Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 437: Site Survey - Underground Layer -

The locks succeeded in restarting the power source of the ancient ruins, but they also decided to return to the entrance once for information. But in the end, there was nothing in the demonic props I put there that showed any footage of the underground.

"Hmm... is the basement still unknown,"

"Is the material changing here?"

"... I see. That's a good chance. Probably a little different from the material that's made up of underground and ground."

Following Sora's guess, Rock concedes it by considering its potential. If the mapping above cannot be done and the mapping below cannot be done, it was possible that the materials were different.

It is true that this is considerably better than acoustic waves in various aspects such as penetration and attenuation rate in sonar using magic power, but it is magic power, so if materials such as the absorbent stone are used to block magic power, mapping becomes impossible.

Well, this is the kind of technology that Kate proposed for an acoustic bathymetric machine, reproduced by magic. Conversely, there is no acoustic bathymetric machine, so there will be no choice. And if you use a material that is absorbed with the sonar, it is with you that you do not return it. In the end it could be said to be similar or close. Well, either the idea is the same or the original proposal is, naturally.

"... if so, do I have to go once? Maybe we can go and get some information."

While taking various account of the information obtained, Locke draws the final conclusion. Let's just get to where we can go, that's the idea.

Even if you leave the detailed investigation to a full-scale investigation team, you'll want to know why the basement can't be mapped.

"Then I shall accompany myself. Luckily in the current situation, it doesn't seem to appear abruptly from somewhere, so you should go too. Three branches. Instead, you wait here."

"... right. Sure, I don't know what lies ahead. It might be a good idea to say that we should be a little more aggressive. Okay, do that."


With instant instructions and permission from Rock, Meizi decides to stay with Rin and Magic Props in place of the instant. The change is fascinating because she's the main one with the plays and is replaceable with the moments.

So we reassemble the formation and change the avant-garde to Sola, Moment, Sho, Mizuki, Nakai to Cherry Blossom and Yayoi, and the rear guard to Yuri and Moonflower - we thicken the avant-garde because we don't know what lies ahead - and move together to the stairs leading to the basement.

"Well, I'll open it"

Reached before the shutter made of demon ore (Orihalcon), the same returns a nod according to Sola's signal. I don't think the attack will suddenly come from below because the boulder has a security system reset, but it can happen in case. So Sora put up a shield and tried to replace the impromptu shutter at times of need.

That's how Sola pushes in the switch next to the door - which was in the floor indentation. Then the shutter opened. but there was no sign of anything coming.

"… doesn't seem to have a problem,"

"Looks like... oh, look. Nothing will come of this."


With his face up from his shield to the words of an instant, Sola looks ahead of the shutter and convinces. The next part of the hierarchy was another shutter of the type coming down from the top, which was doubly sealed off.

"What the hell. I thought it was weird."

"Well, I suppose they were doubly sealed off to keep something from coming from below"

He thought it was a building with a strange structure because part of the floor was a shutter, but Rock tells Sola to laugh bitterly.

"Oh, this..."

We went down to the dance floor together, but that's how I realize what Yuri at the rear is. And if we looked in that direction together, there was a single plate up there.

"Residential area…? Oh, was it a residential area up there? Besides, that wasn't the ground part, apparently it was the upper floor of the building. Looks like we broke in from around the middle floor for some reason. Was it an air corridor?

I look at the description "4F/residential area" that was on the plate and nod as Rock was convinced. Apparently, the area they were in was not originally directly connected to the ground, but was located on the upper floor.

Sure, he's right, there's another building, and the air corridor leading there may have collapsed. If you think about it, you've been able to break in from the middle tier. In the meantime, I decided to ask Sho to inquire about the mapping situation to Meizi.

'You can't. Looks like the info on that part is coming... blank again ahead. Maybe they're made of the same material.

"Hmm... I wish it was a map of this building somewhere..."

In the words of charm, Rock looks around. The boulder didn't have a dance floor that wide, and even if you looked around, there wasn't such a thing.

Therefore, together, we shall once again form a proper formation and open another shutter. but at the same time it opened, the loud noise rang.


While, and along with the sound of something made of metal collapsing, Sola screams and takes a distance in the backstep. There was a pile of metal objects like this on the shutter, and it collapsed.

"Ha ha, don't freak him out"

"Shut up. That suddenly blows your face off, you're scared... face?

Thora, who gave it back a little illuminating in Sho's words, began to look around uncomfortably at his words. Sora turned away because all of a sudden something like a face came down on her. So, if you look at the object that has crept with the words, it was the wreckage of countless golems.

"... what the hell..."

Together, they accidentally freeze their spines to the sight they saw further ahead. What was there was a tragic appearance completely different from the tranquil atmosphere above. The walls had been destroyed, and part of the ground had collapsed.

"Fight, but it seems there was..."

"All of it, is it destroyed..."

Look ahead, rocks and moments crush. At the end of the passage, which was visible with the shutters open, were the remains of countless security golems.

"What the hell..."

"I don't know...... but I'm pretty sure there was a fight. I don't think the security golem of ancient civilization will weather in thousands of years. Plus, it's like protecting a bulkhead. Perhaps there was some kind of battle."

"Ah, at the same time as opening the bulkhead, there's footage below"

"Right. Perhaps with the closure of the bulkhead, some kind of system worked to isolate the upper and lower floors."

Rock makes a guess when he hears a call from Enchantress, who said he was watching footage in the demon prop at the same time the shutter opened.

Well, there's a good chance there was actually a fight downstairs. It is not conceivable to evacuate and isolate those who cannot fight above. It wasn't surprising, and the speculation felt right.

"Third floor next... let's just finish the investigation in this hierarchy"

Looking ahead on the boulder seems to have considered the danger, Locke decides to close the investigation only on the third floor now in. Fortunately, this hierarchy is likely to be safe, but it's not always safer down there. Then it will be safe and certain that further investigations will lead to the formation of a full-scale investigation team.

"From here on out, no matter what happens, it's no wonder. Worst of all, an attack could be launched from the security golem. Don't be alarmed."


In response to Rock's decree, we decided to end the mapping alone, and we started walking slowly while we were on guard. But no matter how much I walked, there was no such thing as an attack.

"... this is the wreckage of the door..."

"Cavity ahead, or... from there, looks like you can peek underneath..."

If Rock peeked ahead when he heard Sora's words going ahead, he could certainly see the wreckage of the door and the entrance-hall-like space ahead. So, together, we decide to use that as our last place to investigate, and we start moving.

"Hmmm... if it's this size, we could use this as a base for the investigation team's camp..."

The space that looked like an entrance hall was apparently a real entrance hall. There was a hall of considerable size. That said, its size was considerable and I felt uncomfortable.

"Hmmm...... Meizi. This one. Maybe not in the same direction as the upper floors?

'... Ah, yes. That's right. Turned left at the corner of the aisle three years ago and went straight ahead so... I think maybe the passage that was a little long was the air corridor.'

"I see. I guess it was shaped like a bunch of buildings connected around this hall..."

Hear Meizu's words and nod at the outline of the building where Rock has been seen. Perhaps what they came into was a building that would be a living area. and that was how we tried to start another investigation together, but when we looked ahead of the entrance, Sola opened her mouth.

"That... what?

"Mm...? Something... is there?

"Huh? It's sealed, is it?

Noticing Sola's words, they all climb out of the railing and peek down through the hole. Then I could still see traces of battle in the entry-like part of the building downstairs, but at the center of it, a strange sword was pierced.

It was connected by a metal chain that stretched out of the column as if it were sealed, and the chain was affixed with paper with countless complex patterns as if it had a sealing effect on it. Moreover, strange patterns were also depicted on the chains, shining.

Whatever you think, it looked dangerous. So for now I tried to ask Locke for a guess, and when Sola turned to the side, the lock suddenly jumped down the side of it.

"Oh, here it is."


In the moment we pass beside each other, we all round our eyes to the words that Rock whined small. And at the same time that we all reveal our surprises in our sudden actions, Rock is in a beautiful position and lands next to the sword. And he never strayed, and put his hand on the pattern of his sword.


"Absolutely. If we were here, we wouldn't have had to take the time to fake the investigation."

"What's wrong!

"Brother! Come in!

Charming and Rin, who felt strange at the end of the comms machine, raise their voices, but they couldn't afford to give it back together. Because at the same time Rock pulled out the sword, overwhelming signs were released from the sword.

And not only that, but together, the pressure released from the lock increases at once. That's how the lock slowly rose to the height of the Solas.

"No, thank God. Actually, all the switches and doors in this building are enchanted like I can't touch them. I'm glad you opened it."

Rock with the sword that was sealed tells them together, with a spicy grin. At some point, the singular name 'I' changed to 'I', with no more elegant looking atmosphere and a rough atmosphere everywhere.

That was how the golden hair dyed pitch-black, and the rubbed-off clothes that were wrapped around me replace some disastrously divine quirky garments.


Sola and the others bend their knees to the pressure released. The Solas could not resist the release of so much magic. Trying not to lose my mind was the best I could do.

"I originally attacked this building. At the same time, the residents lost this partner in the counter-attack operation... but I've found out what's in this building... kukuku... no, this is what I was thinking. I had been devised to keep them out of the building. Now, thinking about what's going on, is there a kid nearby who could easily fool me? Then I have no hands to not use."

Laughing spitefully, Rock talks behind him. Apparently, it was all his plan, it was. I was exploring one room at a time, apparently because I was looking for this.

"Well... it's been thousands of years... hang out with me a little bit. Don't worry about it. Let's clean it up in an instant so there won't be any fear."

At the same time as the overwhelming signs are released from the lock, a pitch-black mist erupts from the sword and converges around the Solas. Thus, the pitch-black fog turns into a pitch-black beast with red eyes.

"Hmm... it's been a long time. Fight as you please."

Against the manifested black fog beast, Rock begins commanding by waving his plucked inserted sword. And so, at once, the beasts of pitch black were attacked against the Solas.