"Well, I wonder what we have today."

A few days after the training by Princess Asahi began. Today and today, the Adventure Department, led by Princess Asahi, is training in action.

"Hmmm...... no this way. Oh, this was three days ago."

The Imperial Capital, like Maxwell, has a large number of people living without a ton of demos. For this reason, even requests involving demonic crusades were often immediately republished, and even if adventure department faces went on crusade as a norm of the day, they were often immediately republished. As such, Princess Asahi was looking at the bulletin board where she lived while holding a bunch of requisitions again, but a voice can be heard from behind.

"Ah, Master Sasaki!


Since it was not the voice of the students I knew, Princess Asahi looks back and sees the male staff of the Imperial Capital Union branch rushing over.

"What's up? What can I do for you?

"Excuse me! I need a quick favor..."

"Calm down first."

"Oh, yes...... sorry, thank you"

Union officials rushing over in a great panic opened their mouths after breathing briefly.

"Um... this way."

That being said, a single parchment was given by Union officials. Apparently it was written in a hurry, and the letters were pretty messy.

"... crusade request?

"Yeah, yes. There's an inn town about 20 kilometers from here, and it was delivered in the form of an emergency report."

"Heh... this guy?

Interestingly somewhere, Princess Asahi confirms the contents of the request. It was quite powerful demonic information.

"Rank S Named"

"Yeah, yes. They suddenly showed up and devastated one caravan. The caravan was also accompanied by an adventurer in the name of Rank A, devastated..."

"I see. How did you figure that out?

I can understand why if you ask. If Rank A adventurers lose, they can only be classified as Rank S. Anyway, there is only a Rank S above Rank A.

Besides, the solo crusade of Rank A demons will be a force when it comes to the name of Rank A. When it comes to losing, there will be none but Rank S. but now I wonder why the information was delivered when it was devastated. In the case of Rank S, there can also be total annihilation.

"From the survivors, this is better."

Union officials who determine that they have been interested will show Princess Asahi the video materials sent to the branch. There were demons with swords almost no different from those of men. The size is almost the same as that of a normal human being, and he looks like a traveler dressed in a candlestick.

"You're a ghost... you're a pain in the ass. Well, it's better because you're not a demon or anything."

Princess Asahi shrugs when she wraps around a dark, disastrous twinge and sees her eyes glowing suspiciously. Sometimes adventurers with little insight are attacked cheaply because the troublesome part of this demon almost looks like a worn out traveler at first sight in a critical situation.

Besides, the other one is apparently a struggling demon. Sometimes I didn't have to speak up to them to find them and be able to carry out raids. If you observe closely, there are many things that differ from human beings in detail, so you can hide and spend time, but at first glance you can't see that in the long run, but above all, it was a problem.

"Yes... apparently it has been confirmed by the relevant branch for quite some time, but this time, since we have also left the armed adventurer, we are to be formally arranged..."

"Hmmm... what's your first name?

The name represents the body, but it is remarkable, especially if it is a demon. Princess Asahi is familiar with it, but asked a Union official. And that was with Union officials.

"< >. Well, sometimes it's a name, but please consider it to that extent. This is the northeast street of the Imperial Capital."

Princess Asahi, who has grasped the situation, but only takes a little consideration there.

"You can go though... but there's a pull... but it's annoying if you don't knock him out... and Kite would tell you to knock him out..."

To the bumpy and troubled Asahi princess, where suggestions rise from the moonflower.

"Um... Dear Kojiro. Isn't it a workout to show your strength once? We also know that watching the strong fight is a good exercise."

"... right. So today we're all going to see my fight. I'll test how far I could see it."

Pushed back by Moonflower's words, Princess Asahi decides to use the tour as a workout today. Until now, we have not been able to gain experience in action with the aim of increasing our basic abilities, but sometimes we thought it would be enough training to show the battles between high-ranking users.

Well, since the subject is Princess Asahi, the thing that works best is Moonflower, which was quite useful because Moonflower is the power of Kate. Besides, it doesn't make any sense. I was going to fight for it, as you can see.


Students in the athletic department who at some point feel close to the surrounding of Princess Asahi seem half happy and half sorry to answer. It seems half happy to see the famous battle of Kojiro Sasaki, half unfortunate that today's workouts are closed.

"Well, then, shucks!

He was taken by the cheerful Asahi princess who switched plans for today to the streets that caused him.

"Around here. There was a raid..."

One hour after they both left the Union branch of the Imperial Capital. Princess Asahi stood on the street of a story about being attacked by a single person.

"Hey! Don't get out of there. Yo!

Princess Asahi shouts out and sends instructions to Adventure students gathered a little further away. They were now assembling inside the stretched junction of the three Cous sent as a rapid reinforcement by Tina, who knew the circumstances.

At a distance of about a few hundred meters, combined with enhanced vision by witchcraft, the battle of Princess Asahi was a sufficiently visible distance.

"Copy that!

The moment returned aloud to Princess Asahi's shout. A certain moment of training habit was most missed by Princess Asahi, who had become the compiler of the Adventure Department due to the fact that there was no kite in the Asahi Princess pull training and that Sola was not a athletic personality.

"Sa... go away..."

Princess Asahi concentrates her consciousness and explores the signs around her. A high-ranking warrior is a natural sign reading, but performance is no longer the same when it comes to the Asahi princess class. Even the movement of the pebble could be searched for by concentrating on the nearby field, and it could be detected at leisure up to a few kilometers away if it were to stretch far.

"... there he is. Is this it?

Signs read by Princess Asahi, but, well, Princess Asahi could have immediately detected it. Well, they're high-ranking demons, too. Its presence is overwhelming if not hidden. It was easy to perceive.

"... Ha"

For a moment, Princess Asahi flies a sign against the subject. Now he decided that if he were to escape, he would not be named enough. but apparently it was a hit. I could see the signs approaching step by step.


Princess Asahi rings her neck and performs a light preparatory exercise. Impossible behavior for a noble princess, but now she is not the daughter of a martial family, "Princess Asahi," but the swordsman, "Kojiro". If it stays "Princess Asahi," she turns bright red, but she doesn't care about "Kojiro".

"... Coming"

Princess Asahi understands the signs approaching from behind. Thus, in the position where Princess Asahi has been so far, Buo, and Hao Feng pass by. The sword trident that was wielded was at the mercy of strength, and it was nothing that possessed moves or anything.

"Kojiro, a swordsman from Nihomoto, I'm coming!

Princess Asahi, who had attacked the ghost just one step earlier, had already turned to the ghost when the ghost's sword was swung down. To be precise, she took a step and half-rotated that foot as an axial foot.


Princess Asahi, who only stepped forward of the ghost man's attack, single-handedly unleashes the drying rod on her back in the same position, releasing a pluck from the large upper section. Princess Asahi's sword trident had no sound, and when she noticed it was swung down to the ground.

But this can be avoided by ghosts in the backstep. Well, Princess Asahi doesn't mean it, so it's no surprise it's avoided.


Princess Asahi holds the dry rod she pulled out with one hand with both hands, and now waves a sword trident in the hanging. Ghosts go with it, they come with swords. Both do not use moves (skills), but only sword triumphs. However, this alone was clear in the difference between the two degrees of proficiency.


"Yeah, it's still amazing... no, it's too amazing"

"No, it's not amazing! I can't even do a dagger like that!

Three of the group admire it: Moonflower and Calendar, Hensel, the only one who understood it. Tsukahara, like Princess Asahi, is a swordsman who uses a knife. It is also a swordsman with super arms, chosen as an escort for the ancient dragon.

And the calendar is certainly a swordsman far inferior to Moonflower, but thanks to the presence of a professor of how to fight Kate, he is one of the leading swordsmen in this. So she noticed, too.

It should be noted that Hensel is strong enough for Kate to admit it. Speaking of dodgy child maids, my strength as a warrior is top notch. Once it was a battle, you couldn't possibly understand it. But the swordsman Kojiro was only a swordsman with exclamation for even those three.

"I understand it's awesome... how awesome is that?

I can understand how awesome it is to be next to a moonflower. I could, but I didn't even understand how awesome it was. Incidentally, the grunt of a great calendar was flushed by students around her who did not grasp her strength, so no one has noticed that she is aware of it.

"Look... take Kojiro's sword trident"

"Hmm............ Become"

Moonflower tells me to compare the two swordspears, and I notice them instantly and breathe.

"What's up?

Though he is a swordsman himself who uses ancient martial arts, the late, the director of the Kendo Department, who watched the battle of Asahi Himeshi with the most rash, asks, realizing the instant surprise. He hadn't even noticed.

"Director Fujido. Take a good look at the shaken marks, not the two gladiators."

The calendar tells Fujido, the director of the Kendo department, as he sees the battle between the two. I'm a little surprised by the pointer out of the calendar, Fujido, but I look over the whole battle, not the sword muscle I've been watching to try it out. Then I saw the difference immediately.


Fujido, who noticed and no longer had nothing but admiration, leaked close to intoxication. One of the members inquired into those words.

"How is it different?

"Fool...... look closely"

"... where are you?

"You, what do you think of the ghost man's spear trail?

To Fujido's words, the questioning member sees the ghost waving his sword, plus the marks of the slaughter he was born with. The traces were obvious, with the auspicious wind created every time a sword held by a ghost man was wielded with a blow, and deep scars engraved on the ground.

That was clearly nothing more than a slaughter trail produced by the owners of the overwhelming power, and from their point of view, that alone was an object of sufficient envy.

"... that's amazing. Such a slaughter is the best blow for me."

"So how about Kojiro Sasaki's sword trident?

"Huh?... ah"

He tells me that everyone observes Princess Asahi's sword trident. In that way, surprises are shared with all the students at once.

"That's amazing... I can't believe there isn't any..."

Whimpering with the look of Hensel's intoxication. Yes, there isn't. The sword trident she waves does not create any waste, not even the slaughter that should have swung heavily produces any wind, and the slaughter that should have swung down to the ground does not leave any scars on the ground. All of the force was put on slaughter, and when the sword trident stopped, so did the force.

In other words, the force was perfectly controlled. Exactly the sword dance of running water, sword moves that flowed by perfection did not create any stagnation. It was only if so that all the gladiators were connected as curves.

"Ha... what, that..."

Someone leaks a dry laugh when they realize the incredible phenomenon that was happening even more. The ground is raised by the spear of the ghost man, and the weed that was rooted on it dances through the universe.

The weed flies a thousand times by a sword trident wielded by a ghost man, but not a single thing is mutilated by a sword trident wielded by Princess Asahi. Even if it falls on the blade of a knife, it moves together as if it were stuck on a knife.

I am not saying that the dry rod held by Princess Asahi is dull. Her knife is of the best material and is sharpened by an orange infarct and stroke, still in training but a leading blacksmith. Naturally, it was the sharpest weapon this group had.

"A leading swordsman slashes only what he wants to slay, for real..."

Another student also only had a dry laugh when she saw a phenomenon that she assumed would only happen about comics. The sword trident of a ghost wielded by power has no effect whatsoever on the sword trident wielded by Princess Asahi. Everyone no longer grasped it. That ghosts don't have any chance of winning.

Thus, Princess Asahi, who noticed what they had noticed, increases the speed of the sword trident at once. Until now, they had responded very slowly at a rate that they could see. If it were her speed, it would be faster.


With a distracted voice, Princess Asahi rolls out a sword trident. It no longer exceeded the speed of a ghost man, and easily tore open a sword made of his mysterious metal.

A ghost man who was cleaved a sword trying to prevent Princess Asahi's sword trident, but when he realizes it, he lets go of his mistake before he is cleaved himself. And soon he took out an even thicker sword. Inside his body were several swords, one of them.

"Um, it's time for trouble."

But Princess Asahi doesn't care about such a ghost. For her, an opponent of this magnitude can't even be a preparatory movement. So she just decided to make it a long time practice bench for her secret moves.

When Princess Asahi shifted her body and took the blade upwards to the position of her face, she stood in a pose similar to a poke. In that way, intense killings converge at once.

"Secrets ยท < >"

From there on ahead. I don't know what happened besides moonflower. No, even those moonflowers couldn't see through everything. What the students saw was just that the next moment she was turning her back on a ghost man, and at that moment there was a figure of a finely cut ghost man.

And by the time she had completely knifed the drying rod, the only place she could see was where the more dusty ghosts would blow up as if they were sand to be flown by the wind.


That was how the battle ended with secret moves that were invisible to no one's eyes.