Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 410: Another Swordsman - Kojiro -

To the astonishment uttered by Kite at the training ground on the corner of the Imperial Castle, time stopped, Solas. By the time I got back from there, I had already finished a practice match by Kendo Department face-to-face.

"... Yes? I don't care."

A faceless Sola asked Kite with a bar reading. Well, that would happen if they told me that this very beautiful woman, the pure Japanese-style princess, is that little Jiro.

"So Princess Asahi said it was Dr. Kojiro."

"Huh? But I don't care what you think..."

Mizuki whispered to Kite as she peered at Princess Asahi. Excellent eyebrows, brilliant combination, the likes of which are just the women of the martial arts family, the only thing he has in common with the masculine Sasaki Kojiro, would be his long cut eyes and long, lustrous dark hair. Besides, Kite asks with a laugh.

"Haven't you heard of it? A man named Kojiro Sasaki came to battle on Kirishima over 50 years old. Some theories say it's over 70..."

"Kirishima? Where is it?

Both Kate and Sola were trying to whisper, but apparently Princess Asahi noticed that the game was over. To a name she could not hear, she was leaning her neck.

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's about Boat Island. In the following years, along with the battle between you two, he was named Shiroshima by the name of Shiroshima."

"Ha... not at all. It was often changed to a duel that ended with familiarity. In the first place, the name of Sasaki is also your fault."

"... Huh?

To Princess Asahi's outrageous words, the Solas solidify. Princess Asahi told Kate to blame for something, but what she said was in Enefia and had nothing to do with the Sasaki surname on Earth. So I got a troubled look at Kate in that slightly blameworthy tone of Asahi princess.

"That being said... I have also heard that Kojiro Sasaki, the late... I can't even name Princess Asahi, and I have the Sasaki surname..."

Kate answered with a slightly troubled face. Kate just answered as she heard on Earth, too, with no fallout. No one was to blame.

"Absolutely... Who took the liberty of saying Sasaki etc..."

"At least it's not Non. It's also Iori."

Before the mourning Asahi princess, Musashi says she is not herself by hitting the lead.

"Sa, come on...... I'm sorry. There may be something in the school library..."

"Is it Master Left? Then I'll ask for guidance."


Kite, stared at only a little by Princess Asahi, was small and bowed her head. That's how Kate turned to Sola and the others again.

"... so, Mizuki. Have you heard anything about Kojiro Sasaki?

"Ha..." Kojiro "is real, but speculation has been made that the Sasaki surname comes from later Kabuki, Kojiro Sasaki's role in" Enemy Kojima ", and" Sasaki Toriku ""

"Oh, is that so..."

Kite nodded at Mizuki, who had said the answer she had not examined. and Princess Asahi opened her mouth to Kite, who accepted only.

"You just heard what you heard."

"I understand. Later, together with Princess Asahi, I will untie the book."


Princess Asahi nods contentedly to the words Kate said earlier that she is not comfortable eating the sermon. That "Kojiro" time was troublesome, but this "Asahi Princess" time was also troublesome. Musashi was laughing fun at those two. And it was a broken shrub, but it went on again.

"There are also theories about the Duel of the Isle of Tajima, but the beginning is when the disciples of both sides argue, but with the beginning... So, are you sure?

Mizuki took the form of a peek at the two of them and asking, who could not make any more assertions about the detours than they were. That's how I saw the two of them snort, and I kept going.

"The battle there is handed down in modern times: Musashi Miyamoto will be late, Kojiro Sasaki will throw away the sheath of the dry rod, Musashi Miyamoto will fight with a wooden sword with a shredded lid, Kojiro Sasaki will die instantly with Musashi Miyamoto's wooden sword, etc. In this case, a lot of things like being late are later creations. Do you think it fits, perhaps, using a three-foot blade?"

"Well, I see that fits. But a lot of them are wrong."

Kate throws away what Rui Shu told me by cutting it off with error and bastard. This must be the truth because we asked them. So I opened my mouth just a little funny.

"Well, you're right, Princess Asahi is a woman."

Well, I don't care what you think.

As Sora looks at Princess Asahi, she nods that it's natural. Dressed in elegant kimonos, she only looked like a woman from anywhere, such as her busty chest, long cut eyes, and her straight face.

"Well, this is a good place for your grandmother. That's enough for my parents, Lord Huiyuan, to have a headache.

Musashi Kaka, laughing so hard, so tears up against Asahi Himei. Huiyuan, it was those from Japan who were surprised by the name. Speaking of Huiyuan during the Warring States, it was because there was only one person. Open your eyes and Mizuki asks.

"Huiyuan... Are you General Maori Huiyuan of the West Army?

Musashi nods at the inquiry of Mizuki. From there, Musashi took over the explanation.

"Um, Noon served his father and the Tojo Army Lord Rushui Kuroda in the fold of Sekigahara... This, well, would make him a good princess if she wore a beautiful kimono like this, but as soon as she had a knife, I wonder if Princess Tsuruo, who entered the water, had descended, has just turned into Asura. Well, Lord Huiyuan had a lot of headaches."

She is just Asahi Princess, who turned bright red after her father's name was given to her, but Musashi goes on without worrying about it. Also, Rushui Kuroda is the name after the shaving of Takao Kuroda, a famous military teacher who served the Toyotomi family.

"The famous Maori princess couldn't make it public that she was a mistress, and her little girl also had wisdom. In front of the minister, he waved the famous Maori princess, and when it was over, he falsified his appearance and falsely named himself, and it was a swordsman named Kojiro who could do it. The genre is flush. Everything is a lie to this princess. Not then. Falsification is easy... Well, I can't even give it to my daughter-in-law because she's too much of a grandmother, and she gave me a scathing headache that the martial arts are superb on her own. So, as the golden-haired daughter there says, at some point, we're going to fight against what kind of fringe? That's where Lord Huiyuan found out and hit a play. Lord Huiyuan asked Zhongxing of Kokura nearby if there was no way to pry, and improvised Kojiro, a swordsmanship guide who served as an officer at Zhongxing's place. It is also natural that the surname should not be mentioned, because there is no such thing. So, we played a little game on Boat Island, and Kojiro died there."

"... to the left."

Princess Asahi, who turned bright red to her ears, affirms with a low voice and nods with a low voice. I couldn't deny it because it was all my own history, which was not false. Musashi laughed joyfully at Princess Asahi like that.

"When I was younger, and if I gave up already, I'd better..." So what I could do was Kojiro, the user of Tsubaki. Her original name was Princess Maori, Princess Asahi. Not even her name was erased from history books and lineage maps, Princess. "

"Oh no..."

When it comes to having no choice, there is no choice, but at the same time everyone turns their pity eyes to Princess Asahi for not much work. On the other hand, Princess Asahi, who was directed, was blatant.

"Speaking of the original, my youthfulness. Around Funashima, I also detected the plight of my father and everyone, so I decided to be prepared and act as Maori's princess..."

"It's not like he died of an epidemic."

"Master Left. No, just before he died, to be exact."

Asahi Himeko, who seems a little sorry somewhere, nods at Musashi's words. Besides, kite nodded and then went on.

"So, by the subpoena of the aerial city of Raingardo, what's the edge, Musashi-sensei, decades after Shinojima, was summoned, along with which he was dying, and Princess Asahi, who died, was summoned as a master's timeline. Well, the reason is simple, and something called out for someone who could save the airborne city of Raingardo, which was a bit of a reason and existed in critical condition at the time. Don't ask me what called you. It's in the ancient ruins. It's incredible. It's in Zara. It must be some kind of defense device, a subpoena from another world."

Kate clasps her shoulders and shakes her head. Few of the ancient monuments of prehistoric civilization have yet to be analyzed even by Tina, as < > was the greatest factor in the war to taste.

It's no surprise that one of those super-civilized relics has something to summon from another world, and now Musashi and the others are, by extension, transcending the world. Much more than now, it was going on in the sense of witchcraft. Kites, the Adventure Department's role was to find it and help us get back to Earth.

"? Why was it against? If I could just say I could save you, wouldn't you have been alone?

Mizuki's question was a long-standing one, too, for Kite and Musashi. But since this did not leave the realm of speculation, Kate decides to turn it down.

"I don't know the details. but this is a guess...... perhaps in the unlikely event one of them turns to the side of refusing to defend the city or vice versa, the Raingard side doesn't have enough power to stop it. I called because I didn't. Maybe, as insurance against it,"

I don't know if the site's subpoena technology has a defense function against the site, but if not, it could have been destroyed the other way around. It was only natural from various points of view to keep it in case.

Now it is Raingardo, an aerial city with martial arts artists named as swordsmen, but at that time it was a city only famous for its ancient ruins - even so it was known only in a small part of it.

In other words, it was not good for war. With that in mind, it seemed like a natural decision to invite someone who could be stopped because the high-performance ruins were self-defensive.

"When I transferred to this side, my body was reassembled to full health, and I gained magical power and talent, Princess Xuan and. Well, the princess woke up at the end of the war..."

"Nor does this leave the realm of speculation, but myself, I was dying of a disease. So it took me a while to wake up with its healing and physical recombination," he said.

In response to Musashi's words, Asahi describes a reflection on what would have happened to her body. This is probably true, both Kate and Tina think. If you cure a weakened body because of a disease, it takes time, no matter how good the magic is.

"Well, Noon woke up immediately after being summoned. I've lost my soul to staying young, but I've worked hard to find out what's going on, lion rush, loneliness struggle. I'm used to thinking about witchcraft at first, which is pretty convenient to use. Once you get used to it, the injustice is exactly what this is about. Just because you need to get used to it, you stopped the first battle on this side moderately, but after you defeated a thousand enemies."

Kaka, laughing, the nosy Musashi proudly speaks of his work. Princess Asahi stopped before the bragging went on like that.

"Palace of Palace. I'll talk to you about that later. Now, tell me about the metastasis."

"Oh, I'm sorry...... now, any questions so far?

So it was Mizuki who raised his hand again. From her current story, she got one question and its answer. Therefore, the confirmation was carried out.

"Body recombination, what? Is that why Miyamoto is being rejuvenated?

"Master Left. In addition, our back length is much higher than the body we were born with… a foot - about 30 cm. Likewise, the knife extends far from a three-foot object. The difference in back length is the difference in time. Perhaps the ruins themselves have changed the unfavourable body and score to support us as protectors. The only thing that doesn't change is how you look."

Princess Asahi nods at Mizuki's inquiry and tells her something unusual. That's how Musashi laughs with a bite of booze.

"Though the princess's breasts are quite well served."

"Palace of Palace. or something like that, not really..."

A cheek-dyed Asahi princess complains as she hides her busty breasts pushing up her kimono. Besides, Musashi smiles sketchy, but ignores it and Kate continues.

"Princess Asahi is further cured of a body that was ill"

"Master Left. I don't even know the name of the disease, but there's no burden on me right now."

Luckily for me this escaped Musashi's sexual harassment and Asahi princess nodded. but her eyes were still slightly red.

"Isn't there anything else?

To Asahi Princess's inquiry, no one seems to have had anything, and Sola raises her hand because she looks around and it's a corner. This was a rare response from Kate.

"... Kite, why salute?

"... Well, Musashi Sensei was snuggled up, so Princess Asahi was well... yeah. I don't know, it's a haunting atmosphere, so I have to salute it... and I don't feel like I should."

"Well, I don't know,"

I think I figured out what Kite said. Princess Asahi is now exactly the princess of the martial family. She was such a beautiful woman that she felt like she had to stand up and dance correctly all the way around.

I also felt that Kate would correct her standing and dancing. With them young, they are all seated in front of Princess Asahi. More than that, I had a pattern as a mentor, and if you're an older kite, it didn't seem surprising that you were using respectful language. That's how I ended this story with such a distracting question.