Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 404: The Prototypes - Flight Training -

Two days after Kite finished testing the prototyped weapon. Once again, Kate was taking Aigis aboard the Magic Machine.

"And so I say."

Kite finishes talking about how she really feels about using it. We boarded the Magic Conductor and rolled it out to the experimental site, but today the three Al's were together again. All of them were to be tested for the Magic Machine.

"Well, it's a prototype, so performance isn't magic efficient or anything. So don't worry about running out of gas."

Kite tells Al and the others that he can see some firmness in the second use of the Magic Conductor. This is normal, but mass production machines perform better in prototypes where various limitations are provided for testing on the assumption of mass production and in mass production machines where those data can be adjusted downwards to perform functions.

That said, since what Al and the others are using today is a prototype of a mass production machine, the magic efficiency is much higher than the prototype of the prototype that Kate is testing, exactly what should be called an experimental machine, but still, the prototype doesn't make a difference. It was really still less magical efficient now than the mass production machines they were given. That was a consolation.

'Yes, but is this going to make it even more efficient?

Lil asks Tina, who's on the phone, not Kite. Taking that, Tina nodded.

'Mm-hmm. Efficiency is still in the testing stage. It doesn't sum up the problems we've been able to do here, rework them, and combine them with completion. The actual rollout is even at the end of the year on the earliest of your planes...... No, I guess next year or so. Still, the first generation, I guess. There are many parts that actually start to appear to be used. The rest is not always adjusted, but the troop mechanics are not going to fix it. Every time, I'll make a prototype. At that time, you will ask the Lord to help you adjust every now and then, but please. "

"Yeah. It's what we use."

Al nodded in Tina's words without a nibble. They are the three strongest of the special forces. Assigning strong uniforms to those three is strategically appropriate. And because they understand it, the three of them go along with the adjustment, as they do today.

"So, Captain Sophie Tier Technologies. What kind of adjustment did you make today?

"Hmm. I'm checking the plane today. Because the systems installed on each of them are slightly different. Four planes at the same time today, so...

Tina responds to Lucius' inquiry. For once, Tina is the total head of the development of the Magic Conductor, which means that, in status, the people involved - but also the remaining members are One-Leaf and Two Leafs alike - making it their best position. By the way, needless to say, the original girlfriend is unruly. As such, Tina went on.

"Fly for 5 minutes and have the lag repeated often. I'll have them do it in order, but I don't think it's okay to fly four people at the same time. Ten minutes everyone is taking a break, go in here and scrutinize the data '

Copy that. So who do you want to come in from?

Lucius asks together. but, well, I've been asking, it's been decided who's the best.

"I'll go, Lieutenant. I was originally quite skilled as a tester. If anything goes wrong with you, you can deal with it. Besides, if you fly to the beginning, you can see it and learn it, right?

'Right, Ensign. Helpful. Okay, I asked for it.'

Naturally, Kite can recover herself no matter what, and she has Aigis aides in the first place. On the spec sheet, without exterior, the fuselage specs are the lowest together, but the fruit, the highest specs you can get out, is kite. Even if the three of them are defective, they can afford to go into rescue.

"Hmm, Kym? Good, then I asked for it '

"Oh well, I'm coming... rear unit ignition... leg flyer ignition..."

'Try it at 50% of the limit performance. Just like before, don't be impotent... and only 50% on the spec sheet, huh? Don't be ridiculous, okay?

"Ah, haha. Know what I mean... Master, no problem with the flying unit! You can go anytime!

At the end of the day, Aigis lights up just a little bit in Tina's shooting voice. When we tested the flying unit before, the two of us stormed out and broke through the atmosphere, a phrase that far exceeded the spec sheet. Thus, at the end of all the checks, a magic conductor emerged.

"Good! Okay, let's go!


The Magic Conductor, driven by Kate and Aigis, jumps up to about 100 meters in less than 10 seconds. Looking from there over the entire territory of the Institute, studies of various types of demonic guidance armor were still being carried out today and everywhere. So, as I was flying through the sky, I had, uh, eyes with a large group of demon-guided armor.

"Hey, Ensign. Are you fluffing through the sky today?

"Oh, Raul. Mana."

It was communications from Raul that came into the comms. They seemed to be in the middle of a test, assuming that they would move the actual machine in action, and they were acting as a group and performing simulated maneuvers like sewing between obstacles.

"Nice. This is tomorrow."

"Ha, that's pretty good, flying is. Well, I'll see you tomorrow, though. Now that we're done with the actual aircraft, they're testing the plane for the time being."

"Oh, then the sky is going to be busy tomorrow"

"Lieutenant! Don't talk to me. Please continue the exam!

With such chatter, the dissatisfied Louse voice interrupts the communication there. For once, Raul and Kite are doing their exams right. I just wasn't focused.

'Oops, bad bad bad. See you later. "


"Master, what's that?

I just cut the communication, and Aigis, who's been pulling in, asks. Because she was hidden from her presence, she knew not about Raul.

"Oh, it's Lieutenant Raul Grace. Grace, do you know the Chamber of Commerce?

"Jesus...... Oh, I got the query. You're the second son there."

"Don't hack yourself..."

Apparently, Aigis had taken the liberty of entering the lab's system to extract Raul's information from his name and voiceprint, as he asked Kite. Kite sighed because it was Kite who would be pissed off if this were found out. Well, there's Aigis, who's flashing everyone out of existence. Well, nobody will.

"Master, it's time"

And, because that's how we were chatting, five minutes passed immediately. So I decided to hold off for a while, and I can afford it, both kite and eigis, but given the general user, it is suspicious any more, so kite slowly landed on the ground.

'Hmm, next time. Ensign Alphonse. "


Apparently, the order was confirmed while Kite was away. Al enters the flying position. As such, a large flying unit on the rear of Al's fuselage and a large thruster fire mounted throughout his legs lights up.

These are heavy-duty flying units made with reference to additional boosters, etc. of kite's fuselage. It boasts a large output, but so the magic consumption is not the ratio of the other two aircraft either. Therefore, Al, with the highest magic holdings, was chosen. It's not like I can't use it without him, but still, just in case, it would be reasonable.

'I'm coming!

Al's onboard Magic Conductor begins to fly as Al hangs. The velocity was not the ratio of Kite's fuselage, but went far away to our mingling. Thus, in roughly seven seconds, he rose to a height of about 100 metres. The output percentage set is now equivalent.

Finish the exam. Lieutenant Lil 'next.

'Yes, I'm going!

Al's exam will be completed in exactly 10 minutes. The next thing to fly is apparently Lil. When she takes a flying stance, she rises all at once. That speed is only a little slower than Al's heavy-duty type, and it would be about 8 seconds up to an altitude of 100 meters.

It's highly manoeuvrable but slower than Al's, but I guess this is natural. If it's a straight distance, Al's demon conductor is still faster because of the output problem. Lil's demon conductor is not sold at speed, it's maneuverability. I'm not loading the plane with guns, so it's not surprising that the maximum speed isn't high. And this one's exactly 10 minutes. Her magic conductor lands gracefully, too.

"Hmm, then Lieutenant Lucius. One last favor. '

Copy that.

Finally, a fire lights the plane of Lucius' fuselage. His fuselage also jumps up. And as before, when I rose to 100 meters, I did various tests there and landed.

Speed up to 100 meters is approximately 9 seconds. This is a little faster than Kite's fuselage. Since the dominant fuselage is the fuselage of the vegan kite, it will mean that it has improved its performance only slightly due to its mass production type.

"Hmm, the exam is over. Get into a temporary break '


When Kite says so, he disconnects the communication system. Thus, while carrying out some checks, he asked Aigis.

"Lucius has an airframe that reinforces his enemies even more to a version that doesn't have any exterior parts?

In response to Kite's inquiry, Aigis reflected the spec sheet of the Ales' magic conductor on the monitor. Naturally, Kite is the head of the Duke's house. I was authorized to view all information on the Magic Conductor.

"Jesus. Purge a chest ejection that eats energy and place for nothing, using the Master's fuselage as a vegetable. Instead, we have also added units for enemies to the chest area, further enhancing the enemies capabilities of the head unit. However, the thoracic ejection unit was not entirely rejected, adding the same function to Mr. Alphonse's heavy-duty exterior part. Remove the right arm pile bunker from the exterior part of the same man and add the blade unit instead. The left arm armed shield remains intact, but Omit changes to more than one species from now on. We've adopted a one-strike focused five-piece grenade launcher in a controlled fashion. Other uniforms have been changed at the base as soon as they are developed. Well, there's no one but the master and I who can manipulate in detail during battle."

"Right...... so, what about Lil's fuselage?

"Jesus. Add low-fuel flying units for high manoeuvre to Mr. Lille's fuselage. It is adjusted so that the movement can be changed in detail. As an armed weapon, we've almost committed weapons other than hand and upholstery."

"That's an amazing change. Is the defense okay?

Apparently, significant changes have been made from Kite's riding prototype to Lil's fuselage. Lil's aircraft is likely to be able to make the most light movements in the same aircraft, but at the same time it is thin in armor to the point of appearance. Therefore, Kite also cared. Aigis answered such a kite's query.

"No. The armor is pretty thin. Unlike the other two aircraft, however, we have significantly reviewed the system for deploying the Magic Wall."

"Did you look back? How did you do that?

"This is mainly a direction where you stop getting shocks like flushing and diverting from the easing direction of accepting and mitigating."

It is not an exaggeration to say that both large demonic armor and demonic conductors are heavily armored in the first place. That said, naturally, if you thin your armor and increase your speed, your defense will decrease for that matter. Well, I mean, what does that mean? That was a good word from Kate.

"What if it doesn't happen?"

"Jesus. That's the best way to put it. Just because it's close doesn't mean we need to meet with heavy armor."

"So, is the lightweight armor curved?"

"Jesus. And it has a strong aerodynamic connotation."

Eigis copies the lightweight shape of Lil's ride on the monitor, and uses arrows to indicate the flow of force. When the arrow hit the barrier covering the armoured surface layer, it flowed off to the side. I do find that the main focus is on both attacking and winding.

"Lightweight models are mainly made for towing, so geared uniforms are velocity-oriented weapons such as lances, daggers, etc. It is also equipped with reinforced double guns. This turns all the surplus output to flying and pistols, making it a pretty high output large pistol. In terms of output alone, some handheld short guns made by mothers have the maximum output. Except for the double guns for the master, though. That said, this must be the highest output for a mass-produced double gun. It's important to know how to ripen with these two guns."

"Got it. So, what about my custom machine?

After explaining the three prototyped mass production machines, Kite asked about her own custom machines.

"This is... well, it's a custom machine or a one-off. The Master's fuselage is mainly only considered for front-line use. So the main focus was to be able to keep up with the master's movements."

What then surfaced on the monitor in front of Kite was a pale custom machine that would be dedicated to Kite. The shape is hardly different from the fuselage that Kite is now riding on. but a lot of changes seemed to have been made.

"This one will be almost all the same with the chest unit and the armed unit as the machine. However, the internal structure is separate and the output rises approximately 150% in the ratio of the machine. On the spec sheet of the machine, so I was wondering if it would probably go far beyond the spec sheet again with a combination of me and the master. It will be made of genuine scarlet gold (Hiirokane), including all the newly developed uniforms, so it will be able to withstand the full power of the master and the output will rise in relative terms... well, I mean, all the spec sheets shown here are useless, so I think it's ok."

Copy that.

While bitterly smiling at Aigis' words, Kate is convinced. For us, the weapon spec sheet is useless, and we'll have to laugh bitterly when they say it. Talking about that, apparently the break is over. Tina contacted me again.

"It's not time. Well, take your next exam. The next test is a curved motion in a flying unit."

"Aye. Okay, I'm coming."

Kite jumps up. The order is the same as earlier. However, it jumps up and stops once and moves curvilinearly from there, so the speed really decreases. It takes about 13 seconds to reach 100 meters with Kite's Magic Conductor.

Al then jumps up and moves with a curve. This is 100m 12s. Time was delayed considerably because Al, who tried to make a curved motion, repeatedly paused because of the unfamiliar movement of the Magic Machine. Still, it turned out faster than Kite's fuselage because the airplane output was higher.

That next Lil's fuselage was the fastest. This is 100m 9s. Because it was a fuselage with an emphasis on maneuverability as a restraint, the time did not change significantly after making curved movements.

The last Lucius fuselage is only a little faster than that of Kate and Al. The time is 100m 11s. This is a mass-producer for Kite's fuselage, so it was reasonable.

"Hmm, then take another break and move on to the next exam"

Testing the curved motion, Tina's satisfied voice echoed in the same ear. As such, he rested again and spent almost a day in exams on this day.