A week after the national treasure was given and received. I could have gone home because I just received the national treasure, but everyone stayed because the moment would be honored. That said, I plan to be back in a few days.

"Now you really don't have a problem, do you?

"So many times you've said there isn't..."

Lil dropped his shoulder on an inquiry from an already fifth moment. For once, moments have won global tournaments on Earth, as well as television interviews as you can see before the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School transfer. But I guess it's something else when you get a praise from the royal marquis nobility. I couldn't hide the tension.

"... that's just a little stiff..."

"Give it up. I just tailored it, so I can't help it."

"There's no problem over there. Body."

This is the moment to turn your arms and confirm the performance of the new ritual armor to coincide with this ceremony, but there is nothing wrong with tailoring. Hardness was about his own body.

He himself realizes he's just nervous. However, I still wanted to try to relieve the tension so that something did not go wrong as someone who stood at the top.

"Hey, Ca"

"Rejected. It's impossible to scratch sweat right now."


Only move your body when you are nervous. He wanted to follow that because it was his way from the old days. So I tried to tell Kite about a mock fight with a hand-fist, but Kite dismissed me vegan.

Naturally, though, I can't say how much I wear ritual armor in the summer, I can't scratch a sweat in a place like this more than it is a grand awards ceremony. Incidentally, the armor is fitted with a proper cooling function, so it rarely actually steams or gets hot.

"Chi...... then can you be quiet?

"Then, cheap."

Apparently the moment chose meditation as the next good measure. There was no room to be quiet, regardless of the preparation of the award ceremony. So they made silence by the magic of kite.

"Bye, Lil. I beg your pardon."

"Yes, then."

More than meditated. Kite has nothing to do. So Kate leaves it to Lil later to go see the other praiser. Then I was more nervous that way.

"... don't be too ratty..."

"So, 'cause you know even Kite, right? It's a dragon, dragon..."

There was Al trembling in the bees, there he was. Actually, the moment was still, finally close. He had a remarkable role in the game before you, so he just gets awarded. Even those two names < > are rare, but they don't say anything.

By contrast, Al is < >. It was given the greatest name of the Empire, the Dragon. It may be difficult for the students of Tensakura School, who only feel the weight of "cool" or "awesome" for what they call a dragon, to understand that the name is immense in the Empire. Anyway, the Mother of Nations is < >.

"Look, I give up on the good stuff!


Rin physically kicked Al like that, not a metaphor. Apparently, this one is stronger on women, too.

"Hey, stop kicking me in the ass!

"Then I'll be decent!

"Ha... you're laid on your ass"

Kate tells Niyaniya with a good grin, but it brought unexpected surprises.

"Stop, such an unpleasant future... because I can easily imagine it..."

"... what?

"Is that it? Didn't I tell you? We're dating."


The two of us put our arms around each other, but it was like we were really dating. Besides, Kite has to do it now. Ladybugs to pawns, that's exactly how it was.

"... Oh, yeah. Speaking of which, you've heard that femininity has improved slightly recently."


"Because I'm watching!

Rin tells, with a smiling smile. It changes when she can, rather than she must have. Well, there was one person who had recently moaned that his sister was going to spit poison on his brother, but I guess this is why.

By the way, when did this happen, that time of summer? This is what was behind Al's consultation with Kate about his ancestors. At that time, he wondered whether he should confess or not, and decided to ask about his ancestors as one end of the matter.

"... well, don't you dare... or kite. Are you sure about this outfit?

"Oh, about you, think of it as a celebration."

"... yeah, thanks"

Put your hand on the armor where Al weaves his cape for liturgical purposes and meditate. It was somewhere, as if he was praying.

"What is it? This armor?"

Rin asks Kite when he sees Al, who has moved into single-minded action. And then Kate answered with a smile.

"He's armor, don't you feel different than usual?

"Huh...? Oh, speaking of which, a lot of white? And the blue edge?

Al's armor is both regular and Tina made armor. Both are white lineages, but they were not blue applied or blue edged. It's easy for Al to have blue in the armor he normally uses, because he's the knight under the Duke McDawell family. The image color of the Duke's house is ethereal. That's why I imitated it. That's why the colors were slightly different.

Incidentally, this is a unified display of colour in the Empire. The basic colors used by each person for armor can be adapted to each other, but only the colors applied as decorations to it were customary to match the colors of the home that each knight could use. Kate explains it to Rin.

"I used the color of my ancestors."

"Ancestors... < > lux?

"Oh. The color of the item is blue edge on white. Exactly, the Holy Knight, isn't it? Even if it was a cape, it matched the red matter he used. So, the Ritual War also made him look like him. Our knight, the highest honor, so."

Exactly < >. That was his alias. That's why everyone's knight impression became his impression.

In other words, Al today was tantamount to carrying the name of a great ancestor. It was only natural to feel flattered at the same time as nervousness.

"Well, no class visits. Don't worry, come and get your compliments."

"Yeah, thanks"

"Well, this one's good enough. I'm heading to the guest room."

"Come on in."

Seeing the tension relaxed on Al, Kate breaks up with the two of them and heads to the guest table. By the way, Kite is being called to the guest table because as Duke, he hits Al's, as Adventure Department, instant boss. Well, it's unofficial, but Al has a name as a nominee.

"What. Are you here, too?"

"Well, I'm the one who gave you protection. I laughed a lot when you asked me to."

"It's also unusual for a man to seek pure power that far"

When Kate returned to her seat, there was a beautiful woman with brown red hair and an impressive purple ponytail. It's Sarah the Great Spirit of Fire and Thunder the Great Spirit of Thunder. Apparently, he really liked the instant from the first incident. Well, Sarah has a lot of blood, and Lei Hua is a samurai. As Lei Hua put it, the attitude of seeking power must have been appreciated.

"Is Snow Fai not coming?

"Is that coming?

"For that, I came instead"

When I heard Sarah's answer, Lei Hua answered. The Great Spirit of Ice. Snowflake rarely comes out, and it's summer in the first place. Besides being an extraordinary beauty, it was certain that she would gather her gaze, and it was natural that she wouldn't come out hating such a mess.

"Cooler is in heaven... I want to cage in the freezer, not the fridge..."

It sounded like a reaction to such a voice. The three of them decided not to hear the "originally" Cool Beauty, and waited for the ceremony to open.

Then, about an hour. As planned, the award ceremony had begun. Now in the middle of the Emperor Leonhardt's speech, was.

"Today, the people of our empire are delighted to welcome two heroes at the same time."

The words of the Emperor Leonhardt echo in the square built in front of the Imperial Castle. It was only natural for him to offer praise, beyond just being a match before the Emperor.

Incidentally, it goes without saying that before this, explanations of ceremonies, congratulations and praises to the emperor, etc. were extended by the management committee of the tournament.

It goes without saying that Al was even more nervous because the emperor had just arrived to give a speech and all the media companies were here to broadcast. The moment is just as accustomed to the press on Earth, so there was no problem.

'Well, let's do the first praise. He defeated Heinrich, my son, who boasted of his undefeated defeat at the remaining martial arts tournament a few weeks ago. Shun Ichijo. Previous'


The moment I wore the armor worn for the ritual was Fu before the Emperor Leonhardt.

'As we all know, he is a Japanese, just like our brave man, Lord Kate McDawell. I'm sorry to hear about this meeting for the rest of my life, but I'm happy. A grace to the brave who had to leave in disillusionment. Even a tenth of what was done to them, the carelessness of the rare Wise Emperor and the famous 15th Emperor, His Majesty Wisterius Julius Entesia, would have healed some. "

Originally, Emperor Leonhardt does not like these lengthy speeches. but just as he also does his job, so he does it with a lot of majesty.

"Everyone in this line, and the rest of you, was very impressed with the way you fought. Therefore, I will give you this title for the rest. He that wraps up thunder and sorrow. Title < >!

Thus, in keeping with the oath of Emperor Leonhardt, the thunderous cheer and applause, the driving sound of the demonic prop for video recording, rings. Besides, I put a ritual spear in front of me, created by the moment as a token, and again, the cheer and applause of 10,000 lightning rings. Waiting for it to end, the Emperor Leonhardt opened his mouth again.

'Now let's move on to the praise of the next. The rest, I am delighted with the birth of this new dragon. Let's all know. It was the other day. The fact that there was an attack by a serpent < > in the sea of McDawell. But... I think the rest. The remaining subjects under the threat of the serpent and the serpent who attacked it. Which was unfortunate in fulfillment. The land was ruled by the heroes and is still home to some of the best of the empires. And it's still the same after time'

Continuing, his mouth begins toward Al's praise. He is not only an imperial, but also a big publicist to other countries. Hence, the front door is also long.

"At that time, a knight stood up to the serpent and prevented the threat to the city. It is a great hero of all who knows < > that Lux is descended and the famous McDawell family leads an army in our empire < > Ellord Grung Weisslitter is the son and Alphonse Blau Weisslitter is the knight. Alphonse Blau Weisslitter, before '


Al lays one knee in front of the emperor Leonhardt and drips his head. And then he nodded at it, and the emperor Leonhardt opened his mouth again.

"He led the giant Ice Dragon into battle at the arrival of the serpent and prevented many powerful attacks from approaching the city. That is exactly what we deserve to give the iconic dragon title of our empire. So let's give the rest this title. The one who freezes everything and manipulates the ice dragon. < > Title of Ice Dragon!

Thus, now the cheer and applause of 10,000 lightning, which surpasses the praise medal of the earlier moment, and the demonic prop for video shooting takes many photographs. Thus, when Al laid out a beautifully decorated sword, which was a liturgy, the anomaly occurred.


"This is..."

The surprised voices of the spectators in line echo. It was the giant icedragon of the whole thing that showed up to coincide with Al's putting up the liturgy. I landed beside him as if it were leaning against Al.

It was a giant dragon of shining ice in the sunny summer days, but it boasted freezing cold and overwhelming beauty in the summer sun. Nor was its appearance merely a top-notch object, but a majestic ice dragon with elaborate decorations. Thus, where the blemishes have fallen, the Emperor Leonhardt opens his mouth.

'... let's see it for everyone. This is the ice dragon. The Ice Dragon that protects our empire and the knight is proud of it. "

Emperor Leonhardt strictly tells. But he and Al also had an inner surprise. There were no plans to call the Ice Dragon. Well, of course. It was the blessing of a certain person who did this.

"Honestly, I'm sorry......"

And so, the voice of Kite apologizing peacefully was echoing in the head of Emperor Leonhardt.

'... he said he was just going to celebrate...'

For once, it was a cool beauty that was currently sloppy and full of Kate's spiritual world, and she didn't give it protection, but she was slightly sorry that she didn't attend Al's medal ceremony, which was eye-catching. Therefore, he manipulated Ice Dragon to add to the ceremony.

"Oh, well."

As emperor Leonhardt, I can no longer but laugh. Because I have no complaints whatsoever, and this theater effect was outstanding.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

The applause that goes further than the applause of Ban Lui rings and rocks the Great Square in front of the Imperial Castle, conveying the emotion with great excitement by the media officials who were conveying this ceremony in the utmost seriousness. It will foil Al's power, and hence make the imperial glory that honored it even more certain.

'Then why don't we give another round of applause for the birth of a new hero!

Emperor Leonhardt also claps sternly, satisfied with the results of his theatrical effects in his heart. Thus, with the finished hissing of the ice dragon, the audience once again gives the two of them a round of applause of thunder. Thus, with the birth of a new hero, although there was slight trouble, there were no special mistakes, and the ceremony ended.