Shortly after the meeting between Tina and the researchers. As a test pilot affiliated with Laboratory 8, Kite was attending a meeting where the test pilots gathered.

Incidentally, Laboratories 6 through 10 are laboratories that are temporarily lent to researchers from the customers invited by the Central Laboratory, and that laboratory does not actually exist on a constant basis.

"I'm Ensign Kym Amatsu. As the 8th Laboratory Test Pilot as of today, I have assumed my duties."

Kate greets the Imperial Army with a salute. Almost no different from Earth's salute, but the difference was that it was shaped like putting a gripping right hand on the heart part.

Well, it was elegant somewhere because it wasn't a viscid, stylish pose, and a few officers served concurrently with the nobility. This is why military prayer can be used even in the social world for a moment.

By the way, Kite's rank was on par with Al, Tine. Lil and Lucius are lieutenants if we try to be imperial soldiers as well.

This is meaningless in special forces because it is only a necessary level when moving as an imperial soldier, but it is imperative when moving in conjunction with the armies of other countries. Without a unified rank, there will be confusion in the chain of command in the unlikely event that a coalition is established. It was a system that had been in place since the establishment of the Intercontinental Alliance.

By the way, the top Ellord is a lieutenant colonel, and the assistant Brass hits the major. Both of them may also command other units in parallel, so that's all they needed. The way I put it is earthly, because I borrowed Kate's wisdom again to think about class.

"Mm-hmm. Ensign Kym's term of office is about three weeks. In the meantime, I know there are times when the test machines can cross each other, but teach them how to behave."

Kayad, the captain of the test unit who introduced Kite, tells the test pilots. It is common for guests to stay in the central laboratory for short periods of time, so no one was surprised and no questions were asked.

By the way, as a rule, the way I called you as a soldier was by name, not last name. This is theoretical, but it comes from the interest of seeing the army as a family. Other theories include the remnants of the rebel era at the time of the founding of the country. The correct answer is the latter.


All respond with salute to the words of Kayad. They were just kidding each other earlier, just in front of their superiors, and if it were their own meeting, they could take control as military personnel at once. As such, various further circulars followed, and finally Kayad told him.

"Lieutenant Raul, Ensign Heinz, as punishment in an earlier meeting, orders Ensign Kym's guidance within this area, albeit on foot. Like Ensign Kym would do on foot too. Ensign Pease and Brigadier Royce need to talk to you about the matter. Punishment is handed down then. Okay, dissolve!


It's obvious, but there's no way I can blame you for talking. So the face I was talking to earlier with Kate was equally punished.

In one case, the guidance on foot did not seem to be punishable, but there was actually karaki in this. In fact, this central laboratory, Kako's weapons development area, is huge without tons of demonstrations.

The central laboratory itself is far larger than one city. Originally, we collected an area outside the Imperial Capital with a radius of about 15 kilometers and set up various experimental facilities, so naturally.

It is not necessary to develop consumer electronics, etc., but it is still necessary to develop military weapons, especially airships and large magic guided armor. Both the airship and the large demonic armor have large figures. Besides, we're developing combat weapons, so we also need an area inside the area for combat training that can create a variety of situations. I had no choice but to be on this scale.

Therefore, this area, the military compartment, was about 10 kilometers in radius. When I walked through this, I struggled. It could have been enough punishment.

"Huh... you don't have to salute me because I'm a lieutenant because I'm on foot..."

It feels light and Raul waves patterned. That's how the three of them started walking. The next facility will take about 30 minutes on foot, so if you don't talk, you'll be free.

Well, if you strengthen your legs with magic and run, you can get there in about 3 minutes, but that doesn't guide you to boulders. I decided to walk slowly accordingly.

"What? No, but..."

To Raul's words, Kate tilts her neck. Exactly. I could handle it as I didn't know earlier, but that would also be a problem after they told me I was a superior officer. So Kate became a tribute, but Heinz, who saw it, clapped his shoulders.

"Fine, fine. Come on, come on."

I don't really understand why, but for some reason Heinz allowed me to show Raul. Besides, Raul also started explaining it lightly.

"Oh, my home is a pretty good place. So, I told them not to go to the front line and they forced me to flourish. I'm a second lieutenant, too. But even though it's nominal, you can't keep the rank, so you couldn't help but lift it up to the lieutenant and keep it away from the most dangerous places."

"What? Really?

"That's why you said you were stiff. My name is Raul Grace. The Grace family knew... you saw... that sort of thing."

Raul, who saw Kate's face, sighed when he sensed that Kate knew her parents' house. It was quite a famous house. Not in a bad way either, but in a good way.

By the way, the Grace family at Raul's home is not aristocratic. Although not, it was the family of a large merchant working mainly in the Imperial Capital. It's also natural for Kate to know, he's one of Henri's patrons, and that's pretty powerful, too. At least, the aristocrats who could ignore that intention in the Empire were powerful enough with their fingers on both hands.

Being a merchant of that size, I had already met with Kate, the Adventure Manager, naturally. Indeed, if he were the son of that house, it would not have accumulated in the upper ranks of the army if he had been killed in battle. It didn't take that long for the likelihood of being accused of losing control to cross my mind.

Not a very good story, but military OBs and OGs are hired by them as mercenaries to fold guards and marches. I can't ignore their pressure either. Given OB and other things, it was not very gratifying to be killed in battle.

"He kept his mouth shut, but he accidentally sent it to a photo parent who took it with a girl on the move. Then who do you think that girl was?

Against Raul like that, Heinz, who feels like he can't help but have fun anymore, asked Kite as he shouldered Raul. but naturally kite doesn't know. So Heinz went on ahead.

"This is it, I was in a big city, and I was the mayor's daughter there! So, when you tried to send me a photo of the night together as a souvenir, you accidentally accidentally blew it on my parents! So, a letter to my parents arrived at me, dude! Write it at the top of the envelope and put it in the wrong letter!

Heinz talks with a big laugh.

"Ugh, shut up"

Exactly this failure seemed embarrassing and Raul was dyeing his face to Zhu. By the way, after this failure, Raul apparently started putting the finished letter in the envelope one at a time, instead of putting it in the envelope at the top.

"So my parents naturally knew the mayor there. So if you're lying, you've already found out that your parents were called back after questioning the immediate military superiors."

"My introduction."

Raul, slightly infidel and corrupt, tells Heinz to wave his arms off.

"So, well, now I'm doing a shitty test pilot here. Well, I hope it's because I was originally hoping to be a passenger in a large demonic armor."

That said, Raul tells me he's somewhere unhappy. Again, I guess I didn't like the sudden cross spear. I wanted to stand here on my own merit, I could see.

"Huh... I see. So, don't hesitate, okay?

"That sort of thing."

Raul nodded when he saw that Kate had returned to her earlier tone. He is an unlikely officer. With that in mind, Raul hated it.

"So you two know each other from that base?

"Uh, we've been dating since training school in the Imperial City. We're 25 now, so it's been about six years... and Raul is a military student at your school of magic instruction, and he went to the Imperial Capital, where he joined the dorm room. After that, I was assigned to the same place, but I was originally planning to participate in the development of a small magic guide armor for this lab, and then this guy who found out came to this lab. Well, then again, I was integrated into this department, and the same unit again. Oh, by the way, it's Ricarna Base."

"One of the most intense war zones in the Empire..."

Kate revaluates the name of the base Heinz told us about, just a little bit. The Ricarna Base is the base responsible for the area where even the Empire is home to quite a few powerful demons, and they will not be assigned unless they are quite capable of combat.

If he was assigned there as a recruit, I wonder how skilled he was. As such, the three of them cross several establishments in conversation.

This is my third lab garage.

That's what Raul says, pointing to a building about 50 meters high x 20 meters across x 100 meters deep. That was the same building as the 8th lab garage used by Kate.

By the way, depending on the size, each garage has the capacity to accommodate about 10 large Magic Armor aircraft. Well, it's the lab, so it's rare that it's stuck in the max.

"So, that's my fifth garage"

What Heinz points to is the same looking building that you see about 500 meters from here. Several other buildings of the same size were constructed at considerable intervals around them, all with the garage.

"This is the Weapons Research Building. Mostly for infantry. Well, you know, big weapons for each big magic armor are developed in each R&B lab-owned development area."

"This is a development facility for military food such as Rations. Walking nearby sometimes pulls me to a fucking preserved food tasting, so never get close."

Heinz and Raul continue their narrative as they walk through a number of Heinz says this, but the Imperial Ration has a reputation for being quite tasty compared to other countries. The loud emperor at times (Will) eagerly developed it. Kate was on the side too, so I know her better than anyone.

That said, it is still research and development, so there is no choice but to have a missed hit. Heinz accidentally walked outside during the hassle, but the resentment is still unforgettable. Thus, it took about four hours for the three of them to cross the facility in every corner of the base.

"Uh, foot stick..."

"No, not at all"

Raul and Heinz both sighed as they exercised flexibly. The three of them returned to an area where they were originally located, such as the conference room. With this building at the center of the lab, the three of them circled around like donut rings and came back for the last time.

The last time Kite was shown back was in a different meeting room from the one earlier. If you report to the captain at the end, the punishment of the three is over. So suddenly crackers greeted Kite, who was rushed by the two of them to open the door.

"Well, welcome, Ensign Kym"

Inside the meeting room were dishes prepared, small but party-ready. Later, I heard that when someone arrives this way, it's their way of showing off at the banquet.

"I see... thank you. Captain."

I guess the reason I was letting you walk was to make sure you didn't understand this preparation. Having grasped it, Kite was reluctant to sit down as the main guest of the party.

And a few hours later. The face of the test unit was half stunned and half drunk. And there's another one now. Dogon, made a noise and fell asleep drunk.

"... wow."

"Oh, exactly. Oh, yeah."

Raul and Heinz muttered almost with a bare read when they saw several challengers sinking into the table.

"O... no more than 5 people... a total of 50 cups..."

A woman from a test pilot belonging to a second lab is flashed as she counts the glasses swallowed by a certain person. In a small rock glass, it should be alcoholic beverages that are not less frequent. It was on the rock, compared to drinking.

"Well, when's next?

Mouth the amber liquid poured by hand full of more on its own with a nihil grin as the winner joins his legs. There was still room on that face, the most room among the ones who were supposed to be drinking.

That's him, but not some nostalgic grin he was showing at an earlier meeting, but precisely because of the extra man's grin, he was turning his hand around her hips at the behest of a beauty pilot belonging to the 1st lab who was halfway attracted to that gap.

"This was definitely still in the warehouse, wasn't it?

"Oh, hey, I'm coming. Or" Dragon Killer. "

As was explained before the start, in fact, this welcoming party seems to be designed to drunk and crush the main guest. So the senior test pilot, who is in that role at all times, competed at the beginning, but the results were as you can see.

He recorded the maximum number of challengers among the 35 cups - and, by the way, this record is the highest in his record - but he still could afford it. The result was this man who somehow behaved as a champion even though he was a challenger.

"Yikes! Sassaru! Kym, I've had enough!

A woman from the first lab test pilot pours liquor on Kite. Kite, who received it, drank it all at once. If it was poured, it was until I drank it. That said, enough to make me more anxious to watch, was. So I was just curious about Raul and asked Kite, who pulls his cheeks together and blushes them a little.

"Hey, are you okay?

"Ah? What?

On the face of the questioned kite, there was nothing but total leeway. Of course, Kite is so drunk that she can compare herself to Kolong (Elder Dragon), where all the Dragons are drunk.

Incidentally, this degree was also affordable for Kate, as she wouldn't get drunk if she actually drank one head of whale instead of a metaphor in the case of their original appearance. It is an eternal mystery to know where the alcohol swallowed will go. It is rare for us to remember how much we drank, so when we noticed it, we had finished drinking it.

"Captain, can you win this?

"... I don't know."

Kayad answered Heinz's query with a rather convulsive face. He now has memories of the war zone he once fought in. Not so long ago, I had felt something close to fear as Kate drank.

"He's next."

Then a little while later, a male test pilot from Laboratory 5 who went to look for it in the warehouse brought a few of the most frequently named liquors owned by the lab, The Dragon Killer. From here on out, level up. Besides, Kite twisted the end of her mouth delightfully.

"Three digits... then..."

"Ngu... ho, 101"

Kite finally breaks through 100 major stations elsewhere looking at the pull around her. Besides, even Captain Kayad, who finally became a challenger, was engulfed in battle.

"Knock, knock, knock!

Captain Kayad, inspired by Kite, also drank clear colored liquid at once, putting Goton, and Rock Glass on his desk with momentum.

"Yikes! The captain is just as good!

The only woman in the 1st lab test pilot not wrapped up in a war is one with her hands around her waist by kite. Though she was in pretty good shape with alcohol and had just been unable to make a normal decision already. and that's where the door to the room is knocked.

"Oh, here you are."

"Hmm? Oh, Sophie. Where are you?"

It was Tina who put her face out the door. She was apparently looking for kite.


Totally intoxicated female pilot gets stuck with kite to attract Tina, but Tina doesn't respond at all. To this extent, it was a matter of time.

"We're close to filing today's report. Is that good?

"Ah!... I forgot. Okay, I'm sorry, I'll be back. Well, thank you all for your seats. See you, Tomo."

"Uh, some more."

"Haha, he just said if I drank any more, the scared lady would be mad at me. Bye, Captain. This battle is over."

Kite, with a nostalgic grin, drank up the last liquor she was in. It was not his hobby to leave it as it was. To such a kite, Kayad has no choice but to draw his cheeks.

"Oh, whoa..."

With permission from Captain Kayad, Kite got up normally and left normally.

"... this is a legend."

Raul sees the tragedy and tells him. There are a total of 8 challengers who challenged Kite. At the time of the famous liquor "Dragon Killer", the pace of shedding accelerated at once. Heinz, who stepped on that it was time to win, was also sinking.

So the legend of the man who destroyed the test unit, which will be told for a long time, was born... or not?