

"Oh, over here."

"No, it's this way"

For a while afterwards. Mouthfully, it shows the women in the photograph who were in their own taste. Well, basically, this meeting is a strong combination of Tina and other researchers. There is no way that the test pilots can pinch their mouths, so there is an odd interaction between the test pilots.

"Whoa. Is this Kuzha and Aura?

It's obvious, but it's a photo folder for Kite. Some of them include pictures of Aura and Kuzha. At these times, I thought it would be a discussion story, so I put it in.

"Wow, that's awesome"

Everyone is blinded by the deep valley created by the twin hills of Aura. By the way, Kuzha seems to have been a little younger and was not considered eligible.

"... how many of these do you have?

"... you think there is?

One of the test pilots secretly pointed to Tina's Twin Hills, which is currently in the middle of an argument. Of course, Aura's style and beauty, however simple she wore a white coat, never compromised her beauty. And its double-hill beauty was clearly self-asserting, even under the white coat.

"There, what does your boyfriend think?


Just a little bit to Raul's question, think about it. This was a very difficult question to answer. Anyway, they both know what's inside. That said, you can't even say that. Therefore, I decided to falsify the appropriateness.

"Aiko? You've never seen a proxy before"

"Well, that's right. How many, by the way?

Raul asks Kite again, who finally gives him the answer as if he smiled bitterly. It was about the cup of bra.

"Uh... what the hell, I never put it on, so you know, let's just... I hate bras when they seem to tighten up, they were on... well, there are a lot of witches. Sophie probably didn't leak it either. I make my own clothes on purpose, and I'm fine without a bra, so be it."


In response to Kite, a voice of surprise is summoned. In other words, there is nothing under that white coat. It was very erotic just to imagine. I can't help but stretch under my nose if it's in front of my boyfriend.

By the way, these series of moves outweigh them all as martial arts artists. Tina finds out all about them, but she doesn't know it, but she's Hua.

"No, Raul, what about you and the girl in the meantime?

"Is that Shirane's? He came home the other day with exactly three red leaves."

"Oh, hey."

"Is that it? Did you hear I was five?

"That's what we're talking about the other day, right? I'm talking about three days ago."

"No, no, there's two things in between. Clara, Maggie saw me with you. If we get this momentum right now, Girl, that sounds thoughtful."

"Ha ha!"

Apparently, Raul is willing to be feminine, similar to Kate. Friends, maybe. That's how the Rawls start to heat up easily on such topics, but no matter what you think, it was far-fetched. An exact number of chalks were thrown.


First, chalk hits against Raul, who was at the heart of the story the most. Further, he flew in multiple times at the same time, striking straight between his eyebrows.

"Gu! Gu! Gu!

"Mm, did you still take it off"

Tina seemed a little unfortunate, unwrapping the throwing form. Only one of them had two groans, because Kate reflexively dodged it, hitting the jaw of a test pilot man who was later there.

The jaw is because after the hit, he leaned back and hit a further straight chalk. The test pilot who hit him fell back as he did.

"I'm sorry about your loss, but should we focus on the meeting?"

To the voice of the chief of Laboratory I, a test pilot who was making a foolish scene, the bat seemed to quiet badly.