Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 427 Encounter - Caravan -


It was admiration and awe that greeted her like that when Princess Asahi returned under the students of the Adventure Department, who lightly butchered a demon with so much power that it was said to be a named monster.


Ten Thousand Thunder applause is given to Princess Asahi, who puts her chest up and makes a doya face with a V-sign. If we showed so much overwhelming martial arts and combat skills, everyone would have nodded her Doya face as well.

"Um... Dear Kojiro. How many shots is that now? I could see through to 268..."

The first person to open his mouth when the applause subsided was Moonflower. She mentioned the number she saw out with her own eyes, but Princess Asahi seemed a little sorry.

"Moonflower, you missed your workout? If it was you back in the day, you'd have seen out about 300, right?

"Gu...... sorry. I didn't mean to be lazy... No, I didn't..."

Moonflower disgraces her inability to do so to the point told by Princess Asahi with a little sigh. That said, it wasn't actually her failure to work out that she couldn't see through.

The time elapsed between the two was different, but the number of Asahi princesses' arms rose slightly higher, which was less than Asahi princess expected. Well, it's Princess Asahi, 300 years in Enefia, against Moonflower, which is a little inaccurate but only three years old on Earth. Naturally, there was a slight difference in my arm, but I haven't grasped Asahi yet. I won't have a choice.

Incidentally, the Adventure Department students who could not understand any such Asahi princess inquiry did not know what look to give if they were embarrassed by moonflowers.

"Yi-Yi, 450 times. Well, it's practice. That much is fine."

"Um... what is it? That number."

Hensel actually understood a few shots from the beginning because he could see what had happened, but he still asked anxiously because it was a rather unpleasant prediction. Plus, Princess Asahi flatly tells you the answer.

"Hmm? The number of swordspears I wielded."

Everyone was flabbergasted by the words, when more than 400 consecutive hits swung far below the moment of the comma.

"Since now...... is it practice?

The cherry blossoms ask with the same cramped face that Kate and Tina sometimes show them when they see the skill of flying. For those of them who now know who Kate is, the proverb "The Frog Child is a Frog" became clear and understandable.

"Well. 'Cause I got my knife sharpened back, so I shouldn't accidentally overdo it." If you don't do something about it, "he said.

Yeah, yeah, he's an Asahi princess who nods to affirm his own thoughts, but all he can do is pull a dong on such an Asahi princess. Light, so we went beyond ourselves just lightly. Again, there was no choice.

"What is < > a move to launch a speeding sprint?

Ask with the level of awe that Fujido may no longer worship. To the martial arts of Princess Asahi, who no longer reaches the realm of the Divine Immortal, he seemed on par with the Divine Immortal, as one who seeks to follow the same sword path.

"No, you're not, are you?

Deny that Fujido inquiry, just saying it would be natural. And I inquired on top of each other.

"You can't make that simple skill our secret, can you?

Well, of course. Sure, it would be deep enough if it were a series of attacks that reached her realm, but a mere series of attacks would not be enough of the secret secrets of the best genre in Japan that she has ever known. Thus, Fujido inquired further into such an Asahi princess's reply.

"So what is it?

"You're not supposed to tell me. It's not our school. In other words, even our genre can totally use < > kite. If you want to know, introduce yourself to us or brush your arms as much as you can see... No, I rarely take disciples, so I won't tell you."

Princess Asahi speaks, seeping through some sorrow. There are certainly a few people who can use Deep Righteous < >. Kite is not the only disciple of Princess Asahi. Not as numerous as Musashi, but she also has other disciples.

However, to the same extent as Princess Asahi, there was only one other person who could use it, Kite. It was secretly her pride that so many users were taught their own secret moves.

"Ugh... so is that..."

Fujido, who thought it best to do what Princess Asahi said, was ashamed of herself for trying to ask for teaching. Let's hear the depths of other genres. It was a shame to be a samurai.

Saying, Fujido, who is already proud to be the one who has learned his own genre for many years now, does not intend to turn to you and learn again.

"That intent or okay. Good luck, then."

Princess Asahi nods loudly when she sees the temper to cut her off rather than learn from herself. To take no pride in one's own genre is also disrespect for a teacher, an ancestor, or a compatriot who learns that genre, unless it is proprietary. Therefore, she acknowledged the temper of this general manager and decided to treat him with a single swordsman.

And, in contrast to that, a voice sounded asking aloud. It did not belong to anyone associated with the Adventure Department, Union officials, or military personnel.

"Hey! Something's wrong -!


Notice the voice, Asahi princess asks for the direction of the voice. Then there was a merchant-like group of more than a dozen carriages and dragon cars stopped there.

"Are you all right?

Several armed escorts approach with a little vigilance. Well, there was a group of less than a hundred armed men on the side of the road, not even in the army. There is no reason for the merchants to be on guard.

"Oh, I'm sorry"

Moonflowers bows their heads on behalf of one another to such a merchant corps escort-like figure. The escort-like men, who were just as vigilant, also had to be somewhat de-alerted when moonflowers appeared in virginity.

"Um, lady, what are you doing here?

"Yes, actually, Master Kojiro took a named crusade out here. At last, I was given a tour because of my postgraduate school. Yeah, I got it."

Slightly loose alert, but still makes no difference being alert. Besides, they are apparently quite high-ranking users, loosening their guard, but there were no gaps.


The men who saw the Asahi princess shown on the moonflower were apparently watching the match in front of them during this time. With a slightly surprised look on his face, he bowed his head, largely.

"Excuse me... are you Kojiro Sasaki, the brave master?

"Oh, yeah, you are."

Asahi Princess, who was asked, didn't have to hide anything else, so I immediately admit it. And I'm not a fool who doesn't know the lies and strengths of the other person, with them I inquired about. So I'm convinced immediately.

Incidentally, Princess Asahi is not a noble person in Enefia such as some nobleman, but she is a master of the brave who is admired by legends. They were very polite in their response because they deserved full respect.

Well, I can respond politely, so there was probably a fairly advanced education, even for adventurers, or the possibility that the merchants were at the mercy of some nobleman, and that the escorts were also knights seconded by that nobleman - in fact, they were.

"Excuse me. Are they your disciples?

"No, I'm not, but I'm taking care of them for a reason."

"Was I? Hey......"

The man who seems to have the highest rank among those who have come this way orders one of the sidelines. Then he immediately returned to a group of carriages where one of the men was stopped. In fact, the merchants were vigilant and were still waiting for a massive restraint ceremony, which they sent to stop.

"Excuse me. Please wait while we stop the procedure immediately."

"No, it's this one that's gathering around here. It's bad. I don't care."

Thank you. Thank you.

It was originally gathered on the right side of such an eye-catching street. It is not suspicious to be considered the worst burglar, etc. Therefore, I didn't intend to complain even as Princess Asahi, so much so that I apologized for the failure of this side.

Lord Kojiro, the captivity ceremony has been lifted.

After a while, another man who had just walked away, brought back a man. These are his words.

Well, thank you.

"No, it's this one who's sorry for the inconvenience. I didn't even think of Kajiro or Sasaki-san as dew, and I forced unwanted vigilance."

"No, we were gathered here. You got in the way, I apologize. I'm sorry."

"No...... so? What about you guys?

In response to an inquiry from Princess Asahi, the men also remembered that they had forgotten to introduce themselves, and the man who had come since the appearance of captainship bowed his head.

"Oh, I'm late for this. I am the guard captain of this caravan. Are you all going back to the Imperial Capital?


"Really? If so..."

With the words of a captain-like man, Princess Asahi is convinced. Thus, after Princess Asahi was talking to a man named Caravan's security captain, students apparently interested in the caravan were discussing it orally.

"Caravan, what?

"A caravan can be translated as a merchant or a caravan. It's a gathering of pedestrians who do business while traveling."

Mizuki explains a student's question. A lot of students knew about the caravan, but apparently this student was only a little studious. Well, it's not something we don't see on Earth right now. I don't know, but maybe I can't help it.

"In order to protect ourselves from banditry, assault, etc. on Earth, we are talking about merchants and carriers gathered collectively. The most famous stories and such are camel caravans that go desert, but it's not just desert, is it? Well, the desert was chosen because camels in favor of caravans don't like ups and downs, and choosing flat terrain turned them into deserts. Camels were chosen for a simple reason, horses are endurance… in this case endurance, which is inferior to, therefore, not suitable for long distance transportation. In contrast, camels are expensive to feed..."

"Mizuki, that's too much to talk about."

A bitter cherry blossom blocked the commentary that was going to last a long time. As such, the orbit is corrected while the tree is slightly illuminated when it is noticed that it is about to derail.

"Oh, alas... I'm sorry. Well, originally it is right in light of the common sense of the planet that camels are chosen, but not on this side. You have a magic boost. Thanks to this, we can carry the amount and distance that is not supposed to be possible. The horse is also close to the dragon car by its own characteristics, and can be used in combination. So, inevitably, the carriage has developed."

By the way, Mizuki explains this, but it's not like a camel caravan doesn't exist. Deserts naturally exist, and camels are more profitable where they say so. It was just that carriages are more usable in Enefia.

"Yes, I know if that's okay."

"Well, so"

Thank you. Thank you.

And, with such commentary, they ended the conversation between Princess Asahi and Moonflower, as well as the man in the caravan guard captain. Princess Asahi and Moonflower turn this way.

"Hey, all of you."

Princess Asahi hangs the decree after finishing the discussion. Thus, where all the attention was drawn, Princess Asahi opened her mouth.

"I'm going home with a caravan escort."

"Is it work?

"Yeah, it's just to get home safe, so it's not work. Well, basically, I'll take a look upstairs, so you can go home on your own guard. It's an expedition until I get home."

In denial of the instant inquiry, Princess Asahi rides on the carriage. Moreover Hensel sits beside it, and the moonflower lags beside them.

By the way, Princess Asahi and Moonflower didn't ask for this because if you encounter a demon on your way home, you can use the caravan junction at that time. We decided that it would be better to cooperate with each other.

Well, as a result of the simplification of the report submitted to Kite, Kite will make corrections later, but I can't help it.

"Ooh, we're all at the head of the carriage!


With the words of Princess Asahi, the moment hangs the decree. Thus, at the beginning of the moment, the caravan convoy was formed again with the original caravan escorts.